Aleppo Civilians to NWO agents and Satanists: You lost—and Merry Christmas!

“Thank you, brother. The Aleppo civilians are grateful to what you have done for them. We will never forget your kindness.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


There were basically two forces fighting for the soul and destiny of Aleppo over the past few months. One force represented chaos and destruction and aspired to overthrow a sovereign government by any means—including violent terrorist activities such as torture and abduction.[1]

The other force represented docility to the moral and political order and was liquidating terrorist cells that wanted to challenge the moral and political order. Mainstream media is partially right in saying that Aleppo was like a “slaughterhouse.”[2] But the same media and Zionist puppets could never tell us why it was a slaughterhouse without undermining their own political ideology.

It is common knowledge that Assad has been protecting the small minority of Christians in the region; it is common knowledge by now that the US has been supporting the so-called Syrian rebels; it is common knowledge that the so-called rebels and ISIS and other terrorist cells are concentric circles; and it is common knowledge that the Israeli regime wanted Assad to be removed from power and that they attempted to use any method—including allying with terrorist groups—to get the job done. Thanks to Russia and Iran, this diabolical plan was thwarted, and the terrorist groups got defeated.

But that was not how the Zionist media saw things. If there was a “doomsday” in Syria (civilian deaths and so on), it was because Russian and Syrian forces indiscriminately bombed cities.[3] Children could not go to school, innocent civilians could not sleep well at night, and people just could not enjoy their daily businesses because Russia and Assad were again launching ferocious attacks on American allies, namely, the so-called Syrian rebels.[4]

In the words of Samantha Power, “the regime of Bashar al-Assad—Russia, Iran, and their affiliated militia—are responsible for what the UN called a complete meltdown of humanity. And they are showing no mercy, despite their territorial conquest…To Russia, Assad, and Iran: Are you truly incapable of shame? Is there really nothing that can shame you? Is there no act of barbarism against civilians, no execution of a child that gets under your skin and creeps you out a little bit? Is there nothing you would not lie about or justify?”[5]

Those incoherent and perverse arguments certainly did look nice on paper, at least to people who had no clue of what was actually going on in Syria. Those same arguments were being reproduced ad nauseam in Zionist organs like the New York Times and Newsweek.[6]

Assad and Russia, they told us, were almost exclusively responsible for whatever bad thing that happened in the region. Russia and Assad, they said, were “ready to scorch Aleppo.”[7] Unless you forget what “scorch” means, here are just two definitions:

“To dry out or wither with intense heat; To destroy (land and buildings) by fire or military action so as to leave nothing salvageable to an enemy army.”

Yup. That’s what Russia and Assad wanted to do. NWO agents and Satanists want us all to believe that this was part of Russia’s “superpower ambitions.”[8]

Well, those crazy arguments no longer have political power over the majority of thinking people. The rise against the essentially diabolical establishment has sprung up all over the world, and that’s a good thing. In fact, a 2013 poll showed that only 9 percent of Americans supported an invasion in Syria.[9]

In other words, NWO agents and Satanists were the only people who wanted to destroy the country. Now, that’s what you call democracy! A small group of people decided that they wanted to overthrow a sovereign nation and disregard the popular vote. If that is not an oligarchy, then nothing is.

The Zionist media and their puppets are now blaming “fake news” because people are no longer subservient to propaganda. Alternative media and decent journalists have actually made a difference in the world, and we all know by now that the Zionist empire in the United States has already received a major defeat in Syria.

Andrew J. Tabler, Martin J. Gross fellow in the Program on Arab Politics at The Washington Institute and co-founder and editor-in-chief of Syria Today, has called this defeat “a blowout.” “I don’t think most people understand,” he added. “This defeat of the United States by Russia in Syria, it’s not just about Syria. It’s about our presence in Europe.”[10]

Indeed. What it actually means is that New World Order agents and Satanists are not invincible. Since they have chopped off the moral and political order in their ideological weltanschauung, they are doomed to fail, despite the fact that they have manipulated much of the world for years.

Jewish Neocons like Charles Krauthammer are now moaning and lamenting because Obama did not order a no-fly zone in Syria—and his presidency is right around the corner.[11] For Krauthammer, the fact that Assad is still in power means that America is in decline. Krauthammer whines:

“The U.S. could easily have destroyed the regime’s planes and helicopters on the ground and so cratered its airfields as to make them unusable. That would have altered the strategic equation for the rest of the war.

“And would have deterred the Russians from injecting their own air force — they would have had to challenge ours for air superiority. Facing no U.S. deterrent, Russia stepped in and decisively altered the balance, pounding the rebels in Aleppo to oblivion.

“The Russians were particularly adept at hitting hospitals and other civilian targets, leaving the rebels with the choice between annihilation and surrender.”[12]

Krauthammer, who admitted that he “studied thousands of hours of Talmud” with a rabbi who came to his house “three nights a week,”[13] is mad and sad and want to be bad because his essentially Talmudic plan did not really materialize in Syria. He concedes that “the Syria debate is not encouraging. The tone is anguished and emotional…Assad was never a friend.”[14]

Assad was never a friend to terrorist states like Israel and Saudi Arabia, but Assad has never threatened the US or planned to attack US bases. The simple fact is that Israel wanted to get rid of Assad, and Jewish Neocons like Krauthammer were just spreading disinformation and political virus in the United States.

Obviously Krauthammer wanted Syria to look like Iraq. Right after the 2003 debacle, Krauthammer delivered a lecture at the American Enterprise Institute (a Neocon think tank) in which he declared that America must seize Islamic territories in places like “Afghanistan, Iraq, and ultimately their key neighbors” such as Iran, Syria, etc.[15]

We now have an intermission in Syria. Civilians in the region are happy and are now celebrating. One woman by the name of Maja declared:

“We did not expect that this moment would ever actually come. We had four years of pain, of war and blood… We are so happy that we can celebrate once again. Aleppo has been returned to us. This is our homeland. We couldn’t even imagine that we would once again see all this joy and celebration.”[16]

Aleppo is now celebrating Christmas! Young children who lost their siblings and parents during the prolonged war “now live in orphanages. One of them is run by the Armenian Orthodox Church, and has been shelled quite a few times.”[17]

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.”

Here are some questions: do you really think that NWO agents and Satanists will help those children in the near future? Do you think they will help build schools and orphanages for those precious souls?

Of course not.

Since Satanism is about creating chaos and destructions and killing innocent lives and controlling the minds of the masses, NWO agents and their puppets will never help rebuild lives in a constructive way. Even saying “Merry Christmas” is an attack on their ideological substratum. That’s how they continue to attack the Christmas spirit in America.

If you find this to be far-fetched, then I would highly recommend at least two scholarly studies by two Jewish scholars on this issue: Please Don’t Wish Me a Merry Christmas: A Critical History of the Separation of Church and State, and A Kosher Christmas: ‘Tis the Season to be Jewish.[18]

Scholar Joshua Eli Plaut goes so far as to say that organized Jewry aspires to “coop the Christmas season by reshaping it to reflect uniquely Jewish ideas, concerns, and practices and by developing a variety of strategies directed toward neutralizing Christmas in America.”[19]

Well, the same group was trying to do exactly that in Syria through the prolonged war this year. But thanks to Russia, Iran and Assad, Aleppo civilians can say “Merry Christmas.”

If those civilians can gather their courage to proclaim “Merry Christmas” in the middle of destruction and despair, can we do anything less?

Merry Christmas to all, including VT writers, editors, staff, and readers! Peace on earth and good will toward men!

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