Core Edicts of the Khazarian Mafia Top Command (Part II)


by  Preston James


What the top Khazarian Mafia Chieftains are really after with their quest to Globalize the world and create their NWO is to degrade all humanity, except for their new artificial race of “fake Jews” they began creating in old Khazaria around 1250 AD.

In time, as their NWO Agenda is attained, these Khazarians plan to eliminate all Khazarians except themselves.

They expect to be transformed into eternal Gods themselves as their reward for serving Lucifer/Satan and worshiping the Snake, Leviathan, the Great Dragon, or the Serpent.

This excellent and quite revealing article is authored by VT’s own Jonas Alexis, who is a major scholar in his own right.

In this article Jonas Alexis interviews Texe Marrs who describes some deeply evil, secret religious practices of the Judaic Zionists’ KM Top Command, who basically run the pernicious usury-based private central banking of the Western world.

Old men so Evil that it is unimaginable to most

Fetal gland extracts extend the lifespan for those centenarians who've had 6 heart transplants. "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." - David Rockefeller speaking at a UN Business Conference, September 1994.
Do fetal adrenal gland (on left) compounds extend the lifespan for such centenarians who’ve had 6 heart transplants? “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” – David Rockefeller speaking at a UN Business Conference, September 1994.

These top Khazarian Chieftains are old, some so old and decrepit they are in wheelchairs and survive only because of glandular fetal hormone extracts injected through a neck port into their spinal fluid.

One of the symptoms of this is a stiff neck, and you will never find movies of these individuals turning their heads to either side.

The long term secret Globalist NWO Plan of the Top Chieftains of the KM includes the creation of an artificial synthetic race of gene spliced, triple helix based trans-human androids, their long expected merger of “clay” and “Iron”.

It has been alleged by some at the periphery of the KM Top leadership that this genetic splicing-based android project is now underway in joint efforts between select KM defense contractors and a certain Alien ET group in above top secret, unacknowledged, special access Deep Underground Military bases (DUMBs), places like the DUMB at Dulce, New Mexico.

There have been numerous reports that efforts to synthesize the human soul using hundreds of innocent victims that have been kidnapped, drugged and surgically altered have all failed so far, but such efforts are still underway.

alien-midway1 (2)
Some believe that advance quantum computer-based A.I. is actually Alien ET Intelligence

So far, the best they can do is to have successfully developed sophisticated quantum based artificial intelligence (“A.I”) which some say is actual “Alien Intelligence” based.

It has been suspected for some time now that many of the so-called Alien ETs, especially the Greys are actual android type “cloned” synthetic devices that are hived with a quantum-based A.I. system and the queen bee is a Draco, a Dragon or serpent type ET.

The Dulce DUMB has been rumored by insiders, some who have worked there, to be a joint Alien ET/human base tasked with developing advanced drug and psychotronic mind-kontrol technologies, synthetic humanoid species, clones and androids, and most importantly synthesizing the human soul. So far all such attempts to synthesize the human soul have failed miserably. Only God Almighty can create an eternal soul.

Dulce is a place that has strange helicopter pads at the top of a mountain, large power supply lines that enter the mountain and go to no visible buildings and secret truck deliveries into large camouflaged doorways that open and close in the ground and seem to disappear when closed.

Before the KM Top Chieftains can make serious progress toward their take down of the whole world and setting up of a Globalist NWO kingdom run out of Jerusalem and Palestine, they believe they have to develop a believable excuse to create and plant the NWO One-world Government run by them (the Top Khazarian Chieftains) in Palestine at Jerusalem.


Birth of the Palestinian Occupation for “Greater Israel”

This is where the Balfour Declaration comes in, as it involved a secret deal whereby the American Zionists agreed to help the British defeat the Germans in WW1 if the British agreed to later confiscate land from the Palestinians to set up their pure but secret High Freemasonry based Khazarian Home-base.

After WW2, the Khazarian Mafia greatly expanded the number of Khazarians under their direct control by: 1) convincing Khazarians they had ancient Hebrew blood when they didn’t have any; and, 2) using the Nazi work camps which they call “the Holocaust”, translated means “Fiery Sacrifice”, to get rid of as many real Hebrews as possible. This was done by a number of very crafty moves in London by the Rothschilds, but one of the craftiest was having needlessly extending the war by bridling General George Patton and bombing the work camp supply lines.

01-Jacob-Rothschild2And as many insiders know, these work camps were set up under a plan of the City of London Rothschild Zionists, the top ruling bloodline family of the Khazarian Mafia. The so-called holocaust was the KM’s creation and included the “sacrifice of thousands” of genetically ancient Hebrews, and as many as possible. Delaying the end of the war and bombing supply lines resulted in deaths from starvation and cholera.

It was the world’s top expert of the British Royal Family that discovered and documented their faked genealogy, Greg Hallett. Greg Hallett also obtained information from an MI-6 source he refers to as “the Spymaster” that Hitler was a British agent, fully mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute long before his rise to power. That is why he was protected and was released after his first coup attempt, and why he let the allies go at Dunkirk. It was also the reason Hitler sent one of his top men, Rudolf Hess, to England to finalize a promise to combine forces against Stalin and Russia.

Winston Churchill made this promise when he met secretly with Hitler over Dunkirk in exchange for allowing the Allies to be rescued by ship when they were surrounded and could have been easily captured or completely wiped out by German machine guns and artillery that surrounded them.

But when Churchill later reneged and jailed Hess and publicly scourged him for war propaganda, Hitler’s fall back strategy was to claim that Hess had become mentally unstable and mentally ill. Hess was never allowed to discuss this publicly, and he was mysteriously “suicided” while serving out his life term for war crimes as sentenced in the Nuremberg Trials.

Not only did the KM institute a very crafty “World Zionism/Greater Israel Plan” to create their own special race of Khazarians, but they worked hard to run numerous covert mass mind-kontrol operations on these Khazarians to convince them to believe they were of real ancient Hebrew blood and had an ancestral right to Palestine as “God’s chosen people”.

Eran Elhaik
Eran Elhaik was a geneticist at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

We now know for certain according to recent Johns Hopkins genetic studies done by a Judaic MD that 97.5% of Judaic Israelis actually carry no ancient Hebrew blood at all, ZERO — and 80% of Palestinians do. Thus, we now know for certain that the Khazarians have no ancestral right to Palestinian lands, and no right to keep seizing/stealing more and more land from Palestinians.

And we also know that the Khazarians and especially the Top Command of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) are the world’s biggest anti-Semites for their oppression, tyranny, genocide and land theft against Palestinians.

The KM top leadership believed this would give the Rothschilds the right to establish the new state of Israel as their official Kingdom on Earth on behalf of these Khazarians sheep-dipped to become fake Hebrews. And they also planned to do all this to establish Israel, and especially Jerusalem and the old Temple site as their true center of all covert operations.

Why this KM obsession with Israel and Jerusalem? Part of it is a strange and deep hatred of Jesus Christ and anyone who believes in him. This is reflected in the ideology and humor of Sarah Silverman, a Judaic comedian.

One of the main motivations of the Top Chieftains of the KM is to totally degrade humanity, especially Goyim with Christian beliefs by using Hollywood and the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) to corrupt them by getting them to accept their Babylonian Talmudic values as normal and desired.

Or how about this Israeli TV treatment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?

Or consider this typical Judaic fraternity-style fun in Israel among college aged students


Of course the dumbed down 5013c Christian Church in America seems to have been completely mind-kontrolled by the KM Zios to support Israel, despite the incontestable fact that Israel is an avowed secret enemy of Christians and of America.

How do we know that Israel is an avowed enemy of America for certain?

Because Israel attacked America on 9-11-2001 with the help of traitors inside America at very high levels.

Why the KM obsession with Palestine and especially Jerusalem?

Some researchers have claimed that the very top KM leadership view Jerusalem as an inter-dimensional gateway, a cosmic portal, or a “stargate” from which their Global NWO supernatural leader Lucifer (aka the Great Dragon/Draco or Serpent/Snake) will descend to sit on his throne in the new KM temple, which they plan to construct.

baby in sack1The philosophy and value structure of the Khazarian Mafia is based on ancient Babylonia Talmudism, but some Intel Cowboys claim it is actually secret Baal worship, which requires child sacrifice, and which is done because the KM Chieftains believe it is necessary in order for Baal/Lucifer/Satan to anoint them with secret power, success and riches.

Those who doubt that the folks who run the present world are evil just need to do some basic research on the Bohemian Grove’s “Cremation of Care” ritual, held every July in the Redwood Forest outside of San Francisco.

Almost every single top world ruler attends, except those who reject the Babylonian Talmudic system and are not high members of this secret worldwide Luciferian/Satanic cult, based on Baal worship.

It has been reported that this is a male-only club, characterized by massive public homosexual acts and actual human sacrifice of a young child in a burlap bag, with loud death screams broadcast from a radio mic inside the bag.

But there is even more evil at the core of this deep commitment to Globalize the world and create a greater Israel NWO run by the very top leadership of the KM. It is the KM’s obsession to asset strip, tyrannize, debase, degrade and then destroy Goyim society and especially to destroy (as in depopulate) all Goyim as soon as the KM has attained enough world power and hegemony to do so.

This subject has been explicated in three previous articles on KM Disposal Ops, Part I, Part II and Part III.

Yes, this is an age old inter-generational unimaginably evil obsession that the Khazarian Mafia Top Chieftains have, to dispose of all Goyim worldwide. It is actually so shocking that most, even if shown concrete proof, will have trouble believing it could even be true.

It is pretty clear that the Khazarian Mafia’s Top Chieftains will dispose of any Cutouts they used to gain world power when they no longer need them.

You can expect once the KM Top Chieftains take over Jerusalem, most likely through a special Vatican Treaty acting as a UN Peacekeeper or equivalent, the mind-kontrolled Likudists and Israeli supporters will be quickly thrown under the bus.

These Likudists and Israeli Zionists will be likely sacrificed on the alter of the NWO because they will no longer be needed and will be undermined and served up to appease the rest of the world which is tired of their abuse, especially the Islamics.

Order of the Snake? ...Madeleine Albright
Order of the Snake? … Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

It is important to note that the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia are hard core Luciferians (Satan worshipers) of the “Order of the Snake” or the Great Dragon/Draco, the Serpent God). This is all they care about and have absolutely no loyalty to any Cutout even though they promote them to positions of high government power, or high status in entertainment or corporations.

Hard core conservative Christian believers of course find it quite revealing that these Luciferians must obey a rigid set of Cosmic Rules of Play laid down by the Creator, God Almighty or the Great “I Am” of the universe. This requires informed consent and advance notice of what they plan to do.

If you sit down and discuss this subject with those who had been deep inside this Satanic network, they will tell you they left it because they found out that there is an Eternal God.

They will tell you that He is creator of all — far more powerful and good than Lucifer (the Great Dragon/Draco or Serpent God), and that he will deliver justice to the world in due time.

And you will more than likely be told that they found out God Almighty is forgiving, loving, and kind and will help anyone who earnestly asks for true help and who is willing to practice the Golden Rule of “Do unto others” by loving their neighbors as themselves.

Part III will describe some recent developments in this public exposure of the massive crimes against Americans and most of humanity by the KM based on policies set by the KM’s Top Chieftains.




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