Did Donald Trump kill the Kennedys? (updated video)




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There is one inexorable truth about Trump and this is his relationship with Roy Cohn. However, there is more to it than the story of a spoiled rich boy; everything about Trump, aside from his inherited cash is really about Roy Cohn. Ever since Cohn made his bones setting up the Rosenbergs as fall guys for the nuclear spy ring we now know that he ran, a tale tying together the Zionist extremists who built Israel to the Kosher Mafia that founded and ran the Soviet Union.

We are going to lay out the materials below, leading to the heart of the JFK and RFK killings and the virtual takeover of the United States by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, as Preston James has so aptly named it. We are going to trace Cohn’s life and his early protégés like Ronald Reagan, whom he shuttled into the presidency, to his conquests from the 1980s. 

It was Cohn, co-founder of the Mossad who elevated George W. Bush to the presidency along with Louis M. Bloomfield, who founded the Mossad, hardly an Israeli organisation. The Mossad was never Israeli, the Mossad was the purest expression of Rothschild control partnered with organised crime that founded the CIA, ran the FBI under Hoover and of course, MI6 as well.

Here’s NYPD detective (ret.) Jim Rothstein mentioning Roger Stone and Roy Cohn and how they use these satanic pedophile blackmail networks. This is from 2013, and Stone and Alex Jones are Trump’s political hatchet men and, according to Jeff Rense, Bronfman crime family “associates”.

It was Cohn who chose presidents, overthrew governments and ordered assassinations. The Clay Shaw trial documents from the movie JFK, whose suppression stopped the real investigation of the Kennedy assassination lead directly to Roy Cohn. It was Cohn’s organisation whose protégés include Benjamin Netanyahu, George W Bush and Donald Trump, that planned and executed 9-11.

It was Cohn’s group that gave Israel nuclear weapons, just as it was Cohn’s group that gave Russia nuclear weapons. It was Cohn’s group and his protégé Viktor Bout that gave the RKM nuclear weapons, it was their nuclear weapon facility in South Africa, run by Cohn/Bout operative Johann Meyer that processed the stolen American nuclear pits.

The Meyer operation with financing by the Canadian Bronfman cartel and Cohn protégé Muammar Gaddafi became a nuclear power in their own right, you see, it was Cohn’s CIA that put Gaddafi in power in 1979, it was Cohn’s CIA that ran Gladio out of the alleged IRA training camps in Libya; it was Cohn protégé Reagan that provided cover through his bogus false flag bombing campaign against Libya.

It was Cohn at the heart of Iran-Contra, it was Cohn’s organisation that invented Al-Qaeda and ISIS; if you want to see the mechanism used, go to 2005, look at Gen. Petraeus and the ‘Sunni Awakening’ or go back 20 years to Iran-Contra, Secord and North (and Wanta) and then go forward ten years to the Bin Laden project and the Metropolitan Club, whose first outing was the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.

Cohn’s organisations, which include the ADL, JDL, PNAC and JINSA, hosted the ‘art students’, brought in the Saudis, now thrown to the wolves as fall guys. Today’s manifestations – the American Enterprise Institute, the Institute for the Study of War, the Heritage Foundation, Infowars, the Jamestown Foundation, the Potomac Foundation, PJ Media and last, but not least – everything Trump.

Much to the dismay of the ‘Jewish conspiracy’ theorists, there is nothing Jewish about this; Roy Cohn hated Jews, he hated Jews because they are weak, he hated Jews as ‘effeminate’, he hated Jews like the Rosenbergs because their liberal values made them easy to manipulate; this is why there has been a seamless link between Jewish and Italian-American organised crime since the early 1960s when Cohn took the reins.

This is when the CIA really came into its own – narcotics, weapons, currency manipulation and oil. When the team you will see laid out below, names like Permindex, even the innocent toy train company Lionel spread their tendrils through Central America, Africa and the Middle East.

We know they killed the Kennedys, we know they owned Reagan, eight years of whitewashing under Reagan still failed to eliminate BCCI, Iran-Contra and the Savings & Loan disasters that lead to the most corrupt presidency in American history. The schemes took on a number of directions, we’ll call it Cohn’s organisation, and were Trump to win, he is stupid enough to think it would be his organisation; we see Netanyahu, Bronfman, Adelson and Giuliani.

Anyone who thinks an intelligence agency is anything but organised crime enforcers is too stupid to live, an ISIS control room in Syria can have, from time-to-time not just CIA and Mossad, not just Turkish and Saudi intelligence but even Indian RAW or Google Ideas Groups contractors.

While Putin sits alongside Erdogan in Ankara, Turkish Gray Wolves are planning attacks on Crimea, simultaneously, CIA-trained Chechen terrorists aided by Ukrainian security services, are moving chemical weapons through Romania, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, across the Adriatic to Bari, Italy. From there, the Mafia (read: Mossad and the Mafia) ratline it all into France and beyond – Jihadists, weapons, drugs, conflict diamonds. We have seen this before, this was the old ‘French Connection’ from the days when Turkey processed the Heroin.

They run the pharmaceutical companies, they are OPEC, they run all the banks, they are the SWIFT system, they are BRICS as well, they are the IMF, the World Bank, the United Nations, there is no corporate board they can’t control, no hedge fund they don’t run, they are false flag terrorism, they are the one world government, as evidenced by a world drowning in cruelty and poverty.

How could a candidate run for public office in the United States who has never done anything but lie, cheat and steal, actually stand a chance of being elected; stop for a minute and think, you can stop laughing now, you mean to say there hasn’t been an American president in many years that a normal person would trust to feed their goldfish?

Let’s look at Britain or France, are they worse? We aren’t even beginning to touch on areas like the occult, though some of the players here deem themselves beyond such things.

Trump leads us to Cohn, whom we had underestimated; none of this is about sex or pussy grabbing — it seems that the ‘sex scandals’ real or imagined, and let’s face it, in today’s hyper-sexually charged world where anything imaginable goes, you have to know that all of this is pure theatre.

Without defending Trump, you have to see that the traditional Tel Aviv narrative behind the endless tales of victimization, all of the cheap theatre (and we get nothing but cheap theatre) is utterly fabricated, whether it is Trump or Clinton who is starring.

Women around the world are victimised and enslaved, guest workers enslaved and imprisoned, from Haifa to Dubai, to Mumbai, the numbers are in the millions but this story is never told; instead, we hear of Monica Lewinsky, a well-heeled, slightly porcine Mossadnik operative inserted into the White House, kneepads and all, from day one by a witch from Army Intelligence in the form of Linda Tripp.

The jury is still out on Trump, in fact, either none of it ever happened or if it has, on the scale Trump brags about, we have two potential assumptions: 1. Trump is lying and he is just as gay as his mentor Roy Cohn; or 2. We saw him physically intimidate Hilary Clinton, imagine what he could do with a casino waitress. Then again, none of this is really the point, is it? Why do we have these stories?

The Roy Cohn mob and ‘Dirty Dick’ Morris

by Anton Chaitkin

Anton “Tony” Chaitkin (born 1943) is an author, historian, and political activist with the LaRouche movement. He serves as History Editor for Executive Intelligence Review.


Richard Morris, political strategist to the President, is a product and trainee of the central machine of vice and treachery in the Anglo-American world, an apparatus whose criminality extends into the greatest tragedies and outrages against our civilization in recent decades. 

Dick Morris‘ gangster “professional” methods of bold lying and fraudulent work, his record of betraying his client, the President while working directly for the President’s enemies, reflects the Morris family’s lifelong links to master criminal Roy M. Cohn.

Americans remember Cohn, and revile his memory as the fascist chief counsel to Joe McCarthy’s Senate committee in the early 1950s political witch-hunts. Later, Cohn became the Commissar of Sleaze in New York City, representing the interests of mobsters, while exerting corrupt influence over both the Democratic and Republican parties, all the way to Washington.

Dick Morris’ father, attorney Eugene J. Morris, is Roy Cohn‘s first cousin; Cohn was intimate with the Morrises, from his childhood up until his death from AIDS, in 1986. Roy Cohn was an ever-present force in Dick Morris’ life, as Morris was growing up, and once he stepped into the profession of political fixer.

It was Eugene Morris who gave Cohn‘s biographer, Nicholas von Hoflman, the inside story on how Eugene‘s Aunt Dora had turned her young son, Roy, into a “sissy”; and the senior Morris supplied von Hoffman with rare Cohn family photographs going back to the 1920s and 1930s. Eugene Morris had been a high-placed representative of the Cohn machine in both New York and London since Dick’s childhood. And in the case of Dickie, the acorn didn‘tfall very far from the tree.

Having been fired by the U.S. Senate, the disgraced Roy Cohn started a second career in the late 1950s: attorney and fixer for organized crime bosses. He became feared as a potential deployer of killers, who was himself politically protected; a whirling dervish of extortion, sodomy, blackmail, and corruption of justice—from his friend, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, on down.

Dulles, Dewey, and the killer elite

Roy Cohn‘s “strange bedfellow” relationship to “Gay” Edgar Hoover is well known. But, the Cohn story is far more complex, and involves the sponsorship and protection of Cohn by some of America’s best-known “liberal” Wall Street Republicans, including some powerful people associated with the “one-world federalist” apparatus that Cohn and McCarthy purportedly battled during the height of the Red Scares. Some of these Cohn patrons are on record as detesting him personally.

Nevertheless, at crucial moments, they gave a boost tn his career, kept him out of prison, and used him as a pivotal figure in their “Murder, Inc.” apparatus. The Roy Cohn story—and by extension, the “Dirty Dick” Morris story—reveals just how close some of America’s most respected “citizens above suspicion” are, to the lowest gutters of organized crime and dope trafficking.

Among the list of Cohn‘s employers and protectors were the Anglophile powerbrokers John Foster Dulles and his younger brother Allen Dulles, and John Foster’s protégé Thomas E. Dewey. The Dulles brothers and Dewey assembled the American end of a British-Canadian-U.S. grouping of the bloodiest assassins and the fanciest gentlemen. In this political brothel, Roy Cohn was a queen, and Dick Morris learned the trade of intrigue and duplicity.

As secretary of state and CIA director, respectively, John Foster and Allen Dulles had protected and managed Roy Cohn‘s most flagrant adventurism as Joe McCarthy’s counsel; John Foster warned U.S. diplomats in 1953 to spare no effort in spurring Cohn‘s witch-hunt (yet, publicly, John Foster Dulles denounced the despicable Cohn at every opportunity, and undoubtedly, found Cohn a thoroughly foul, albeit politically useful, person). In 1957, a leading member of the Dulles-Dewey apparatus, Dulles‘ former law partner, New York State Judge David W. Peck, personally arranged for Roy Cohn to be taken into the old-line New York Democratic Party law firm, Saxe, Bacon, and 0‘Shea. Judge Peck soon resigned the bench and rejoined the Dulles brothers‘ firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, while Cohn immediately made Saxe, Bacon into the New York nerve center for the criminal mafia assembled by Dulles and Dewey.

The roots of the relationship between the Dulles-Dewey crowd and the modern criminal apparatus go back to 1931. Under the Prohibition law, Charles “Lucky” Luciano and Murder Inc. boss Meyer Lansky tmified the bootlegging operations from Canada into the United States into a single national cartel of all rackets. Important rivals, such as Al Capone, were jailed or murdered. Two huge corporations emerged from this bloodbath after repeal of Prohibition: Canada-based Seagram‘s liquors, half-owned by Lansky‘s partners, the Bronfman family, and half by the British whiskey trust; and U.S.-based Schenley liquors, founded by Lansky‘s partner, “retired” bootlegger Lewis Rosenstiel.

John Foster Dulles, attorney for the biggest London-New York bankers and a fervent backer of Adolf Hitler‘s new Nazi regime, at this time, took over the New York Young Republican Club and made its leadership into a Dulles-run political secret society. The purpose was to prepare for more criminal centralization. Many of Dulles‘ personal cadres were assistant federal prosecutors in New York; among these were Dulles‘ political trainee Thomas E. Dewey, and David M. Peck

In 1935, Dewey was made a New York Special Prosecutor, responsible for “investigating organized crime.” He jailed Lucky Luciano, leaving Lansky the undisputed boss of the National Crime Syndicate. Entirely under Dulles‘ management, Dewey was elected New York’s governor in 1942.

Dewey freed Luciano from prison and exiled him to Italy in 1946. A pretty face was put on this, by the allegation that the caged Luciano, and the free Lansky, had arranged with the secret services for the Mafia to police the New York waterfront during the war, protecting against Nazi sabotage. In constant cooperation with Anglo-American secret service teams (which were directed by the Dulles brothers and Averell Harriman on the American end), the freed Luciano restarted the world’s main narcotics trafficking—“juice“ for the Lansky empire.


The ‘Kingmakers’

After World War II, the Dulles brothers set up another New York-based political secret society called the Kingmakers, centering on Thomas Dewey. Sullivan and Cromwell partner Charles S. Hamilton, Jr. organized the Kingmakers; as a director of the New York Port Authority and a labor law expert, Hamilton was positioned to aid the Dewey-Lansky-Luciano adventures. The Kingmakers‘ members included judges, prosecutors, and political figures.

The Dewey-Dulles reorganization of crime had some helpers who are particularly important to the Cohn-Morris story: Paul Lockwood, chief assistant to Dewey throughout the 1930s and 1940s, had, by the 1950s, became executive vice president of Lansky partner Rosenstiel‘s Schertley liquors. Lockwood was later joined by Louis Nichols, Roy Cohn‘s political plaything, who shifted from being chief assistant to J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI, to Schenley vice president in the Cohn-Mafia orbit.

Most dramatic was the rise of Jerry Finkelstein, one of SD National Dewey’s staff members irt the cynical 1935-36 “organized crime investigation.” As will be seen, Finkelstein went on to acquire enormous wealth and a star role in the Roy Cohn-Dick Morris underworld.

Former New York Gov. Thomas Dewey and U.S. Solicitor General J. Lee Rankin went to London in 1958 to set up a British-dominated international body of elite lawyers, called World Peace Through Law. Dick Morris’ father, Eugene Morris, was to be publicly identified as a leader of this lawyers‘ group in the succeeding period. In 1958, Thomas Dewey and his son bought the Crosby-Miller Co. According to a May 20, 1976, article by Howard Kohn in Rolling Stone magazine, Allen Dulles gave Dewey $2 million in CIA money for the purchase. The Dewey-controlled company then took over the Mary Carter Paint Co.

Armed with the Dewey name, Mary Carter Paint served as a protective umbrella for the Lansky mob‘s move into Caribbean gambling, money laundering, and drug trafficking. In the late 1960s, a royal commission investigating organized crime in the British Caribbean islands, helped finish oflf all gambling rivals of Mary Carter Paint, which had meanwhile changed its name to Resorts International. (See Dope, Inc. [Washington,D.C. : Executive Intelligence Review, 1992] for a full treatment of the Dewey-Lansky-Resorts story.)

The Kennedy assassination

In 1958,just after being installed at Saxe, Bacon by the Dulles-Dewey apparatus, Roy Cohn became president of Lionel Corp. (the famous manufacturer of toy trains). Montreal crime boss Joseph Bonnano became Lionel‘s chairman. That same year, Maj. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a wartime British intelligence officer in the Special Operations Executive and an attorney for the Montreal-based Bronfman family, incorporated the Permanent Industrial Expositions company (known as Permindex), with himself as president and chairman.

Major Bloomfield and Roy Cohn were both intimates of J. Edgar Hoover. Since World War II, Bloomfield had been a British intelligence liaison to Hoover, with oversight responsibilities for H31 Division 5-Counterintelligence. And since Cohn‘s “red-hunting” days, Cohn had maintained intimate political and personal relations with Hoover, the two of them also reportedly sharing sex with their mutual financial sponsor, Schenley‘s president, Lewis Rosenstiel.

Personnel working for Roy Cohn and Joe Bonnano at Lionel Corp.‘s Texas subsidiary, International Control Corp. are identified, in a buried citation in the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President Kennedy, as having worked in New Orleans in conjunction with Bloomfield‘s Permindex operatives, on matters which would soon come before the world with terrifying force. In that period, Roy Cohn was increasingly placed under suspicion and investigation by Robert Kennedy, who became US. Attorney General in 1961.


President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. The Warren Commission announced that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone perpetrator of a senseless crime. But New Orleans District Attorney James Garrison pointed to the Montreal-based Permindex organization as the planners and perpetrators of the JH( murder. The world’s attention was focussed on Garrison’s prosecution of a Permindex board member and prominent New Orleans socialite and Anglophile, Clay Shaw, for conspiracy to murder the President. Garrison‘s prosecution came under brutal attack from the Dulles forces, and from Kennedy’s own national security adviser, McGeorge Bundy.

J. Lee Rankin, partner of Dewey and the Dulleses in creating the World Peace Through Law group, had been the executive director and general counsel of the Warren Commission. Rankin ran all aspects of the official federal inquiry into the President’s murder, and all contacts between the Warren Commission and its staff went through Rankin. Rankin was the Warren Commission‘s liaison to Hoover’s FBI, and to the Central Intelligence Agency, whose former director, Allen Dulles, President Kennedy had fired. It was only as the result of the suppression of two crucial pieces of evidence, during the 1969 New Orleans trial, that Clay Shaw avoided conviction for the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. Had Shaw been convicted, the entire edifice of murder and coverup would have come crashing down, and the role of Bloomfield, Cohn, et al. in the JFK assassination would have been the subject of worldwide attention. The Dulles-Rankin Warren Commission fraud would have been thoroughly exposed.

Roy Cohn’s New York machine

After running the Warren Commission, Rankin went to New York as the city’s corporation counsel under Mayor John Lindsay, beginning in 1967. Rankin immediately took off to Switzerland with Eugene Morris, who had been for several years chairman of the “urban renewal” section of the World Peace Through Law group. Beginning earlier in the 1960s, into the middle 1970s, the senior Morris commuted between London and New York for regular strategy meetings with what he has described as “top British lawyers,” who apparently represented British real estate interests in New York. At the 1968 Geneva conference of the British-run lawyers group, Morris chaired a panel on “urban renewal,” with Rankin participating in the panel.

At this time, Cohn‘s underworld clients included Thomas and Joseph Gambino, family of the New York Mafia “boss of bosses” Carlo Gambino; Carmine Galante, alleged Mafia executive of Westchester County; Fat Tony Salerno; and Frank Cocchiaro,alleged subordinate of Sam (“the Plumber”) Cavalcante. Cohn was a partner of Joe Bonnano and his henchman, and a close comrade of Lansky partner Moe Dalwitz. Gangsters would meet together in Cohn‘s law office, so that the attomey-client privilege would prevent them from molestation by law enforcers.

Jerry Finkelstein, a Dulles-Dewey crime-organizing operative from the 1930s, was one of Cohn‘s closest business partners and clients. By 1963, Finkelstein had total control of the New York Law Journal‘. This was the New York legal profession‘s daily newspaper, which was given extraordinary power by Cohn‘s father, Judge Albert Gohrt, who decreed it the exclusive, official medium for publication of legal notices. Eugene Morris joined the leadership team at the Law Journal as the Cohn family personal representative. From 1965 on, Morris edited a weekly Journal law column, which he often wrote himself. The paper greatly enhanced Roy Cohn‘s power over New York‘s judges and prosecutors. In his heyday, Democratic Party officials would come aboard Cohn‘s yacht to decide with him who would be appointed to the bench.

Jerry Finkelstein‘s son James, meanwhile, had married Cathy Rosenstiel, the granddaughter of Lansky‘s crime partner Lewis Rosenstiel. Roy Cohn was the lawyer and fixer for all these Finkelsteins and Rosenstiels. When Lewis lay dying in 1976, Roy tried to get control over the massive Schenley fortune, allegedly by forging Rosenstiel‘s will; Roy Cohn escaped disbarment, but was disbarred much later, for other infractions.

In the late 1960s, a new generation of Anglophile lawyers, close to Averell Harriman and George Bush’s family, took up the reins from the Dulleses and Dewey, directing the New York political establishment to get behind the election of John V. Lindsay as mayor. The new group (called the Gotham Club or Gotham Committee) worked with Roy Cohn on “fixing” the Democratic Party, through attorney Edwin Weisel, Jr. , Cohn‘s lifelong friend. Weisel was a member of Prince Philip’s and Major Bloomfield‘s “1001 Club”; Weisel and his father (a Harriman ally and Paramount Pictures director) were relied upon by President Lyndon Johnson to handle the New York Democrats after Kennedy’s murder put Johnson in the White House.

(President Johnson would publicly admit on two occasions that he was terrified of what he described as a “Murder, Inc. right inside our government,” that was behind the assassination of John Kennedy, and which, he believed, was poised to eliminate him the first time he stepped out of line.)

The Republican John Lindsay regime of 1965-73, with J. Lee Rankin as the city’s counsel, ushered in a “bankers‘ revolution” in American politics. Beginning in 1967, there were new demands to cut the budget, bust the unions, and crush the poor. Young Dick Morris, the future adviser to President Clinton, graduated from Columbia University in 1967, just in time to join this brutal effort at the outset. ‘ Dick Morris was hired as a researcher-propagandist by the Citizens‘ Budget Commission immediately upon graduation.

The CBC had been founded in 1932 by the big banks, and was chaired for many years by Columbia University President Nicholas Murray Butler, a fanatical Anglophile and one of the leading American organizers for the movement which put Adolf Hitler into power in Germany. Butler was also responsible for bringing the Comintern-sponsored Frankfurt School of radical Marxist-Freudians into the United States, and setting them up at Columbia University, once Hitler came into power.

The CBC had demanded budget cuts under the terrifying conditions of poverty and unemployment of the 1930s.

In 1967-68, they were the propaganda center for Lindsay and Ford Foundation President McGeorge Bundy, in the drive for public acceptance of an era of “necessary pain,” hospital closings, welfare cutbacks, and the shutdown of “excessive government.” The CBC trustees who directed the work and training of employee Dick Morris, included executives of the biggest British-controlled Wall Street firms, and Anglo-American real estate moguls and slumlords. Dick Morris did this work from 1967 to 1974, helping to bulldoze the living standards, the services, and the jobs of New Yorkers, and shifting the entire country into the frantic financial and real estate swindles of the succeeding era.

From 1970 to 1972, while Dick Morris was chief research analyst for this mayhem at CBC, Jerry Finkelstein served as chairman of the Democratic Party of New York City. It was precisely then that Dick Morris got into New York Democratic Party politics. Yet in his 1978 book, Bum Rap 0n America’s Cities. The Real Causes of Urban Decay, Dick Morris leaves out any description of his family connections to criminal power centers, baldly asserting that, in the 197 0-72 period, “I began to work with liberal Democratic political leaders and candidates in New York taking advantage of my familiarity with city finance to gain access to them and to help shape their ideas.”

Sources familiar with the early years of Dick Morris’ career in New York Democratic Party politics were far less kind. One longtime Manhattan political insider described Morris as a right-wing hack, running a group of young political operatives tied to Roy Cohn, who referred to themselves as “the special forces,” adding that Morris had boosted a group of mob-owned candidates for city and state office. Dick Morris‘ s first polling-consultant job came in 1974, when his “access” to the political world had been well established. It was not long afterwards that Morris slithered into the life of rising Democratic politician Bill Clinton.

Addendum I


The truth is: he didn’t.

Roy Cohn built it for him.

Cohn used his connections in New York to get Donald on his way.

Trump used his daddy’s name and cash, and Cohn’s connections.

The first building that Trump built in New York was what is now the Grand Hyatt near Central Station. Here is how Cohn fixed it for Trump:

By this time, Trump was in the thick of trying to make the first major move of his business career—the ambitious refurbishment of the crumbling Commodore hotel in the then-down-and-out area around Grand Central station. Trump wanted to turn it into a lavish Grand Hyatt, and did. The only way he was able to do it, though, was an unprecedented 40-year, $400-million tax abatement from the city. And the only way he got it was Cohn. Cohn had been tagged as “a legal executioner” in a 1978 piece in Esquire. The meticulously reported and roundly unflattering profile prompted Cohn to call the writer, Ken Auletta, who was amazed to hear Cohn ask if he could buy 100 copies. “One of the most reptilian characters I’ve ever met,” Auletta told me. For the Hyatt deal, Cohn called upon his deep relationships with the mayor, Abe Beame, and one city hall staffer, Stanley Friedman, who practically singlehandedly pushed through the last approvals and then promptly went to work for Cohn’s law firm.

If the race case was Trump’s introduction to Cohn, and the prenup a blending of the personal and professional, the Grand Hyatt was a master class.

“Cohn’s exploitation of Friedman to secure the Commodore booty was an unforgettable lesson for Donald,” Barrett later wrote, “exposing him to the full reach of his mentor’s influence and introducing him to the netherworld of sordid quid pro quos that Cohn ruled. This almost ritualistic initiation not only inducted Donald into the circle of sleaze that engulfed Cohn, the bountiful success of it transferred the predatory values and habits Cohn embodied to his yearning understudy.”

Cohn, the New York Daily News said in 1979, was “the city’s preeminent manipulator,” a “one-man network of contacts that have reached into City Hall, the mob, the press, the Archdiocese, the disco-jet set, the courts and the backrooms of the Bronx and Brooklyn where judges are made and political contributions arranged.”

[source : ‘He Brutalized For You’, Politico, http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/04/donald-trump-roy-cohn-mentor-joseph-mccarthy-213799, 8th April 2016

Son of Sam David Berkowitz

Cohn fixed this massive deal for Trump around the same time that Son of Sam David Berkowitz was attending child sex parties for a CIA satanic cult in Cohn’s house.

How was Cohn able to get Trump a 40-year, $400-million tax abatement from the city of New York when New York City at the time was in deep financial dire straits and facing bankruptcy?

And what did Cohn expect to get back from Trump? Or perhaps the question should be, what did Cohn’s friends expect to get back from Trump?

And of Trump Tower:

Cohn helped Trump get a $20-million tax abatement for Trump Tower, which was built almost entirely of concrete, at a time when the New York concrete industry was controlled by various mob associates, who played nice with Trump thanks to his go-to go-between. “I knew Trump quite well,” John Cody, a key concrete boss, said in Barrett’s book. “Donald liked to deal with me through Roy Cohn.”

Cohn was apparently Trump’s greatest friend:

Hanging on the wall in Cohn’s office was a photo of Trump, according to Gary Belis, the former director of public relations for Fortune magazine, and Trump had signed it. “To Roy,” he had written. “My greatest friend. Donald.”

But when Trump found out abut Cohn’s AIDS problem, Trump dumped him.

Trump did not build his company from scratch. He had massive help from Roy Cohn (who organised child sex parties for a CIA satanic cult, as well run homosexual and paedophile entrapment rings for the CIA), and from the mob.

Trump was bailed out and saved from personal bankruptcy by Alan Greenspan 25 years ago.

These kind of people serve other people who expect repayment in kind.

Has Trump repaid them?

Or is he now fronting for them to repay them when he gets into the White House?

And why are Infowhores not concerned about this?

Addendum II


Either Trump did know about Cohn’s disgusting CIA-paedo-satanic cult activities and Cohn’s FBI connections. Or he didn’t know.If Trump did know, then:
1. Trump could be part of a CIA-FBI plot (or plot of a rogue faction within) to control the White House;
2. Perhaps Trump was compromised at one of Cohn’s parties or at Studio 54 and is being blackmailed.If Trump didn’t know, then Trump is naive, ignorant, greedy and selfish, which does not bode well, but explains why he wants to beef up an already beefed-up US military (which he thinks is weak) and place it at the disposal of Israel to bully Iran and the Palestinians and hire it out to Saudi Arabia, when it was Israel and Saudi Arabia that attacked his beloved New York on 9/11.We have to ask:
1. Why did Alan Greenspan save Trump from personal bankruptcy and bail him out 25 years ago? And what did Greenspan get in return?
2. Why are the mainstream media, who are allegedly against Trump, not slaughtering Trump on his deep and influential friendship with Cohn who organised child sex parties for a CIA satanic cult?
3. Why are Infowhores not covering this?

How would you describe all this?





All of the above?



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