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Last Sunday morning an Islamic terrorist, Omar Mateen, a dual US/Afghan national, was involved in the mass-murder of 49 young gays attending a Latin Night at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  I am sorry to say that I’ve never attended Pulse, although I once rode through Orlando on AMTRAK’s mighty Silver Meteor.

The Pulse sounds like a fun club, except of course when it’s coming under terrorist attack. Next time I’m headed down Orlando way I think I’ll get off the train and pay it a visit, although it might be an idea for me to be carrying!

My deepest sympathies go out to the families of the victims. Having had their friends or sons murdered by inter alia an Islamic religious nutter must have been bad enough.  To have a bunch of fundamentalist Christian religious nutters turn up at the funerals must have rubbed salt in the wounds.  I’m not religious (I’m an Anglican), but I thought Christianity had something to do with charity.

Not much charity with Salafist Islam – if you want a nice, peaceful Moslem, go find a Sufi. This was clearly an Islamic terror attack. Equally clearly it was planned by others and more than one person was involved.  The finger of suspicion has already been point at Mateen’s Palestinian wife, who is reported to have been the driver.  Why has she not been arrested?  Or is she being protected by the FBI, like Mateen was?

Mateen was carrying a Sig Sauer MCX assault rifle, with backup magazines, presumably one or more 30 round banana clips, probably taped together. The MCX is a compact design, but a pocket automatic it isn’t. He also had a Glock 9 mil, possibly a 17.  Shot a few rounds with a Glock 17 – it’s a nice bit of kit, but it’s a big handgun.  Trust me, you’re going to end up with a bit of a bulge if you put one of those in your pocket.

Exactly how do you step out of the car with an MCX and a Glock 17 and not let the wife know you’re loaded for bear?  How could she have missed the guns?  There are very few innocent explanations for rolling up at a nightclub at 2 am in the morning armed to the teeth with an assault rifle and a powerful semi-automatic pistol, with spare magazines for each.

What was the state of Mateen’s corpse?  Had he gone through Islamic cleansing rituals?  If so, how did the wife not notice that?  (“Why are you spending so much time in the bathroom, my sweet?” “Getting ready for a suicide mission dear, gotta get clean.”)

We are unlikely to get the answers to those questions, as the FBI are in charge of the ‘investigation’, which sounds it’s going to be another Sandy Hook. Chief Ironside must be rolling in his grave!  Why do all cops with a brain and integrity have to be fictional?

Since the FBI were protecting Mateen and he is, or was before the Orlando PD finally took him out, a mass murderer, they are effectively investigating themselves.  I thought the ATF were supposed to be lead agency for shootings anyway.

I like the ATF.  Not had much to do with the boys but I’ve bumped into the occasional ATF agent.  Never met one I didn’t like and form an immediate professional respect for.  The boys know their gun crime, and if you’ll forgive the pun, in my book they are straight shooters.  Maybe not as straight as Sheriff Joe down in Maricopa County, AZ, but pretty straight all the same.  Nobody shoots straighter than Sheriff Joe, anyway.

How Many Shooters?

This is another key question.  I understand that there are eyewitness reports circulating about another shooter.  A second shooter would make sense.

The MCX is new to the market.  I’ve not fired one, but it’s pretty similar in spec to the Armalite/Colt AR-15, with a different, and I suspect more effective, operating system.  Mags are 30 round banana clips, and I’m not sure that an experienced shooter would use 30.  Allowing for two mags to be taped together for rapid changeover that gives you 60 rounds at most.  This is a weapon with a high cyclic rate.  In full automatic mode 30 rounds aren’t going to last you very long.

Even with single shot selected and two mags taped together 49 murders and 53 wounded in the space of a few hours seems an awful lot for one shooter.  Not buying, at this stage.  I am thinking two shooters, with one to cover the other whilst he reloaded.


You can forget gay hate crime on the part of Mateen.  He had visited the nightclub himself and was either gay or bi, I am guessing gay.  I am well aware that he was married, but so were a third of the guys in the club, I’ll wager.  The marriage may have been arranged in any event.

In establishing motive we do not look at the motives of the shooters.  They’re just following orders.  We look at the motive of the terrorist organisation with which they are affiliated, and the intelligence agency or agencies sitting behind them, i.e. the unseen, malevolent and silent killers.  Looks like ISIS are gunning for gays in the West.

How Do Gay Venues Improve Their Security?

By tooling up, that’s how.  It’s a rare gay man in my experience who doesn’t understand the usefulness of a big tool.  I gather that some nice lady lesbians, with attitude, are tooling themselves up, and I don’t mean with dildos.  That’s the spirit.

Forty-nine decent, young gay men died on a night out in the Pulse nightclub because they were unarmed and couldn’t shoot back.  Next time an Islamic terrorist death squad comes through the door tooled up with MCXs and Glocks just shoot the bastards.  Don’t wait on the local Police Department.  By the time they’ve evaluated their safety case and sent for an armored car and a helicopter you’ll be dead.

The Deepwater Horizon connection

Mateen has a proven connection with Deepwater.  He was a security guard working down in the Gulf at the material time.  Looks to me like he was pretty close to that operation.

Just to remind you, folks, about Deepwater.  That was on the one where a British oil company, BP, was targeted by the DVD and taken down for over ten billion bucks after one of their rigs was sabotaged.

There was a lot of hysteria over the subsequent oil spill, but satellite overheads showed at least five sources of leaking oil in the Gulf.  The Germans weren’t just targeting us, they were targeting the ecology and the economy of the Gulf as well.  They have also been waging a long-term war against Western energy supplies, setting up the Oil Price Shock of the early 70s, blowing up a tanker in LA and an oil rig in the North Sea, Piper Alpha.

What’s the connection?  One faction of the DVD is behind ISIS. (It looks like another is backing Assad, a long-time German asset, the Ba’ath Party having been established as essentially a Middle East branch of the Nazi Party – same philosophy, different gear.)

The Assassination of Jo Cox MP

With the polls sliding some of us were waiting for the Krauts to pull an ‘October Surprise’, albeit four months early.  On Thursday June 16 the telegenic Labour MP for Batley and Spen, Jo Cox, aged 41, was assassinated, probably by a GO2 death squad.  GO2 are the London operation of the DVD.  The ‘O2’ inspired Ian Fleming’s fictional ‘OO’ section.

GO2 specialise in assassination.  This seems to have been a reprise of the Lindh Assassination during the 2003 euro referendum in Sweden.  On that occasion the DVD’s Stockholm Section, worried that the referendum was going badly, arranged to have another telegenic pro-EU politician, Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, assassinated.  It too was blamed on a lone, right-wing nutter, who in fact was pulled off another operation at short notice.

The ‘lone gunman’ this time is an allegedly unstable loner called Thomas Mair.  He is supposed to have subscribed to neo-Nazi magazines and to have been a supporter of a racist South African fringe group.  There is nothing in the audit trail that could not have been planted, i.e. the right-ring links are tenuous.

The police inquiry, such as it is, appears to be confined within tight tramlines imposed by the Cabinet Office, which controls policing in Britain. They are not looking for anyone else.  That’s perhaps not too surprising, since if they conducted a serious investigation they might end up having to arrest one or more of their own officers as an accessory before the fact.

Mair seems to have been arrested by arrangement. There are reports of him walking away from the scene of the crime and sitting down on a wall waiting for the ‘rozzers’ to show up.

The police sat on the fact that poor Jo Cox was dead for over three hours, whist the nation was being fed a cock and bull story about her having been taken to hospital, where she was “critically ill”.  The police have not condescended to offer an explanation of why they lied to the nation and presumably to officers of the House of Commons.

They did nothing to stop a shameful rumor about an alleged eye-witness who claims to have heard Mair shout ‘Britain First’.  They are a right-wing group, who are opposed to the EU, but who use largely peaceful methods of protest.  They had nothing whatsoever to do with the assassination and Mair had nothing to do with them.

Possibly acting under orders, Mair shouted a right-wing slogan in the dock at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, but strangely his solicitor was unable to give an indication of plea.  Equally strangely, his case was moved to London, without adequate explanation, since there is a Tier 1 hearing center in nearby Leeds and this is a Leeds case.

If there is a vote to Remain on Thursday and the Cabinet Office remain in charge of the case there is likely to be a plea bargain whereby a plea of Not Guilty by reason of Insanity plea is entered and accepted.  The inquest will be the usual farce, probably allocated to a tame judge, no offense intended, under the amended procedure introduced at the end of the 1980s at Cabinet Office insistence in order to make assassinations by GO2 easier to cover up.  Under these arrangements, tame judges without medical qualifications are parachuted in, to replace local coroners, who by and large cannot be leant on.

If Parliament wants a real trial they must hold it themselves.  The assassination of a Member of Parliament, the first since poor John Smith was taken out, also by GO2, in 1994, justifies both a State Trial and the death penalty, which under our present law only Parliament can impose.

We are hearing different versions in Britain about the type of gun used.  It is variously supposed to have been a home-made .38 pipe gun, or a sawn-off .22 rifle.  Jo was shot three times and stabbed multiple times as well, along with a courageous bystander, Bernard Carter-Kenny, who rushed to her aid, an act of gallantry which may yet cost him his life if he saw another shooter.

Various versions have also been offered about how Mair is supposed to have come across the MP.  The Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire peddled some nonsense, with respect, about the shooter, who just happened to be carrying a gun and a knife, getting involved in an altercation with the another man, with Jo Cox rushing in to break up the fight.  Excuse me?  An unarmed woman, the mother of two young children, with a working cell-phone gets involved in a fight with a man carrying at least two weapons and doesn’t simply send for the police on her cell?  Why would she behave in such a foolhardy manner?

Then we got a story, which sounded closer to the truth, about Jo being ambushed as she got out of a car, with her aide, to go to her constituency ‘surgery’.  Other versions have her being ambushed as she left the library where the surgery has been held.

It was an ambush alright, but I don’t believe that Mair was acting alone, assuming the police are right and that Mair was involved.  He may be a complete patsy, like Lee Harvey Oswald.  Like Oswald he not even have got a shot off.  I suspect that we will find it was two shooters, possibly using different caliber guns, as in the Kennedy Assassination.

The media have been talking up an assassination bounce in the polls, but the field work for those polls probably predated the assassination and the so-called bounce may simply have been a couple of rogue polls by pro-EU polling organisations trying to bolster their faltering vote.

My heart goes out to Jo’s widower and their two young kids, who tragically will now be growing up without their mother.  All who knew her are unanimous in saying that she was a wonderful mother.  I am sure that she was.

Sympathy for those left behind however must not operate to prevent a rational and informed analysis of this disgraceful assassination.  If we get it wrong again then there will be more.  I am tired of the Germans getting away with assassination as a tactic.  They have used it hundreds of times since they whacked poor old Abe Lincoln and no one has yet laid a finger on them.  It’s time that someone did.

EgyptAir Black Boxes

As predicted the Egyptians have magically produced a couple of black boxes, just before their pinger batteries expired.  How very convenient.

I have no doubt that these black boxes will back up the Official Version of Events.  I have equally no doubt that we shall be seeing another bout of Black Box Worship from the MSM, including Air Crash Investigation.  Maybe they should hold Black Box Masses?

I have little doubt these particular black boxes never went anywhere near the plane.  Deep down in the Med there are probably a couple of genuine items waiting to be recovered.

Next time boys, don’t hire a deep-sea recovery boat registered in Panama.  You may as well paint “Black Boxes’R’Us” on the side of her hull.


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