COINTELPRO II: The FBI Informant Army and Donald Trump VI (updated)



…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor

Long before FBI Director Comey burned the FBI, setting probable or possible, as this is election day, Vice President Tim Kaine on the trail of FBI corruption (yes, like “white on rice”), a virtual army of FBI informants, many “marginal types,” people who fell into their “Webb,” began loading the internet with Hillary smears.  

The video below is from Anthony Lawson, no longer with us, a stubborn and difficult man who, when he got things right, really got them right.  He had Wikileaks “dead to rights” as an intelligence agency front run by Israel many years ago.  His memorable video:

Yes, this is the FBI that spends more time spiriting assassins and terrorists away from justice than what we are supposedly paying them to do.

The infamous Three Tramps being lead away from Dealey Plaza, the Texas School Book Depository in the background. These three men were paraded the length of Dealey Plaza past all the assembled press cameramen so that they would be photographed. To this day, we have not established with certainly who these men were or what their precise role was. Many believe that the furthest tramp wearing a hat is CIA agent and Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt and the middle of the three is fellow Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis.

Consider the “disappeared” tramps at Dealey Plaza in Dallas in 1963.  Go to Detroit in 2009, the infamous “Crotch Bomber,” the second suspect arrested on the plane, gone.  Look at 9/11, the arrests at the George Washington Bridge, more “art students,” they disappeared as well.

How about the suspect arrested at Sandy Hook, loaded into a car on camera and now gone.  Oklahoma City?  How many agents and informants helped on that one?  The Boston Marathon ‘bombing’ that was so transparent it was debunked that very same day. This list isn’t just a few false flag terror operations, it is encyclopaedic.

Today, the FBI pulls in every marginal type they can.  Some have real estate fraud problems like three well known conservative radio hosts, others have drug arrests or became paid informants and tasked with getting close to, and eventually controlling, the “patriot” movements and “militias.”

They are all FBI and the budget to run these organizations costs the tax payers over $75 million a year.


Hoover always denied the existence of an organised crime mafia in the USA, in reality, that was precisely who he was working for.

Who pays the bills for these losers?  We do, through the COINTELPRO “scumbag welfare state” run by the FBI.

This COINTELPRO II army, some who had been “laundered” out of VT, some had run to Rense Radio, more to InfoWars and others to Russia Today or the Zionist-run “Before its News,” and represent the strange marriage of neo-Nazis, evangelical Christians and fanatical Zionists that the FBI and organized crime have, since the Reagan years, found so useful.

The same names pop up, the big names, Assange and John Pilger, who have infiltrated hapless Russia Today, are the stars.  Both are Israeli assets paid by Sheldon Adelson and have become part of a major controversy inside Israel where the FBI/Trump/Mob marriage has become an embarrassment.  You see, Israel has a free press and Jews aren’t idiots, not entirely at least, as Haaretz made clear.

Hoover’s cross dressing is such an open secret that it’s become a running joke, even appearing on The Simpsons cartoon show.

Few doubt there is “something wrong” at the FBI.  Trump lauded them, then turned on them but Trump has never been “Trump” as “Trump money” is really FBI and mob money, why his income taxes are under wraps.

You see, back in 1956 when Director Hoover began COINTELPRO, the FBI was totally under the control of Meyer Lansky.  Lansky had secured the famous photo of Hoover going down on Tolson (see addendum I) and, between blackmail and giving J Edgar Hoover daily rigged horse racing results, America’s secret police became mob enforcers.

Too often those who analyze both 9/11 and even the Kennedy killings forget these facts. In some cases, this is a simple oversight due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, however there are many others who are wilfully and deliberately obfuscating the role of the FBI in covering up the crimes of the elite.

Jim Fetzer, a man who comes from the heart of liberal academia and has spent his career attacking the right has now re-aligned himself with Alex Jones and the rest of the far-right neo-Nazi white supremacist crazy fringe of US politics; one might ask why, what influence could have been exerted on him to bring about this volte face?

One has to wonder why Fetzer and Stew Webb can broadcast a radio show where they openly discuss how to make chlorine gas bombs with the clearly stated intention of attacking the US military without suffering at least a polite visit from law enforcement. What guardian angels are protecting these people, or should we say these cointelpro assets?

Remember that call?  In May 2016, the FBI let out that Webb was an informant when they were accusing me of secretly running both ISIS and the CIA under the name “Bob Foote.”  We knew it when we reviewed the infamous “Jade Helm burn” staged by JB Campbell, long suspected militia insider and Stew Webb.  Was this where Fetzer was burned?

The story on that broadcast might seem funny now, how trainloads of shackles were being brought into the Western United States so that hundreds of thousands could be dragged into closed Walmart stores that were linked to FEMA camps by secret tunnels.  The camps, an invention of Alex Jones, are a collection of schools or abandoned factories pulled out of Google Images.  Alex Jones burned down Jesse Ventura with his FEMA camp story.  Ventura, now living in Mexico, had broken open 9/11 early on with his TruTV series, Conspiracy Theories.

Ventura, however, was quickly targeted and fed into the hands of FBI shills and informants, who guided him in the arena of right wing fantasy and, eventually, into the backyard of his GOP political enemies.  At the time Ventura had no idea Jones was eventually going to come out of the closet as “Rush Limbaugh on steriods.”  Here, from 2010, Limbaugh “exposes” Ventura as a “phony soldier.”

Traditionally, the “opposite poles” in conspiracy radio are InfoWars and Rense.  Alex Jones of InfoWars and Jeff Rense have nothing in common.  Rense is half the size of Jones, has 20 times the hair and maybe 30 or more IQ points.  Rense, generally, doesn’t make things up.  Sometimes he is wrong, as are we all.

Last year, Jeff Rense was run off the road, lucky to survive in a domestic terror incident.  Rense has powerful enemies. He emerged from the wreck a Trump supporter who is more often than not, on the same side of political arguments as his longtime arch-enemy Alex Jones.

Rense’s “accident” was a classic “Boston Brakes.”  He was boxed in, FBI style, and run off the road.  What may well have been FBI agents got to the scene immediately, searched his vehicle and left when others began to notice.  Had they been given time, I am sure they would have killed Rense.  Was this the FBI?  We think so.

What we do note is that Rense has taken more than one FBI informant and Alex Jones acolyte into his inner circle since then and now, politically at least, parallels Jones, his “blood enemy.”  We have questions, many.

Gangsters the world over have long known how to corrupt and coerce, one of the most famous expressions of this is ‘Plata o Plomo’ (Silver or Lead) – take the money (silver) or take a bullet (lead). Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was perhaps the most infamous exponent of this brutally simple technique but the FBI are certainly not above using such gangster methods themselves.

The other widely used technique is the good old blackmail, often more effective than bribery or the threat of violence; the FBI are long-time experts in the gathering of salacious information for the purposes of blackmail. Hoover was known to keep files on just about anyone who was anyone, giving him a library of blackmail materials to draw from whenever he needed to exert a nefarious influence on some unfortunate individual.

Time and again, the FBI has used the tactics of intimidation, coercion and blackmail to silence people or even worse to ‘flip’ them so they become mouthpieces for the narrative those who control the FBI wish to present.

With the utterly co-opted and controlled US MSM and the rotten to the core FBI both working to further the agenda of the organised crime cabal is it really a surprise that so many in America are tragically misinformed to the point where they actually believe Donald Trump is their saviour?

Addendum I

…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Is there a global criminal conspiracy, one that runs ISIS and al Qaeda, that staged 9/11 or even killed the Kennedy’s?  Recent evidence is increasingly saying yes.  That evidence, more than dot connecting or even a mosaic, come out of Macedonia of all places and ties Wikileaks, several intelligence agencies and the Roy Cohn-Meyer Lansky “Murder Inc” organization to the current FBI leaks and the Trump campaign.

In recent days, media has been covering how both Wikileaks and Donald Trump’s internet operations are run out of Macedonia, a beleaguered largely Slavic nation south of Serbia with a strong al Qaeda presence. The Trump group is running, according to mainstream news sources, 140 websites “conservative” websites, which it is claimed mysteriously appeared as part of a college prank of some kind.

Wikileaks is there also, or at least the most recent incarnation of Wikileaks, where the Clinton emails, 30 batches so far, come from, the same group that produces the trail of fake news stories about Clinton as well. That this al Qaeda run fake news factor runs not only Wikileaks but provides the stories for InfoWars and Breitbart as well, has not escaped our notice.

We are going to look at who set all this up, why Macedonia, and how far it goes but first, we get historical perspective.


When Gladio was set up in the late 1970s, Libya was chosen as a safe haven.  Qaddafi was willing to accept the CIA and Special Forces in trade for a place at the table in the “great game,” playing East against West.  Today it is Macedonia, destabilized by Turkish intelligence and a hotbed for Islamic jihadists.  From Global Research:

While Washington supports the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, it is at the same time – behind the scenes – funneling money and military hardware to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) now engaged in a border war with the Macedonian Security Forces. In a cruel irony, Washington is arming and advising both the KLA attackers and the Macedonian defenders under military and intelligence authorization acts approved by the US Congress. Military Professional Resources Inc. (MPRI), a mercenary outfit on contract to the Pentagon, is helping Macedonia – as part of a US military aid package – “to deter armed aggression and defend Macedonian territory.” But MPRI is also advising and equipping the KLA, which is responsible for the terrorist assaults. In this war, the American military-intelligence apparatus is pulling strings “on both sides of the fence.” What is the hidden agenda?


“[The] United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles … Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values.”(Senator Joseph Lieberman, quoted in the Washington Post, 28 April 1999)


The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) – transformed in September 1999 into the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) under UN auspices – is behind the terrorist attacks in the Tetovo region of Macedonia as well as in Southern Serbia. In Macedonia, these assaults are waged by the KLA’s proxy: the Ushtira Clirimtare Komtare (UCK) or National Liberation Army (NLA). The terrorists operate from KLA bases inside Kosovo under KFOR protection.

Supported by the US, the KLA and its various proxies are well equipped. According to Carl Bildt (special UN coordinator for the Balkans), the Macedonian Security Forces “are no match” for the rebels: “the guerrillas are a competent military organization… They have a core of very experienced fighters. They are well fortified, evidently well prepared, and in all probability they control substantial parts of the hinterland.”

But where did they get the money? The Western media conveys the impression that the National Liberation Army (NLA) developed into a modern rebel force overnight, spontaneously “out of thin air” and that NATO leaders have no contacts with the KLA.

In 2015, Turkey moved into the city of Komanova, Macedonia, really the MIT, Turkey’s intelligence agency.  The Albanian population there was, by estimations, easy to radicalize, and many were veterans of the Kosovo war on Serbia.



Veles, Macedonia, where Saudi cash and Israeli technicians, always best in the world, have built a Turkish MIT psychological warfare and terrorism training and control center is also running much of the Trump campaign as well.  This is also the real headquarters of Wikileaks.  Cheap labor, universities, some gleaned out of refugee camps, run comment boards, troll facebook, run dozens of conservative websites and, oh yes, are the real Wikileaks.

Why is Wikileaks, increasingly acknowledged as run by security agencies and tasked with interfering in the US elections, sharing facilities with what locals call “al Qaeda,” and what is their connection to Russia and the Trump campaign?  This is what we are going to be looking at.

When the Russian’s said they didn’t do it, they weren’t lying.  Who would alter and edit millions of emails and State Department cables?  Who pays the bills for the thousands of man-hours of mindless mischief?  Is it just perhaps the same people who run ISIS and the same people who now claim Hillary Clinton runs ISIS instead?  Consider them caught.

Yesterday we wrote on Macedonia. Rolling Stone, working from VT material, discovered where so many online trolls come from, the Trump “brain trust.” They are in Macedonia, the story was even picked up by The Week, a soft-news site that, you will note, never asked anyone who paid or trained them.  Color us suspicious:

“If you clicked on or shared that fake news story about Hillary Clinton saying in 2013 that she wished “honest” men like Donald Trump would run for president, or the one that says “your prayers have been answered” because the FBI says Clinton will be indicted in 2017, some young men in Veles, Macedonia — population 45,000 — would like to thank you. At least 140 U.S. politics websites, most of them repackaging fake or misleading news to U.S. political conservatives, have been set up in the town over the past year, BuzzFeed News reports, and it has led to “a digital gold rush” for the teenagers and young men who got in the Trump news game early enough. (the Trump news game?  Color this a cover-up. g)

The young men behind sites like,,, and earn up to $5,000 a month, or more if their articles go viral in the U.S. on Facebook. While many of these digital entrepreneurs also run health sites aimed at the U.S. market, they discovered — after experimenting with Bernie Sanders and other left-leaning content — that fake news about Donald Trump was their ticket to relative wealth. “People in America prefer to read news about Trump,” the 16-year-old Macedonian who runs tells BuzzFeed.

The biggest hits for these Macedonian sites are false or misleading articles, and the Macedonian millennials are responsible for much of the hyper-partisan fake news littering up Facebook, BuzzFeed says. The Macedonians interviewed for the article don’t care about Trump except as a vehicle for making money. “If Trump loses I plan to redirect my site to sports,” one teenager said. A Veles university student added: “Yes, the info in the blogs is bad, false, and misleading but the rationale is that ‘if it gets the people to click on it and engage, then use it.'”

Typical phony publication, this time a non-existent newspaper, the Denver Guardian, lauding Florida election results, the opposite of reality and planting a story about an FBI suicide, based on a VT article, all Fake news

What isn’t being noted is why Macedonia?  Two years ago, Turkey moved into Macedonia, with Israeli help, to set up a base of operations to destabilize Europe.  Their intelligence organizations have built large facilities using Saudi money, aimed at supporting Islamic radicals in Kosovo and Albania, into running arms into Italy and France, and supporting terror cells.

Attempts to credit the psychological/terror war room to a spontaneous awakening of English speaking Macedonians deciding to make money, seemingly out of thin air, by aiding Trump is funnier still.  You see, Macedonian is written in Cyrillic.  They have their own typewriters and keyboards.  Minorities speak Albanian and Turkish, some speak Serb and there is a Roma (called Gypsies by some) population, even a few that speak Aromanian, whatever that is.  Nobody there speaks English.  Ordering food in Macedonia is a nightmare.

American and English tourists don’t go to Macedonia.  Driving up there from Athens takes an entire day and this is NOT a friendly border with Greece, not hardly.  I have done the drive, I know.  According to the Macedonian census, fewer than 20,000 speak other languages at all, mostly Greek and a few speak Italian, to support work outside the country, mostly agricultural.

Russia and Serbia, Their Role

The moves against the EU by Turkey, leverage and blackmail for keeping them in NATO but out of the European Union, play right into Russia’s hands.  With the Trump war room thrown in, this is heaven for Russia, particularly after NATO pulled in Montenegro.  The defacto Turkish occupation of Macedonia takes them out of play and provides a superhighway for destabilization efforts against Europe, placing their focus on terror at home rather than the US driven military buildup on Russia’s borders.

For Serbia, it is the blood feud with the US and the Clinton family.  Was Bill Clinton blackmailed into bombing Syria?  Is this what Monica Lewinsky was about?  The evidence isn’t there to support this hypothesis but Clinton’s belligerence against Serbia and his “rope-a-dope” nuclear inspection game with Iraq, another deception operation, ran contrary to his otherwise constructive foreign policy.  Who gains, who did such a policy serve?

Whitewashing the FBI’s Ties to the Mob, Yes Hoover Was Really Mobbed up (and gay)

Until a week ago, few had heard of Macedonia, much less knew why the stories of Clinton death lists and Hillary’s satanic ties had found their way onto endless dozens of sockpuppet websites all claiming rogue FBI agents were their sources.  In truth, hundreds of FBI agents actually believe Fake news, just as they believed the “birthers” or that airliners can pass through buildings or that  kerosene based jet fuel vaporizes steel.

Remember, this is the FBI that for 3 decades insisted there was no such thing as organized crime.  Now we find they may have been right, as Director J. Edgar Hoover had been personally informed by Meyer Lansky, and who wouldn’t trust the founding father of Murder Incorporated, according to Pulitzer Prize nominated author, Anthony Summers.  From the Los Angeles Times, February 6, 1993:

A new book contends that former FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual who was blackmailed by the Mafia into denying the existence of organized crime for decades.

Author Anthony Summers writes in his book, “Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover,” that top organized crime figures Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello obtained photos of Hoover’s alleged homosexual activity with longtime aide Clyde Tolson and used them to ensure that the FBI did not target their illegal activities.

There long have been rumors that Hoover was homosexual, often arising from his sharing a bachelor house with Tolson for years. Hoover was FBI director from 1924 until he died in 1972. Tolson is also dead.

The new book quotes two former Office of Strategic Services officials who said they saw pictures of Hoover engaged in a sexual act with Tolson. One, John Weitz, said he could not recognize anyone in the photo he was shown at a dinner party in the 1950s but was told by his host, whom he would not identify, that it depicted Hoover and Tolson.

(In the United States, Weitz worked for a short time at Voice of America before enlisting in the US Army in 1943.[13] During WWII, from 1943 to 1946, Weitz became an Office of Strategic Services (“OSS”) intelligence officer, where his language skills (German, French) were important assets.[14] During this time he was part of a 1944 mission in support of the plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler formulated by German Wehrmacht officers, under the instigation of Claus von Stauffenberg. After the war, Weitz helped to liberate the Dachau concentration camp.[7])

Summers writes that electronics expert Gordon Novel said that CIA counterintelligence chief James J. Angleton, now deceased, showed him several photos, including one of Hoover engaged in sexual activity with Tolson.

Summers writes that the Mafia may have obtained the photos from the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA. He offers the theory that OSS chief William Donovan and Hoover, while feuding over control of foreign intelligence, investigated each other and Donovan came up with the photos.

With numerous senior FBI officials, as seen in the Summer’s video, one after the other, outlining how the FBI, or at least Hoover, was covering for organized crime, seeing the FBI backing up a Guiliani associate, a Cohn associate, Donald Trump, is telling.

It is Hoover’s FBI that was central to protecting organized crime and, as in the video above, it was J Edgar Hoover, a degenerate gambler, who made a fortune getting mob payoffs through fixing horse races, where Hoover always bet to win.  Described above is where and how Hoover met with mob boss Frank Costello to get his daily chit of mob rigged race results.

Key to understanding the Wikileaks/FBI/mob run psychological war run out of Macedonia and understanding why intelligence agencies are working so closely with the mob, one only need read the entirety of the Warren Report.  It was all there. Maybe, just next week, the mob will get one of their own into the White House.



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