HIJACKING America with Social Engineering

Feminizing the male ideal is epitomized by Donatello's David, nonchalantly standing on his warrior's helmet

by  Preston James


The feminized male is epitomized by Donatello’s David (L), who nonchalantly stands on his warrior’s helmet. Da Vinci’s David poses confidently on the right.

It is an age-old, inter-generational “bloodline plan” to globalize the world and bring it under the rule of a single entity, an entity from the Dark Side. 

It was deployed beginning in 1913, and is now being accentuated on multiple fronts, and in earnest right now. The driving forces behind this effort to transform American into a third-world Globalist surrogate nation are the social-engineering methodologies of the Babylonian Talmudics.

And we now know for certain that there is a small core group of Babylonian Talmudics who are satanic pedophiles, and who are empowered by the Dark Side that sets the top policies, and which then create and manage the deployment of all these social-engineering methodologies.

This plan has reached its nexus in America since 1913, when the Babylonian Talmudics (BTs) bribed and human-compromised enough members of the US Congress and the President to pass the Federal Reserve Act.

Passage of this act illegally and unconstitutionally transferred US money-creation and -distribution to a private City of London pseudo-banking franchise. This franchise itself was hijacked by the Rothschild (aka Bauer) family, and these are the folks who became the leaders of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, over 1000 years before.

The Federal Reserve System (FRS) was privately incorporated in Delaware in 1914. It is not a bank, nor is it a monetary reserve, but is little more than a sophisticated Ponzi scheme which issues debt-notes, calls it money – now mandated by bogus federal law – and then charges pernicious usury (illegal interest) to we Americans who use it.

This COL covert financial system including the massive FRS is the greatest financial fraud ever perpetrated on mankind. It is designed to eventually entrap the whole world in a massive, self-imploding web of debt that will bring the whole world to its knees. This is expected to prepare the nations and the people of the world to accept a NWO one-world government leader who will establish a new electronic, crypto-monetary system based on Block-chain tracking.

Constant inflation has been mandated into this FRS System in order to mask the massive drain that FRS interest payments make on the US economy, which are charged against all Federal taxpayers. Right now, a good estimate is that about 40% of all Federal Tax revenue goes towards interest charged by the FRS.

Ex Corde License plate (photo art)

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) have been deployed as Vatican agents to establish the Globalist one-world financial government.

This RKM world financial network is designed to form the basic structure from with the one-world Globalist government is supposed to emerge from.

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) have been the financial agents and bankers of the Vatican, which itself is run by the Old Black Euro nobility, satanic pedophile bloodline occult families that prefer to remain hidden in their background and use the Superior General and the RKM as their personal agents.

As the British Empire waned the RKM deployed a covert plan to maintain that empire through a worldwide RKM Banking franchise system of member banks. Within a generation, the foundation for a very strong covert NWO financial system was created and this was a secret system of financial influence run out of the City of London (COL).

The basic NWO structure was thus set up with the Vatican as the Spiritual Head, the City of London as the Financial Head and Washington DC as its Military Enforcer.

It was realized that once the DC Military arm had been used to destabilize the whole world, America the Republic would have to itself be destabilized and transformed into a third world nation.

The Cutouts running the DC regime for the BTs have no idea that they will soon be cut loose when the pin is pulled on America the Republic. This is expected to happen unless this BT “Deep State” is stopped. The BTs plan to do this as soon as the American white male is sufficiently gelded and American borders, language and culture are sufficiently destroyed.

It’s a fact that the “Bloodline families” have always hated non-Khazarian Christians anywhere in the world they have existed.

This was the main driving force in the destruction of Russia by the Bolsheviks who were created by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM), their destruction of Germany and wholesale rape and murder of German women at the end of the war in the Russian invasion zones.

It has been the long term secret policy and agenda of the very top Babylonian Talmudics (aka the Bloodline Family top BTs that set world and American policy) and this policy is that all the assets of America and its people must be hijacked, then the American Goyim must be destroyed and finally America the Republic must too be destroyed.

And the BTs’ chosen methodologies to do this have been created and deployed as massive social engineering in America.

The methodologies that have been deployed to finish off America in order to complete the establishment of this NWO system are empowered from the dark side and are comprised of massive social engineering projects deployed dysfunctional culture as a social engineering weapon of war against We The People.

The Babylonian Talmudics (BTs) have imposed insidious very destructive socially engineered culture upon us Americans designed to destroy everything we love and transform our cities into drug and crimes infested survival of the fittest urban war zones.

Urban jungle

This dysfunctional socially engineered culture that has been deployed against America as a weapon of covert war since 1913 is designed to destroy the American family, normal sex roles, our language, borders, our normal American culture and our Republic.

It is a multi-headed hydra known and its corollaries are political correctness; diversity; affirmative action based on race rather than performance; gender-neutral dumbed-down teaching in the schools (Jesuit “learning against learning”); unisex; LGBT activism; feminism; Hollywoodism (Talmudic TV, movies and media) which include a massive onslaught against America with unrestricted pornography; massive legal and illegal immigration; massive exportation of industry and jobs; the War on Poverty designed to produce more poverty; the War on Drugs (massive CIA drug trafficking into American cities) designed to produce massive urban crime jungles and black ops “off the books money” for covert ops; the War on Terror (massive deployment of CIA and FBI based terror ops) designed to justify illegal unconstitutional wars of aggression in foreign lands; carbon credits; etc.

Right now Amazon is doing to urban retail what Walmart did to rural American retail, that is, pretty much destroying it like Walmart did to thousands of ma/pop shops that had existed for generations. When retail is so highly consolidated to several large vendors associated with the Globalist NWO System, it is quite easy for those who control the USG to also control almost all retail sales and pricing and put the small shop owner out of business forever.

The Babylonian Talmudics are basically a satanic death cult that creates war, mass-death and mass-suffering all over the planet for personal gain and increased occult power. The BTs have infiltrated the USG and raised up RKM Cutouts to manipulate the USG into numerous perpetual illegal unconstitutional wars. A good prototype for this kind of *BT/RKM/COL operation is the notably Satanic Skull and Bones Fraternity at Yale University (a windowless building called the tomb, whose legal name is the Russell Trust, a byproduct of the bloodline family that was a large former Opium smuggler to China). Ever since the opium wars, the British Satanic groups have continued trafficking in illegal drugs for black ops money and have morphed into the various Intel agencies such as MI5&6, the CIA, and the Mossad.


Funeral of priests killed by Bolsheviks (L) — February Revolution (R)

The BTs and their whole worldwide satanic pedophile network are of course based on the same basic tenets of Babylonia Talmudism that produced Bolshevism which was  deployed in Russia in 1917 and resulted in the murder of over 100 Million innocent Russians Christian and Eastern Orthodox Christian Priests.

A secret, very powerful BT cultural war is now being waged specifically against the American white male, and is designed to covertly geld him, kill him off and prevent any coordination of America as the BTs destroy it. This strategy to get rid of the American white male also now includes getting rid of young black males, after they have been used to serve as drug distributors for the CIA in American urban centers.

This strategy to get rid of the American male is all made possible by using them as cannon fodder in perpetual illegal unconstitutional foreign wars and the deployment of Depleted Uranium to weaken, disable, kill off and ruin their family DNA, thus ending many of their family lines. Of course the CIA’s massive drug trafficking into American cities has been used to produce high death rates inside these CIA produced urban jungles of drugs, social disintegration, inter-generational “welfare queens”; and fatherless children with little real parenting.

Depleted uranium effects

Socially engineered culture has been massively deployed by highly dysfunctional public education, which dumbs kids down, ignores serious American History, especially about our founding Founding Fathers and the formation of our American Republic. Rap music, rock music and popular culture has been deployed to distract, dumb-down and preoccupy young minds and prevent them from learning real skills to think straight.

Very high tech chemical warfare is also being deployed to lower American males’ testosterone, sperm counts, and to feminize males in America as well as for altering sex roles normally determined in the womb. During the 1970’s the CIA and the DOD deployed the “gay bomb” as tests in numerous American cities to see if their new gender bending chemicals on pregnant mothers would attain the desired goal. The test was successful beyond expectations, and the technology has been refined and deployed much more widely ever since, all done to destroy normal sex roles and the family, and to limit reproduction.

Most of the rampant American obesity has been socially engineered through the massive mind-kontrol of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is run through a CIA proprietary, a large investment house in Switzerland which claims to be on the vanguard of investments but also secretly finances terror and ISIS (which is the private CIA/Mossad/Saudi mercenary terror army).

This involved deployment of endocrine disrupters in plastics, food and chemtrails that are sprayed into the atmosphere by DOD contractors and CIA aircraft run out of Tuscon, AZ. It has been rumored for years that much of this technology has been gained from Alien ETs and is nano-based, complex bio-engineered mind-kontrol compounds, and nano-magnetic electrical molecular structures (“smart dust”) that are inhaled and cross the blood brain barrier to attach to the synapses and can be remotely activated by psychotronics as remote entrainment.

The BT leadership has realized that unless they covertly geld the American white male hormonally and culturally, they cannot destroy America the Republic.

The cultural weapons deployed against us and our families by the BTs are actually little more than repackaged Bolshevism, which itself is secret Babylonian Talmudism in hidden form.

And those who have done deep research on Babylonian Talmudism know that it is based on pure Satanism, pedophilia, child torture and sacrifice, war, mass-murder and mass human suffering designed to appease their god Satan, who they believe will then transfer increased personal power, riches and status to them.


A long term covert war is being waged against America the Republic and We The People. It has been engineered to destroy our Republic, ruin our American culture, destroy our language and borders and to steal everything we have acquired, followed by the mass-murder of most Americans – except for the very top BTs (a small number). Even the BTs’ Cutouts who run the DC regime will then be “cut-loose” too.

This is all being driven by the Babylonian Talmudics secret, deep hatred of Christianity and the Deistic beliefs of our Founding Fathers. It is also being driven by their participation in the “order of the Snake”, aka Satanic Pedophilia, sometimes referred to as the “Order of the Black Sun”.

This BT covert war is a long term multi-modal attack on Americans, the American male and America itself and unless stopped cold, America is doomed to chaos, continued decline and destruction.

The Internet was deployed to assist in the deployment of this massive BT socially engineered war against America and We The People. It was designed to be the greatest spy device ever deployed. But the BTs who set policy and approved all the expenditures of black money that financed it have experienced the unexpected.

The Internet has become the New Gutenberg Press and has created an massive emergence of populism that is slowing down the RKM’s plans to destroy America the Republic and suck it dry of all assets. The Superior General (Black Pope) and those top several Old Black Nobility Master Satanists whom he works for that set secret world policy are aware of this and actually intended this from the very beginning of the deployment of their Globalist NWO plan.

The RKM and COL crowd who have served as their stateside cutouts are disposable and will be displaced to make way for a new form of fascism, one at first that seems kinder and gentler but will drift quickly into what is best referred to as Cosmic Fascism.

This shift will occur in short order as soon as the governments of the world are manipulated by circumstances beyond their control into disclosing the reality of Alien ETs and their extra-terrestrial anti-gravity craft.

Insiders know for certain that Alien ETs are real and that the USG has secretly formed treaties with them. The Alien ETs have taught high American Intel officials and select DOD contractors the false belief that Alien ETs created the human race and are now closely watching it to make sure they do not take nuclear weapons interstellar. This is a great deception and conservative Christian insiders call it the “final deception of mankind”.

There is a division among those who have dealt with these Alien ETs in joint research projects.  A small but silent minority believe that these Alien ETs have very powerful mind-kontrol skills based on psi-power; can and have easily taken control over the minds and beliefs of most humans they have come into contact with; and have certain hidden agendas to help bring about the Globalist NWO one-world governmental system based on Cosmic Fascism.

When trying to ascertain the true source of BT power the discussion quickly drifts into the dark esoteric. All roads of deep research lead to the conclusion they have consorted with the dark side and given up their very souls and have lost their own humanity in order to gain massive power, riches and status. These BTs are evil beyond imagination in their beliefs and actions.

It’s a very good bet that the true source of the very crafty Globalist NWO plan originated from within the few very top leaders of the worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network who plan to attain their goals through the use of Alien ETs as their new Cutouts during the final transformation to Cosmic Fascism.

And it’s also a good bet that the dark side power that has enabled the BT/RKM/COL to deploy massive social engineering is Lucifer (Satan) and his fallen/lesser gods (elohim) that were cast out by God Almighty and used to test mankind.

*BT/RKM/COL Babylonian Talmudics/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia/City of London aka the Ruling Satanic pedophile Banksters run out of the City of London. With their ability to create money and fraudulent income from pernicious usury for lending their fake, Fiat debt-notes, they would be powerless and out of business in short order.


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