Satan’s Resurrection


Speer-Williams –

The International Banksters, also known unofficially as the Monetary Matrix of the Constabulary, is led by the Rothschild banking tribe, who are venturing to put a happy face on a Satanically resurrected cold war (nuclear war) with Russia.

Rothschild psychopaths command the US and European NeoCons (the so-called Neoconservatives).

NeoCons are Rothschild minions who are little more than outdated, superannuated but reanimated Bolsheviks, who first took over and then destroyed Czarist Russia.

Today, the NeoCons (Bolsheviks) are again trying to destroy Russia, not from governmental positions within the Russian Federation, but from their control of the American government’s Deep State (Shadow Government).

In this wise, the Rothschilds gain command over the US and NATO militaries, with their preemptive and criminal wars on the sovereign, non-threatening, and defenseless nations of the Middle East.

Since the Bill Clinton administration, the NeoCons have controlled the US Congress with blackmail, campaign funds, and more blackmail.

Blackmailing public servants only works when there is sufficient evidence on which to base blackmail.

Proving how criminal our Congress is, out of the votes of 100 senators and 435 Representatives only five voted against the latest American sanctions against Russia.

Certainly our Congress critters are not that stupid; they simply have long been in the back pockets of the Rothschilds, an incestuous family that has a discreditable and lengthy history of profiting from some of mankind’s most hideous crimes against nature and all forms of life.

But still, it is interesting to note that the Rothschilds look remarkably like human beings.

Part of the current Rothschild family that appears to be normal enough

Certainly, the Rothschilds and their ilk commit crimes against humanity for profit; but their motivation for so many dark deeds runs far deeper than that: human suffering is the food that sustains them, for without it, these ghouls (much like lifeless, but reanimated corpses) would perish.

From Russia with … What in the hell is going on over there … have you guys lost your minds?

What’s going on? The Rothschilds plan on decimating Mother Russia as they had their Bolsheviks do in 1917.

And why not? Over seventy percent of the American public considers Russia to be our enemy. And for what is the purpose of a man, but to serve the Rothschilds?

To recapitulate, the International Bankers control the NeoCons. The NeoCons, in turn, control the secret governments of the US and Europe, which in turn direct their various militaries.

The ever-belligerent Rothschilds want yet another war – a nuclear war with Russia.

And who is there to stop the warmongering Rothschilds and their pets of prey, the NeoCons?

President Donald Trump? No, our current Mr. President has proven to be powerless against the NeoCons, with their manipulation of all our seventeen US intelligence agencies.*

*NeoCons have been embedded into strategic positions in the US Defense and State Departments since the Bill Clinton administration. From those influential posts, the NeoCons have directed the intelligence agencies, thus forming the American Shadow Government, often called the Deep State.

In any case, President Trump will likely soon no longer be America’s Commander-in-Chief, to the delight of the bought-and-paid-for media and the ignorant American public.

So, our last best hope to avoid a nuclear World War III with Russia will soon be impeached, based on the trumped-up charges against him.

So who will there be to write the history of that fraud in a destroyed world?

The NeoCons, with their control of the Western corporate media, have resurrected the past Russian Cold War threat with their unwarranted, and often untruthful, accusations against Russia and Presidents Putin and Trump.

Since DJT became our president, the Secret Government and media have (without any evidence) claimed Mr. Trump colluded with Mr. Putin to win the November 2016 election.

Earlier, however, the NeoCons and  mainstream media paid no heed to Obama’s secret comment to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, not knowing he was speaking on a live microphone. President Obama said he would have … more flexibility … to negotiate on the delicate issue of missile defense after his reelection.

The Rothschilds’ NeoCons and their media would have tried to slay our President Trump over any similar comment to any Russian of any status.

Even more egregious is how the US media has disregarded Ms. Hillary Clinton’s uranium transaction with the Russians. In a quid pro quo deal with a large Russian corporation, Ms. Clinton, as our Secretary of State, transferred twenty percent of US uranium deposits to Russia in exchange for $145 million in donations to the Clinton’s tax-free foundation.

Had Donald Trump been even a small part of such a Russian deal, he would have been indicted and likely tried as a traitor.

After Hillary Clinton became the US Secretary of State (one of Barack Obama’s most grievous, ignorant, and improper improprieties), Bill Clinton received $500,000, or more, from each of eleven foreign country enterprises for speeches.

And if you are wondering what Ms. Clinton did for more money than the human brain can comprehend, you will have to keep puzzling over it, as the US Shadow Government will not allow an investigation into the matter; nor will they allow any look into the lady’s bleach-bitting of thousands of her State Department emails.

Can we imagine how the US Shadow Government and their media would have responded if President Trump bleachbitted even one government email?

Since the full Rothschild/NeoCon take over of the United States, the American government has in all likelihood become as criminal as was the old Soviet Union.

Today, however, the Russian people have risen from the depths of grief brought to them by Vladimir Lenin to the hopeful heights of Vladimir Putin. They are two men with the same given name, but are wholly different in the makeup of their souls. One spirit is iniquitous and dark, the other principled and bright.

Without their mentally disordered Bolsheviks (yesteryear’s NeoCons), the Rothschilds have lost control of the Russian people and government, thus their reason for bringing about a nuclear war with Russia.

Lenin                   Putin

Meanwhile in the Western world, the Rothschild-controlled corporate media floods their television outlets with the preposterous propaganda that President Donald Trump was and is in collusion with the Russian Federation because he once said he would like to work with President  Putin to eliminate terrorism in the Middle East.

Eliminating terrorism is not in the best interests or long-term agenda of the Rothschild clan, so they will never permit it.

Their proven sponsorship of the systematic use of terror not only feeds their ever-growing, ever-dangerous industrial/military complex, but also feeds the demons within them.

And as all criminals always do, the Rothschilds accuse others of what they themselves are guilty.

This axiom became obviously true with the Rothschilds’ complex of secret control of the electric voting machine companies used across America. Those voting machines had been fixed for Hillary Clinton, so naturally the Deep State would then accuse the Russians of fixing the election for Trump.

Hillary would have won the 2016 presidential election, had those of the Rothschild complex taken heed of another axiom – You can’t steal a landslide.

Even with illegal aliens, dead people, and so many democrats voting in two or more states, the Rothschilds were unable to steal the popular vote for Hillary. So what do they then do? They claim Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, making Mr. Trump our first un-democratically elected president. In actual fact, there have now been six American presidential elections in which the winner lost the official popular vote.

For anyone doubting the Rothschild attempts to fix the election for Ms. Hillary Clinton, please research the Internet, YouTube videos, and the website, featuring investigative reporters Bev Harris, Bennie Smith, and others. There you will be able to learn all about Fraction Magic, where an opponent’s single vote computes as 1/5th to 1/100th of a single vote on the electronic and controlled voting machines.

But still, the batshit crazy NeoCons and Rothschilds want a nuclear war in order to bring a defeated Russia into their circle of destroyed and controlled economies, so they have their NeoCons repeatedly claim America could win a nuclear war against Russia.

But never once have those NeoCon minions ever told us where they will be hiding out during such an unprecedented conflagration.

If, however, all the negative news of my articles is getting to you, I can understand, as it also gets to me from time to time. Whenever it does get to me, I always try to remember to remind myself that … Ignorance endangers, while knowledge protects (sometimes in the most mysterious of ways).

But still, prepare for impact, as I am afraid we all will soon be bracing for it.


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