Surprising Update: Will Russia Allow the Nuclear Attacks on Syria that Trump and Israel have Planned Go on?


Video of Israel’s confirmed tactical nuclear attack on Syria, May 4, 2013

[Editor’s note: Gordon’s excellent article provides the in-depth background information to the current scenario I lay out in my article examining Netanyahu’s plans to invade Lebanon. Ian]

We know Syria has decided to fight it out with Israel despite the 2013 nuclear attack the world continues to deny.  We know Israel who admits to giving medical treatment to ISIS has been moving jihadists through Jordan for years, arming and training ISIS and supplies its intelligence, communications and even air support.  Denying this is insanity.

Everyone knows Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States finance ISIS, recruit for them, arm them and keep other nations from effectively opposing them.

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Gary Koren (L) presents his credentials to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on March 16, 2017. (Via Twitter)
Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Gary Koren (L) presents his credentials to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on March 16, 2017. (Via Twitter)

Those other nations include not just the United States but perhaps Russia as well. Israel is terrified of ISIS being defeated.  This means Hezbollah returns to Lebanon, victorious in war and able to stand up to the Israeli onslaughts that are staged whenever Israel’s internal politics demand a whipping boy outside the country.

Bombing Palestinians and whipping up hatred at home against them and the the few remaining Christians inside Greater Israel and the Occupied Territories is a useful narrative that Saudi Arabia, in particular, has played a part in all along.

When did the Saudi/Israeli alliance begin?  Some believe long before the 1973 war and the oil embargo against the United States.  The Saudi’s have been playing a double game that long.

Yesterday’s Israeli bombing attacks aimed at the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian advisers at Palmyra, a battlefield with no Hezbollah forces whatsoever, has to be “enough” for Russia.

Back on May 2, 2013, SyriaNews reported an Israeli submarine sunk off the coast of Latakia.  Their mission was to pick up IDF commandos tasked with planting communications relays to support a false narrative that the Syrian Army was using sarin gas, in order to force the United States into war.

Two days later, Israel staged a bombing attack outside Damascus using a tactical nuclear weapon, and this is not conjecture.  It is time the world community and Russia began dealing with this and the likelihood that Israel is going to do the same thing again, against Syria, against Lebanon and do it with full complicity of Donald Trump.

Nuclear Attack

VT submitted the video above to inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency and University of California at Los Alamos.  They confirmed that the presence of ball lightning is an indicator of a nuclear weapon, nothing else can cause this, though there were many other observable factors that made this a nuclear explosion as well.

If you think Syria was Israel’s only nuclear target, watch the video below.  This attack was confirmed by the IAEA as well who observed the video and found “slam dunk” proof of a tactical nuclear weapon strike. Attempts were made, unsuccessfully, by the IAEA to get soil samples, needed within 72 hours, from the site but their inspectors were blocked by Saudi Arabia.

The IAEA confirmed that Israel has developed neutron bombs, and has been involved in highly classified nuclear proliferation, selling nuclear material to North Korea, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil and, of course, Saudi Arabia.  Israel’s partnership with South Africa in the development and testing of nuclear weapons there is well documented.

What is less documented is their participation with Libya as well, a project aided by Germany and headed by Israeli Johann Meyer and his Pretoria based TradeFin Corporation.  From the Center for Investigative Reporting from 2008:

“When South African police raided the warehouse of a company called Tradefin Engineering, a manufacturer of pipes and valves, in September 2004, they discovered stacks of shipping containers eleven stories high loaded with parts marked for reassembly in Libya, that would have given the Libyans the ability to process enough enriched uranium for several nuclear bombs.

South Africa’s nuclear bomb program was conducted out of a top-secret facility called Kentron Circle, located in the broad savannah about thirty miles from Pretoria. Its still there, a conical concrete bunker, now empty, hidden in the hills about a ten-minute drive off the main road leading to Botswana.

In the 1980’s Wisser’s firm, Krisch Engineering, was a “key supplier of equipment” to the South African Atomic Energy Corporation, according to Wisser’s plea agreement filed with South African prosecutors last year. The energy corporation was run by the apartheid government of the time and was one of the main companies responsible for the development of the secret nuclear weapons program at Kentron Circle—the place where Buys helped to build South Africa’s nuclear bombs.

Daniel Geiges, Wisser’s aide-de-camp and chief engineer, began working for him in 1981 and would later manage the Libyan project at Tradefin. They worked together to import technology to the South African nuclear program in defiance of international sanctions. While at the AEC, Wisser met the man who would some two decades later nickname their joint nuclear enterprise, “the beast.” Johan Meyer was working for the South African Uranium Corporation—the company responsible for mining and processing the uranium that would be used in the nuclear weapons being assembled at Kentron Circle.

Wisser is German and Geiges is Swiss; both had become residents of South Africa, which at the time had what amounted to an open door policy for white immigrants, no questions asked.

This entire story is still classified including the fact that Johann Meyer is now living in Haifa, protected from prosecution.  What is also kept secret is Israel’s role running this program and Gaddafi’s nuclear program as well.

While Gaddafi was building nuclear weapons along with Israel, he was a key component in the Bush/Cheney war on terror as well, running the American rendition program with the remnants of the NATO Gladio program Gaddafi helped found in 1979, another highly classified piece of gossip.  From Human Rights Watch:

When rebel forces overtook Tripoli in August 2011, prison doors were opened and office files exposed, revealing startling new information about Libya’s relations with other countries. One such revelation, documented in this report, is the degree of involvement of the United States government under the Bush administration in the arrest of opponents of the former Libyan Leader, Muammar Gaddafi, living abroad, the subsequent torture and other ill-treatment of many of them in US custody, and their forced transfer to back to Libya.

The United States played the most extensive role in the abuses, but other countries, notably the United Kingdom, were also involved.

This is an important chapter in the larger story of the secret and abusive US detention program established under the government of George W. Bush after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and the rendition of individuals to countries with known records of torture.[2]

From VT 2011, including the text of a State Department cable from Wikileaks outlining how the US helped Gaddafi develop chemical weapons.  Note that Libya’s nuclear weapons program would continue for two more years during which both Dick Cheney and Tony Blair signed deal after deal with Libya amounting to hundreds of millions in contracts for companies they had “special relationships” to.  This was “Trump” before Trump entered politics, proving today is nothing but “business as usual.”


In fact, Libya had agreed, in 2003, to destroy all chemical weapons. However, in this Wikileaks cable, one not made public in the United States, we learn that as late as 2011, Libya maintains its stocks of chemical weapons. Gaddafi had been allowed extensions year after year claiming he had no money. (A Wikileaks “double secret,” kept secret from US by our government and again by Wikileaks)




1.(S/NF) Summary: Dr. Ahmed Hesnawy, head of Libya’s chemical weapons destruction program, defended Libya’s Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) extension request….


2.(S) During a September 30 meeting, Pol/Econ Chief jointly delivered ref a demarche with French DCM to the head of the chemical weapons destruction program at Libya’s National Chemical Weapons (CW) Authority, Dr. Ahmed Hesnawy. During the meeting, Hesnawy also provided a detailed briefing on his progress toward meeting Libya’s Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) commitments.

3. (S) Hesnawy gave a long explanation of the reasons for the extension request, including resistance from the local community when construction work began at the building site…..

3.(S/NF) Hesnawy then explained that the next problem he confronted was with the “civil defense people,” who…..

UK EMBASSY WARNS OF HESNAWY’S CONFIDENCE9.(S) In a separate meeting, xxxxxxxxxxxx told P/E Chief that while the MFA IO officer Tajouri Shiradi had made the same request for support for Libya’s CWC requests, he did not provide as much detail on the progress of the Libyan program. xxxxxxxxxxxx expressed surprise that Hesnawy had met with us, relating that he was an elusive character….

10.(S/NF) Bio info: Hesnawy is a charismatic and gregarious character, who spoke fluent American English. He used American expressions and slang with ease and was clearly trying to endear himself to P/E Chief. He said that he has been head of Libya’s Chemical Weapons Program for the last 12 years and was intimately aware of every technical detail relating to that program. According to xxxxxxxxxxxx, Hesnawy may be working with National Security Advisor, Muatassim al-Qadhafi, on missile purchase requests.’

Again we note, when mustard gas is mentioned, VX and other weapons are not as the classification of any document mentioning weapons of the magnitude, VX or, for-instance nuclear weapons would make it unsuitable for “leaking.”

Thus, such weapons may well exist and we are told they do only they are not a subject for albeit revealing but “soft” chatter.”

Why it Matters

Trump is denying Israel nothing, even at the risk of war, something Trump is embracing.  Israel’s open attacks on Syria, bombing areas where there is no “Hezbollah” and there is no one that believes Netanyahu on anything, least of all this, and their history, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and staging terror attacks, and we are speaking reality, not the fake news media that covers for Israel.

The current political alignments, Turkey threatening the EU with a new invasion of refugees, the odd Russia/Trump thing which scares everyone, China’s warnings against Japan and their position on North Korea and Saudi influence with Trump as well, none of this is survivable.

When we add into the loop the number of powerful players in Washington and the fake news media working for Turkish intelligence, the gang at Fox News for sure, the “ultra-busted” Mike Flynn and those working with him, but it goes much further than this and has for many years.  From former CIA Analyst Phil Giraldi at the American Conservative:

Longtime readers of The American Conservative are familiar with the Sibel Edmonds saga. Edmonds, an FBI translator who revealed large-scale corruption throughout the government, has received multiple gag orders under the State Secrets Act. She has nevertheless persevered in spite of concerns that she would be prosecuted and possibly imprisoned. TAC interviewed her for a feature article in 2009, and I also reviewed her claims multiple times over the last few years, including when her book Classified Woman came out in 2012.

Many of Edmonds’s claims involved Turkish and Israeli front groups seeking to influence U.S. policy while sometimes also engaging in illegal activity. The scope of the corruption allegedly involved bribery of senior government officials and congressmen, arranging for export licenses to countries that were embargoed, and the exposure of classified information. Edmonds has been questioned by a congressional committee, by individual congressmen and staffers, as well as by the FBI inspector general, and her information was found to be “credible,” “serious,” and “warrant[ing] a thorough and careful review.” She also provided interviews for “60 Minutes” and Vanity Fair, both of which were able to confirm key elements of her story.

Some critics have opined that Edmonds overstates or misinterprets what she claims to know, but there is no reason to doubt her veracity when she describes documents and investigative files that she personally handled during her time with the bureau. No one has challenged her accounts of the investigations that were underway at that time. She has been gagged by the Justice Department precisely because the information she revealed is damaging to certain political and purported national-security interests.

In the course of her various media appearances, Edmonds provided significant information on Congressman Hastert, who was under FBI investigation while he was speaker of the House, a role he assumed in 1999 and held for eight years. In her TAC interview, Edmonds related that “In early 1997, because of the information that the FBI was getting on the Turkish diplomatic community, the Justice Department had already started to investigate several Republican congressmen. The number-one congressman involved with the Turkish community, both in terms of providing information and doing favors, was Bob Livingston. Number-two after him was Dan Burton, and then he became number-one until Hastert became the speaker of the House. Bill Clinton’s attorney general, Janet Reno, was briefed on the investigations, and since they were Republicans, she authorized that they be continued… In 1999, [FBI agents in the Chicago field office] wiretapped the congressmen directly.”

In a deposition given in August 2009, Edmonds identified Hastert as “one of the primary U.S. persons involved in operations and activities that are not legal, and they’re not for the interest of the United States but for the interest of foreign governments and foreign entities.” She detailed what she believed to be Hastert’s wrongdoing: “This information has been public. The concerns, again would be several categories. The acceptance of large sums of bribery in forms of cash or laundered cash and laundering is to make it look legal for his campaigns, and also for his personal use, in order to do certain favors and call certain—call for certain actions, make certain things happen for foreign entities and foreign governments’ interests, Turkish government’s interest and Turkish business entities’ interests.”

Now investigations by Ian Greenhalgh into Bayrock Corporation, a top Trump partner in his New York real estate empire, reveal the presence of Turkish intelligence within the Trump circle since “day one.”  General Mike Flynn wasn’t a “long wolf” Turkish agent, not by a long shot.

We believe this is why the recent firings of US Attorney’s at the request of Sean Hannity was carried out, how the fake news Murdoch empire generally attributed to Wall Street and the Israel lobby may have even stronger ties to Turkish intelligence, Saudi Arabia and, behind that, world terrorism.


From Press TV:

Russia has summoned the Israeli ambassador to Moscow for clarification after Israeli warplanes violated the Syrian airspace and conducted a number of airstrikes on the Arab country’s territory.

Israeli media said Gary Koren was summoned by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday, a day after the Israeli envoy presented his credentials to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier on Friday, the Syrian army announced in a statement that Israeli fighter jets “penetrated” Syrian airspace via Lebanese territory and “hit a military target on the way to Palmyra” overnight. The statement added that the army’s air defense shot down one of the aircraft and hit another.

Israel has carried out air raids against Syrian-based targets on many occasions, but it rarely acknowledges the attacks. On Friday, however, the Israeli military acknowledged that its jets bombed several targets in Syria.

In a statement to justify the provocative operation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the Israeli military had targeted a convoy of the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, in Syria.

“When we identify attempts to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah — when we have the intel and the operational capability — we act to prevent it. That’s how we’ve acted and how we will continue to act… and everyone needs to take this into account,” Netanyahu said on Friday.

The resistance movement, whose fighters have fended off several Daesh attacks inside Lebanon, accuses Israel of supporting Takfiri terrorists operating in the Middle East. Hezbollah has also been providing assistance to Syrian army forces in their fight against Daesh and other foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria.

The Syrian army added in the statement that Israel’s aerial assaults were in fact aimed at Syrian army positions to weaken Damascus against the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in the region.

The Israeli raids were “a desperate attempt to raise their (Daesh terrorists’) deteriorating morale and divert attention from the victories which the Syrian Arab Army is making in the face of the terrorist organizations,” it said.

Security boosted in Golan Heights

Following the Israeli airstrikes, Damascus reportedly boosted its security presence in the southwestern Quneitra province, which includes parts of the Golan Heights region.

Tel Aviv and Damascus are technically at war due to Israel’s continued occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights since 1967. The Israeli regime has also been supporting the militants fighting against the Syrian government.

Moscow launched its campaign against Daesh and other terror outfits in Syria in September 2015 at the Damascus government’s request. Russia’s airstrikes have helped the Syrian forces advance against foreign-backed militants operating in the Arab country since 2011.



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