The Fourth Turning


By Katherine Frisk

I am bored. I am looking for what the New Age junkies would call a new paradigm. Or a paradigm shift. Let me put it this way. One of the major challenges for humanity has been to self-empower themselves to the point where they can happily co-exist with nature, but not be buffeted by it. The four seasons and the fourth turning.

Thanks to refrigeration, world trade, and cooperation, winter, the fourth turning, is no longer the dire time of cold and starvation. We no longer have to hoard things in a cave, dried-out jerky, beans, and pumpkins that we hope will last throughout this season.

Today, in the middle of winter, you can find fresh produce that is supplied from other countries that are in the middle of their summer and visa versa. Up and down freely exchange positions between June and December.

Europe is now going through a fourth turning and the process is always the same. Over 2,000 years ago Europe, the UK included, consisted of many clans that traded with each other from Edinburgh to Athens. Gallic and Greek become the language of the continent.

They were self-determined groups who governed their own communities. Greece is known as a democracy and a city-states. Then along came Rome and imposed a hegemonic empire ruled by Emperors. A rising tide of discontent arose fueled by early Christianity which spread from Palestinian, to Syria, Greece, across the Balkans, and into the Rhineland. Many others fled to Egypt, crossed the Mediterranean, through Gaul and into the British Isles. The empire fell and self-determination was restored.

By the late Middle Ages, Rome, using Christianity as a base, created a new concept for an empire, the Vatican ruled by the Pope who deemed himself to have ownership of the planet, all bodies on the planet, and all souls. The feudal system became the order to the day and together with Rome worked for hand in hand with the nobility, restoring a hegemonic Empire. Then the Protestant reformation arose, the system was overturned and with it came self-determination and finally a break from the nobility which further evolved into self-determination and Nation States with their own sovereignty.

By the late 19th to 20th centuries, a new concept of empire arose. The personality cult of the Dictator along with the industrial revolution where corporations and fascist states united with the hidden hand of the nobility who had morphed into the bankers and the shareholders and CEOs of companies. Napoleon, Stalin, Franco, and Hitler were their engineers. By the end of WW2 the world had enough if it, the devastation had outstripped anything that had been seen before. Europe returned to self-determination and Nation-State Sovereignty, the USSR finally joined in 1990.

Since 1990 an insidious attempt has again been made in order to install yet another hegemonic empire. This time under the auspices of the dictatorial EU parliament in the employ of the major banks and corporations, their final coup being the implementation of the TTIP agreements that will totally destroy self-determination, Nation State Sovereignty, and replace it with a hegemonic, dictatorial modern version of a feudal system with their own private law courts where they will not be subjected the law of any country.

They are controlled by the “elites”, as they are called these days, once the nobility known as the Black Nobility, the P2 lodge, the Vatican cardinals and popes who have transferred their wealth through the Vatican bank into private banks and corporations, and are ready to shut down the old order, in their quest for a One World order and complete dominance of the planet. Christianity in its true form was never practiced by them and the fake front they have presented up until now no longer serves them.

Jim Costa summed it up all very nicely:

“First humanity was conned into believing the church and royalty ruled us by “Divine Right”, or god’s will. We revolted. Then we were told that others could outright own us through slavery or as Indentured servants (a means of staying alive under duress). We revolted. And now they have usurped out republics and democracies in a manner that made us appear to be freemen but nonetheless slaves. We Are Revolting Again!”

We have reached the fourth turning. The winter of our discontent and the people of the UK chose to leave, to Brexit. Since Independence Day on the 23rd of June, other countries have followed in their footsteps. Holland, France, Italy, Spain, the list grows longer every time I read the news headlines of countries demanding a referendum of their own. Martin Shulz’s response to the UK Leave vote speaks for itself:

“The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate.”

Zero Hedge went on to point out:

“As The Express reports, the shockingly predictable final solution to Europe’s Brexit-driven existential crisis is an apparently long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one giant superstate. The radical proposals mean EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels. According to the Daily Express, the nine-page report has “outraged” some EU leaders.”

Will the fallout of the EU be as devastating as WW2, as the Inquisition, as the Roman Legion?

I am bored. I am looking for what the New Age junkies would call a new paradigm. Or a paradigm shift. Let me put it this way. This process of the four turnings, which mirror the seasons over sometimes great periods of time, needs to come to an end. It is a script that has been well entrenched in western psych, and by now we should be so familiar with it that we need not replay it over and over and over again like a stuck record. It is time to transcend the repetitive nature of it and find something better. Something based on righteousness, truth, and justice for all. Where individuals and nations can become truly self-empowered adults and fully develop their talents and abilities. Anything less is barbaric, childish, and immature.

This road map has its source in western religious beliefs that have been based on Biblical texts, more often than not duplicitous in nature. We have been programmed with these texts for over 2,500 years. Unless we study the source of the program and understand the real historical context, background, and political implications, we will keep repeating the same old plot over and over again like a hamster on a wheel. I have broken down the program into its parts in other articles.

For those who have no interest, or for those who either disagree with my theories or are bored with them, Au revoir! X! 🙂 (I love XIT BTW. These guys, sing about the same story and how it devastated their lives.) For those who have not read my previous articles, or who already know where I am coming from and want to pursue the subject, read on.

Yes, I am obsessed. I am driven and my whole life seems to be about exposing this story. It is a story that has shaped, bent, and formed western society and a story that I think is responsible for the mess we are in.

Throughout history, our religious beliefs have been instrumental in shaping our social, and political structures. Whether we are devout or not, the fundamental philosophies of any given religion will dictate the way in which we interact with each other on a mental, social and political level. The Western world is no exception and has based its theology on a text known as “The Bible.”

I truly believe that if we sort out the lies from the truth, all the rest will follow and all this murder and mayhem can be stopped and functional political systems put in place. The deeper you dig the more you realize that religion is politics and politics is a religion with a smattering of magic, myths, and miracles thrown in for good measure.

Somebody sent me this link recently. Lots of interesting information, however, I think they have put a square peg into a round hole. And like the New Testament texts have persistently and adam-antly inserted repetitive brainwashing techniques in order to steer the reader’s programming to a specific ideology, which I regard as invalid. Here are some points on my own conclusions.


1. The matriarchs are Sarah, Rebecca, and Rachel. All three were given children by “the Lord,” not by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Lord during this period in history was the Pharaoh, regarded as a “god.” eg: for “The Lord visited Sarah and did unto Sarah as he had spoken and Sarah conceived and had a child.” It was this Lord that stopped Abram from sacrificing his son Isaac to the “god” Moloch at Gehenna.

At this time in history, the Egyptians and the Mittani were in a political alliance that included intermarriage. Abram came from Ur in what is now southern Turkey which was part of the Mittani kingdom, he traveled to Harran/Syria in the Mittani kingdom then onto Gehenna which was a protectorate of Egypt. Rachel, the daughter of Laban was a Syrian.

2. Joseph married Asinath, an Egyptian priestess and princess. They had two sons. Ephraim and Manasseh. Manasseh joined the priesthood, which was known as the order of Melchizedek. The Zadok priesthood. Ephraim was blessed as the firstborn, and in Jeremiah 31 is called the firstborn of the Lord. He inherits the title Israel from his grandfather.

3. In Jacobs’s blessing Joseph is the cornerstone, the vine, the crown amongst his brothers. The name Joseph means”I am saved,” and he saved his whole family during the famine.

4. Yeshua inherits the title Israel from Nun who inherited it from Ephraim, Yeshua’s grandfather. He leads the 12 tribes into the New Kingdom, and his capital is at Shiloh. The scepter passed from Judah and the lawgiver from between his feet when Shiloh came. In effect the federation of the tribes was led by a judiciary. The Hebrews had left the hegemonic system in Egypt which under Horemheb had become a military dictatorship, carried on by Rameses 1 and 11.

Yeshua dedicated the people to the Covenant, “we have no king but thee Lord.” Israel was not a monarchy, it was a judiciary of Justice and the law, in a federation. Yeshua does not become a “king” as this would be breaking the Covenant, he becomes a Judge as does Deborah, one of the first Judges of Israel. She sits in Bethal, the house of God. The concept of monotheism, knowledge of the 12 constellations, and the ten commandments all came from Egypt. Including the Ark which was an Egyptian artifact. Proverbs, Psalms, and the Song of Songs are all copied from Egyptian literature.

5. There is no evidence in spite of 70 years of digging, of a temple in Gehenna. “Solomons Temple” and the stories attributed to him have been copied from Egyptian texts and from the Pharaoh Amenhotep. The temple is an Egyptian temple. Likewise, king David, he has proved to be a minor chieftain and never ruled Israel. Until I find further concrete evidence which at the moment is not forthcoming due to the war in Syria, there is also a strong possibility that Solomon was a Mittani King, his time being in Syria and the texts attributed to him being Aramaic/Mittani texts with a strong Egyptian influence dating from prior to the time of Joseph. Israel extended well into what we now know as Syria and incorporated Damascus, something clearly outlined in Isaiah 17 where he speaks of Israel as being Damascus and Ephraim being blessed by the Lord. He also warns that the enemies of Damascus will be blown away overnight. History repeats?

6. 1 Samuel 8, by having a monarchy, both Israel and Judah broke the Covenant. The Covenant still stands. Both were equally as guilty and accusing each other of idolatry is finger-pointing in order to defer blame. Jeremiah and Isaiah both make this clear and apparent.

7. Jeremiah expounds on the history after the Assyrian invasion where the tribe of Judah was guilty of colluding with the Assyrians, enslaving the refugees from Israel, and breaking the law. He speaks with the voice of Yeshua and Shiloh and warns them that they will be destroyed

At this time the people of Israel had fled south into Judah where they were treated as slaves, they later escaped to Egypt in an Exodus. Others went to Greece, Armenia, the Rhineland, and Gaul, and some went to the British Isles, hence the Celtic and Druid knowledge of Greek and Aramaic, and some went down into Africa. The Lemba in southern Africa still practice Hebrew rituals and their DNA can be traced to the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Kohan. Bantu languages in turn to this day retain elements of ancient Egyptians.

Judah was destroyed and taken to Babylon where they adopted many Babylonian customs. This is the root of Zionist factions today along with a usury money system. The story of Purim and Esther is one example, she is a Jewish version of the worship of Ishtar and the holocaust that they wrought on their enemies. Again they copied texts from another nation and adapted it to their own history. When they returned to Gehenna they built a Babylonian temple. This kind of temple differs from Egyptian temples dedicated to the Cosmos, it was a temple of blood sacrifice where animals were slaughtered, blood ran through the streets, and a monetary usury debt-based system along with taxation.

8. Between 1 A.D and 300 A.D. they inserted their Judaic Davidic influence on the New Testament texts as they have done with all texts, and then burnt down the Great Library of Alexandria destroying all other historical records other than their own plagiarised versions.

Joseph of Arithmaea
Joseph of Arimathaea

Yeshua was not from the tribe of David, he was from the tribe of Joseph, Ephraim. His real blood father is Joseph of Arimathea. He was a rabbi, not a celibate priest. Mary Magdalene was his wife and they had children. Joseph and Jesus traveled to the British Isles and maintained contact with the other so-called ten lost tribes who had settled there since the Assyrian invasion.

Like Joseph in Genesis Yeshua is the firstborn of the Lord, the cornerstone, the vine, and a crown amongst his brothers. He says if you have seen him you have seen the father, Israel. He inherits the title as Yeshua in the Old Testament does. He abides by the Covenant, “we have no king but thee Lord,” and turns the devil down when offered all the kingdoms of the world. He never calls himself the king of the Jews. He is falsely accused.

From as early as 36 A.D his family and followers fled Palestine and again went to Syria, Armenia, Greece, Gaul, the British Isles, and Egypt where they established the early Christian churches. This was not difficult to do as they had done it before after the Assyrian invasion of Israel. Again they were persecuted in Palestine and Yeshua was crucified in Gehenna. Again Shiloh came in the mouth of Yeshua.

2,000 years later it is happening again. You would think after three times, the “lost sheep,” the Jews, would have got the message. Instead, they still worship the Synagogue of Satan. Want to build another Babylonian temple, persecute the Palestinians who are the descendants of Israel who are Torah Hebrews, not Babylonian Talmud Jews, as well as Hebrews who converted to Christianity and then Islam. Many of the oldest Christian bloodlines today dating back to the first century A.D. are to be found in Palestine, Syria, Armenia, Greece, and Egypt. Their persecution in the last 100 years has gone unfettered.

The last thing Yeshua would do is become a “king of the Jews,” and break the Covenant.

The real temple is the sky with the stars and the planets. The Egyptians knew this, all their temples were open air and the “gods” represented the heavenly bodies.

This knowledge was passed on down through Joseph and his family, along with the Aten, the origins of monotheism, the Law which they adapted from the Egyptian book The Coming Forth Of Day and the Ark which was an Egyptian relic similar to the ones found in many Egyptian tombs.It is the basis of Kabbalah, and the Nile river is both the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Rejected by the Judaic Davidic tribal followers of Khnum on Elephantine Island who had merged it with Jehovah and outlined the story in Genesis 2.

Israel is intermarriage over 3,500 years between the Armenians, the Mittani/Syrians, and the Egyptians, later incorporating the Greeks, the Gauls, and the Celts. All descended from the great Matriarchs, Sarah, Rebbecca, Rachel and Asinath-Egypt-Mizraim-Mary. The marriage of Joseph and Mary. Ephraim the firstborn of the Lord and Yeshua who founded Israel. History repeats. The sign boards are there.

Judah son of Leah who married Tamar, a Canaanite, sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt because it was more profitable than killing him. Canaan suffered a terrible drought and they all nearly died.

Second verse same as the first.

Judah persecuted the Hebrews after the Assyrian invasion and treated them as slaves after which they fled to Egypt, Greece, Armenia, Gaul, and the British Isles. Another Exodus

Judea was destroyed and the Jews were taken into slavery in Babylon.

Third verse same as the first.

Judea persecuted Yeshua, twice, the first time Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt, the second time after the crucifixion the Hebrews/Christians again fled to Egypt, Armenia, Greece, Gaul, and the British Isles. Another Exodus.

The temple was destroyed and the Romans invaded Judea. Many Jews returned to Babylon.

Fourth verse…

Fill in the plot.

We have reached the Fourth turning.


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