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…by  Katherine Frisk

I found it very interesting that, after my article on Egypt, I got comments and emails from a number of indignant Europeans who appear to have taken umbrage at my view that Egypt was the source of western civilization.

Whether this is because many of the Egyptians were Nubian and not “white” enough, or whether this is because Europe over the last 1,000 years has developed a false sense of its own importance on the global stage, is anyone’s guess. Rome, Athens and Berlin in their minds, are the seat of all “civilized” thought and behaviour. So I decided to write my theory on Middle Earth, or what is today known as the myth of Atlantis.

Egypt is not the only country in the world that has pyramids. There are the Bosnian pyramids for one and then the pyramid that is apparently under the sea in Sevastopol. Interesting that on Putin’s birthday I think, or some important day he was taken down in a two-man or three-man submarine with a glass ceiling at this sea port. And of course NATO is livid that the people of Crimea in an internationally witnessed referendum voted to return to Russia. Was it the sea port that they are so mad about or the pyramid beneath the waves?

I have a theory that once there was no Mediterranean Sea. The Med was a low-lying swamp area with many islands where the Nile and the rivers of Europe ran into it. This was what they refer to as Atlantis. It would have looked like the Okovango swamps xs 1,000. Very rich in wild life and very fertile due to all the silt flowing down the rivers which fed it. It is what ancient legend might have referred to as Middle earth.

The magnificent Pyramids
Giza plateau

If you look into Tesla and his tower, his free electricity was based on using an underground aquifer. J.P. Morgan successfully put paid to that idea because he could not put a meter on it. There is a vast aquifer underneath the Giza plateau. The same would be true for the pyramids in south-eastern Europe.

The pyramids and the obelisks were once capped in gold, which unlike other metals does not tarnish or corrode. Between the pyramids and the obelisks there would have been a vast free electricity system, like wireless or static electricity throughout the whole basin. Tesla also invented wireless.

Middle Earth would have been a very warm humid environment. Due to the humidity people would have lived longer and looked younger compared to today. Which would mean that North Africa and southern Europe were culturally linked. The story of Noah in all its many various forms in many cultures could have been a story of some of the survivors of Middle Earth who would have included Ham, Misraim, Cush and Punt. The African descendants who were related to their European descendants.

Zeus at Getty Villa
Zeus statue at Getty Villa

There, are you indignant Europeans happy now? Or are your cousins still too dark for you? Don’t throw your toys out of the cot. Europe is filled with black Madonnas. And the origins of the word Paris comes from the Egyptian Pah – house, Is – Isis.

The house of Isis. Much like the many “houses” to the “gods” along the Nile. If they ever properly uncover those pyramids in south-eastern Europe we could find some very interesting correlations with Egypt.

Europa after all was abducted by Zeus from the Middle East and taken to Crete. From this time on writing, mathematics and “civilized” thought began to penetrate or should we rather say re-emerge in Europe starting in Greece which in turn passed it onto Rome.

At some point as I suspect, the Strait of Gibraltar collapsed, or the Pillars of Hercules. Which resulted in the Atlantic flooding the whole “Middle Earth” basin.

There is also the possibility that this swamp island system extended out into the Atlantic across to the Americas, the Bahamas and Madeira are what little remains. It would have been a disaster of epic proportions. Wiping out a vast civilization the remains of Middle Earth, which you see on the current Mediterranean shore lines.

The “white” European, the “black” African and the American shores. This changed the climate in North Africa and it progressively became dryer and desert.

There is a vast aquifer under Libya and the Sahara. Southern Europe became colder due to the inflow of the Atlantic ocean and temperatures would have dropped dramatically. Today the Nile Delta is a small remnant of this vast swamp basin.

The ship builders or dock yard gang would have had a better chance of survival. They were most probably the artisans who built the boats that sailed around Middle Earth in the swamps. Sort of like Venice today and were a network of traders between the various islands in the streams. The kind of boat taxis you see on the Nile river and on the Okovango.

Moloch rite
Moloch rite

I wrote an article some time ago, Where Does Evil Come From? When disasters like this happen the first result is a shortage of food. In many instances people are reduced to cannibalism due to extreme trauma which can take many generations to overcome.

Behaviour patterns are passed on down from the parents to the child and human sacrifice becomes the norm especially in areas where a return to agriculture is slow in coming and people rely on a meat supply for survival. The remains of which we see in the worship of Moloch throughout the Middle east and an obsession with death and disaster and warding off any natural disasters that can wipe out a whole culture.

The same can be said for the constant cycle throughout history of a belief in the “end times.” There have been many ends times. The earth in defiance resurrects itself.

In its convoluted and psychopathic extreme forms this has resulted in on going death and destruction, theft and war. An inability to live with the earth in harmony and instead see all wild life and other peoples as the enemy to be killed, destroyed and eaten.

A recent example in history is the Bison of North America, sacred to the Native Americans but almost completely wiped out by the European settlers. Along with a genocidal attitude towards the indigenous people of this continent remembered today at Wounded Knee and the Trail of Tears.

This type of behaviour was also prevalent amongst the Phoenicians and the Canaanites (cursed by Noah) who being ship builders and “sea people” and herders never took to an agricultural lifestyle. Gehenna, the valley of the dead around Jerusalem is one example.

atlantisWhereas, those who were fortunate enough, the people living further down the Nile Valley and those living on the British Isles, the Celts and the Gauls of northern Europe, had a far gentler nature and recovered from this disaster a lot quicker, retaining some remnants of a once glorious civilization of Middle Earth.

Egypt due to its climate appears to have preserved a lot of knowledge that was lost during this flood. Knowledge that they later passed onto to other cultures and nations around the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

In ancient times, when a place was considered to have become totally evil and unacceptable, they very often buried it for good.

We see this at Göbekli Tepe, an ancient site in Turkey dating from 10,000 – 8,000 B.C. The area had become an abattoir, butcher shops where animals were brought and slaughtered. The site eventually become so filled with the stench of blood and death that they filled it in to cover it up. Today the wildlife depicted on the walls of the buildings are no longer seen in this part of the world. They have been wiped out completely and are now extinct.

If I look at the world today, all I can say is Houston, we got a big, big, problem down here. The world is filled with psychopathic death worshipers and killers with a thirst for blood, who have no veneration for life in any of its forms.

They are possessed with a hell-bent agenda to subjugate the whole planet and enslave it to their will, not nurture the earth and venerate life. GMO and patenting all food sources is one example, the misuse of weather modification and weather engineering is another. So is genocide of others including their own kind.

The next thing one of these lunatics will do is push the button on a nuke and take us all down with them. Who needs the great flood, who needs a strike from a passing comet, who needs an alien invasion when we have child sex abusers, pedophiles, slave owners thriving on human trafficking, organ harvesters scouting every battle field and people in power who hide in secret groves and secret chambers sacrificing human beings to their death cult?

There is no respect for the other, for other societies, languages, cultures, nations or wildlife. No reverence for the wondrous diversity of this planet. They thrive on hate not love and impose their uniformity on everything. All cultures are guilty of this, not only Europeans.

Being tolerant of other cultures, other religions, other race groups does not mean that you have to give up your own and more often than not if you take the time and the trouble you will find that everyone has more in common than they could possibly imagine. But you will never know that unless you reach out with an open mind that is not already cluttered with hate programming to the contrary.

Egypt has gone, very little remains. Greece is taking her last gasps and soon the Balkans, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Britain will follow. If not through a “Soros Foundation” funded refugee invasion and an IMF-Goldman Sachs engineered economic implosion then certainly, the way NATO is going, nuclear war. Nothing ever changes, does it?



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