Russia Saved Syria from Satanists and Humiliates NWO Agents

Stephen Kinzer
Stephen Kinzer

…by Jonas E. Alexis & Mark Dankof


Stephen Kinzer, a journalist and a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University, said last February that we must all thank Russia for saving Syria.[1] Kinzer added that “Moscow has shown itself better able to make strategic choices than we are.”[2]

NATO obviously knows this. It has been reported that they are scared of Russia’s intrepid and strategic move. “The Russians are able to move huge formations and lots of equipment a long distance very fast,” said US Lieutenant General Ben Hodges.[3] General Hodges obviously finds himself in a quagmire because the US foreign policy does not make sense at all. Kinzer again said similar things back in February:

“American policy toward Syria was misbegotten from the start of the current conflict five years ago. By immediately adopting the hardest possible line—‘Assad must go’—we removed any incentive for opposition groups to negotiate for peaceful change. That helped propel Syria into its bloody nightmare.”[4]

Kinzer proposed that the United States should have worked with Russia in fighting ISIS. “This may seem eminently logical, but the very suggestion is hateful in Washington. It violates a central precept of the liberal/conservative, Republican-Democrat foreign policy consensus: Russia is our eternal enemy, so anything that promotes Russia’s interests automatically undermines ours — and that goes double for Iran.”[5]

The very suggestion is still hateful because Washington is being guided by an essentially satanic ideology, which has its headquarters in Israel. Let us not forget that it was the state of Israel which first declared that Assad must go.[6] When the regime took that diabolical step, then marionettes and zombie enablers in America began to repeat the same mantra.[7] Other terrorist states such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia swiftly jumped on the ideological bandwagon.[8] Kinzer wrote:

“We would have been more secure as a nation, and might have contributed to a more stable world, if we had followed Russia’s foreign policy lead in the past.

“The government Moscow supported in Afghanistan, run by Mohammad Najibullah from 1987-92, was more honest and progressive than any that has ruled Afghanistan since American-backed forces deposed Najibullah. Later, Russia urged the United States not to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein. They were right both times, and we were wrong.

“In Syria, Russia is right for a third time… No military solution is possible in Syria. Continued fighting only adds to the toll of death and horror. Russia wants a negotiated settlement. We are reluctant, because our so-called friends in the region want to keep fighting.”[9]

Indeed. But who are the “so-called friends”? Kinzer never addressed that issue because that would almost certainly have gotten him into trouble. But he is certainly right in saying that Russia, as chairman of the NATO Military Committee General Petr Pavel himself has said, does not pose a threat to any country in the Baltic region.[10] NATO is mad and sad because Russia is obviously ruining their ideological plan in Syria and elsewhere.

Kinzer failed to mention the “so-called friends,” but we will not make the same mistake here. Those “friends” are again Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Kinzer should get some credit for indirectly deconstructing the Zionist narrative. He argued elsewhere that the “media are misleading the public on Syria.”[11]

If you think Kinzer is just dreaming here, listen to this title by the Observer: “As Assad Continues to Wipe Out Syria, State Dept. Dissenters Confront Obama.”[12] This is really stupid. According to the article, Assad is so mad and psychotic that he is destroying his own country! The article never even suggested that Assad, along with Iran and Russia, is fighting ISIS and al-Nusra in the region.

The article never even remotely pointed out that Assad was democratically elected.[13] But since NWO agents in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Washington want more bloodshed in the region, they have to come up with essentially Faustian propositions to destabilize Syria. As Gordon Duff has argued last month, both Israel and Turkey “nearly burned down the world in 2013.” If you think that Duff is wrong, then listen again to Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld way back in 2003:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”[14]

Well, the Israeli regime cannot destroy Logos, and that’s an encouraging thought. In the end, they will inexorably show that Hegel’s “cunning of reason” was absolutely correct: Logos will triumph. But Israeli officials are so mad that they have explicitly declared that they prefer ISIS over Iran (or Assad).[15] In fact, Israeli intelligence Chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, has made it very clear that Israel does not want ISIS to be defeated in Syria at all.

From a rational and historical point of view, this is totally unacceptable precisely because Iran hasn’t invaded a single country in over one hundred years. In fact, Iran has been reaching out to the West for decades.[16] As historian Gareth Porter has meticulously documented in his book Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, the so-called Iranian threat is just a colossal hoax and a big lie manufactured by the Israelis.[17]

Think about it for a moment. The Israeli regime has been saying that Iran aspires to have nuclear bombs since 1979![18] In his 1995 book Fighting Terrorism, Benjamin Netanyahu risibly predicted that Iran would acquire nuclear bombs within “five to seven years at most…”[19]

Netanyahu, who generally acts like a complete psychopath who hasn’t realized that his previous comments have been recorded, is still marshalling the perverse claim that Iran is “the most dangerous terror state.”[20] Iran obviously humiliates Netanyahu by engaging in the fight against ISIS in Syria. But no worry: the United States still charges that Iran is “the top state sponsor of terrorism,”[21] even though the United States knows very well that Iran is fighting ISIS in Syria.

So, we are living in an intolerable world—a world that is devoid of practical reason and Logos in the political atmosphere. As St. Athanasius articulated centuries ago, a metaphysical rejection of Logos is the essence of Satanism.[22] And when Satanism rules, all hell breaks loose: what is rational becomes irrational and what is irrational becomes the norm.

In a Satanic world, lies become the truth, and truth becomes a relic of the past. And the Zionist media have done a great job perpetuating lies as gospel truth. Kinzer has indirectly talked about this. “Coverage of the Syrian war will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press,” he said.[23]

It is indeed shameful because NWO scumbags still want more chaos in Syria and Russia, despite the fact that thousands upon thousands of precious people have already lost their lives and livelihood.[24] They still want to demonize Russia. As Ted Carpenter has rightly put it,

“The announcement that NATO would deploy four battalions of troops to the Baltic republics and Poland is merely the latest evidence that Western officials are utterly tone deaf about how their actions are going to be received in Moscow.”[25]

Well, people are waking up, and even Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti said last February that if NATO fails to dialogue with Russia, then NATO will regret it.[26] Pinotti seems to have a point here, since it was reported that “more than half (57 percent) of Germans polled do not support sending the German military to defend other NATO members ‘such as Poland or the Baltic states.’”[27]

What is your take again, Mark Dankof?

"Brother Barack, you make me lose my patience."
“Brother Barack, you made me lose my patience. My man, you gonna have to deal with unintended consequences. Here we go. Time to kick some butts.”

Dankof: The general public in Europe and the United States has a pivotal opportunity now to launch a wholesale political revolt against the New World Order elite using our respective countries assets in both lives and money to pursue its Zionist and Globalist agenda.[28] This revolt would be across the political spectrum ranging from Left to Right. There has been preliminary evidence of the emergence of this coalition in the last 15 years of Neo Conservative military expeditions and ongoing disasters in the Middle East and Africa.[29]

Now that these evil endeavors have reached the stage of lunacy involved in the American/EU/Israeli supported military intervention through surrogates in the Georgia/South Ossetia crisis of a few years ago, the coup d’etat in Ukraine in February of 2014,[30] the use of Sunni Wahhabic terrorists in the illegitimate attempt to overthrow the Assad regime in a clash which threatens an American clash there with Russian military forces,[31] and the ongoing deployment of American and NATO military assets in Eastern Europe ever closer to Russian borders,[32] more people recognize the very real threat of an ignition of World War III if these policies continue to ratchet up the risk of an overt war with Putin and Russia that could easily escalate to the unthinkable.[33]

This risk will escalate radically and at exponential speed if Clinton is elected in 2016, as Patrick Slattery and I discussed the other evening on RBN radio. The risk is still there, although lessened, if Trump takes office in January of 2017. In any event the Left-Right anti-NWO alliance needs to resist this tragedy with every ounce of its strength.

It is the core issue for Americans and Europeans interested in not merely their own true national interest, but in the literal survival of life on this planet.

The last chance to avoid the apocalypse is Now.

Alexis: Great assessment. If the Left-Right anti-NWO alliance does not resist this diabolical tragedy, then Assad, with Russia’s help, will continue to do the dirty work in Syria.[34] Even the Washington Post has recently admitted:

“The IS forces dealt an embarrassing setback to the Syrian army near the militants’ self-styled capital of Raqqa with a swift counteroffensive that rolled back incremental gains by troops loyal to President Bashar Assad.”[35]

In the meantime, VT will continue to expose the forces that post beneath the surface. Our thanks and gratitude again go to Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff and many others for getting involved in this fight for so long. In 2014, Duff, like a military soldier (he went to Vietnam) who vowed to protect his country from foreign and domestic enemies, cut the New World Order to pieces by saying that its agents like John McCain and Sheldon Adelson and others are part of “a world-wide criminal organization.”

That assessment still holds true to this very day.

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