Stop the Funds to Afghanistan and Pakistan


June 18, 2017

[ Editor’s Note: Kadir is nothing if not a dedicated and passionate man. The exposé below is a lot to absorb for those who have not followed the Afghanistan descent into hell, where once again gangsters end up running the show when “the military leaves” (ha, ha), and sometimes even before. If you want to learn a lot quickly, here it is.

This is a man whose ancestors fought the British and knows the Afghan scene like the back of his hand. He is as informed a source as you will find. So like eating an elephant, you might need to take this one bite at a time, as it is a big meal, but well worth the effort… Jim W. Dean ]


To the Honorable Johnny Isakson, U.S. Senator, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics

220 Hart Building, United States Senate,   Washington, D.C. 20510

RE: Senator McCain and Other War Profiteers Need to Be Investigated  –  Stop the Funds to Afghanistan and Pakistan

Dear Chairman Isakson:

The war profiteers’ and war mongers’ perpetuation of the war in Afghanistan benefits them and not ordinary Americans and the majority of Afghans. This war continues to be waged to make money for the war profiteers and war mongers. A sizable portion of funds for the war and aid are ending up in the pockets of these U.S. and Afghan war profiteers.

On April 6, 2012 when I met with the U.S. State Department’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mr. Frank Ruggiero, I asked him who are the real decisions makers regarding the continuation of the war in Afghanistan? He implied that it was not President Obama when I asked if it was the President. It looks like it is the Pentagon, war mongers and war profiteers especially the ones in our government arguing for the continuation of this war, which is highly profitable to them.

I strongly believe it is time that the Senate Ethics Committee investigate whether or not Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and other senators, such as Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Lindsey Graham, Representative Dana Rohrabacher and Representative Adam Kinzinger have conflicts of interest and allegedly are personally profiting from the perpetuation of the war in Afghanistan.

It has been alleged in the Afghan media and by some Afghan individuals that some U.S. Senators, who sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee, are profiting from the war and the drug trafficking in Afghanistan such as through the provision of necessary chemicals to convert the raw opium to heroin. Senator John McCain’s wife, Mrs. Cindy Hensley McCain’s businesses allegedly profit from the war in Afghanistan. It appears that Senator McCain tries to keep an arm’s length distance from his wife’s war profits to try to shield himself from conflict of interest problems.

However, since Senator McCain is presently serving as the “Chairman” of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the ethics committee should investigate these allegations. In addition, it has been reported by Afghan media, Afghan individuals and other western media that intelligence services such as the CIA and MI6 are involved in the drug trafficking in Afghanistan. The Senate Ethics Committee needs to investigate these allegations involving senators and any alleged connections that may be conflicts of interest

In addition, I Congressional Committee need to investigate the funding of the so-called “ISIL” fighters in Afghanistan. I believe individuals such as U.S. Senator John McCain are obstacles to peace in Afghanistan because of the war profiteering in his family. At a recent U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee’s hearing on February 9, 2017, when General Nicholson was asked why the United States or the Afghan government do not use air power to eliminate the opium fields, General Nicholson quickly stated that the counter narcotics policy is not a defense policy. Chairman McCain did not make any comment. It appeared that it was an issue no one wanted to address especially the war profiteers on the committee. Very quickly the committee moved on to the next issue.

I believe a lot more investigation needs to be done regarding who is involved and who is profiting from the war and drug trafficking. I think the world would be surprised to learn who the profiteers are. Some independent investigators need to find out who or which companies, agencies or governments brought the chemicals and the process to convert opium to heroin to Afghanistan.

At the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee’s hearing on February 9, 2017, the issue of narco-state was very briefly discussed. General Nicholson referred to the Taliban as the “narco-insurgency.” I believe that is a lie. It is a fact that since the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan the opium drug trade has soared. The United States has restored such drug trafficking.

The United States’ foreign policy in Afghanistan, which is driven by the decision making of the CIA, the war profiteers, Pentagon, and war mongering military think tanks such as RAND, supports the thriving drug trafficking. It is a fact that under the Taliban government rule the drug trafficking and poppy production was almost completely eradicated.

Even the United Nations General Assembly in October 2001 acknowledged this fact when it referenced the Taliban’s 2000 Opium Eradication Program. Every Afghan knows that historically the CIA and Northern Alliance have always been the drug traffickers in Afghanistan. I believe it is also common knowledge that the CIA and JSOC fund their dirty, secret operations through dirty money that comes from laundering that drug money through CIA shell companies and banks in the Middle East and off-shore.

It is common knowledge that the CIA started this type of funding for its operations back in the 1980s. As many have discovered, unfortunately heroin has become part of the war agenda. I believe the United States is responsible for making Afghanistan a narco-state with a corrupt puppet Afghan government with many top officials involved in this drug trafficking. It is easy to blame the “Taliban” for the narco-state because the American public are more likely to believe that allegation.

I am saddened that so many Afghans, Americans and others have become heroin addicts and have been negatively impacted because of this drug trafficking. It is time that the Senate Ethics Committee investigates whether or not any senators are profiting directly or indirectly from this drug trafficking in Afghanistan.

In addition, Afghan children are especially the victims of this ugly U.S. war and occupation. Afghan puppet administration officials, funded and supported by the United States, are bringing poor Afghan children to U.S. Embassy and  guest houses “brothels” where they are sexually molested. It is common knowledge that many of these houses are paid for with U.S. monies.

When I traveled to Afghanistan in 2012, a few medical doctors and other influential Afghans informed me of this problem. These crimes and corruption must be the number one focus of investigations. Afghan medical doctors in hospitals such as Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul, who have treated these children, have told me about these crimes. These medical doctors are afraid to report these crimes to the government officials for fear of retaliation. How shameful!

These doctors need to be brought to the United States to testify before an investigative committee. I would like to see testimony regarding this issue at the Senate’s Armed Services Committee hearing or before other relevant congressional committees. There have been allegations by Afghans on the ground that a few senators, who have served in Afghanistan have been involved in crimes that exploit Afghan children. These allegations need to be investigated. How shameful!

In addition to allegations of sexual exploitation of Afghan children and the profiting from drug trafficking, the war mongers and war profiteers benefit from Afghanistan’s Rare Earth Elements (REEs). With the new administration in place I was hoping that the United States policy towards Afghanistan would change.

However, after watching the U.S. Senate’s Armed Services Committee’s hearing on February 9, 2017, chaired by Senator McCain, which addressed military operations in Afghanistan at which General John Nicholson testified, I am extremely alarmed by his statements and allegations which point to not only a continuation of the war against the ethnic majority, the Pashtun/Afghan villagers, but an escalation of the U.S. led military offensive against the Pashtun villagers, especially in Helmand, where the vast deposits of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are located, which the United States’ actions have demonstrated a desire to control as its new supply chain and stock pile.

There will be more U.S. troops deployed to Afghanistan under Nicholson’s “conditions based approach”, more money to build Afghanistan’s air warfare capabilities and special forces on the ground, more targeting and ethnic cleansing of the Pashtun villagers under what Nicholson referred to as “the greater population control” by the U.S. selected Afghan administration especially in critical areas like Helmand and the Pashtun tribal areas in the region.

As a side note, General John Nicholson’s great great grandfather Brigadier General John Nicholson was imprisoned in the first Anglo Afghan war between November 1841 and March 1842. Ironically, my great great grandfather, Wazir Akbar Khan was the Afghan leader who imprisoned Brigadier General John Nicholson. I would hope there would not be revenge in the heart and mind of the present U.S. military commander of operations in Afghanistan.

Why does the United States ‘ government want to continue waging war in Afghanistan? Why is the U.S. government occupying Afghanistan? I strongly believe it is not about supporting its independence or sovereignty. It is not about caring for the Afghan people. It is not about Freedom for Afghan women . It is not about terrorism, al-Qaeda or Daesh. Afghanistan is not responsible for the tragic events of 9/11.

The U.S. government’s 28 classified pages, which were referred to recently in the media and recent lawsuits, are pointing to Saudi Arabia. Yet the U.S. government chose to invade and occupy Afghanistan. I think it is time that the U.S. government reveal why it is really in Afghanistan. When I met with Ambassador Hugo Llorens in 2012 when I visited Afghanistan to talk with Afghans about how to bring peace, Mr. Llorens implied that it is about REEs. At that time, I was encouraged by many war profiteers to get a contract and become involved in the REE business. I did not as I would not profit from a bloody war.

It is all about the vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in Afghanistan especially in the Pashtun areas such as Helmand and about relocating its outer defense perimeter to Central Asia with Afghanistan at the heart. The U.S. Pentagon referred to Afghanistan as the “Saudi Arabia of lithium…” The U.S. government needs a new supply chain for REEs instead of relying on China to supply it with REEs.

The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is really about the U.S. and NATO having direct access and control over Afghanistan’s vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (REEs), which are worth trillions. These REEs are vital to the manufacture of technology and defense systems. The U.S. sent down geologists with special operations forces into the REE deposits of the Helmand region at the start of the invasion.

The U.S. even knew about these REEs deposits before the war. I believe control of the REEs and profit from are the real reasons for the invasion, continued occupation and covert war and genocide against the Afghan villagers.
The New York Times wrote an article about the REEs in 2010 in which it referred to Afghanistan as becoming “…one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.”

It is not about fighting terrorism. It is about the U.S. fighting for control of the Afghan people’s REEs. It is about the war profiteers profiting from these REEs even U.S. government officials. It is obvious that the U.S. and NATO will fight anyone that gets in their way of this goal. The Afghan villagers are in their way because this REE rich-land is their land and as history has shown they cherish their freedom and defend their homeland. I believe this is why genocide and other war crimes are being committed now against the Afghan/Pashtun villagers.

Russia, India, Iran and China want the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan because the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is impeding the implementation of the Chinese-Pakistan Economic Corridor agreement. Afghanistan, the Heart of Central Asia, links China to the West. Russia and India want to connect to this economic trade route. The building of the new “silk road”, through Afghanistan is being impeded by the U.S. occupation of and war in Afghanistan. China cannot connect its rail roads and roads through  Afghanistan to the west.

The ring roads are not being built and connected to the roads and tracks of neighboring countries, particularly those roads and tracks in Western China. The U.S. war impedes connectivity and the trade. Central Asia is the region of new economic growth. The U.S. war profiteers and war mongers want to financially benefit that is why the war continues. The war profiteers want the United States to remain in Afghanistan long term.

The United States’ war policy targets and kills Pashtun villagers everyday. The United States’ thugs like Rashid Dostum see it as a green light to ethnic cleanse Pashtun villagers. On February 10, 2017, U.S.  airstrikes in Helmand Province, in the SanginDistrict, killed thirty innocent Pashtun villagers. These war crimes have occurred almost every day during this long ugly war.

In its war and occupation of Afghanistan, the United States has used the worst Afghan criminals like Hanif Atmar national security adviser and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to do its dirty work. On September 29, 2016, the United States’ government signed an agreement with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar,the ”Butcher of Kabul” who is on the terrorist or black list.. It is widely known that he has been living in a VIP suite at Bagram U.S. military base and secretly working with the United States.

It is also widely known that his militia forces work with the CIA controlled mercenaries. The United States is bringing this war criminal, Hekmatyar,into the Afghan U.S. selected administration. This corrupt puppet Afghan government will now have three heads. It will be a three headed snake. The United States will be using this war criminal to terrorize the Afghan villagers. How shameful.

At the hearing, General Nicholson emphasized that the United States needed a “conditions based approach” when deciding the number of U.S. troops to deploy in Afghanistan. He emphasized breaking the “stalemate” and focusing on “winning” the war instead of “not losing the war”. To me, these words point to an escalation of the war and not a peace strategy, which greatly concerns me.

General Nicholson did briefly mention “peace through reconciliation”. With communist war criminals, like Rashid Dostum, First Vice President of Afghanistan, who the United States has on its payroll and it likes to use as its thug to do its dirty work there can be no reconciliation when Dostum along with his private militia, Afghan forces and U.S. mercenaries kill, torture and rape Afghan/Pashtun in northern Afghanistan and burn their homes with impunity. There can be no reconciliation let alone peace when there is such ethnic cleansing and war crimes committed by members of an Afghan administration and its thugs supported by the United States.

Unfortunately, there can be no peace in Afghanistan without justice. The Afghan people deserve justice just as much as the Bosnians, the Rwandans, the Jewish victims in World War II, etc, who received justice through international tribunals. The war criminals, Afghan and American, whoever they are and whatever positions or jobs they hold, including the executive office, must be prosecuted in lawful tribunals for these crimes. If the war ends and there are prosecutions for war crimes then there is a chance at peace.

Several times during the hearing, General John Nicholson stated that ISIL K is in Afghanistan. I strongly believe that is a big lie. It is common knowledge among Afghans that any so-called Daesh, ISIS or ISIL-K in Afghanistan are mercenaries, contractors and just plain thugs paid for with U.S. and Afghan monies and drug trafficking monies. Please see the attached video.

When I met with Abdullah Abdullah in September, 2012 in Afghanistan, after showing me his extremely expensive gold watch, paid for with U.S tax dollars, he bragged that he was in charge of the mercenaries/contractors, DAESH, ISIL ISIS. I have known Abdullah since childhood. Furthermore, I have been told from reliable sources on the ground in Afghanistan any “so-called” DAESH, ISIL ISIS, fighters in Afghanistan are really CIA and MI6 contracted thugs, and hired thugs of the Afghan National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar, who has released from jail the worst killer and drug trafficker, Mohammad Mukhtar, to oversee these hired thugs, the so-called Daesh.

These are nothing more than hired thugs involved in the drug trafficking. It has been alleged that the CIA would rather control the drug trafficking like it allegedly did in the 1980s . All of the fighting happening now in the Tora Bora region, Nangarhar Province, Achin District, really has to do with control of the drug trafficking and drug routes. It has been alleged that the CIA wants to control the routes of the drug trafficking.

Why does there need to be the appearance that Daesh or ISIL is in Afghanistan? The American people will support the continuation of the war in and occupation of Afghanistan if they are led to believe that ISIL, ISIS or Daesh fighters are in Afghanistan. The former, governor of Paktika Abdul Karim Mateen, admitted that the Afghan government paid several hundred thousand dollars for these mercenaries and thugs, which are the Daesh. He was removed from his position right after that comment. So I ask you, who the real “terrorists” are in Afghanistan? Who are they paid to terrorize?

Lastly but not least, I am extremely alarmed by General Nicholson’s response to Senator Peters’ question, when the General stated that the Afghan administration needs to have “greater population control”. The General emphasized this control is part of the four year plan. The population that the U.S. and its Afghan administration in Kabul have not been able to control is the majority Pashtun villagers especially in the Helmand and the tribal areas.

General Nicholson identified Helmand as a critical area. He even wants to send the marines back to that province to have a key role. Helmand just happens to be where the vast majority of the Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are located, which are worth trillions and vital to technology and defense systems. In the past decade or so, the United States started looking for an alternative supply chain (as China has been the main exporter) and for a source of REEs to stockpile. The United States knew about these REEs before its invasion. The United States now has control of the REEs in Afghanistan.

With its divide and conquer tactics and its criminal thugs like Dostum, and Hekmatyar, the United Statesand the war profiteers believe the Pashtun villagers can be controlled or eliminated and the mining and stockpiling of REEs can occur without the burden of environmental regulations that address the harmful byproducts of such mining. Besides establishing its new outer defense perimeter in Central Asia, post Warsaw Pact, the United States wants a long term presence in Afghanistan to secure and control the REEs. It is all about the REEs ! It really is not about terrorism.

The United States’ war and occupation policy, perpetuated by the war profiteers and war mongers, is creating more terrorism and instability. The United States can achieve its goals without war. The United States sees the majority native Pashtun villagers as the roadblock. The Pashtun in the tribal areas are viewed as the roadblock. They cherish their freedom.

Throughout history, the Pashtun have always fought foreigners on their soil to defend their families, homeland and their resources. Instead of making Pashtun the enemy with its war policy, the United States needs to truly talk with the Pashtun majority to end the war. This war against the largest native tribe, the Pashtun, is amoral and illegal.

Everyday all over Afghanistan the U.S. with its drones and weaponry kill Afghan civilians especially Pashtun tribal leaders, religious scholars and students. Afghan Pashtun lives matter. Afghan civilian lives matter. Muslim lives matter. I strongly believe the United States and NATO must seek a peace policy and strategy, end this ugly, illegal war and leave Afghanistan. The preservation of human life and human rights matter more than the war mongers’ misplaced scape goating and revenge, and the war profiteers’ bank accounts. Justice matters.

Afghans have suffered enough these past four decades because of war, occupation, drug trafficking and corruption. The Afghan children have suffered enough. Average Americans have suffered enough because of this war. The war profiteers are the only ones benefiting.

Change the war strategy to a “sincere” negotiations strategy for peace. To do so, Pakistan cannot be involved in these negotiations. The United States and the war profiteers know that the Afghan Resistance will not come to the table if Pakistan is involved. Therefore, I strongly believe that peace negotiations must be held without Pakistan’s involvement.

Your committee must investigate Senators who are allegedly profiting from this ugly war in Afghanistan. In addition, other congressional committees must investigate this corruption and shameful exploitation of Afghan children.


Kadir A. Mohmand

Former Representative of the Afghan Freedom Fighters for North America in the 1980s

6147 Old Log Trail

Kalamazoo, MI 49009


cc: To the Honorable Christopher A. Coons, Vice Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics


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