Shrimpton: Brexit, the Betrayal

Gove is the one on the right...or is it the left?
Gove is the one on the right...or is it the left?
Gove is the one on the right…or is it the left?


The latest intelligence in London is that Number 10 and the Cabinet Office are planning to defy the electorate and reverse Brexit. Cameron, the Tory whips and Sir Jeremy Heywood, the pro-EU Cabinet Secretary, are backing a Remain campaigner, failed Home Secretary Theresa May, in the Tory leadership election.

The first sign of trouble came on Friday June 24th, when Cameron’s resignation was not followed immediately by Heywood’s. Heywood is known as a screaming Euro-fanatic, no offense intended, so much so that he wrecked the Civil Service’s already tattered reputation for impartiality by openly supporting Remain.

He is arguably the most hated civil servant in Britain since the notorious Sir Horace Wilson, architect of the shameful Munich Agreement and the man who tried to stop the Spitfire, so desperate was he to let the Luftwaffe through. Some on the Right are already calling for him to be tried for High Treason, although I am not sure why, since Blair abolished the death penalty for treason.

The problem for Cameron and Heywood is that the Tory Party is overwhelmingly patriotic and Eurosceptic. Party members voted overwhelmingly for Brexit and the idea of another pro-EU, Remain campaigner following Cameron as Leader is beyond ludicrous. May’s candidacy is a gratuitous insult to the Party membership, no offense intended. She has in the past made Eurosceptic noises, but that’s all they were – noises. She revealed her true, pro-EU colors when she signed up for the Remain campaign.

To get round the problem May has reportedly teamed up with the man who stabbed Boris Johnson in the back (in fairness, some are saying that he stabbed Boris in the front), Michael Gove. Like May, Gove is a ruthless, charmless, centrist machine politician, again no offense intended. He is smarter than May, but just as ambitious and manipulative. He is a long-term Cameron ally, and it was no surprise when his campaign was given the nod by the Cabinet Office-controlled Electoral Commission, which backed Remain.

The idea seems to have been that Gove and May would be on the same ticket, with Gove being offered the job of Chancellor, but pretend to be standing against each other. If true, that would explain why Gove has no campaign structure in place and repeatedly ruled out standing for the top job, stating, accurately, that he lacks the qualifications to be Prime Minister.

With the ballot sewn up (the membership only gets to choose between the top two) the Party would be denied the choice of a Eurosceptic. Thankfully, the Party in the country has smelt a rat and Gove’s campaign is faltering, so much so that May is having to transfer some of her supporters to him.

Andrea Leadsom, the smart and telegenic Eurosceptic minister, is likely to be get onto the ballot. Liam Fox MP is a nice chap, with respect, with sound views on Europe, although he is a supporter of UK NATO membership, but he is trailing badly.  His supporters need to switch to Andrea Leadsom, but it is likely that he will be eliminated in the first ballot anyway, on Tuesday.

The EEA Stitch-Up

The mechanism Cameron, May and German Chancellor Merkel have apparently chosen to reverse the historic Brexit vote is the European Economic Area Agreement. Much less well-known than the Treaty on European Union, this ties in Norway and Iceland to the so-called single market. Membership involves the uncontrolled dumping of German goods and Eastern European and Iberian Peninsula labor onto the target countries. This would meet two of Germany’s four key demands.

Don’t forget that the UK is not only the EU27’s largest export market, it is also the most profitable, since EU exporters tend to charge rip-off prices to British consumers.

The third key German demand is the right to continue distributing dangerous narcotics in the UK. This is linked into their first demand, since most of the German-sponsored cocaine and heroin shipments into the UK come in EU-registered trucks, which are not normally stopped and searched. If a German shipment is stopped they can always get the Cabinet Office to lean on the bent Crown Prosecution Service to drop the charges, or on the Ministry of Justice to appoint a judge to the case who has been around to see Miss Whiplash, as it were. Not all judges’ interest in correction is confined to criminal justice policy.

There are two main drug distribution cartels in the UK, which seem to be divided geographically (they both distribute cocaine and heroin). Each reports to the German operation in London, GO2, which in turn is part of the DVD. The UK is the second most profitable market for German-sponsored narcotics after the US. Aside from the huge revenue stream (we are talking maybe 300 metric tons of coke a year, and by coke I don’t mean Diet Pepsi), the Germans see this as a useful means of undermining society and inflicting British casualties, about 30,000 a year, mostly young people.

The fourth key German demand is that the UK economy continue to be strangled in debt by not having HMRC collect the vast sums in unpaid tax on high-yield trading operations secreted off-shore. At least £1.5 trillion pounds in unpaid tax is held in offshore accounts by British banks, businesses and high net worth individuals, each of whom is liable to pay tax ,if domiciled in the UK, on their offshore trading operations. Nearly all UK mortgages are bundled up and traded offshore, e.g., hence the panic in the courts when informed consumers ask who really owns their mortgage.

It is thought that May and Gove would be willing to cave in to all four key German demands, although May is so intelligence-illiterate (she is the Home Secretary after all), with respect, that she may never have heard of GO2. She is also economically illiterate, with respect, like George Osborne, who would hardly have been made Chancellor of the Exchequer by the Cabinet Secretary had he known his sums. She may not know, therefore, that British banks and businesses own more cash offshore than onshore.

If May becomes Prime Minister and Michael Gove Chancellor it would be a black day for democracy in Britain. There would be massive unrest once it became clear that they were willing to dump between 1.5 and 2.5 million European economic migrants on the UK over 5 years, in order to relieve the pressure on competing European economies, depress wages and maintain a permanent white underclass.

The high figure assumes Turkish membership of the EU, which would allow Turkish nationals unrestricted access to the UK labor market. Turkey is a key German ally in the Near East and Berlin has already signified its acceptance of Turkish membership of the EU to Ankara.

The dispossessed would be likely to respond violently to this betrayal of democracy. If they are able to use the existing far-right links to the Army and the Royal Marines they would probably be able to arm themselves with modern automatic weapons with a high cyclic rate, allowing them to inflict heavy casualties on European migrants.

They would also be able to arm themselves with mil-spec armor-piercing rounds, which would penetrate the thin ‘bullet-proof’ jackets worn by the police. The state of police morale in this country is poor – most forces would probably collapse once casualties had climbed into even three figures. The police are bullies, with respect, and like most bullies they are weak.

To add to this combustible mix the muppets who run this country have slashed the Army to the point where it can no longer mount an adequate guard on its armories and magazines. They’re OK during the week, but at the weekend it’s Guns’R’Us, apparently.


The fly in the ointment is Spain. They refuse to recognise the right of the people of Gibraltar to stay British and have been making menacing noises, accompanied by armed violations of the Gibraltar Maritime Frontier. So far the Royal Navy has not responded with lethal force, although I am hearing that they have come close a few times.

The ‘Dons’ are in an uppity mood and are probably revising their 2002 invasion plan. The master Spanish attack plan for Gibraltar does not involve a frontal assault across the British Lines, but flanking maneuvers using amphibious landings, supported by tanks, at multiple points.

If the Spanish respond to Brexit by invading Gibraltar we are unlikely to repeat the strategic mistakes of the Falklands War, where we failed to declare war on Argentina, failed, absurdly, to bomb Buenos Aires with our V-Force and generally didn’t kill enough ‘Argies’. The result, inevitably, is that Argentina still suffers from blood-lust and is hankering after a second war, which might see an Argentine invasion of the Falklands coordinated with a Spanish invasion of Gibraltar.

As we saw after 1945 with Germany it’s a big mistake to let your enemy off lightly – whole suburbs were left standing in some German cities in 1945, which was ludicrous. Pussyfoot with your enemy as we pussyfooted with Germany and Japan in World War II and they’ll just come after you again.

If there is another Anglo-Spanish War (the last was the Peninsula War, although that was more of a war in Spain, against our community partner Napoleon, rather than against Spain), the RAF will bomb Madrid and other strategic Spanish targets. Although France, Germany and Italy would probably stay neutral (the NATO treaty was not designed to deal with aggression by one NATO member against another), the sight of the RAF bombing the European mainland would be likely to have an adverse impact on any UK/EU negotiations.

There needn’t be any negotiations at all of course. The UK could and should go for a clean break, using the Vienna Convention, rather than opt for the messy and pointless Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. We aren’t going to get anything worthwhile from our European enemies.

Andrea Leadsom

Our hopes for Brexit, democracy, peace and prosperity rest on Andrea Leadsom. From what I’m hearing she’s the next Mrs Thatcher, but slightly more approachable (even I never called Mrs Thatcher ‘Maggie’!).

Interstellar Velocity

Not much space this week for a response to comments, nor a review (The Man From U.N.C.L.E. next week), however the query about how you accelerate a mass beyond light speed deserves a response.

The answer was provided by the great Sir Isaac Newton, a more intelligent man than Einstein. If you accelerate a stream of sub-atomic particles past C, or light speed, in an interstellar engine in one direction, your interstellar ship will travel in the other. The boys at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland have already accelerated a particle stream beyond C, although they were forced to deny their results under German pressure.

There is no upper limit to the mass of an object which can be propelled faster than the speed of light. Whole galaxies are doing it, and a galaxy is pretty big.

You would need a lot of energy to power a ship of course – not much point trying to power your interstellar ship with a wind-farm, e.g. Happily, such an energy source is available to us, and it wouldn’t need much more than a Ford Pinto sized gas tank. It’s called nuclear fusion.

Fusion research in the UK is being held back by the EU, as part of its agenda to hold back the human race. Once Brexit is actually delivered we will be able to pour money into fusion research.

The sort of scientist who believes in man-made global warming, i.e. very silly scientists, will tell you that it’s all about perspective, or the distance between receding galaxies and the Sol System expanding by more than the speed of light. That’s bollocks, with respect.

When I used to thunder past Golf GTIs (Rabbits, to you guys – good name for a Volkswagen) in my Bentley Turbo R I would rapidly put space between my car and the ‘Hun’. The reason the space between the two cars expanded rapidly was because I was travelling rapidly.

Although German opposition to the peaceful exploration of space has seen space technology largely stagnate since Apollo, we have been making huge progress in areas like composites, life support systems and computers, which will be more than useful when we come to design first interplanetary and then interstellar space ships. Pace most science-fiction movies you would no more design such a ship to be launched through the atmosphere, by the way, than you would put wheels on the Queen Mary. You use would use shuttlecraft, a la Star Trek, although these shuttles would have a visible means of propulsion.

For journeys into interplanetary space you wouldn’t need or want faster than light speed of course, indeed it would be wholly impracticable. Interstellar speeds would be reserved for interstellar space, where there is less to hit.

By the way, one commenter on last week’s column appeared to hint that I might be anti-German. I don’t know where he got that idea from. As I explain in Spyhunter, I am no more anti-German than Bomber Harris.


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