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Editor’s note: Ingrid asks what is the motivation for this new virulent, hysterical hatred; and wonders “Is there something in the pipeline we should know about?”

The Zios’ backs are to the wall, as the whole world comes online knowing about their involvement with the September 11 Hoax against the American people. More and more of the world is becoming weary at the occupation of Palestinian land, and the Likudniks’ periodic mowing down of the Palestinians in Gaza. So, perhaps it behooves the Zios to dust off and revive their pet German whipping boys to rally their younger generation and re-implant the psyops of the 20th century.

Read on, because this is a good piece, with facts well presented by someone who has been in the trenches. And, we are once again indelibly reminded that those who haven’t learned the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them…

Still teaching their children to search under every rock for "anti-Semitism"
More “Oprah moments”… still teaching their children to search under every rock for “anti-Semitism”

by Ingrid Zundel

Word has come my way that Bild, a major German mainstream publication akin to America’s National Enquirer, saw fit to bash the Germans one more time.

The fairytale, this latest round, is the “discovery” of what is called the “Himmler Diaries” – a recent find in Moscow claimed to be in size more than 1,000 pages. Researchers – one by the name of Katzen (!) pored over these pages for more than three years, distilling what is believed to be “new evidence” of what the wicked Germans did to the fabulous Jews.

Up front, it’s not a “diary” as commonly defined. It’s calendar notes. The Germans call them Kalendarium. And only a portion of them is trotted out in customary gore.

David Irving tenaciously sought to put the truth out there
David Irving tenaciously sought to put the truth out there

Informed sources told me the following:

Up front, all should remember the fraud inflicted on the world via the widely touted “discovery” of the alleged “Hitler Diaries,” the greatest literary fraud is known in the post-war era – “… in Hitler’s handwriting”, no less. At the time and to his credit, David Irving exposed those as a forgery, right in Der Stern press conference in Hamburg.

A well-known painting-and-signature fraudster called Kujau forged the entire manuscript, making millions for the beneficiaries of atrocity tales. That “diary” was all concocted from the get-go!

It’s a surprise that these “authentic” Himmler Diaries should surface now – and with a virulence that leaves one stunned and speechless – when almost all of the entire cesspool narratives of the Third Reich’s mistreatment of the Jews in German concentration camps have been debunked en masse. These tales are frazzling left and right, thanks to the rigor of global Revisionist research over so many post-war decades.

There are some valid inferences to draw that these so-called “diaries” did not just accidentally come to the fore as an atrocity goldmine – assuming that the Kalendarium notes are, as is claimed, authentic. A wicked conspiracy theory thought:

Were they withheld for seven decades because their content would have exonerated rather than implicated the Third Reich and its leaders? All diaries are equal, to paraphrase Orwell, but some are more equal than others.

There is another “Himmler diary” still in existence, still wrapped in silence, kept in an Israeli vault. Its existence was known decades ago because Ernst Zundel was told of those diaries as far back as 1988 when he discussed their mysterious presence with David Irving during his Second Great Holocaust Trial. These diaries were in possession of someone in Israel for decades – and were never exploited for political mileage and coin. Why not? Why hold them in reserve? Is that what the Israelis would do, ever eager to trot out ever more variations of horror allegedly done to the Jews?

If that genuine diary, still under wraps, had been of use to implicate the Germans, it would have shown up right after the war in the many, many trials instrumentalized to judicially murder Germany’s leaders – many of them by hanging.  That kind of diary would have been treated like a gift from the gods by the victors in charge of those kangaroo courts.  We would have never heard the end of it! The Kalendarium notes are a poor substitute – a deflection maneuver? – to divert and bamboozle the gullible public. One has to ask: Why now?  Another false flag in the wings?

Mind-kontrol is enhanced when the mind is traumatized by events. Memories are stored more easily when they are accompanied with adrenaline secretion through fear or extreme sorrow
Mind-kontrol is enhanced when the mind is traumatized by events… Memories are stored and retrieved from the brain more easily when they are accompanied by adrenaline secretion prompted by fear, anger, pain or extreme sorrow. Catharsis is the traumatic transfer of a memory [“meme-ory”, collectively] from the unconscious to the conscious
Regarding Himmler’s death by cyanide, that story is also concocted. He did not “bite on a capsule hidden in his teeth” – after his capture right after the war.  He was beaten to death by his captors. Decades ago already, prior to Photoshop magic, the Germans were treated to several photos showing a murdered Himmler lying in a pool of blood.

Here, too, during the Great Holocaust Trial in 1988, Ernst was told an alternate version by one of his sterling defense witnesses, an award-winning Canadian columnist who volunteered to tell of his experience in post-war Germany. I knew him as Doug Collins.

Right after the defeat of Germany, this native British soldier – who had been a German POW in various prison camps during the war and had to his credit six daring escapes – had been recruited as a British Intelligence Field Officer near Oldenburg in Germany. Doug told Ernst about Himmler being interrogated by the Allies at one of the barracks he, Doug, had access to – he said that the British victors beat Himmler to a pulp, picked up his corpse, put it on a bed, opened his belt and pulled down his trousers to pull his penis out – and that is the sight that was allowed the many gawkers in British uniform parading by so they could get their jollies.

Tellingly Collins, who was an otherwise thoroughly decent man and a big help to Ernst in his trial, did not seem to think that humiliating an entire nation by abusing a dead man was offensive. Wars can do brutal things to the human psyche, as we should never forget.

The short few sentences in the internet version of the Jerusalem Post claim that there were entries in these “diaries” where Himmler watched Diesel motor exhausts in the Sobibor concentration camp among others, allegedly for gassing Jews – in 1943!

Einstein 2These so-called “Diesel gassings” have been debunked as fraudulent stories – disproved by science for decades by some of the world’s foremost Revisionist forensic experts, for instance, Dr. Robert Faurisson of France, the German politologist Udo Walendy, the American engineer Fritz Berg, and others. These “Diesel exhaust fumes” are old hat!

The Daily Mail reports about Himmler freaking out because of parts of the brain of an executed prisoner spattered on his uniform by a pit outside of Minsk. That’s graphic, isn’t it? Here, too, Irving told this macabre story decades ago already – he had heard it from a famous filmmaker and photographer in the 1960s or early 1970s. So this is not “recent news” for mass consumption as paraded in Bild– it is a seamy vintage atrocity tale of those horrible years now used to psychologically infect a new crop of Germans with hatred for their forebears.

You cannot ask often enough:  Why now? To shore up the readership list for an otherwise limping publication in competition with a vigorous alternative media that’s making tracks all over the place for Truth in History? Or is it just an exercise in sadism for the sake of airing more hatred?

So what do we have in this latest exercise of Never Forget? Two different documents cleverly merged into one, trotted out in gory dribs and drabs to humiliate and punish the Germans.

One cannot help but wonder about the timing for such virulent, hysterical hatred. Is something in the pipeline we should know?

The shelf life for concentration camp atrocity consumption has worn out. This non-stop artillery barrage of Nazi horrors has long ago caused the opposite effect – one of utter fatigue and disgust. Overload! I know of no intelligent person who has studied this issue who still believes that six minus three is still six.

What I see is, sadly, an unwillingness to say so out loud.

To do so will destroy one’s reputation, destroy careers, destroy marriages, put ill will between parents and kids, destroy the love that used to bind the generations, destroy a people’s pride in culture, shut off the energy for creativity – and open yet more prison doors to demonstrate the orthodox Holocaust’s gruesome effects depending on sheer spite and air.

The Germans have a magnificently precise vocabulary that can only be approximated by those klutzy, non-Germanic tongues that now pollute the landscape. The Germans call the German mainstream press their “Lügenpresse.” A literal translation can’t quite do it justice – Lying Press? Well, what else is new? All that you get is a yawn.

To call the German mainstream media “gutter press” hits the spot.

This latest Himmler exposé is nothing but more gutter press. Those outfits spewing sewer stuff are still in the pay of an alien agenda. This new attack, in fact, is more than shoring up a worn-out narrative.

It’s ethnic warfare at its rawest – a desperate campaign of isolating an entire people, demonizing them, traumatizing them with endless propaganda tales that have grown beards by now! Decades ago already, these politically expedient propaganda tales were resolutely disproved a hundred times over by researchers, scholars, writers, and historians in and out of the courtrooms in all kinds of countries from sea to shining sea.

There is no point at all repeating what is already known and documented to exhaustion. There are hundreds of thousands of court transcript pages, generated under cross-examination under oath in courts of Western jurisprudence, all in the public domain, all open to inspection. This massively debunking evidence was generated by truth-loving people all over the globe at great financial cost and peril to themselves. It’s all there, for the asking – most of it on the Net.

As Putin put it so clearly at a recent press conference, addressing mainstream presstitutes who sat there, smirking in the face of one of the world’s most impressive leaders:

“I don’t know any longer how to reach you people…!”

It’s really very simple: One cannot! The Holocaust Cudgel, as it is referred to by ever more despairing Germans under merciless spiritual torment, cannot be destroyed by mere words.

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