Revolution or Invasion?


Speer-Williams –

Like a bellowing stag with a high-powered bullet in his chest, those of our once beloved institutions howl the death throes of America with their insistence for unfettered immigration.

The take over of American institutions did not occur by happenstance. So who or what organized and funded this destructive juggernaut? Those black hearts who control the currencies and financial credit of the world. It is those who select our political leaders. It is those who own and control the main-stream media. It is those who control education, the news, music, and films.  It is those who control our domestic and foreign policies. It is those who control how we think and what we believe. It is those who make parodies out of traditional American values or glorify obscenies. And of course, it is those who create the enemies within our gates.

Either through empathy, ignorance, or malice, there exists a strange mixture of fifth columnists in the false bleeding hearts of those in government, the justice system, the news media, and the entertainment industry – who all seem intent on enforcing unrestricted migration onto America.

The empathic ones do not possess a mother’s wisdom and will of saying NO! when a firm no is best for everyone.

The ignorant ones do not understand we cannot help those suffering south of our US/Mexican border by America becoming Guatemala, Venezuela, or Mexico. Nor can we  help sub-Saharan Africans by becoming Africa. Third-world nations are powerless to help even themselves.

The entire thrust for unconstrained immigration into America is to reduce the US to third-world status, which will easily meld us into a New World Order, made up of third-world countries.

Do the ignorant ones not understand how unrestricted immigration would destroy America’s faltering and all but  failing economy? Eight years of the Obama administration doubled our national debt. That is to say, Barack Obama created almost as much national debt as all forty-three US presidents that preceded him.

And how did Mr. Obama create such a repulsively distorted national liability? By using bombs and terrorists to make unilateral war on innocent human beings.

The furtive power that holds sway over Earth uses the United States (and their selected henchmen in the US government) to advance their diabolic plans for worldwide hegemony. Thus Barack Obama was their hand-picked yes-man for the office of US presidency and therefore the national leader most responsible for the terrorists, bombs, and death the American-led NATO forces unleashed in the Middle East that has generated so many millions of refugees.

So as an American president, Barrack Obama was the one person most responsible for the endless waves of immigrants and refugees who are being forced into Europe and America, a part of the grand agenda all along.

Let us pray that Barack Obama is at the bottom of our nation’s long decline.

And who is this enforcing power? Who is it that gives sub-Saharan Africans air passage to America or gives millions of Middle Easterners free boat rides to Europe?

They are the same psychopaths who made Barack Obama a US president, and tried to place Hillary Clinton into our Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The provable trail as to who these madmen are that control the world’s money/credit, governments, media, education, and most other institutions reaches a deadend at the Rothschild tribe housed in European castles.

They are the same secretive power who had the Progress for a New American Century documents written in 1997, which called for the US to overthrow seven sovereign states in the Middle East.

What was not included in those public documents was how the US/NATO combine would also create terrorists to keep stable governments from coming to power, once the formerly elected governments had been ousted with bombs.

It is truly astonishing at this point how many Americans still have the belief that our US/NATO military has been fighting terrorism since the 9/11 false flag. What we have been fighting for, since 9/11, is total destabilization and chaos in the Middle East.

Moreover, the oligarchical controllers of the US/NATO combine would have us go to war with any country who tries to eliminate any terrorists in the Middle East. Since 9/11, the entire US/NATO foreign policy in the Middle East has been to bomb nations until those nations are so destroyed they become vacuums for American and NATO–sponsored terrorists.

Have you noticed how Russia and  Vladimir Putin have become the hot targets for the mainstream* media? Could it be because Mr. Putin has been eliminating terrorists as fast as the US/NATO coalition has been creating them?

*As Mark Dice once said, “The main stream is a urine stream – a puddle of piss.”

But the grand agenda for mayhem and poverty do not end in the Middle East. That maelstrom is to include Europe and the United States of America, beginning with the massive influx of sub-Saharan Africans and Middle Easterners into Western nations.

Into an economically dying America and Western Europe millions of freeloaders have flooded, are flooding, and will be flooding, who will wreck all Western social welfare systems.

Furthermore, the Western media is hiding the crime and rape statistics created by sub-Saharan Africans who have been brought into Europe, calling them Syrian refugees,* when in fact, they are immigrants and enticed immigrants at that.

*The definition of a refugee is one forced to escape their country in order to avoid war, persecution, or natural disaster. Was President Obama also  bombing Africa?

Those powers with malice in their hearts for America are conducting a deep subversion of our country with conscripted Americans, from our highly paid university professors, to students, to social justice warriors, to cultural Marxists, to those of the New York/California chic, to notables in the music and film entertainment field.*

* To merely advocate enforcing our long-time existing immigration laws would seriously jeopardize anyone’s career in education, government, the media, or Hollywood.

For a college professor to explain to a student that, by law, refugees do not have the right to immigrate into the United States, that such immigration is a privilege only for those who qualify, would likely cost that educator his tenure. Such is the stranglehold a dark satanic force has on Europe and North America.

The subversive power all Americans are confronted with (whether they know it or not) runs the entire gamut of our institutions. But it does offer us a good look at just who our enemies are – if we will but look and listen. US Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham readily come to mind, as does Democratic Senator Charles E. Schumer.

Also be mindful of the would-be trendy haters, those loud Pavlovian responders who try to appear urbane or worldly-wise by labeling others with single words of a defamatory nature. Such rabble rousers do not speak with political undertones, but with blatant absurdities.

Have you heard any of the following one-word insults that reverberate around the loud echo chamber of propaganda the cultural Marxists inhabit, while refusing all searches for truth?

  • Racist
  • Homophobic
  • Misogynist
  • Islamophobic
  • Nazi
  • Fascist
  • Xenophobic
  • Nationalist
  • Isolationist
  • Hater
  • Deplorable

With their lawlessness, today’s mobs of misfits are yesterday’s Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution, or Jacobins of the French Revolution, with violence being the only way they know how to settle political differences.

Much like a pack of irritated and out-of-tune coyotes, these (well paid) cultural Marxists and social justice warriors gather at public places where they group-yip-howl their objections to our traditional American values. But these traveling bands* of yowling moon-bats are actually much smaller than the media would have us believe.

  • A dark force of International bankers funnels millions of dollars to American/ Hungarian George Soros, who funds revolutions against democratically elected governments. With the money given him, Soros hires revolutionaries to commit violence and snipers to kill. Soros has been a key figure in the so-called Arab Spring, the infamous Ukraine Revolution, and the anti-Trump protests and riots.
George Soros

Sanctuary cities are bayonets affixed to the muzzles of high-powered rifles, which are stabbed and fired into the stomachs of Americans. You can bet there have been plenty of bribes and blackmail levied on city politicians for America to have well over 300 such treacherous cities.

Be they presidents, senators, judges, representatives, governors, mayors, pundits, professors, or starlets, those who support the concept of sanctuary cities are knowingly or unknowingly enemies of America, enemies of the immigrants, and enemies of mankind.

As the prophetic Cicero said …

People all over the world need help, but help where they live. Refugees in the Middle East are best helped in the Middle East. Mexicans are best helped in Mexico.

And we cannot provide that help by giving nations foreign aid that simply ends up in the hands of the usurious bankers and the here-today-gone-by-the-next-day tyrants, the kind the American government has for so long been fond of.

With the money we have spent on foreign  aid and bombing nations, since 9/11, we could have greatly increased the standard of living of every country on earth, including America.

America’s hundreds of thousands of  family farms could have fed the world indefinitely, had not the government, in league with the foreign bankers,  destroyed small farms in favor of the corporate factory farms.

No number of immigrants or refugees we allow into our country today will solve any of the world’s problems; but they will hamper our ability to help the world, or at least be a light onto it. You see, today’s US immigrants and refugees will soon join our growing millions of those in shabby tent cities, without access to decent schools, hospitals, or even stamps for food.

As they did in Greece, the foreign bankers will begin insisting that the US government exercise extreme financial austerity measures – and then comes the collapse of the welfare state, as it has always been planned.

The Controllers of our world want no affluent countries in their New World Order.

If the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United States were worthy of their names and professed goals, they would first stop recruiting, organizing, funding, arming, and directing the terrorists they call legitimate rebels. Then they would join the Russians and Iranians (who are falsely accused of supporting the terrorists) to eliminate all terrorist strongholds. In other words, destroy what they created.

In the meantime, the UN/US/NATO nations should force Saudi Arabia to bring in three million refugees to their tent city in order to make amends for the aid, arms, and direction they have given terrorists in the past.*

*The US should also discontinue selling/giving arms to Saudi Arabia, which have been used in a genocidal war against defenseless Yemen – the poorest country in the Middle East.

These 100,000 air-conditioned tents in Saudi Arabia have a capacity to house three million people and are used less than a week each year for a religious meeting. All tents are fireproof, with kitchen and bathroom facilities. But thus far, the Saudis have taken in no refugees.

We must immediately stop the Obama policy of bombing Middle Eastern infrastructures, while claiming we are attacking terrorists.

We must turn from our ungodly destruction to rebuilding what we have destroyed.

This should start in well-protected Safe Zones where we build and rebuild homes, schools, mosques, hospitals, and business/government centers, all complete with dependable electricity, clean water, and enough non-GMO food for everyone. Such projects would provide needed work for Americans.

Then all nations the US and NATO forces have destroyed should be given favorable trade status by all of the  American and Western European countries, while setting up small and large businesses in the bombed-out cities, free of the usurious banking establishment.

All of this would prove expensive but not nearly the long-term cost of the Western nations losing their national identities and forfeiting their hope of recovering some kind of economic soundness, as a result of being overrun by non-assimilating Muslims and sub-Saharan Africans.

During the mop-up of the terrorist factions, safe transportation to these secured zones could be provided. If some mysterious secret power is capable of safely transporting millions of refugees to Europe and the United States, all during hostilities, we can also transport refugees to safe zones, if there is the will to do so.

Our Southern Border Solution

A strong bi-lateral agricultural and economic agreement between America and Mexico could put a permanent end to the border crossings of millions of illegal aliens, without putting up a wall.

First, the Border Police must again be given the authority to turn back illegal aliens, the power our border guards lost during President Barack Obama’s administration.

Then with less money than what millions of poor, untrained, unskilled, and uneducated immigrants would cost us to support in America, we could turn the Mexican/US border towns of Cuidad Juarez, Nogales, Tijuana, Mexicali, and others into sparkling cities of great economic resurgence, with the bonus of an increase in jobs for Americans.

A wall along our southern border is negative and blights the landscape. Let us reach out a helping hand to our neighbors to the south, not a slap in their face.

Instead of building a border wall (that would imprison Americans), we need to eliminate all social welfare given to illegal aliens. It is not job opportunities that is driving so many illegal aliens into the US, it is our endless parade of freebees given to those who break our immigration laws.

There is a far better way, a more humane way to solve our illegal alien problem, and that is to make the vast expanse of desert between the US and Mexico bloom with farm crops, for miles on both sides of the border.

The Great US-Mexican River

To the west of the American-Mexican border is the Pacific Ocean; to the east is the Gulf of Mexico. Along both of these mighty bodies of water could be erected freshwater desalination plants. It seems logical to think such works could pump almost unlimited amounts of fresh water along the international border.

Perhaps more important are the estimated thirty-six underground freshwater aquifers that are thought to exist from one end of the border to the other – the most prominent being the Hueco Bolson, Mesilla Bolson, San Pedro, and Santa Cruz aquifers.

There certainly seems to be enough water beneath the desert sands on both sides of the US/Mexican border (and in the Pacific and Atlantic waters)  to grow enough food crops to feed the world indefinitely.

The solution to poverty is production of goods and services people need or want. Fresh water desalination plants and water wells are more productive than a gigantic border wall.

Such a magnificent underground river has already been created in Libya, The  Great Man-Made River.

Libyans called it the Eighth Wonder of the World, which it was until the river drew the attention of the International Bankers. These controllers of mankind had their puppets in the government of America (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) bomb the waterworks, with the incredible claim they were freeing the Libyans of their “dictator,” Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

So the Great Libyan Man-Made River miracle was destroyed. And with it went the dream of making the Libyan deserts green, and for the first time in history providing drinking water for all Libyans.

And perhaps such a project for the US and Mexico would be defeated, as the controlling autocrats of our world have a largely undisclosed plan to gain a monopoly on the world’s fresh water supply.

Still, in theory, such a water supply between America and Mexico could provide both countries thousands of agricultural jobs, plus all the spin-off businesses, vocations, professions, and trades such an epic and Herculean enterprise as hundreds of thousands of fertile farming acres would attract. The Mexican border towns of Tijuana, San Luis, Nogales, Juarez, Acuna, Nuevo Laredo, and Matamoro would prosper and grow, enticing many illegal aliens in America back into Mexico.

The sale of so much food to the world would give America and Mexico each a favorable balance of trade and make both countries amongst the most prosperous in the world.

Sometime during the timeline of the US/Mexican farming expansion, illegal aliens in America should be given a three-month notice to either leave the US or face deportation.

Peace on earth, good will toward men, and prosperity for all, however, is the last thing these savage bankers want; they want a world of failed states that they can collapse into a One World tyranny.

These luciferians and their thousands of demons in government, education, the media, and all walks of life will ignorantly, or from malice, continue to scream and dance with the devil while continuing their insane support of sanctuary cities.

But what these masters of discord, disunity and division will be doing is pointing to themselves, while plainly professing either their ignorance or their evil intentions.

Such misguided souls will bring up complications as to why the most basic  implementation of the above win-win plans will not work. That is to be expected, as their game has been and will remain to be obfuscation.

Remember, our enemies are easy enough to recognize if we will but look and listen; and, knowing who our enemies are is necessary for victory.

When do societies fall?

When speech becomes violence, and violence becomes speech.

As Stefan Molyneux has quoted, “Hard times breed strong men. Strong men breed good times. Good times breed weak men. Weak men breed bad times.”

It is time now for strong men to act or we will have bad times for many generations to come.

Be an American:

Speak Truth to Power!

Post Script:

The well-planned, organized, and well-funded public outrage over President Trump’s executive orders temporarily banning the entrance of people into America from seven predominantly Muslim nations proves two vital points.

First vital point: The fascist oligarchs, who dominate most of earth and the American government/media complex, are attempting to use the election of Donald Trump to bring about a brutal- smash-mouth-red-colored revolution.

Large segments of our long-standing institutions (of government, media, banking, law, education, conventions, customs, mores, and principles) have been subverted and destabilized by enemies of our country.

The American government’s Ministry of Propaganda (the controlled media) gives nationwide voices to the most vociferous bolsheviks of our time,  in an attempt to influence the unread, television-influenced masses.

The TV talking heads and those in Congress want to keep their positions, so they go along with the wreck havoc on America agenda.

Currently, they have been actively denigrating President Donald Trump’s provisional executive orders limiting the travel of those citizens from seven principally Muslim nations, saying it is unconstitutional to discriminate based on religion. This is all feverishly and boldly announced again and again without ever once saying there are forty-three other largely Muslim nations who were not named in the ban.

Nor have these mainstream media pundits, Senators, or Representatives ever once deigned to disclose that President Obama, in 2011, banned the visas of refugees from Iraq and labeled all seven of the Muslim countries in  the Trump executive orders as hot spots of Muslim terrorism.

Why was Mr. Obama not charged with religious persecution?

Conceivably, the US politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and media sources that push for ever more immigration into America will soon be recognized and rejected by the overwhelming bulk of our citizenship.

Second vital point: Our huge pool of  unlettered masses have within them a growing class of particularly virulent and vitriolic Marxists, who ignorantly praise multiculturalism and campaign for all forms of political correctness – no matter how absurd they may be.

These mostly young (and far from worldly-wise) people are our on-the-street bolsheviks, more motivated by their love for destroying property than any desire for an improved society.

These cultural Marxists live in echo chambers that reverberate with what they hear from TV revolutionaries.

While professing universal love, such street-level activists have a penchant for drugs and a fondness for violence, but no interest or time for any facts that conflict with what poses for facts inside their chambers. Their usual fallback strategy of debating is to shout pejoratives, especially loud, if anyone other than themselves tries to make a valid point.

Along with much cash and blackmail, a maniacal and eerily dark authority is corrupting our national leaders, while feeding our nation’s underbelly a most perniciously warped picture of reality.

Post-Post Script: Upon reflection, the America of today bears a strong resemblance to the Russia of exactly one hundred years ago, in 1917.

Tsar Nicholas II loved his subjects and wanted the best for them; but he had run afoul of the Rothschild banking tribe, much like our current American president has.

The Czar’s crime? He simply wanted to  make Russia great.

The Rothschilds had much experience with invading countries, like they did in France, in 1789, and creating what appeared to be a people’s revolution, a concept our history books have greatly enforced.

If there is one man in the world who could give us a true accounting of the so-called Russian Revolutions, it would be the great Russian, Nobel prize winner, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn.

Below is what Mr. Solzhenitsyn had to say about the greatest human tragedy of all time.

You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russian. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

The October Revolution was not what you call in America the Russian Revolution.

It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people

More of my countrymen suffered  horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history.

It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.

The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring is proof the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

Reader’s comment: In my experience, not very many people have thought through your first point – that we can’t bring all the Africans to America or it will become Africa.

And we could do more good by helping them where they are. It’s a novel idea that isn’t getting much play time.

You could probably say it again in a different way, or expand upon it, so the idea has time to sink in to people’s heads.

Even one of my good friends was pushing for getting all those poor Syrian Christian refugees over here where we could take care of them. And she would have said “the more, the merrier.”

We are treating our country’s resources like a no-limit credit card. It really takes a pragmatic realist to deal with this. It is bad for America on so many levels. But people get conned into feeling sorry for these people and projecting their own needs onto the situation (I’d want someone to help me if I were in that situation).

And Americans have this false pride that America is the best place to live so we have to bring them here because it will be better for them. It’s the best place for me, but it might not be the best place for another person. If all I ever knew was living a rural life in the bush, subsistence farming, and bartering, it would be traumatic to plunk me down in a US city.

A landlord, in my city, told a story about one of his apartment complexes. His Vietnamese renters dig up all the grass and landscaping, making use of every available patch of land to grow vegetables. They raise chickens, and they cook outside over an open fire. (What’s an electric stove?)

They recreate their Vietnamese way of life rather than learning a whole new way of doing things.

So rather than this being just a refugee issue, though, our problem goes deeper than that. It’s about America taking on the plight of the world. At what point does the ship we call America list to the side so much so, that we cannot right her again? Then, we have not saved any refugees at all. We have only joined them.

Author’s response: In your last paragraph, you beautifully summed what I tried to explain using thousands of words.

And yes, we are our brother’s keeper. But, we’d be foolish to allow that to cause us to become so impoverished that we could no longer keep him, the rest of our family, or even ourselves. We must remain strong, so we can continue


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