We should not be surprised with the recent, tragic and shameful events that took place in Charlottesville, VA and one of the icons of America’s higher institutions of learning, University of Virginia, home of Thomas Jefferson, father of our Constitution.

The decision by “Unite the Right” to hold a “rally” in partnership with well-known racist organizations, such as the KKK and Neo-Nazis should not come as a surprise, since all share the same core value of hate and racism, toward Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Browns, immigrants, or even women.

The “Unite the Right” is the flagship of the “Alt-Right” and is an organization committed to the ideology that Whites, mostly men, are superior to all other races and that they are the guardians of America’s White purity and its future, with the implied promise to make America Great Again.

Though not a historian nor social psychologist, I did make an effort for this article to see what these White Supremacists contributed to making America Great, let alone to make America Great Again. I discovered nothing.

Other than burning the cross, lynching and looking after the “virginity” of White women, has the “Alt-Right” built one school, local clinic, factory or university, or have they invented anything of consequence for America or the world? They appear to have contributed nothing to what they use in their daily lives.

If anyone knows of a major invention or medical or technological discovery contributed by these White Supremacists and KKK and Neo-Cons, I am sure that I and other readers would be happy to hear of it.

Trump’s Nazi AmeriKKKa

Of course, such a group does find allies in the White House, with the most senior official Steve Bannon claiming that Breitbart is “the platform for the Alt-Right”; and Breitbart is a site well known for its Anti-Semitic, Pro-Zionist views, though a number of present and former senior editors are Jews; and Breitbart is well known for its anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim views.

The Alt-Right stands against “multiculturalism, non-white, women, Jews, gays, Muslims and other minorities” – you name it, they stand against it.
The ideology is at best “tribalism”, and with the Whites being that “special tribe”, the “Chosen People”, with no offense to “Jews”. They truly and genuinely believe they are America and they are what made America somewhat great, with the hope they will make “America Great Again”.

Of course, I have a hard time thinking of how this group of people can “make America great again”, when for the most part, they are lacking the education, the idealism of hard work, community service, family values, innovation, and commitment to make a better society, wherein citizens could enjoy a decent life, decent future, better and universal health care, better affordable education, and job training, among other sought-after ideals that make America what it is.

I am not sure if the Alt-Right nation has anything to do with those who made America truly great – the Founding Fathers, the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy.

Or leaders like those who developed America’s industrial powers – the likes of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Eli Whitney, Charles Goodyear, Steve Jobs, George Eastman or George Westinghouse.

America is great not because of the Alt-Nation but because of giants like John Glenn, Alan Sheppard, Virgil Grissom, Sally Ride, Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan, Howard Hughes, and John Trippe.

And the likes of Frank J. Weed, Charles Horace Mayo, and Jonas Salk, or Wernher von Braun, or Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson and John Harvard and Leland Stanford, or Bill Gates or Larry Page and Sergey Brin, certainly Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

America is great because of exceptional medical talents the likes of Russell N. Nelson, or Gazi Yasargil, or Thomas Starzl or Jean-Michael Dubernard or Robert F. Spetzler or Sayed Modasser and Ioannis Pallikaris.

These great men and women – Whites and Blacks, Christians and Muslims and Jews and Hindus and Native Americans and immigrants – are representative of the ones who made America Great, not the Alt-Right or the KKK or the Neo-Nazis, most of whom are on welfare and unemployed, if not on the opioid.

The people who made America Great are Whites and Blacks, Jews and Muslims, and immigrants; they all contributed to making America Great.

If any knows of one great exceptional achievement by the Neo-Nazis or the KKK or the Alt-Right, I am sure all of us want to know about it – from Sea to Shining Sea.

Unfortunately, most of those who are angry are people who have been “left behind” by successive administrations, and they were helpless to do anything about it. Now, they will always blame others for their failings and tough luck. No one should feel sorry for them. No one. Because aren’t such narrow thinkers the scumbags of America, because they have nothing to contribute to this great nation except anger, hate, and racism, and translating their failings to hate and racism?

I call on the Department of Justice as a follow up with the courageous initiatives taken by the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the new director of the FBI to classify the Alt-Nation, and their kindred KKK, Neo-Nazis, JDL and ISIS as domestic terrorist organizations. And I call on all those aggrieved to sue the hell out of them and drive them to bankruptcy as a good start.


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