The Khazarian Mafia rejected humanity and pitted Muslims and Christians against each other



…by Jonas E. Alexis & Michael A. Hoffman


In other to understand some of the deepest issues and current conflicts in the Middle East and much of the West, we have to go back to Daniel Pipes, who perversely and diabolically declared in 2013 that the United States and much of the West ought to support both the Syrian rebels/terrorists and the Assad government at the same time. Here is Pipes at his best:

“The West should prevent either side in the civil war from emerging victorious by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong their conflict.’”[1]

Pipes knew that this was a diabolical enterprise. He knew that this did not line up with the moral and political order. He knew that a prolonged conflict in the region would create more bloodshed, more misery, and more destruction. He knew that perpetual wars mean perpetual hatred for the countries which have promoted the wars in the first place, namely, Israel and the Zionist State of America. He didn’t ask for peaceful resolution. He wanted massive deaths. He obviously wanted the Syrian terrorists to cut the hearts out of their victims and eat them before cheering crowds.[2] Moreover, he did perceive that no reasonable person would agree with his perversion. In fact, he added:

This policy recommendation of ‘helping whichever side is losing’ sounds odd, I admit, but it is strategic.”[3]

Strategic? More chaos is strategic? Well, according to essentially Talmudic mores, the answer is yes. As Jewish writer Sidney Blumenthal has shown, the Neoconservative movement has its political and intellectual ideology “in the disputatious heritage of the Talmud.”[4]

Which brings us to an important point here. Pipes and his brethren, as St. Paul pointed out almost two thousand years ago, are at war with metaphysical Logos and the entire human race. Pipes and others are desperately attempting to move heaven and earth to bring about their diabolical plan. They have and will continue to pit decent people against each other so that they can establish their Khazarian Kingdom on earth. Their loyalty in America is neither “liberal” nor “conservative,” otherwise they would never have manipulated both parties.

In fact, the so-called Republican establishment—“many of them former top aides or cabinet members for President George W. Bush”—has already put their stamp of approval on Hillary Clinton.[5]

From a political standpoint, this is totally unexplainable. And if you are locked in the-Left-vs.-the-Right category, you obviously will find yourself in a hopeless quandary. You just won’t know what is really going on. But if you understand that the “Khazarian Mafia” can rig the political game and roll the ideological dice for political reasons, then you will understand that there are more here than meets the eye and ear.

The central point is that since the “Khazarian Mafia” categorically and metaphysically rejected the moral and political order, they have inexorably embraced chaos and destruction.

This is one reason why Pipes and his brethren do not care whether decent Muslims and Christians live or die in the Middle East. They do not care whether mothers are still weeping and moaning for their children in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. They do not care whether people get hurt or entire countries get vaporized in a second. They do not care if their plan will shed too much blood from one country to the next. They only care about completing their diabolical plan. Of course, this is a strong statement. But listen very carefully again to Jewish Neocon Jonah Goldberg:

Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.”[6]

Goldberg had more beautiful things to say:

There is nothing we want to see happen in the Middle East that can be accomplished through talking around long tables festooned with bottled water and fresh fruit at Swiss hotels, that cannot be accomplished faster and more permanently through war. But there is plenty that cannot be achieved by such gabfests that can only be achieved through war.”[7]

Neocon debacles like the complete mess in Iraq, Goldberg said elsewhere, was “a worthy mistake.”[8] This claptrap is beyond my comprehension. If you were trained in logic and find it intellectually contradictory and morally worthless, I suggest you contact Goldberg.

Keep in mind that Goldberg is the author of books such as The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the Wars of Ideas. Goldberg again wrote:

“Wouldn’t an invasion of Iraq result in instability in the region? Yes. But in this context, instability is more likely to be good than bad.”[9]

If that is not diabolical, then nothing is. If Goldberg is not an enemy of the human race, then no one is. This man and his brethren should be trialed for the crimes they have committed against decent people in the Middle East. If J. O’Rourke is right—that the US government is “a parliament of whores” and that the three branches of government is “money, television, and bullshit”—then the Jewish revolutionary spirit, as E. Michael Jones would have put it, is “the synagogue of Satan.”

 That synagogue has created an environment where “money, television, and bullshit” become the norm. O’Rourke has an entire chapter in his book entitled: “Our Government: What the Fuck Do They Do All Day, and Why Does it Cost So Goddamned Much Money”? Shouldn’t he now direct that question to the Neoconservatives who actually gave us a six-trillion dollar war?[10]

In any event, the divide-and-conquer strategy has been used and is being used by the Khazarian Mafia to destroy countries and people they do not like. Michael Hoffman is going to tell us another side of this vitally important issue here.


Hoffman: As Salafist/Wahhabist Saudi theology proceeds to commissar the Sunnis by means of ISIS recruitment, and while their Muslim victims among the Shiites are marginalized, Israeli Zionism and Orthodox Judaism are riding high in prestige in the West.

The Zionists’ “I told you so” platitudes about how, if we had only gotten tough on Muslims the way Israelis do, we would be better off, are now ubiquitous in the media. This narrative fits the Neocon “clash of civilizations” script perfectly.

Certainly there is such a clash. It originated on Calvary more than 2,000 years ago. Why do we keep forgetting? Goldwin Smith, Regius Professor of History at Oxford in the Victorian age, wrote:

“The nobler part of the Jewish nation, the real heirs of David and the Prophets, heard the Gospel, and became the founders of a humane religion; the less noble part, led by national pride and ceremonialism embodied in the Pharisee, rejected humanity, and themselves fell back into a narrower and a harder tribalism than before. Exciting the hatred of other nations and the fears of the Empire, they lost their country, and wandered forth over the world with their tribal feeling intensified, and their religion more than ever identified with it…Cosmopolitans they could not be, as they were still in the thrall of tribalism: plutopolitans they of necessity became.” (Revisionist History newsletter 85, p. 12).

“…rejected humanity...” What does this rejection entail, if not pitting races, religions and regions against one another for the greater good of the tribe to which Prof. Smith alludes? The collusion between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli state against the two Arab nations, Assad’s Syria and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq renowned for protecting their Christian minority populations, is justly infamous in the Middle East, where the U.S. serves as the Israeli golem.

The Saudis, guardians of Mecca and Medina, which contain the two holiest shrines in Islam, decades ago sold the Palestinians to the Israelis, now to be dispatched as Netanyahu chooses. This is more than treason in the Islamic world, it is a species of treachery almost unimaginable, since it concedes al-Quds (Jerusalem), home to Islam’s third holiest center, to the Zionists.

The Shiites, who have lost more civilians to ISIS terrorism than any western nation, have never abandoned the Palestinians and have not conspired with the Israelis. Therefore, it is Shiite Iran and not Saudi Arabia that remains in the cross hairs of our Zionist-occupied Congress, Pentagon and media.

Iran will likely feel the wrath of the American golem should Crooked Hillary gain the White House in November. The Saudis meanwhile, suffer not one US sanction despite having many covert ties to ISIS, as well as supplying the heretical Salafist “Muslim” theology which fuels its barbarism and which is backed by the United States government.

Wall Street Journal, March 13, 2015, page A6: “…the Syrian branch of al Qaeda…Nusra Front…hasn’t’ bothered Israel since seizing the border area last summer—and some of its severely wounded fighters are regularly taken across the frontier to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals.”

In Europe this is better understood. Marine LePen, head of the patriotic Front National in France, in the wake of the murder of Catholic Father Jacques Hamel, called for the closing of “mosquées salafistes. She singled out Salafists and, quite rightly, did not refer to Shiites. Meanwhile in the U.S. we fail to make these important distinctions.

Judaism uses Judeo-Churchianity in the American South as an arm of its propaganda apparatus, even though Judaism execrates the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Judaism has in the past and is now using elements of Sunni Islam, despite, as exhibited by Rabbi Maimonides in the Middle Ages, execrating Muhammad and his Quranic religion.

ISIS is being used to bring about police states in Europe, Canada and the United States while burnishing the reputation of the Israeli subjugation of the Palestinians. The more ISIS terror the more civil liberties will be curtailed and the more the “Israeli way of dealing” with the Palestinians and Lebanese will become the template for restoring order in the West. After the slaying of the Roman Catholic priest in Normandy, Hervé Morin, president of the Normandy region and a defense minister under former President Nicolas Sarkozy, declared, “We need to Israelize our security conditions.” 

As this script is fulfilled, the Israelis emerge as the public relations winners and the supposed best friends of western civilization. It’s tragic that people concerned with this vital issue don’t pay more attention to Judaism’s foundational rabbinic texts. In the Mishnah and Gemara (“Talmud”) and successive holy books such as Rabbi Joseph Karo’s Shulchan Aruch, there exists an ineradicably savage hostility toward gentile civilization.

We find this in the Tisha B’Av (Ninth of Av) festival and in the Babylonian Talmud itself where killing, robbing and cheating gentiles is permitted. Even a brief tour of just a single Talmud tractate, Baba Kama, presents numerous examples of hostility toward non-Jews. In Baba Kama 113a we discover that “It is permitted to deceive a gentile.” In this same tractate, a sample court case is given which pits a Jew against a gentile. Here is the legal approach advised: “One approaches the case circuitously in order to vindicate the Jew.”

Turn the page and one encounters Baba Kama 113b, in which lost items are not to be returned to the gentile who owns them, after which follows instructions on how to cheat non-Jews in business:

“It is permitted to financially benefit from a business error of a gentile.” Cases are given by way of illustration. One of my personal favorites is the example of the palm tree that is to be chopped up and the wood shared by a Jewish merchant and a gentile merchant. In the Talmud the clever Jew outsmarts his non-Jewish partner, ordering his servant to:

“Hurry and precede the gentile so that you can bring my share of the wood from the trunk of the tree, which is thicker than the upper part of the tree, as the gentile only knows the number of logs that he is due to receive and will not realize that you are taking thicker pieces.” (Baba Kama 113b).

This mentality of cheating non-Jews is institutionalized in adherents of Orthodox Judaism.  “Rabbis are liable to alter their words, and the accuracy of their statements is not to be relied upon.” —The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition (Vol. II, pp. 48-49).

Murder, rape, child molestation, sodomy, misogyny, magic, idolatry: the Talmud recommends all of these in one form or another. The 1100 pages in this writer’s book, Judaism Discovered were not enough to contain more than a fragment. In anticipation of objections: no, none of the quoted texts are “taken out of context;” no, the Talmud is not merely a “series of debates” — it is the hallowed source of the halacha (laws of Judaism) of Chazal (the revered collective authors [“sages”] of the Talmud).

Islam having derived from both Christianity and Talmudic Judaism, does contain some echo of the mistreatment and deception of non-believers as found in the Babylonian Talmud, but nothing on the same scale, and none of it justified by a racial criteria. Yet in the U.S. sharia law is far more notorious and feared than rabbinic halachic law.

We need not proceed only from Judaism’s holy rule books for racketeers. We also have the testimony of the past. In Revisionist History newsletter no. 70 — which is mainly aimed at documenting the existence of Judaism’s much denied Birkat Haminim ritual curses on Christians —  in an excursus we surveyed Judaic-Islamic alliances in medieval Spain, where rabbinic maledictions soared to extreme paroxysms of hatred against Christians, in a manner that was not directed against Muslims.[11] Moreover, the formal rabbinic curses on meshummadim (Judaic converts to other religions, particularly Christianity), do not include any denigration of Judaic converts to Islam.

In the medieval era, Judaism was able to thrive under Islam while it was severely restricted in Catholic Europe. For that reason among others, the Never Forgive/Never Forget crowd will not rest until Europe is ruined and the European nations severely diminished in population. This is not accomplished by its ISIS pawns alone. The Zionist-influenced media promote abortion, contraception, euthanasia and self-hatred, which are all pandemic in Europe and western nations in general.

What ISIS kills physically, modernist ideologies of rabbinic or Zionist provenance that have as their premise the rejection of the authentic Gospel of Jesus and the establishment of counterfeits, kill psychologically and spiritually.

In the current issue of Revisionist History newsletter (no. 85) we study the Rothschild bank as it gained dominion over England in the Victorian era. We document that when the Christian Balkan nations captive to the Ottoman Empire revolted with the help of Tsarist Russia, it was the Rothschilds, with the aid of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, who backed the caliphate against the Christians, in spite of (or perhaps in approval of) massacres of Bulgarian and Serb Christians by Ottoman militias.

In our 21st century the Israeli nation has been immune to ISIS attack. The record shows that Israeli hospitals have patched up al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and returned them to Syria to help overthrow the Christian-friendly regime of Assad. Netanyahu’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated publicly he preferred the victory of ISIS in Syria.

Perhaps one day soon our information will obtain sufficient publicity to render these radical truths manifest to many more in America and throughout the world…Meanwhile, the rabbis continue to ride high as the media-anointed paladins of western civilization, contrasted with their clandestine false flag, ISIS.

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