Former International Court of Justice Judge: Dick Cheney Needs to Be Trialed


Vice President Dick Cheney addresses the 31st Anniversary Leadership Summit of the US-India Business Council in Washington, Thursday, June 22, 2006 where he stressed support for the U.S.-Indian civilian nuclear deal at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Cheney reinforced the Bush administration's commitment to the US-India strategic partnership and cited India's safe use of nuclear power. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
People who ought to be jailed

…by Jonas E. Alexis


I do not completely agree with International Court of Justice Judge Thomas Buergenthal with respect to Nazi Germany, but he was right on target when he declared last summer that Neocon puppet Dick Cheney needs to be put on trial. Buergenthal said:

“But some of us have long thought that Cheney, and a number of CIA agents who did what they did in those so-called black holes [overseas torture centres] should appear before the ICC [International Criminal Court]. We [in the USA] could have tried them ourselves…. I think – yes – that it will happen.”[1]

Wouldn’t that be nice to put Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, and the whole Neoconservative hawks on trial for the complete disaster they have created in the Middle East? Wouldn’t it show that there is some justice left in the political firmament?

In case you don’t know, let’s recap. In 2007, four years after the Neocons created a complete mess in Iraq, Bush requested Congress that $400 million be allocated for covert operations in Iran. Ann Coulter, perhaps the most public voice in the Neocon nuthouse at the time, admitted (somewhat reluctantly) in her book Demonic that all sixteen U.S. intelligence advisors concluded that Iran was not pursuing nuclear weapons as of 2003.

Yet in October 2007, Bush continued to use the false claim that “if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing [Iran] from having knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.”[2] Instead of admitting that Bush was wrong, Coulter declared,

“A lot of Republicans were suspicious of the intelligence, from John Bolton to Dick Cheney. The report’s release was precisely timed to embarrass Bush inasmuch as it followed a series of bellicose remarks from the administration about Iran.”[3]

We can ignore Coulter precisely because that woman has never been able to write a completely coherent book. She certainly cannot frame her weltanschauung upon a rational ground because she is morally and intellectually crippled by the Neoconservative ideology, which always promises “democracy” and “freedom” in the Middle East and elsewhere but always delivers quite the opposite.

In 2006, the National Intelligence Estimate released a report saying that Iran halted its nuclear program, but the Bush administration, like always, tried to find some way to dodge the report. Instead, Bush and his administration, in the words of Admiral Fallon, were waiting for Iran to do something stupid.

Iran never did. Then Cheney proposed a solution: Iran must be provoked into doing something stupid.[4] By the beginning of November, it seemed to have worked—Iran fired on a U.S. Air Force drone.[5] Some have declared that the claims surrounding the incident were dubious as to how and why it happened.[6]

But we all know that the New World Order and its agents were looking for something like that along. And we all know that Netanyahu has tried to provoke Iran in order to drag the U.S. into another war in the Middle East since 2010.[7]

By November 2012, it was reported that Israel again was playing the war game.[8] And as soon as Obama got re-elected as president, he pushed for more sanctions on Iran.[9]

Here are some puzzling questions that every decent American and serious thinkers must ask: what have been the consequences of perpetual wars in the Middle East? Peace and harmony, or just chaos everywhere? Do we really see “democracy” and “freedom” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria?

Once you are done answering those questions, then get your friends involved. Just start telling your neighbors or the people you work with that the war in Iraq alone will cost decent Americans at least six trillion dollars.[10] Unless they have been completely bamboozled by the mass media, that stubborn fact will shock them.

As they are trying to catch their breath, you can add that the war in Iraq was based on colossal hoaxes, deliberate fabrications, and covert deceptions.[11] That again will open their minds a bit.

If they have agreed with you so far, and if they are open to hear the whole truth, then you can finally tell them that perpetual wars in the Middle East would have been almost impossible without the Neoconservative ideology, which is a Jewish political and subversive movement that has created nothing but chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere.[12] This Neoconservative ideology, as Paul Craig Roberts has recently argued, is “a threat to the whole world.”[13]

If the Neoconservative ideology is a threat to the whole world, then it does not correspond to the the moral and political order. If it does not correspond to the moral and political order, then it is antithetical to practical reason. If it is antithetical to practical reason, then it is essentially diabolical or satanic. If it is satanic, then it is no accident that Neocons would apply lies and fabrications to get thing done.

In short, the whole world must rise against this diabolical or satanic activity and its promoters like Ann Coulter.

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