The Dodgy Dossier


Someone needs to remind ODNI, the CIA and the FBI that October surprises are supposed to happen in October! There is not much point delaying your October surprise until after the election.

God willing, assuming that the Bad Guys, a.k.a. the German DVD, do not assassinate him, under the 20th Amendment to the US Constitution, at noon on Friday, Donald John Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.

Listening to hysterical liberals in the media anyone could be forgiven for supposing that America is not in fact a democracy and that there is a body of ‘the great and the good’ who must meet before 20th January to determine whether President-elect Trump is fit to take office as POTUS.

I have news for liberal commentators. Donald J Trump does not need confirmation from the Senate or anyone else before swearing the oath of office. Under the US Constitution the body which decides whether someone is a fit and proper person to be President is the Electoral College, who in turn are mandated in most states to reflect the will of the electors. The Electoral College has spoken and the President-elect’s great victory in November has been confirmed, as it was always going to be.

Talk in the media about Barack Obama extending his term in office is constitutionally illiterate. Under the 22nd Amendment he is limited to two terms in office.

Supporters of the failed candidates, other governments and the US intelligence bureaucracy need to respect the result. I am not saying that they have to like it – just respect it.

It matters not that Secretary Clinton allegedly won the popular vote. I grasped that concept in 6th grade, indeed another student and myself did a presentation for our class on the 1968 election. The United States is a federation and a presidential election in reality is not one election, but 51 separate elections, in each state plus the District of Columbia. You don’t get to win by piling up majorities in the big states. You have to win in the flyover states, too.

President Trump will be the fifth president not to have won the popular vote, at least on paper. The claim by Democrats to have won the popular vote is in fact hollow – it is perfectly clear that a number of states, including California and New York, have lax voter registration procedures, permitting large numbers of illegal aliens to register.

In California it does not seem that they even have to present fake ID, since Sacramento, ludicrously, hands out genuine IDs, in the form of drivers’ licenses, to illegals, undermining the democratic process. I suspect that Donald Trump won a comfortable majority amongst American voters.

The President-Elect

At 70, Donald Trump will be the oldest President to have taken office. He will also be the first President not to have previously served either in public office or the military. He will be the first American to hold the office of President since George W. Bush.

Whilst the mainstream media are making much of the President-elect’s previous lack of public or military service, he will be the wealthiest person to have ever held the office, putting offshore holdings to one side, and will have had more business experience than any previous American president.

He will arguably be the most economically literate President America has ever had. He not only understands the need to cut the deficit, he also understands that the way to increase the tax take is to simplify the tax code and cut taxes. Interestingly, given that we live in the television age, he will also have had more TV experience than any previous President.

The Lack of Military Service Thing

This is being hugely overblown. Donald Trump knows a lot more about the military than Barack Obama ever did, indeed the President-elect even attended a military school. In fact, after Ulysses S. Grant, only two US Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, distinguished themselves in combat. To listen to the media you would think that Barack Obama was some kind of war hero. The only victories he’s ever won have been on the golf course.

Dwight D. Eisenhower managed to avoid combat in World War 1, and was an REMF in World War II. When he did interfere with combat operations, as at Kasserine Pass, the result was usually disastrous. More to the point, he was working for the Axis, so his service hardly counts! He wasn’t the only US President to have worked for the enemy, BTW, but we’ll let that pass.

George Washington wasn’t strictly a War President, since by definition the war preceded his presidency. The two greatest War Presidents in the history of the Republic, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, never served in the military either, let alone saw combat. FDR was too young for the Spanish-American War, indeed so far as is known he never killed a Spaniard, something which no doubt was a source of great distress to him. In World War I he was Assistant Secretary of the Navy, an office which he discharged with great distinction.

Abraham Lincoln’s only fights were in the courtroom. The only time he saw the enemy close up, they shot him, sadly. Both Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt possessed strategic grasp and a willingness to trust the conduct of military operations to military professionals. Each was possessed of great moral courage and the ability to inspire, crucial attributes for a great war leader.

Winston Churchill fought in the trenches in World War I and had a distinguished combat career even before our community partner the Hun started World War I. Uniquely, he also led all three service departments – the Admiralty, the War Office and the Air Ministry – before becoming Prime Minister. He was the best-qualified war leader any democracy has ever had – President Grant’s administration happily being peaceful – but has been hammered by historians for decades, albeit unfairly, for interfering in the conduct of operations.

The So-Called Hacking Scandal

My message to the mainstream media is: ‘calm down children’. Democrats and pro-German propaganda organs like the Washington Post and New York Times are pushing the line that an un-named Russian security service hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s email communications, which is absurd. There is no credible evidence that any Russian service hacked the DNC.

The leaks appear to have come from within the DNC itself. A fake website was used at one point in a phishing attack, but it was fairly crude, and has not been linked to Moscow, indeed the evidence points if anything towards the German puppet administration in Kiev.

Left-wing bloggers and the wilder fringes of the Democratic Party are also asserting that a Russian intelligence service, again un-named, actually interfered in the electoral process and changed votes for Hillary Clinton into votes for Donald Trump by hacking into voting machines.

This is absurd. As baffled state election officials have patiently pointed out electronic voting machines are counting machines only – they are not hooked up to the Internet. Since they are offline they could only have been hacked by obtaining physical access. Not only would this be a formidable undertaking, it would be bound to leave tracks. None have been found.

There are two further points: no one is actually saying that Russian hacking, even if it happened, actually changed the result. Moreover there is not the slightest evidence that the Trump campaign asked anyone in Moscow to help them win the election, which they were winning comfortably on their own anyway.

So, the MSM are working themselves up into a lather over something which didn’t involve the President-elect and didn’t materially affect the result. The absence of credible evidence of Russian involvement just makes the whole thing even more ridiculous. As the President-elect has said, it’s fake news.

MI6’s Dodgy Dossier

The news isn’t the only thing that’s fake. The Orbis dossier is obvious junk. None of its claims have been substantiated and everyone involved in distributing it has turned out to have an anti-Trump agenda. In fairness, Orbis Business Intelligence were clearly not involved in distributing it to the media. They are UK based – in Grosvenor Gardens, near Victoria Station in London – and the document would not have been legally compliant in England and Wales. Had Orbis been involved in its public distribution they would have been at risk of a libel suit. The contents are prima facie defamatory of Donald Trump.

Senator McCain’s motive was obviously political. He’s out to wreck the Trump Administration and is evidently none too particular about his methods. If he’s not careful people will start referring to him as ‘Hanoi John’ before long. I have no doubt that the Trump White House will be bypassing Senator McCain and his fellow RINO, Senator Graham, and will be talking to patriotic Southern Democrats.

The Right to Reject Intelligence

Vice-President Biden and others asserting that the President-elect was bound to accept the intelligence are flat-out wrong, with respect. Intelligence is often wrong. That is why intelligence reports always need to be verified, a concept that Thames Valley Police and the Crown Prosecution Service were utterly unable to grasp in my case. (I emphasised the need for verification, e.g. by RAF Sentry aircraft carrying the latest radiation sensors from day one – the prosecution were intelligence-illiterate and were just baffled by the whole concept of verification.)

When it comes out of the CIA, FBI and ODNI intelligence is often distorted either for political reasons – the CIA were backing Senator Clinton – or for intelligence reasons. Each of these agencies is penetrated by Correa/COREA Group in Frankfurt, which is part of the DVD. Any commentary on this manufactured scandal which ignores the issue of German penetration of Western intelligence is simply ill-informed.

The Role of MI6

MI6 has the same problem. Several Chiefs of MI6 have been German spies, including the notorious Sir Stewart Menzies in World War II and the late Sir Maurice Oldfield. The mainstream media here are openly speculating about the extent of MI6’s involvement, but they are no more intelligence-literate than the MSM in the US.

Any sensible discussion about involvement by ‘Six’ in a US election has to look at the role of GO2, the black German operation in London. GO2’s HQ is at Vauxhall Cross, i.e. is inside the ‘Wedding Cake’. MI6’s HQ is so-called not just because of its distinctive architecture, but because, like CIA, the agency is multi-tiered, with GO2 at the top.

The golden-showers smear was interesting, as well as titillating (sorry!). VT readers tend to be upright individuals not given to sexual deviancy, so maybe I should explain that golden showers involve interesting things to do with urine, usually not but exclusively human urine. The politician most vulnerable to bio-leverage over his preference for golden showers was the late Sir Edward Heath, Prime Minister, or maybe that should be Obergrüppenführer, of Great Britain in the early 70s. He was the bastard who took us into the EEC, lying every inch of the way.

Jerry intel were understandably upset when Heath was exposed as a German double-agent, yours truly having been involved, Heath’s predilection for golden showers being part of the exposure. The reference to golden showers in the smear is suggestive of German involvement. Since the incidents alluded to in the Orbis report never actually happened we can safely rule out surveillance in Russia of Donald Trump as the inspiration for the reference.

Christopher Steele

The starting-point re Christopher Steele, the former Six officer who compiled the dodgy dossier, is to work out which agency he worked for. You then need to go on to work out whether he is still working for them. GO2 double-agents inside Six are of course ‘double-hatted’, or, if you prefer, since GO2 is a German agency, double-helmeted.

MI6 officers broadly fall into four categories:

(1)  Double-agents working for Germany (Kim Philby and Oldfield, e.g.).

(2) Officers working for GO2 under a false-flag, thinking it’s a British operation.

(3) Officers aware of the existence of GO2, but not important enough to have had any dealings with them, and

(4)  Idiots, no offense intended, who are usually perfectly nice and have gone to a good (i.e. public, i.e. private) school, and know how to hold a knife and fork, but are not bright enough to be allowed anywhere near serious intelligence work.

I’ve never met Chris Steele, but he turns out to be a friend of a friend of a friend (obviously I’ve been making inquiries about him). So far as I can tell, although he has worked closely with identified German double-agents in his career, he falls into either category (3) or (4), without wishing to be unkind. To summarize, he sounds like a decent enough chap, but is not the sharpest knife in the box.

Like MI5, MI6 has always been wary about recruiting people with intelligence. That may sound odd, since it is an intelligence agency, but the Treasury are similarly wary of hiring economists and there are very few doctors in the Department of Health. Whitehall has always feared experts, usually because they have a tendency to know what they’re doing.

I suspect that poor old Christopher Steele has been had. He’s gone into hiding, although who he’s hiding from is a bit of a mystery. Being ex-MI6 he almost certainly ran the dossier by someone at either Vauxhall Cross or King Charles St (the Foreign Office), which could put Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary when the dossier was compiled, on the spot.

It looks like Hammond will have to go. All of this happened before Boris Johnson took over, so he’s in the clear. Hammond is known to be anti-Trump, as was his then boss, David Cameron, who made some very silly comments about the President-elect, who it turns out knew more about Brexit than he did!

In summation, as you guys like to say, there is nothing for anyone to worry about. Nothing to see here, folks, and we can all move on. The Trump Transition Team will have absorbed some valuable lessons. Tragically, the Bush-Cheney Administration had to wait until the Saudi, Iraqi and German-sponsored 9/11 attacks before setting out on the learning curve re the DVD and its affiliates.

Response to Comments

I was right about belief systems! People in the UFO debate tend to talk past each other. Mainstream commentators dismiss the whole idea of UFOs as a joke and patronize anybody who believes in them. As a result they deprive themselves of access to credible data about secret space programs and think that all space launches have been televised.

Believers in UFOs are so wrapped up in the alien thing that they tend not to consider the possibility of terrestrial origin of unknown craft. When they think about where these aliens have come from they tend to alight on the Solar System, a non-starter, or nearby star systems, none of which is a particularly good candidate for advanced civilizations. This may be because they have bought into Einstein’s nonsense about the speed of light being a speed limit.

Radio signals would have reached us decades ago from nearby star systems. Humankind has had the ability to intercept and read radio signals for just over a century and TV signals for about three-quarters of a century. No signals of confirmed alien origin have ever been received. Whilst it is of course possible that an advanced civilization would cease to send out transmissions in the parts of the spectrum we monitor it’s unlikely. Use of radio on Earth has gone up exponentially in the 21st century, largely thanks to Wi-Fi.

Then there is the question of alien monitoring of our own transmissions. We’ve been lit up like a Christmas tree for over a hundred years. The first episodes of I Love Lucy should be hitting 53 Aquarii A any time now.

It doesn’t look as though there are any surviving advanced civilizations within a 100 light year radius of the Sol System. Incidentally that means that we’re unlikely to encounter advanced live alien beings until we develop interstellar ships with a speed of 100C or more, which in turn pretty much rules out first contact until the 22nd century, ironically not so very different from the fictional timeline of the Star Trek series.

The good news is that it looks like there is plenty of space between ourselves and any competing advanced civilization, i.e. looking ahead over this millennium, our planet appears to enjoy strategic depth.

TV Review: The Man In The High Castle, Amazon, Series 2

I promised a review of the remainder of Series 2. I am pleased to say that both the production and entertainment values were maintained for the rest of the series.

The Man In The High Castle really is high quality TV and a huge credit to Amazon and the production companies. As I observed in my review of the first two episodes of the latest series, it is not a fair criticism of fictional entertainment that it requires a suspension of belief. NBC’s Timeless requires us to believe in time travel, which is an impossibility. You travel across distances, not through time. If you travel faster than the speed of light you get there quicker, not sooner in absolute terms.

A starship going to the 53 Aquarii A star system with a maximum velocity of 100C would get there in say 9 months, depending upon its ability to accelerate and decelerate (it won’t just be a case of dropping anchors). She would arrive roughly 9 months after she left the Sol System. Elapsed time on Earth would equate to elapsed time on 53 Aquarii A.

Provided that you suspend belief Timeless is an enjoyable program. The same goes for The Man In The High Castle. The premise of the first program is a scientific impossibility. The premise of the second program never happened. Provided you accept the premises for the purposes of watching the programs then you will be entertained, and that is the whole point.

I won’t spoil the plot for you – The Man In The High Castle is well-made and very well acted. It really is worth watching, and like all good fiction will make you think as well as entertain you.



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