Breaking: VT Hit with Stuxnet as Trump’s Complicity in Gas Attack is Confirmed (vital update)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to voters on February 17, 2016 in Bluffton, South Carolina. Trump addressed the Sun City Republicans with three days remaining before the South Carolina Republican primary. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Intelligence intercepts confirm that the White House working with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Turkey as well, have moved a supply of chemical weapons into Damascus for a planned attack, scheduled for approximately 2AM New York (GMT +5), April 16, 2017.

If there is an attack in the Damascus region that comes anywhere near this, it will be time to take things to a whole new level.g

Exclusive: Syria’s response to US sponsored Aleppo terror bombing below:

As I write this, bodies are strewn across a road in Aleppo province as an evacuation of residents of two towns besieged by US-backed rebels, almost all foreign mercenaries now, were hit by a car bomb. We await the “tweeter” to talk about these babies. But what about those other babies – did they die, and if they did, was Trump himself the one to give the order?

This story is why VT was hit with Stuxnet, Trump’s cyber nuclear-option in bringing VT down, so this story would not be out on the huge news day yesterday. Losing this story on the Easter Weekend was critical – learn why. See what Trump is laughing about, and if you don’t think he is that kind of person, you simply haven’t been paying attention. Direct from VT Syria on the scene:


Syria’s statement, exclusive to VT:

As human beings prepare to celebrate the day of Jesus’ resurrection (peace be upon him), the savage terrorist gangs of Islamic Jihad and the Takfiris commit a cowardly terrorist act against convoys carrying civilians attributed to Kafria and Faua within the four cities agreement.

These terrorist gangs are supported by the hawks of the American administration headed by Trump and his religious Zionist brother-in-law Kouchner … These savage murderers who carried out this terrorist act were the ones who defended them, Mr. Trump, and bombed Syria for them …

Where is your daughter who cried on the fabricated pictures of these pictures … O shame, we have not heard a single condemnation from the civilized world of these savage Indian acts because they are partners with them.

بينما تتهيأ البشر للاحتفالىبيوم قيامة المسيح (عليه السلام ) ترتكب العصابات الإرهابية المتوحشة الإسلامية الجهادية التكفيرية بعمل إرهابي جبان ضد القوافل التي تقل المدنيين العزا من كفريا والفوعة ضمن اتفاق المدن الاربعة….
إن هذه العصابات الإرهابية مدعومة من صقور الإدارة الأمريكية برئاسة ترامب وصهره الصهيوني المتدين كوشنير … هؤلاء القتلة المتوحشين الذين من نفذوا هذا العمل الإرهابي هم من دافعت عنهم يا سيد ترامب وقصفت سورية من أجلهم …
أين هي ابنتك التي بكت على صور مفبركة من هذه الصور …
يا للعار لم نسمع إدانة واحدة من العالم المتحضر لهذه الاعمال الإراهبية المتوحشة لأنهم شركاء بها.



Sources in the White House tell us that Trump, aided by CIA Director Mike Pompeo and in coordination with Israel, Qatar and Turkey, staged the Idlib gas attack, sending in film crews. Our sources on the ground in Syria also say that chlorine gas was brought in.

Two Peugeot “Alaska” pickup trucks with Turkish license plates offloaded a shipment of chlorine gas into the offices of Turkish intelligence in Khan Sheikhoun, which they share with al Qaeda. We have it all, Pompeo’s fake report, eaten alive by an MIT scientist:


There is no proof that Trump’s team – which included White Helmets, al Jazeera and Reuters film teams, these groups have long worked with ISIS and al Qaeda inside Syria, and Turkish intelligence – actually killed local residents.

We know they shot much more film than was shown; and while they were there, over a period of four days, shot footage at various locations, hired extras, used smoke machines and did lots of running back and forth, reshooting scenes carrying children who were given “crips” or potato chips as reward.


In previous attacks, according to Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, children were drugged in order to be convincingly photographed and killed by film teams using brutal medical techniques.

Swedish Doctors For Human Rights ( analysed videos, the rescue after an alleged attack by Syrian government forces. The doctors found that the videos were counterfeit, where even Arabic stage directions were overheard, and that the alleged “Rescue”, in actuality, is a murder. On first analysis, it looked as though the doctors working on the child assumed he was already dead.


The latest attack on VT physically took out servers, this time far more severe than the first server attack. VT is at war with a government it seems; President Trump has ordered us destroyed and now has the Department of Homeland Security questioning staff and working to cut off our White House sources.


We have maimed the Trump presidency, or so he believes. Imagine that. We begin today with Syria, and then return home to Washington, though it is no longer a “home” Americans can be proud of; perhaps it hasn’t been since that day in 1963, but that is a story too often told, though best not forgotten.


It was three days ago when I interviewed the team, working as truck drivers for an NGO, that were in Khan Sheikhoun during the gas attack and after. Their briefing went to President Assad, but only after they stopped at the only safe haven in Damascus and gave us our story. We are putting the 23-minute interview here, and we can assure you, as much as anyone can be trusted anymore, that Assad is dealing with the only existing evidence.


When we questioned the insane narrative the MSM and Trump, now “brothers in arms” as we had warned all along, we were taken down by cyber attacks from Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, the US Army Cyber Command.

Our sources at the White House are angry, and leak everything now. You see, the joint chiefs, even while we face war with North Korea and half the world, could be out playing golf with Trump like he does almost every day. The White House doesn’t just have visitors to keep secret, they have two dozen employees there, not just the white queen of war, Ivanka and her Kosher-nostra husband. The mob has moved into the White House, they oversee day to day operations of the US government.

They do this, they have had to – they don’t trust Trump. Even they say he is insane. His daughter was moved there to keep track of him, keep him busy, even though it is likely to send her fashion empire into a tailspin and her kids into reform school and a life of crime, which is of course the Kushner family way.


Why VT is Silenced

Our exposé on the White Helmets caught Trump’s attention. Trump advisor Steve Bannon had always hated them and, as we had stated before, Trump had also. But what we didn’t know is the whole story behind the Idlib attack. Both Syria and Russia screwed themselves by failing to share intelligence. Both know little about handing the press or managing fake news. Hell, RT and Sputnik news are two of the most penetrated news organizations on the planet.

Finally, Syria and Russia decided to say that Syria may have hit a chemical weapons storage facility, which caused the deaths. This was a fake story, but it was perhaps less fake than the other one. I had actually advised them, (and we do that here from time to time), that if they were going to make things up, to at least stay on the same page. This was a “white lie,” because Syria didn’t actually gas anyone, and some story is better than no story – or is it? We will see.

Four days in advance, we had received a warning that this attack would occur. I had gone to “assets” in Syria and asked them to check on an NGO (Google Idea Groups) that was sending gas masks and other protective equipment into Syria, intended for Homs and Damascus. This is where we expected the attacks to come. President Putin had this same intelligence and may have prevented these attacks as well when he announced, in an interview on Russian television, that he knew they had been planned.

Then again, with gas in place and film crews onsite, they may come also, but only after whatever happens in Korea transpires so they don’t interfere with a managed news cycle. Managing news, even to the point of phony missile attacks and sending the fleet to rocket North Korea is cover for what is going on in Washington – a civil war.

Short as possible, this is why the change in policy. Frankly speaking, Trump was right on the money when he called out the media and Hillary Clinton for her policies on Russia and Syria. Trump was right, and these moments of clarity from a man utterly insane, were the bright spots in his rhetoric. He did notice, and from time to time says things that border on brilliance.

What he wasn’t entirely aware of is where this hatred of Putin comes from. Syria is still all about Putin, as it’s just the southern flank of the Ukraine NATO invasion. Trump was unaware, and to an extent Putin was also, that Israel, not so much the nation but as the virtual home of a plan for global destabilization and subjugation, and this is exactly what I mean, was orchestrating events.

Putin had drawn the ire of the Kosher-nostra – a massive, global, organized crime ring that infiltrated the CIA in steps, beginning with Reagan, and as the Soviet Union fell apart, their massive security apparatus was unleashed on the world much as something out of a James Bond film. One of their targets was Donald Trump, a bankrupt Manhattan “celeb-buffoon” with powerful political connections.

As the CIA moved from destabilizing Poland, and into Russia, they began looking for allies. The KGB was perfect for them, and the CIA began smuggling vital goods, like Marlboro cigarettes, into Russia and to the KGB. The CIA first took over key border crossings, partnered with the KGB; and then together they brought Russia’s bankers to the US. There they met with GOP officials and crossed the aisle to the Democrats as well – partnering with the Greek mafia, whose candidate Michael Dukakis was defeated by Reagan. Those behind Dukakis controlled key banking capabilities in Cyprus and New York; and organizations like the Alfa Bank, Trump’s private cash cow tied to the Russian mob, would flood the US with looted Russian funds.

I personally sat in on many of these conferences and made introductions. Think about where George Tenet came from? There are things even I am unwilling to put in print. Now back to our story.


Did Trump Order the Attack?

Here is what we know. Steve Bannon made sure Trump knew that the 2013 Ghouta gas attack was staged by Turkish intelligence. Our stories on that were dead on, and it was VT that blackmailed the Obama administration into backing off. It all began unraveling for Tel Aviv when they lost a submarine used to land and retrieve commando units that placed radio repeaters, which were used to created the SIGINT traffic America so loves to have before bombing the innocent.

The Pentagon and Israel have a strong partnership in things like this, as American army officers are regular visitors to Israel, where their every sick desire is satisfied. Israel is the Pentagon’s private whorehouse, though Israel looks at things, rightly so, the other way around. Now they have Mar a Lago, where according to food and sanitation inspectors reports, they are taking their lives into their hands. Mar a Lago is filthy.

Trump needed to spin relations around. This is key; he is increasingly aware he is becoming unstable. He can’t stop the continual fantasies, the bizarre lies, the embarrassing mannerisms that Americans are sick of. Nobody can look at him anymore. Trump knows he is out of control and that his “base” of hillbillies and biker-gang types – all he had left after a series of epic fails – left him open for impeachment.

A president is impeached when he is no longer of use to the political party he serves and its masters – big oil, big pharma, big polluters and Wall Street and, above all, world organized crime, who we are now increasingly aware had their hooks into Hillary as well, though to a lesser extent. Hillary still had domestic programs. This is a story we need to get into further and will.


Trump’s Lying Not a Problem, That He Told the Wrong Lies…

You can’t oversimplify some of the story enough, which is in some ways refreshing. Trump was telling the truth about Russia and Syria and, as pressure and workload built up, he became more and more agitated, and with that crazier and crazier. His accusations against Obama over wiretapping and so much else were based on things he saw on TV the night before and had to rush to “tweet-time” before his mind rushed to something else.

Trump is like one of those people who see something on TV and that last idea is so powerful, so all consuming, that they have to run with that; every new thing is “the thing;” every new thing is always “huuuge.” Calling this mind disordered is generous. From Dr. Marcia Purse, a board-certified psychiatrist:

While bipolar disorder is generally considered to be a mood disorder, symptoms can also include disorders of thought—particularly during manic episodes. People in a manic state may have a difficult time filtering out meaningful versus non-meaningful input, and may thus respond to their environment in surprising ways. Ordinary sensory input, such as the sound of traffic or blinking lights, may become severely distracting, focusing attention on nonessential information.

Racing Thoughts and Flights of Ideas With Mania

During manic episodes, it is not unusual for bipolar people to experience “racing thoughts” and “flight of ideas.” These two associated symptoms involve extremely rapid thought processes that, in some cases, leap from topic to topic at incredible speed. Racing thoughts and flight of ideas are also common symptoms of schizophrenia and, in some cases, ADHD.

If you aren’t seeing this, you aren’t paying attention. Add to this a lack of empathy and frequently tossing the term “psychopath” around, and we get closer to home. At the root of this is Trump’s mental instability and a need to put him “on task” as a lovable Russia hater and “Nixonesque mad bomber.” Trump, a man with no feelings or conscience, a con man and thief his entire life – according to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Snopes says no, but Bloomberg really said this, and so much more) – had to start telling the wrong lies.

For Trump this was easy, like any rat, he can abandon ideas, beliefs, anything, even family members, certainly his country, if saving his own skin is at stake; and Trump’s skin is at risk. Trump has also made his move against Russia tied to Netanyahu’s readiness to join the Saudi-Jordanian military move against Southern Syria, a military force to which Trump has added a squadron of American F16s and dozens of Abrams tanks. Forty of them were spotted on the Syrian border yesterday – American flags overhead, guns pointing north toward Damascus.


Phony Media War

We are also seeing that Trump’s war with CNN and the Guardian has been an act, all staged to run harmless anti-Trump op-ed material, so that the real problems, his cash settlements for brutal rapes and criminal frauds, or his horrific mob ties are kept out of the press, while the “liberal press” bashes him for playing too much golf.

Even Russia Today takes part in this. They are, at times anyway, an embarrassment.

When we put this with the Russia thing – the hacked election, the meetings, the payoffs – we come to another conclusion. We think now that all of this was a setup as well – that Trump’s gang, Sessions, Monfort, Kushner, Flynn all ran to Russia to provide a cover and deception operation for Trump’s real ties to the anti-Putin Kosher-nostra mafia, the gang he is setting up in the White House to run America. Trump is now protected by a 5th Supreme Court vote and can’t be impeached – the court will simply stop it.

Consider the constitution trashed. It was bent and bruised beyond recognition anyway, with Citizens United, reapportioning and gerrymandering, congress placing itself above the law, and even the over 100-year-old illegal Federal Reserve.

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