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It’s happened, just as I predicted! The UK is coming OUT of the hated EU!  Wonderful news, not just for us, but for the oppressed nations of Europe as well. As in 1940, Britain is flying the flag for freedom and showing the way. The people of Europe have nothing to lose but their chains.

In case anyone hadn’t noticed we voted by a clear margin, 52% to 48%, on Thursday June 23rd – Independence Day – to come out of the EU. In a brilliant coup the UK national release of the second Independence Day movie was on Thursday as well.

I review it below – it’s great fun. The Good Guys (that’s us) win again, and the aliens and their Evil Queen lose, the suckers. With Angela Merkel and the Jerries missing out for the fourth time in 100 years (WWI, WWII, the 1966 World Cup Final and the EU Referendum) the symbolism is obvious.

That Exit Poll

Even I was taken in by this nonsense. Just after 10 pm British Summer Time, as the polls in the UK and Gibraltar closed, Sky News released the only exit poll for the Referendum, by You.Gov, suggesting that the pro-EU side had won by 52% to 48. Now You.Gov were set up a pro-European, Peter ‘von’ Kellner. They are scarcely objective on the EU question, but even I didn’t think they could foul up an exit poll with a sample of 5,000.

Getting voting intentions wrong is one thing. Fouling up an exit poll, where you are asking real, live voters how they have actually voted, is incompetence of an altogether different order. It’s like a London taxi driver putting gas in his or her taxi instead of diesel, or the Democratic Party concluding that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu. In the words of Captain Bertorelli in ‘Allo ‘Allo!, “whatta mistakea to makea”. I muttered, gnashed my teeth and chewed through a biro.

Then came Newcastle. Supposedly a Labour stronghold and expected to strongly vote Remain, the Bad Guys only just squeaked it. All of a sudden, it was getting interesting. Then Sunderland came to the party. Home of my late lay client Steve Thoburn, the Metric Martyr, a hero who gave his life to the cause of Freedom, Sunderland delivered a devastating blow to the EU, with the whole of the UK and Europe watching. How appropriate that dear old Sunderland should get to rattle the Chanceries of Europe.

I grabbed a much-needed hour’s sleep at this point, as it was clear the Remain side were sliding to an ignominious defeat. The celebrations in the Remain party came to a sudden halt and their champagne went flat. There was no official Leave party of course, because the idiots in charge of VoteLeave thought they had lost!  We would have done had we left it to them. Fortunately the British side had Nigel Farage and UKIP, not to mention the best poster of the campaign.

Where to Now?

The MSM are mired in utter confusion on this. They didn’t see it coming, don’t read VT and hadn’t done their research. For three solid days they have been wittering on about Article 50 of the Treaty of European Union as though it were the only exit route from the EU. Has these muppets thought about what they were saying for even five minutes, they would have realised that it couldn’t possibly be, since it only came in less than 10 years ago.

Are they really saying you couldn’t leave the EU before the Lisbon Treaty introduced Article 50? How about Greenland, which left in 1985?

In international treaty law the UK has three further alternatives to using Article 50, each under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties:

(1)   Denunciation immediately on the ground of the corruption of our original signatories, those appalling old pieces of baggage, no offense intended, Ted Heath and Geoffrey Rippon QC, by the West German-based DVD intelligence service.

(2)    Denunciation on three months’ notice, on the ground of material change of circumstances, relying on the referendum result, and

(3)     Denunciation on 12 months’ notice, being a reasonable period of notice – no sovereign state can be forced to remain in a treaty against its will.

I prefer Option 3 – we give a year’s notice, repeal the hated European Communities Act 1972 and use the year as a transitional period.  Given the huge deficit in goods with the EU we don’t need a free trade deal, and European labour dumping is one of the main reasons we’re shooting through, to use a good old Aussie expression, so we don’t want freedom of movement of labour.

Thankfully the EU is facing break-up and won’t offer us generous terms under Article 50. It will be a clean break. We just walk away.

The Reasons for the EU’s Defeat

The seeds of the EU’s defeat in Britain were sowed 41 years ago, when the ‘No’ campaign in the 1975 referendum lied its way to ‘victory’, claiming that EEC membership had “no implications for essential national sovereignty”.  An arrogant, with respect, pro-EU judge, Lord Diplock, assisted in the deception, claiming that Parliament’s laws would not be overturned by the judges.  The fraudulent count also unsettled many people.  Nobody, then, knew that the man in charge, Phillip Allen, was a German spy, but people told each other how they voted, and the ‘Yes’ vote did not stack up.

In 1988 the judges gave the lie to Lord Diplock’s with respect worthless assurances, engaging in a head-on confrontation with Parliament, precipitating a prolonged constitutional crisis. In 1990 the Germans murdered Ian Gow MP and organised that disgraceful coup against Margaret Thatcher, in order to clear the way for the Maastricht Treaty and the euro. John Major’s fanatical support for Maastricht split the Tory Party, with consequences for all the world to see.

Tony Blair then fueled the fire by ramming the Treaties of Nice and Amsterdam down our throats without a referendum, further increasing the bitterness. Forget media talk of Britain suddenly becoming divided on Friday – we’ve been divided on the European issue for decades.

The Labour government then made a catastrophic misjudgement, by not insisting on a seven-year moratorium on East European economic migrants. Any immigration expert could have told him that the official forecasts on numbers from Eastern Europe were about as reliable as the Met Office’s on global warming.  They were out by a factor of least 5,000%. The predicted numbers were in the tens of thousands.  The actual number was in the millions.  Support for EU membership in the Labour heartlands crashed.

Then to cap it all the Lisbon Treaty was thrust down our throats without a referendum. The British people bided their time and waited for revenge. On Thursday they gave our discredited political ‘elite’ a good smack.

The Cox Assassination

It is now clear that the cunning German plan was to assassinate Jo Cox in the cynical hope that they would swing young voters behind the flailing Leave campaign. The 1975/Danish ploy, of a bogus, non-binding ‘renegotiation’ was failing. Possibly knowing in advance that a telegenic young Remain MP was about to be murdered the Cabinet Office arranged for the voter registration deadline to be extended. Lots of young people who had forgotten to register signed up, as expected.

Older people however know more of life than the young. Us golden oldies were young and naïve once as well, you know. I was so naïve I once supported British membership of the United Nations! Older people smelt a rat and the murderous ploy failed, as it richly deserved to.

It still leaves the Germans with state liability for what was an Act of War against Great Britain. Sovereign states should never interfere covertly in the internal politics of another sovereign state, let alone arrange to assassinate members of a national legislature. If they do violate international law in this way, they do so at their peril.


Amongst those deepest in shock is the Scottish First Minister, who is now finding herself way out of her depth, no offense intended.  Shooting from the hip, without taking serious legal advice (the Speculative Society of Edinburgh apparently does not admit women), she first announced that her executive would be declaring UDI. She didn’t refer to that nice man Ian Smith (whom I had the privilege of meeting) or UDI by name, but that’s what she meant.

The Scottish Parliament has no powers to declare UDI, or take preparatory steps to UDI by setting up a referendum. The 2014 referendum, which settled the issue of Scottish ‘independence’, was held after the Prime Minister’s 2013 Bloomberg speech promising a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Scotland remains an integral part of the UK and will be coming out of the hated EU with the rest of the UK. It is highly unlikely that the UK Parliament would agree to another time and energy-wasting referendum, let alone without a 2/3s gate, which would be unlikely to lead to a different result. An ‘independent’ Scotland would have to re-apply for EU membership, accepting the Schengen acquis and the euro from the word go. Each is a killer, politically, not least as there would have to be import and passport controls at the Anglo-Scottish frontier.

The Scottish Parliament has no responsibility for defense or foreign affairs and has no say in the BREXIT decision. The Scottish Executive will be consulted as a courtesy, but that is all.

The SNP gets the majority of its funding offshore, via German-controlled high-yield trading programmes. It supported Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s, so its support for the EU now is at least logical, if no less reprehensible. It has always seen Scotland as a German client state and doesn’t support Scottish independence. It wants Scotland to be out of the UK and in the EU.

As part of the price for EU membership it will accept the stationing of Luftwaffe aircraft at the old RAF base at Leuchars – a key German demand – and Bundesmarine warships at Scapa Flow, Rosyth and Faslane, none of which would be acceptable to the UK. We would be obliged to attack German, or for that matter, French aircraft and warships moving into our waters.

As I explain in Spyhunter the old Kingdom of Scotland was not independent. That is a romantic myth. It was always a French vassal state, which is why we always had an invasion from Scotland when we were at war with the French, which was most of the time.

The Union was about men of goodwill north and south of the Border putting aside their differences and acting for the common good. It replaced 6 centuries of Anglo-Scottish warfare with 3 centuries of peace.

Our European enemies cannot resist using the smaller countries in the UK to stab the English in the back. We’re pretty fed up with it.


Sinn Fein are playing the same game. They want to scrap the peace process, tear up the Good Friday agreement and resume their war against Britain. The Krauts, as always, will encourage them. It won’t work however, any more than it worked in the Troubles. The people of Ireland, north and south, don’t want a return to civil war.

Ireland will probably have to follow us out. You can bet that Thursday night’s result is being studied pretty closely in Dublin.


I am hearing that Russian intelligence, presumably the SVR, are saying that the outrageous gay murders in Orlando were down to a G4S death squad, of which Mateen was only one member. As presently advised, I would not argue against that.

By ‘G4S death squad’ the boys are not saying, I am sure, that the G4S board sat around a table and voted on a proposal to arm several employees with automatic weapons and send them on a killing spree at a gay nightclub in Florida. The company is penetrated, not just by Islamic extremists, but by the DVD, probably acting through COREA/Correa Group or GO2.

They need to sort themselves out. Who wants to give contracts to a security company which hires Islamic terrorists? If they want to get back their gay-friendly image they might want to cooperate a bit more with the Orlando PD.

West Virginia Floods

My heart goes out to the good people of West Virginia. It’s one of my favorite states of the Union and I’ve always been made welcome there. It’s desperately sad to see such severe flooding, no doubt part of Global Cooling. I hope things get cleared up asap. My condolences to those who have loved ones.

Review: Independence Day: Resurgence (2016), dir. Guy Ritchie

Other critics have panned it, but they’re missing the point. It’s a movie, guys: it’s there to be enjoyed. The plot’s about as realistic as Braveheart, but nobody’s going to see a glorified B-movie about aliens invading the Earth because they want nuance, or a complex plot, or character development.

We’re going to see it because we want to see the aliens get it, and enjoy the special effects and the humor. We also want to be reunited with characters from the original, which I also saw on release, believe it or not, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The special effects aren’t bad, there’s quite a bit of humor and most of the strong original cast, including Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch and Bill Pullman, are back.

The aliens lose, but I guess you knew that anyway, so I don’t think I’m spoiling anything. The movie has an inspirational message, like its predecessor. It says good things about the human race, one being that we know how to make movies.

There’s also some good science at the end. They disregard the junk that idiot Einstein, no offense, wrote about the speed of light being a limiting velocity. It isn’t, any more than the old 55 mph freeway limit was. There is a positive message about humankind being able to go interstellar. We can, and in a hundred years, perhaps less, we will, with fusion power and interstellar drives using streams of sub-atomic particles accelerated way past C in the opposite direction of travel.

Newton knew what he was doing, unlike Einstein, although there is a theory that the latter knew that he was espousing junk science, but was told to do it anyway by his paymasters in the Imperial German Secret Service.

This movie is fun – go see it.


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