MK-Ultra Triple Play in Orlando (Updated)


by  Preston James

"New Gladio" Italian Fascist front traced to CIA and MOSSAD operations in Europe including possible "Islamic" terrorism
“New Gladio” Italian Fascist front traced to CIA and MOSSAD operations in Europe including possible “Islamic” terrorism

[ Update: It seems certain that the Orlando incident was an engineered, staged Gladio-style, inside-job false-flag attack. Because all information released by the authorities is strictly vetted and seriously limited, it is hard to sort out what really happened. The authorities usually claim information restriction is necessary to prevent copy-cat repeats and in order to verify informants’ information given later on.

The Federal authorities stepped in and assumed immediate control under the Patriot Act and National Security because they operationally classified Orlando as a terror incident, even though they did not say so publicly. This alone makes it exceedingly difficult to find out what really happened.

Was this a virtual-only false-flag, like the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook, with lots of paid crisis actors and nobody dead? Or were there real dead victims?

Was the identified “shooter” really shooting, or was he a patsy? If the shooting was real, was there more than one shooter?

Because the feds have complete control over the crime scene, the alleged bodies, the forensics (if any real ones exists at all), and any and all evidence can easily be controlled via the news reporting; they can feed the public anything they want, whether it is true or not. And most folks believe what the Controlled Major Mass Media broadcasts as truth, even when it is usually a lie or tainted with lies.

All false-flags require lots of lies, myth and a great deal of contradictory information released to keep the public unaware, confused and unable to figure out what really happened.

GladioThe bottom line is that, so far, there is a fair amount of information about Orlando that is very suspicious. It would not be surprising if no one actually died there at all.

On the other hand, we know for a fact that the CIA and Mossad often conduct such joint, staged terror operations with real dead victims, murdered in cold blood like at Murrah or on 9-11-01. We know that they do have the sophisticated mind-kontrol technology available to deploy, if they decide to do so, which can unexpectedly transform a normal person into a stone killer.

Until more circumstantial evidence emerges, we just can’t yet know for certain what really happened. And if it was a virtual op only with paid crisis actors, you can bet that they had to sign iron-clad confidentiality agreements with very long prison sentences if they ever disclosed the truth… PJ ]



In baseball we often see double plays.

Like home-runs, they can serve as immediate game changers, taking one team from loss to victory.

And then there is the very rare grand-slam home-run or the even more rare triple play, where all three outs are attained during one play which always immediately ends the inning.

The Khazarian Mafia’s engineered, staged attack on America on 9-11-01 was a major turning point in American politics.

Like the other earlier major Gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag attack at Murrah, 9-11-01 signaled not only the end of American Constitutional Rule of Law, but perhaps the end of the American Republic itself.

The attack on America on 9-11-01 signaled a major turning point in American foreign policy. It actually transformed the American military machine into a mere tool for aggressive war for the Israelis in their quest to attain their “Greater Israel Plan”, on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

Because of this incredibly criminal Israeli-run attack on America on 9-11-01, Americans now live in fear of so-called radical Islamic terror.

But this terror is all now actually based on mercenaries hired and trained by America, Israel, Turkey or Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM), the world’s largest organized crime syndicate.

2-303x320But it also led to the passage of some draconian and completely illegal, unConstitutional DC laws, which technically have no jurisdiction outside of DC, according to the US Constitution as it is properly interpreted; specifically, this would be the notoriously evil Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

This shift to ADL/IDF-style anti-terrorism has transformed America at every level into a Stasi-style police state run by the Israeli created and managed Homeland Security, foreign espionage private police state army of Israel and its master Rothschild Zionism (aka the Khazarian Mafia Banksters run out of the City of London).

Not only is Homeland Security an Israeli espionage front, it is a completely illegal, unConstitutional criminal RICO organization set up as a means to consolidate all American Intel and Police under one master controller, comprised of several wrinkled up old traitors who sit at the top of the KM Pyramid of power, the Establishment Hierarchy.

DHS was set up by perverts and traitors dedicated to the take down and complete asset stripping of America. These were the Israeli-American, “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors, many of the same bunch that ran and assisted the attack on America of 9-11-01. DHS was set up to help keep the truth about Israel and Netanyahu being the main planners and operatives who deployed 9-11-01 from ever being discovered, investigated and prosecuted.

DHS was also set up to keep Americans from ever regaining control of their own government again or re-instituting the US Constitution and the Rule of Law in America. It was also set up to serve as a master spy and harassment agency against American dissidents and rising populists, who are increasing daily as America heads for a severe economic cliff, and the world heads for a certain major cataclysmic economic reset.

MK-Ultra technologies are well-developed technologies and have been highly refined over the last 50 years.

They started in England at Tavistock Institute, spread to Germany in the early 1930s, and were refined in experiments in the Nazi work camps.

After WW2, certain the top Nazis were given complete immunity under Operation Paperclip and brought to America – Mengele, Gehlen, Mueller, Skorzeny, Kammler and thousands more.

This technology was adopted by the CIA after the OSS morphed into it under authority of the National Security Act of 1947, in response to the Roswell UFO and Alien ET recovery.


The history and current practices of MK-Ultra.

MK-Ultra was highly revered by Allan Dulles and Richard Helms, and later, GHWB, after he gained prominent power in the CIA by running the JFK assassination using CIA Op40 run out of Room 40 at Langley. This had been Richard Nixon’s pet project.

In Congressional Hearings, Helms (little more than a City of London KM agent) claimed he had destroyed all MK-Ultra documents and that all related programs were discontinued. He knowingly lied.

MK-Ultra and numerous highly sophisticated sub-programs were merely taken black and set up inside special access, highly compartmentalized, deep black, unacknowledged programs financed by black funding operations, like international narcotics trafficking, illegal weapons smuggling and various types of sophisticated bust-out schemes that had been designed to covertly and illegally steal USG, public and corporate funds.

At that point, MK-ULtra shifted to some incredibly expensive, highly sophisticated technical experiments, such as the use of LSD (Operation Midnight Climax in San Francisco and New York City, which used female prostitutes who gave it to “Johns” in their drinks, sometimes in massive quantities. One such victim went immediately completely psychotic and ran out into the city naked, never to be seen or heard of again.)

Other MK-Ultra subprograms involved highly trained CIA “Spy-chiatrist MDs” using advanced drug-assisted hypnosis to create the perfect mind-kontrolled but unknowing, sleeper/stone killer.

images (2)First the subject’s soul had to be murdered by the use of extreme torture and trauma, and their mind fractured into sub-programmable compartments that could then be freely accessed. Then new sub-personalities were installed in their broken minds and these subprograms could be accessed through various codes, some based on the “royalty cards” of a deck of normal playing cards.

The excellent movie, the Manchurian Candidate, starring Frank Sinatra was blocked by the CIA for over a year because there was concern it was far too revealing (which it was). The remake starring Denzel Washington was even more realistic and included new some new developments in MK-Ultra technology.

Some of the worst MK-Ultra experiments have involved sensory deprivation tanks used as torture, major flash exposures of radiation and ingested radiation to change brain entrainment and to create psi-powers. Some now involve connecting subjects to an IV bag (or two or three filled with hypnotics like placidyl, scopolomine and sodium amytal, as well as amphetamines), and then to “the suitcase” which is a electrical encephalator attached to the skull at various small electrodes.

In this way, future agents can be programmed with various subprograms and have painful memories erased. Despite all the claims to the contrary made to obtain continued funding, this programming now appears to extinguish in stages beginning about 15 years out and is functionally gone after about 20 years in most cases. At that point many agents start remembering bit by bit some of what was done to them and what they have done. Some remember everything eventually.

MK-Ultra subprograms (and there are hundreds) are now completely denied special access programs, also referred to as deep black unacknowledged programs.

They are run through DOD contractors to be completely deniable and now involve very sophisticated psychotronics such as cell phone towers, pulsed beam microwaves, ELF, scalar waves, gang-stalking and much more including sophisticated chemicals and drugs secret administered to “targeted individuals” as well as some sleeper agents.

But, in addition to being deployed in the preparation of sleeper agents and deep cover NOCs, this MK-Ultra technology has now been deployed daily against the American masses as a sophisticated ultra high-tech weapon of war. Its purpose is to entrain thought, emotions, attitudes and actions in the mind, which shape the consciousness and actions of the masses to conform to the CIA’s operational goals provided by the Select Few master controllers of the Establishment Hierarchy of the KM.

Here is a copy of an actual Psyops Training document from a good faction inside American Intel. This document is the real thing.

I know because I leaked it after someone “deep inside” gave it to me because they were so disgusted. This faction Comm 12 has been and still is fighting these secret CIA programs, which were all run under GHWB and the Bush Crime Cabal, a Nazi Fourth Reich faction of the Rothschild Zionists called “Aquatech” which some claim was run through a CIA proprietary.

It is a long document, but does reveal numerous MK-Ultra mind-kontrol technology as of 1992, one of which includes the planned use of pulsed-beam microwaves from cell phone tower systems, which are now in place and operational. The actual technologies now being used involve some that are so sophisticated, most persons, even if told, just cannot fathom or believe this has actually been deployed.

Ultra high-tech MK-Ultra methodologies are now being deployed.

Sleepers have been actually cerebrally chipped, some functionally chipped by inhaled nano-particles, some unknowingly and secretly soul-murdered and then hypnotized and programmed by the Suitcase. Some are put under with anesthesia for 1-3 months, woken up for maintenance periodically, and fed by IV while they are completely reprogrammed.

Some agents have been taught to speak multiple languages in proper dialect this way in only a few months, preparing them for deep cover work. Many members of the public will have a hard time accepting the fact that these incredibly advanced mind-kontrol programs exist and have been deployed as weapon systems. Sad to say, but the Bourne Series movies are all based on real programs and typical practices of these various CIA MK-Ultra programs.

I have known some who were in the US Military, and when they left the military and went to work in conventional jobs, they were usually covertly harassed and kept in turmoil, usually because their employers functioned as CIA stooges.

Here is the bottom line. Some sleepers can be triggered by a single phone call, some by satellite, some by a strange symbol inserted into their daily life. Ultra high tech psychotronics are the main method of brain entrainment and mission activation so far. Literally hundreds of Sleepers have been conditioned and successfully inserted at all levels of the USG, Intel, LE and the Military, all throughout the US, including security services, such as the Secret Service.

Most of these have self-destruct sub-programs that can be activated to cause the operative to self-destruct or commit suicide. The Israelis have mass conditioned thousands of mercenaries and Wahhabis who present as radicalized Islamics with these methods and are led to believe they will receive a pack of virgins in the afterlife if they blow themselves up. This is hard to comprehend, but tragically, it is what it is. Such is the nature of current CIA and Mossad Operations.

Doubt this, then carefully consider the incident with the White House deployment of two Secret Service Agents that were coming back from an agent’s retirement party and ran through a cordoned off area into the White House fence. Or all the SS agents who have been caught buying underage prostitutes in South America while accompanying the President on tour. SS agents and police who are not sleepers can be effectively entrained to misbehave in ways they would never normally do.


What really happened at Orlando and why was it an MK-Ultra triple play?

What is the number one goal of the Khazarian Mafia for America right now, as ordered by the Select Few wrinkled-up, criminal psychopaths in wheelchairs who are nearing the end of their lives?

  1. Get the American guns, especially the AR-15s with big magazines;
  2. Promote Political Correctness and the LGBT agenda and make homosexuality the desired end state (minimizes population growth and helps destroy the family, language, borders and American culture);
  3. Motivate the Americans to support the deployment of the American military machine to attack more Mideast nations and destroy them for Israel and the KM.

It is a well known fact that American Intel including the CIA shares its agents and covert operations with G7 nations and Israel. Numerous Mossad covert operations in America have been sponsored by the CIA, some joint ops, and always covered up by the FBI, a City of London KM/EH Intel asset.

The Orlando shooter Omar Mateen appears to have been a DHS informant with a security clearance who worked for security firm G4S,  an apparent British arm of DHS. Obviously this track of smoking-gun evidence will not be followed or investigated because it would mean the end of DHS once and for all, which is long overdue. And it leads directly to DHS and the FBI.

Could it be that the CIA/BCC is now blackmailing the FBI to keep it from referring the Clinton email and the Clinton Foundation slush-fund influence peddling/RICO racketeering case for prosecution?



Thus, it is reasonable to view this Orlando shooting as a possible joint Mossad/CIA Gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag “triple-play” op designed to help motivate the American masses to collect the guns, accept political correctness and homosexuality as the preferred norm, and to further motivate Americans to support deploying our war machine to fight more wars for Israel and the KM (Rothschild Zionist Banksters).

Yes, the CIA has once again deployed false-flag terror to manipulate the American Group Mind. And don’t expect the USG, the FBI or any LE agency to fully investigate this, nor for the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to report this aspect. The CMMM is still knowingly lying about the JFK assassination, and still reporting that Oswald was the lone-nut shooter. 80% of the American People do not believe this, instead believing that the USG was deeply involved and the Warren Commission was all lies.

Watch out for any young kids or grand-kids you have, because they are now coming for our bathrooms too.




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