Planet Earth now under siege by very Dark Forces

Bohemian Grove depiction
American Hellhole, the Bohemian Grove – specializing in child sacrifice by fire and numerous other perversions and evil at the “Cremation of Care” ceremony to Baal–all the world’s top leaders must attend to be anointed

There is a centuries old, very powerful and sinister secret Bloodline that has been parasitizing the human race and farming it as chattel.

But its long term inter-generational Agenda is not one of love, peace and prosperity; rather it is one of induced degradation, illness, suffering, violent death and destruction of everything most humans consider sacred and good.

This Bloodline has gained control over Planet earth through very crafty means such as: hijacking monetary production and distribution, charging pernicious usury for using its private bank notes (really debt-notes); buying up, bribing and compromising almost every government official; controlling the Major Mass Media; engineering conflict and wars; and deploying other much more sophisticated eugenics and covert operations to thin the human herd and maintain control.

The number one target of this evil Bloodline group is the human race.

Maintenance of abject secrecy is a complete necessity in order for this unimaginably evil, soulless group to continue their operational control over the human species and their destruction of Planet Earth.

The Dark force the EH worships–aka the Black Sun–Baal, Moloch or the Owl–appears differently to different subgroups

This Bloodline group of soulless, pure sociopaths has a detailed inter-generational plan to dominate and purge the human race, which becomes obvious from a careful study of history.

This plan appears to indicate guidance from a very intelligent, sinister, dark force, a supernatural entity, an unimaginably evil force that is parasitical to the human race and destructive to Planet earth and all its ecosystems.

This plan has been called Globalist Agenda for creating a New World Order (NWO), and it is so unimaginably evil that most just cannot comprehend its wickedness or its reality.

A very appropriate description for the top circle that control this Bloodline is the Establishment Hierarchy. The term “Establishment” by its very definition implies that this entity establishes or creates reality to conform to its own will. And such was admitted and bragged about by Karl Rove, Bush2’s brain and one very strange looking EH dude.

It is now evident to all who trace the existing power structure running America and the Western nations that it is the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (KM). Yes, the KM is the Establishment Hierarchy that is trying set up a Global NWO, and is currently being checkmated by the Russian Federation and China.

The EH/KM has been building up China for many years, hoping to make it the next big host to parasitize (asset strip) as soon as the USA is sucked dry. However, the Chinese secret societies are now hip to this plan and have their own covert solution, which they are rolling out now. Do not underestimate them; the Chinese power groups have a long memory and some want serious payback against the KM, which has abused them for many years (e.g. Opium wars, Boxer Rebellion, the Japanese slaughter of Nanking, railroad construction in the American West, etc.).

And based on its long-term actions over numerous generations, it makes sense to assume that the will of the Establishment Bloodline is unimaginably evil. And by definition, evil is anything that hurts the innocent, or inflicts needless death and suffering or violates other basic God-given “natural rights” to exist and pursue happiness.

Those anti-establishment researchers who have found evidence of this operating agenda of the ruling oligarchs (aka the Establishment Hierarchy) have come to the conclusion that it is exceedingly and unimaginably evil; that it targets the human race for radical depopulation and eventual replacement by a new synthetically created android species, driven and “hived” by artificial intelligence (A.I. or “hived digital cyber-consciousness”).

Here is their apparent inter-generational plan for Globalizing Planet Earth and the human species.

1. Gain worldwide control over all human institutions of government and commerce through hijacking the monetary exchange system in every nation-state.

The EH/KM attack on America–a Gladio-style, inside job false-flag attack that set America on a Mideast mass-murder spree for Israel and the City of London Banksters

2. Use False-flag terror, and other covert provocations to foment conflicts, wars and mass death to gain more control and to motivate the masses to support this bloodline and its goals, both overt goals and deep dark covert goals. Lend money to both sides of any conflict and make vast profits off all such engineered conflicts.

3. Use engineered wars, staged wars to first destabilize the world and rearrange borders, then followed by rapid industrialization of the world while maintaining overall control. The more industrialized and developed, the more technology available to effectively manage the humans down here on the farm.

4. Use the Bloodline’s vast financial resources to use every means possible to destroy the natural human order by destroying the family, marriage, male and female sex roles, and by using very sophisticated means to make humans dependent on the State rather than being able to grow their own food and be self-sufficient.

Dirtying up a society by bringing in illegal narcotics, promoting various destructive addictions of all varieties destroys the morality and character of the masses and actually makes them much less likely to expect decency and morality and character in their governmental officials. And using excessive legal and illegal immigration is an weapon of war to destroy a nation’s borders, language and culture, making it much easier to globalize.

GUIDESTONES15. Once this dependency on the State has given the Bloodline vast control over the human species, the Bloodline’s power is magnified, massive bread and circuses is deployed in numerous different forms to keep the masses occupied and thinking away from the truth they are being “farmed” as a captive species.

This creates and maintains the illusion that humans have control when they have actually yielded it to this small power/control group. When folks are very dependent on the state for their very day to day sustenance, they will support any candidate who promises to keep their support coming even if such candidates plan to take away many more of their basic, most important human rights in exchange.

Once the masses are dependent on an all powerful totalitarian police state, then the final asset stripping of the masses can ensue. And this was always the EH’s bottom line, to totally parasitize all humans of everything they have and are, and then thin the herd.

6. Running things down here on the Farm can be rather boring, so the Bloodline folks love to appoint Cutouts and doofusses (especially doofusses) to high governmental positions. These doofusses are truly absurd-looking folks, much like the Select Few that sit at the top of the Bloodline and set the top policies.

It is obvious to anyone who studies it that the Bloodline is actually a pyramidal Hierarchy, with a Select Few at the top. Politics is set up as Bloodline Theater, and this gives the Select Few and their close associates great entertainment watching their appointed, absurd comic book characters battle it out in politics.

What empowers the bloodline?

Black Sun & Runes (2)Those at the periphery have claimed it was worship of the “Black Sun”, which some call Lucifer or Satan.

Bloodline leaders appear to become anointed and empowered by this Dark force of unimaginable evil if they are willing to violate the most serious ordinary human norms and codes of decency in order to feed this parasitical monster, but they must do it in secret while maintaining a normal outward appearance in order to avoid the peasants with pitchforks.

And some close to the top Bloodline Circle of Power have claimed that when one is initiated into this “inner circle” they receive their own personal spirit guide who appears to them privately and serves as a crime consigliere (counselor and advisor).

It is pretty well accepted fact that those initiated into the top circle of control in the Bloodline (the Establishment Hierarchy) have engaged in Satanic Ritual child sacrifice, pedophilia and child vivisectioning.

What the Bloodline members are willing and able to do is actually very hard for most of the public to believe, when reported in the Alternative Media on the Internet; but the reports are too numerous to ignore, and some come from those who have witnessed such events. These monsters who walk free believe it is their right and assigned duty to “minister death to the masses to purify the human race and solidify power as agents of the Dark Side.

220px-Skull_and_crossbones.svgIt is very difficult for the public masses to ever believe such reports because they are not reported as major news in the Establishment Hierarchy’s Controlled Major Mass Media.

It is the CMMM which creates the false illusion of reality that the masses live under. This illusion is completely false, completely opposite what is really going on, but it supports the Globalist NWO Agenda of the Establishment Hierarchy.

Obviously these top Bloodline Policy-Makers have been strongly motivated to do evil, to spread disease, death and destruction upon Planet Earth and to the human race. What force could be so powerful or so seductive to motivate these Bloodline principals to turn on their own human race and manipulate it to its own destruction?

Could it be that they have given up their humanness? Is it possible that if one does enough evil, one could reach a point of losing one’s human soul and humanness.

Or is it possible that they were never fully human in the first place, but some species that looks close to human, but lacks any human conscience? If you examine the appearance of known high-ranking Bloodline Hierarchy members, it does seem obvious that their appearance is strange, weird and atypical.

Could it be that all the evil they do changes their appearance, or are they genetic freaks in the first place due to an evil bloodline. Or is is as some who have studied the Old European monarchy lines have claimed, extreme damage done by excessive inbreeding over centuries within the ruling class, the Oligarchical families that have produced our current batch of Oligarchs?

There is plenty of hard evidence of the handiwork of the Dark Forces that empower the Bloodline and its Establishment Hierarchy:

cellphonetowerlease3The advanced weaponization of high technologies such as smart meters, Wifi, cell phone tower systems and inductive psychotronics designed to entrain human mood and thought; GMO’s and endorphin disrupters in food and containers by “Monsatan” and others which have made American men and women fat, ugly and sick. Hormone systems in Americans have been so damaged by poor nutrition, contaminated vaccines and food that 30% of men and 40% of women are clinically obese.

In America, we have the near complete militarization of our police by fanatical ADL/IDF training programs. Police are taught to empty a clip into anything animal or human if it poses even a remote threat.

And too many police fall into this mind-kontrol trap, and are now setting themselves up for major mass-blowback, which could come in many varieties, all of which will pose major potential threats to them, even the good and righteous ones.


The good news is that the Internet is diffusing so many truth nuggets to the masses that the Establishment Hierarchy can no longer maintain the abject secrecy they need to maintain control. This means they are going to have to start a major nuclear ICBM-based WW3 in order to delay their demise, but that itself will likely bring a quick end to their rule on Planet Earth.

HOUSEOFCARDS55One way or another, the Bloodline is going to be sacrificed by the same evil force that has successfully allured them to do so much evil by providing vast riches, power, status and the jet-set life of many mansions and lush vacations and servants.

What the Select few and their close Bloodline cohorts do not realize is that they were never anything more than a vehicle, a temporary tool, cutouts one and all, being used by the same sinister force of evil that will dump them in a New York Minute as soon as they are no longer needed. And that day is rapidly approaching.

It seems evident that America under the direction of the Establishment Hierarchy is now headed for a severe financial and economic cliff and the whole world for a major economic reset.

This has been discussed at G-20 and various secret working agreements have been made to mitigate this. So far the G7 members, especially the USA, are violating these agreements, which is creating a major split and conflict between America, the UK, NATO and some other G7 nations with the Russian Federation, China and some of their monetary and trade associates. As Deutsch Bank nears complete financial failure, Germany is close to siding with the Russian Federation and dumping US manipulated sanctions against Russia in order to regain billions of Deutschmarks in important trade with the Russian Federation that have been lost.

Of course, when pressed, members of the top circle of the Bloodline will probably claim that there are only so many resources available for humans on Planet Earth, and only the strongest, most able can take control of those for themselves, and thus deserve them.

They do allow non-bloodline members into their Hierarchy, as long as they have already given up (lost) their souls and decided to serve darkness. But these folks are never allowed to become the true head of the snake, the very top Policy-Makers of the Hierarchy.

LANDOFMAKEBELIVE1This coming financial cliff is likely going to mean the demise of the Establishment Hierarchy’s control and the emergence of a new system of control. This will place humanity at the crossroads.

Will they be conned, lied to an manipulated into serving another false reality or will they demand complete truth at every level?

The big question remains: As the Bloodline and its Establishment Hierarchy is dismantled and destroyed, will the human race take this new opportunity to live by the Golden Rule and learn to do unto others what they would like done unto them? Will they decide to serve truth, love, and everything good and demand it at every level of government?

Will the masses come to understand all the evil, death and destruction this evil Establishment Hierarchy Bloodline has brought upon us? Can humans organize and decide in mass to follow truth, goodness, mercy and the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” instead of hate, death and evil?

Can Americans rise up en masse, take back their nation, and demand the US Constitution be followed before America is transformed into a dirt poor, third world nation that is so completely Globalized that it has been Balkanized into different territories?



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