Assad to New World Order agents: So, you don’t want me to fight against your terrorists?

"Oh, brother. We've done well. Let's continue to drive NWO agents mad."
“Oh, brother. We’ve done well. Let’s continue to drive NWO agents mad.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Jim W. Dean has done it again. He has recently destroyed the New World Order ideology in Syria by saying that the US insisted “during the Aleppo negotiations with Lavrov that a three to five day ceasefire was needed BEFORE the jihadis left the city.”

This is obviously diabolical. Everyone knows that the US has yet to condemn the jihadis for killing innocent civilians and even for violating the previous cease fire in the region.

If Lavrov did accept the three-to-five-day ceasefire, then the US would almost certainly use that time to forge a covert operation which would push the Assad government to do something irrational. If Assad happens to fall in that trap, the US would use that excuse to say that Assad again must go.

Obviously New World Order agents underestimate Assad’s political and intellectual powers. During a recent interview with Russia Today, the much-debated Assad grabbed his political sword and began to roll New World Order agents’ heads. RT asked, “Palmyra is another troubled region now, and it’s now [being] taken by ISIS, but we don’t hear a lot of condemnation about it.” Assad responded:

“Exactly, because if it was captured by the government they would be worrying about the heritage. If we liberate Aleppo from the terrorists, the western officials and the mainstream media, they are going to be worrying about the civilians. They do not worry when the opposite happens, when the terrorists are killing those civilians or attacking Palmyra and destroying the human heritage, not only the Syrian heritage.”[1]

RT again asked: “Western countries have been repeatedly asking Russia and Iran to put pressure on you to, as they put it, stop the violence. Just recently, six western nations asked Russia and Iran again to put pressure on you, asking for a ceasefire in Aleppo. At the time when your army was progressing, they were asking for a ceasefire.”

Assad replied:

“It’s always important in politics to read between the lines, not to be literal. It doesn’t matter what they ask. The translation of their statement is for Russia [to] ‘please, stop the advancement of the Syrian Army against the terrorists.’

“That is the meaning of their statement, forget about the rest: “You went too far in defeating the terrorists, that shouldn’t happen. You should tell the Syrians to stop this. We have to keep the terrorists and to save them.”[2]

The Syrian civilians living in Aleppo are happy that Assad, with the help of Russia, has liberated the city from the jihadis. Not a single Western media has reported that this is a good thing. The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and all the major media conglomerates have been completely silent on this issue.

What’s equally interesting is that when they do talk about some of those issues, they tend to blame the Assad government for oppressing the civilians! The Neocon sinking ship, the Weekly Standard, has declared that “Assad murders at least 82 in Aleppo.”[3] It states:

“The regime of Bashar al-Assad has begun to take over neighborhoods in the beseiged city of Aleppo, with the Syrian authoritarian’s forces killing at least 82 civilians on Monday.”[4]

The Weekly Standard cited the New York Times, which basically said the same thing. The New Statesman, following the New World Order ideology, said that “Eastern Aleppo being recaptured by the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad is not “liberation”. The left must not pretend it is.”[5]

Did they even mention that the civilians themselves were happy that Assad liberated the city? Did they even mention terrorist cells in the same area? Of course not! According their reading of things, the Assad is a terrorist state which must be destroyed once and for all. The jihadis are just freedom fighters. They are just “moderates.”

Obviously one needn’t be an intellectual to realize that the New World Order ideology doesn’t follow. Since NWO agents do not have the moral and spiritual insight to see their doom, they are just repeating a nefarious plan that hasn’t worked in years. NWO agents are blind because the New World Order ideology itself wasn’t formed on the basis of reason. It was hatched from an essentially diabolical weltanschauung which now is being challenged in Syria.

One obviously must respect Assad for fighting against this diabolical plan for so long. And one must thank Russia for being a friend of the defenseless in the region.

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