Europe Facing Abject Security Failure: US Analyst

Americans have no perspective of what it is like to be an ancient people despite our DNA roots

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, … and Tasnim News Agency, Tehran

Americans have no perspective of what it is like to be an ancient people, despite our DNA roots

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Pasargade, Iran – Capitol of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great, built during 559-530 BC, a UNESCO world heritage site

Europe Facing Abject Security Failure: US Analyst

– First published … January 12, 2017 –

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A senior political expert based in the US city of Atlanta warned against a “mind-boggling” security situation in European countries and said their governments have lost their battle against terrorism.

European governments have lost battle against terrorism on several fronts, politically, by immigration policy, and an abject security failure, Managing Editor of VT Jim W. Dean said in an interview with the Tasnim News Agency.


Following is the full text of the interview:

Tasnim: British Security Minister Ben Wallace recently said Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorists have aspirations to launch mass-casualty chemical attacks on targets in Britain and elsewhere in Europe. In fact, European authorities fear that as the terror group was driven out of its strongholds in the Middle East such as the Iraqi city of Mosul, their nationals fighting for the group would return home and pose a growing domestic threat.

It seems that Europe is going to face an influx of Takfiri militants as a continent battered by a string of terror attacks. What would Europe do in order to contain this threat? Do not you think Europeans are somehow paying the cost of their moves to follow US’s lead in the Middle East region?

Persepolis, Iran

Dean: Europe has no security against terrorism. They have lost that battle on several fronts, politically, by immigration policy, and an abject security failure. But that I mean the various security forces do not have the manpower to track all the suspects they have because they have allowed way too many into their respective countries to recruit and set up cells.

And we have this mind-boggling situation where, despite all the mass surveillance we all live under now, in Britain they are using public cameras to fine people for not picking up dog poop, while militants seem to have no problem traveling around Europe on their own passports. It’s almost like this door has been left open on purpose, by some power wanting to profit somehow from the resulting fear and chaos from growing terror attacks.

Fortunately, a large number of suicide bombers have been killed in Syria and Iraq, who will not be returning home. But they can be replaced in time and can attack soft targets almost anywhere they want. Why has there been no legislation making membership in a terrorist organization a serious felony and open travel impossible for them?

Why has no one at the UN demanded that state sponsors of terrorism lose their membership in the body? As long as those really behind this scourge have sovereign immunity, we will never see an end to it I am afraid.

Tasnim: Thousands of Europeans are thought to have traveled to Syria, many to join Daesh, since the outbreak of the foreign-backed war in that country. It sounds that chickens are coming home to roost. What do you think?

Dean: Not only will they be going home, but they will be filled with anger and hate. Does anyone think they will be content with a low-paying job or on public assistance? Once they have lived by the gun as they have, and abused their religion as a tool to cover their horrible crimes, they are beyond reform. Every one of them is a major threat if allowed to walk around freely, and any country that allows them to would be in effect aiding them in their future attacks.

Tasnim: Reports suggest that certain European states have been supporting terrorist groups in the Middle East. Do you believe that they will finally reconsider their position on Syria and the rest of the region?

Dean: They will not reconsider until they are fully exposed so their voting public can deal with it. This is a two headed problem, as even European opposition parties are lax to publicly charge their own government with aiding and abetting state proxy terrorism, not wanting to be tagged as “unpatriotic”. No Western democracies anywhere see anyone running for office with the issue of ending state-sponsored terrorism as an agenda.

All we see happening for now is some changes to the disastrous open door immigration policy that was primarily driven by Angela Merkel.

Tasnim: It is no secret to anyone that the election of Donald Trump as next US president gave a big shock to the entire Europe. How would US-Europe ties change under Trump? Will Europe try to turn to other powers as a replacement for US?

Shiraz, Iran

Dean: As Trump is such a showman and a narcissist, it remains to be seen if he can project a presidential image versus that of a “reality TV” host. He has already picked up the nickname of “President Twitter”, not out of any rudeness or spite, but because he likes to “play” on the world stage using Twitter, acting like a teenager with his numerous off-the-cuff remarks.

Trump is unpredictable at this point, and by design…embodying a kind of psychological war on everybody, allies and adversaries alike, except for Israel, for which he has appointed himself as an American ex-official president with Netanyahu.

Europe has no replacement powers for America. It has a long list of domestic problems, due to its governing body, the EU Council, having lost faith with the EU people, who have effectively been disenfranchised with the extra levels of bureaucracy between the voters and the decision makers. Many are now suspecting that this may have been by design.

Trump threw the EU a big curve ball with his threatened NATO changes and demands that Europe carry the full cost of its defense. The key to all this will be exposing the hoax of the Russian threat to Europe, which followed the destruction of the Iran nuclear weapons threat hoax.

No one, including Israel, who had claimed for years that Iran had a secret program put one shred of evidence on the table to kill the successful conclusion of the P5+1 talks; and that huge fraud was completely ignored by corporate media afterward.

Yes, VT is working to build a bridge between East and West, to combat those sowing the seeds of destruction for both of us



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