Do the Alien ETs make them do it?


by  Preston James 


When several individuals working in various parts of the Deep-black or Beyond-black Secret Space War program have done unexpected things like allowing an Alien ET that was in captivity escape, or have gone against existing policies, they were forgiven. Why?

But it is also a fact that many who tried to disclose the Secret Space War after working in these deep-black and beyond-black unacknowledged programs have been “terminated with extreme prejudice” by executive action.

In these first cases the particular secret space war workers who have been exempted from serious sanction are cut some slack by their superiors for a reason.

The reason is that their superiors realize that some Alien ETs that secret space-war workers have contact with possess an exceptionally powerful, intrinsic ability to mind-kontrol the humans they work around.

The supervisory view in these cases has been “the Aliens made them do it”, or some equivalent. Each of these individuals who broke the rules and did something an Alien ET willed them to do that was against policy had been working in close proximity to Alien ETs, some of whom who were captured, and some of whom were working in joint technology development programs as fellow workers.

In these cases, the human workers who screwed up and broke the rules were typically “forgiven” and allowed to presume their given assignments, albeit with closer supervision for a while.

These cases were undoubtedly different than those who decided to go off the reservation outside their allowed parameters and decided to leak deep-black secrets or beyond-black secrets, like Phil Schneider who was murdered (terminated with extreme prejudice: “with-prejudice” means that a final judgment has been made with no appeal possible, “extreme” means the most extreme final life-ending measures are taken, which in common terms means assassination by any of over 100 different ways, many medical and undetectable; some arkencides arranged to look like obvious murders, yet called “suicides” by crooked medical examiners).

The biggest secrets of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) are the 147 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) connected by a sophisticated high speed maglev railroad system, and the huge Secret Space War programs of the US Navy and the USAF, able to penetrate deep space with crash-recovered, back-engineered, anti-gravity craft.

These Secret Shadow Government (SSG) programs, along with above-ground secret spy operations, cost an estimated total of between 1.75 and 2.0 Trillion USD per year. Since our federal budget is about 3.3 Trillion USD, you can understand why the middle class is evaporating by the day, and few have any disposable income. Much of this black money is borrowed secretly and directly from the Federal Reserve System at full interest charged to We The People.

This kind of asset theft and out of control spending is not sustainable and will bring complete economic collapse to the USA unless stopped soon.

How’s that for completely irrational, self-destructive abuse of power? Perhaps those responsible that run the USG and SSG policy-making boards have all been soul-snatched and mind-kontrolled by Alien ET entities whom they think are their friends or partners in defense of Planet Earth?

The SSG raises vast “off the books” black money through various sophisticated criminal activities, like sophisticated bust-out scams (e.g. Enron), insurance scams, direct Federal Reserve System deposits, bloated defense budgets for imaginary costs, massive CIA and US Military Drug Trafficking into America including cocaine from South America and opiates from Afghanistan.


Those who have attempted to make major leaks to the public exposing the deep-black or beyond-black unacknowledged programs have typically been prevented from getting too far, and are usually murdered, often by covert means diagnosed as fake suicides or “arkencides” by corrupt or manipulated LE.

Insiders from the Secret Space War (SSW) program have claimed to some of their friends that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has two deep-space, anti-gravity fleets – one the USN, the other the USAF, sometimes in competition, sometimes working together.

Claims have been made that these SSW fleets are battling certain evil groups of Alien ETs that are would attack, subdue Planet Earth through wormholes and stargates and would attack and destroy the USA and mass-murder all its citizenry unless the SSG SSW fleets fought them and held them off.

Toroidal wormholes, stargates in the quantum verse

The best completely vetted insiders who have spoken out on this subject are Dan Burisch, William Tompkins, and Philip Schneider. Phil Schneider was murdered for speaking out. Dan Burisch and William Tompkins have apparently been authorized to speak out by superiors. This is an indication that the policy board responsible for all Alien ET and SSW matters is split between the older members and the younger ones who favor limited disclosure.

Others have come forth who have not been completely vetted, but are perhaps still telling the truth, like Mark Richards and Cory Goode – at least to the best of their ability. Insider reports suggest that those serving in the USN or USAF deep-space fleets have their memories wiped at the end of their service, but reports indicate that some have memories returning after a period of time.

Phil Schneider claimed to have survived a deadly underground firefight at Dulce, NM

Yes, sometimes major credible leaks are allowed and even perhaps ordered.

Certain recent major leaks have been authorized by higher-ups and allowed with demarcated parameters.

This is a result of a current, deep split within Majestic, the secret organization that is now much larger than the original 12 members and involves members from G7 nations, who share all Intel agencies and functions among each other. You might wonder, how could this be, when an absolute secrecy lock-down has seemed to be in place so long?

The answer is that the top control group, Majestic in its current expanded international form has apparently had a deep split between its oldest members and its youngest. Rumors linked to those closely associated with some of these programs are that the younger ones want disclosure to occur. But they want it to occur in a managed, progressive roll-out, such that the public can integrate the information without panicking and destroying the existing governmental, social and business institutions.

Any powerful politician who is known to be completely immune from any prosecution for known serious felonies including murder, pedophilia, war crimes, crimes against humanity, treason or sedition (capital crimes) is likely to be a member of Majestic, or a very high secret member of the CIA, NSA, or other secret policy board with national security clearances higher than even the US President. Unless changes occur, it is impossible to take these perps down. Fortunately many are reaching old age, poor health and will die soon.

Some individuals with well-vetted secret backgrounds in the Secret Space War business have now come forward to disclose previously forbidden information.

So now we have had several high-level individuals with validated histories come forth that have made major disclosures. Three of these are major American Heroes: Philip Schneider, Dan Burisch and William Tompkins. It is unlikely that Dan Burisch and William Tompkins could have disclosed unless they have been pre-authorized to do so and been given a green light. The content they disclosed must have been pre-approved in order for them to come forth with such astounding but true information that is usually at the same time denied by one part of the SSG.

Compare these two cases to others who have disclosed the much more highly classified Deep-black, deep-space anti-gravity Secret Space Wars allegedly being fought right now between an unspecified coalition of US and other nations against Alien ET enemies.

One of these individuals who appears to be a major leaker, Mark Richards, has been jailed on an apparent trumped-up murder charge. Such individuals, after completing their decade long deep-space “tours of duty”, have alleged that sophisticated means were used to wipe their memories and regress them backwards in time recognition. Despite this, some are apparently recovering many of these wiped memories.

Intel groups have always specialized in maltreatment of their best operatives after they leave service or retire. Sometimes even many NOCs (CIA officers with No Official Cover, working in high risk penetration situations) are harassed. I have worked with a number of agents in the past who were disrespected, seriously abused and kept off balance continually after finishing their service and entering normal civilian life. I have never met a happy Intel agent, special op man, Intel asset while working or while retired; they don’t exist, as far as I know. Many are harassed every day when retired to keep them off balance; some are murdered as loose ends to be forever quieted. This was done to Seal Team Six after assassinating the Osama Double.


Men who were lost that day on Gander Canada Arrow Air from Egypt

In general, it is now very, very dangerous being a special op for Uncle Sam.

The new policy is to make them sick, disabled, harassed, stressed out and often murdered by executive action. All done to keep them from disclosing secret technologies and methodologies.

And as many now realize the USG murdered the Seal Team Six men who broke in and assassinated the Osama bin Laden who already died in late 2001. And the twelve South American “spooky teams” were ordered murdered by their commander to prevent loose ends. One of the teams figured this out and escaped and thus survived.

Some of this maltreatment of Intel agents, assets, and ops involves generating fake crimes, fake arrests and selective prosecutions for doing what they were ordered to do, in order to discredit them and keep them from ever being able to testify in Congressional hearings or providing court testimony. Historically, it is quite easy to then discredit such individuals by publicly pointing out such a prior conviction (even though they are usually 100% fake).

Why do these Intel agencies do this to their agents, many who have served America believing they were doing the right thing and protecting America (even when they weren’t and were merely serving the Ruling Cabal’s needs)?

My best guess is that the handful of men that sit at the top of this Ruling Cabal Hierarchy are evil to the core and are doing their best to attain their inter-generation, age-old, anti-human Globalist NWO Agenda and believe that, by harassing and murdering their agents and Cutouts, they prevent too many disclosures that would expose their evil and bring them down.


These perps have had their souls extracted and have no functioning conscience or any human feeling at all.

Some even doubt that their bloodline is human at all and view them as Canaanites (Kenites) of spawn of the snake-being, Satan. The fine art of snatching someone’s very soul is referred to as the fine art of human compromise, which can include satanic/pedophile compromise and other forms of sophisticated mind-kontrol comprised of drugging, psychotronics and various methods of soul-murder through trauma-conditioning.

These perps that order such evil operations responsible for “soul-snatching” (aka soul removal or soul murder) are two-faced liars and pure psychopaths. They tend to view everyone along the way as disposable worthless pawns and useless eaters, including all their agents and Cutouts, and even the ones they provide vast riches and power to, and who assist them in attaining this evil agenda.

Publicly they present a false front as serious “public servants” and claim all their actions are necessary to protect true US National Security, which they invoke as a false cover for their numerous habitual capital crimes.

Invoking the so-called “national security” is of course always a big lie, because the top policy-makers who run Intel don’t give a damn about the USA as a republic or its survival. They view the USA and We The People as an enemy to be subdued and used to attain their agenda, and as a cash cow to asset strip for their own riches, power and benefit.

These soulless psychopaths have in essence been running a secret war against We The People and humans in general.

And their continual claims of acting to protect national security are bogus, because the only security they are concerned about is their own personal security, riches and power and the continuance of their Globalist NWO Agenda of Evil. These world class criminals seem to repeatedly and perpetually invoke national security as a false shield to cover the criminal activities of themselves, the Ruling Cabal and their Cutouts and agents.


Down the rabbit hole.

What has leaked out over the years is that human appearing Alien ETs or ET/Human hybrids that pass for human have been working in mid- to high-level positions inside the Pentagon, various Intel operations, Congress, several USG LE agencies and even inside the White House at times.

I can assure you with complete confidence that there are quite a number of human-appearing Alien ET’s and Alien ET/human hybrids walking among us, and some have been prepped and placed into high USG or SSG positions.

There are sound credible witnesses who have claimed this, and it has some astounding ramifications. It has been rumored from good sources that some of these infiltrators have exerted some remarkable influence on high USG individuals who would have otherwise gone a different direction in their creation of USG policies.

Certainly it has been alleged for many years that High Cabal members pass through initiations involving honey traps, various perversions, and then to pedophilia, then child sacrifice, then child torture, then child vivisection, and finally child cannibalism.

It has been rumored for years that in some opulent restaurants in DC and a certain Mideast Nation, child flesh is served as a cooked delicacy.

One well respected CIA Officer, Robert Steele, now retired, has also supported this claim.

Robert Steele

There have been rumors and reports from multiple reliable sources for years that, at a certain point in this progressive initiation process into the highest levels of the Ruling Cabal which is occult and Satanic, the “initiate” will be visited by his own personal spirit guide from the Darkside, a consigliore (adviser).

This consigliore will appear at certain times in private and will serve as a special Intel adviser and has some limited knowledge of future events. Some have claimed this entity appears as a grey Alien ET, others a cloved human beast with a goat’s head (Baphomet), or other strange-appearing entity with apparent supernatural powers.

Consider this hypothesis. Someday, we could see high-level prosecution of all these Ruling Cabal members who caused the USG to enter into illegal unconstitutional wars. Typically these soulless perps are weak cowards when confronted and will talk to save themselves if possible.

I think that we would hear them state the claim repeatedly that “these Darkside entities made me do it and threatened that if we didn’t go along with their Globalist NWO agenda they would just destroy all humans and Planet Earth”.

In the past, this kind of story has been claimed by some insiders who got old and started talking to close friends.

The DOD and CIA have, in the past, run sophisticated remote-viewing operations, some based on inter-dimensional communication with spirit entities through Josephson Junctions. What I have heard about this from some sources is that most quit, as they felt they were being absorbed by the Darkside and that continued work in that area was just too dangerous.




The question would still remain however, what exactly are these personal spirit guides (consigliores) who have been anointing, enriching, empowering and providing high status, while they propel these folks into high positions? Are they a certain bad, evil race of Alien ETs from another planet or star system? Or are they very crafty demons, lesser gods/fallen-ones.

Or are these spirit guides of the high-ranking members of the worldwide satanic cult system (Ruling Cabal) fallen angels, lesser gods, Demons or evil Djinns sent here from the Darkside to use certain select “Bloodline” humans and manipulate them to engage in massive and serial blood sacrifice in order to create a Globalist NWO and pure Hell on earth?

Some believe that Alien ETs are either artificially created soulless androids, or Satan-bred spawn, while others think that some are pure evil that eat human flesh (Dracos) with other Alien ETs being good, visiting here to advise humans and help them develop positively. So far, it has never been reported that any Alien ET has expressed the belief that Jesus of Nazareth was God incarnate, while many Alien ETs have claimed that it was a certain Alien ET group that created humans as a big genetic experiment and that there is no god the first cause creator at all.

Could it be that both these personal spirit guides and Alien ETs are all part of a big deception and a sophisticated means to mind-kontrol Cabal members to be willing to lose their souls for riches, power and status, in order to destroy the human race and plunder the Earth?

We now know for certain that we have a highly compartmented part of our Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that claims to be engaged in deep space wars with certain evil Alien ETs. And all the while perhaps having been mind-kontrolled by other Alien ET groups they believe are friendlies and with whom they work on joint research and engineering projects with.

One thing most who have done extensive research on the Ruling Cabal can agree on is that they are exceedingly self-serving and evil; that they are masters of fomenting wars, mass-death, unimaginable human suffering and numerous incredibly evil crimes against humanity and innocent civilians.

Whatever these Ruling Cabal members are, they seem to be non-human, have no souls and can easily and automatically function as two-faced pathological liars, are addicted to evil and shedding of human blood with mass suffering. They are pure psychopaths, with no conscience or any human feeling at all.

Depleted uranium effects

This Ruling Cabal has used good American soldiers as mere cannon fodder, been responsible for the deaths and disabling woundings of many, and done everything imaginable to weaken them, disable them and make them suicidal upon returning from deployment.

One fact remains however that is promising. Every day more and more of We The People learn the truth of the evil that is emanating from the DC cesspool of evil and the Ruling Cabal. This is actually an unexpected result of the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, a major unrelenting new source of emerging increasingly powerful populism.

So do not lose hope, for the first time in history we are seeing progressive exposure of the wizard of Oz, because the curtain is now being pulled back. Humpty-Dumpty has fallen and cracked into a million pieces, and the good genie is out of the bottle and cannot ever be put back. The more they try to stop this emergent populism, the more it will increase in power as blow-back.

Naturally those of us who are Christian and believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth really lived and died to give us who believe in Him eternal life and the ability to rise above all this, view Alien ET matters as just another sophisticated deception to fool mankind and keep humans from a personal relationship with God Almighty their Maker and Creator.

Right now, if reports are accurate, there is a major ongoing debate inside Majestic between the oldsters and the youngsters as to whether human society could handle disclosure without fracturing and collapsing at all levels, marked by failure of all institutions. Some senior Majestic members believe that the public would become obsessed with the idea, “you boys lied to us for over 50 years, why should we ever trust you at all again, ever?”

Some on Majestic favor limited disclosure, excluding the deep-space war or Antarctic ancient Alien ET saucer relics and 12-foot tall, 12-fingered and 12-towed, dual sets of teeth, red-haired Nephilim frozen in the ice shelf, or their belief that the world is under attack by certain Alien ET groups that are being thwarted by the USN and USAF in deep-space warfare.

Right now soft disclosure is occurring in small progressive steps. If the world avoids a nuclear WW3 in the next year or so then perhaps the USG will finally admit that Alien ETs are real and that we have had treaties with some since 1954.





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