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Love is on Earth
Earth courtesy of NASA.

What proves that God is always positive and keeps what is called the Divine Integrity Agreement? God is on the side of the USA. God is on the side of positive sovereign countries, the negatives need to be called to the carpet.

Love is on Earth
Earth courtesy of NASA.

It is fact that God is positive because he/she is in between two Negatives, one on our planet and one in a planet inside Source. God maintains the balance, see the chart below. I gathered the information from Infinite Source/God through Revoking Agreements with the Galactic core first and then moved on to other levels until I got to God and accepted my voice, my ability to speak. I worked with the negative and positive energies on the planet to balance them. If you don’t believe me, that’s OK.

Updated Star Chart
By Ann Diener – Years of hard work has gone into this project as well as investigations relating to organized crime and war. The goal is to answer the why does it exist? This is often a sticky question.

God said to me that he “is in the middle of the planet at the end of the line.” God sounds like a man to me possibly because I am a female. He also may be a she as God sometimes has a high pitched voice that sounds like the black clay (which I telepathically communicated with after Gordon Duff mentioned them on the radio) and the Ananuki that came down when I revoked negative agreements with the Galactic core. The Negative which is the magnetic core on our planet connects with the Negative on God’s planet and it would have to connect through the positive to stay here. The Positive is above there too and that is called Goddess, she lives there with God.

When you connect to the Negative individually which is the magnetic core, on our planet, the only thing that could go on there is a positive and truth. It is scientific. God can naturally be proven to be positive and true, no matter what sex you believe God to be, God is positive and that proves God and truth  on the chart above. Our earth’s core can be used to test truth  and remove negativity as well as feel more balanced in a better way.

Connect to it using visualization and your natural energy. You ground to it, as metaphysical individuals describe. Basically, you envision a cord from your tailbone region and connect it to the core of the earth. You can also use your feet to assist you to connect with nature. It is natural for us to ground and be connected to the earth. This is also how we can release negative energies, and find truth inside ourselves. The positive which you can find independently.  Some star beings have found the positive on their own, and they get to stay here.

Our Negative – the core of the earth – is not for sale, it is for all humanity. The proceeds from my Quest are also for all humanity to build our dream planet. Humans have rights beyond those of the Galactic Federation. We have a right to Love and Individual Right. We win against war, poverty and suffering. No settlements here anymore, Netanyahu and no War on Terror, how much do I have to write for this to be proven. It has been proven time and time again here at VT. Now we’re still dealing with the IFOSS, and we know who’s side you are on, that of Love – no matter what your rank is. We evolve.

Sovereignty is natural and the Alien Agenda communist team has been trying to avoid it. The fascists have also been involved globally in working with what was a very nasty agenda involving strange demons that had been brought to the surface by moving the negative. Those demons, including the Devil and Satan and others  are now gone and the planet is doing much better. Satan worshiping is not real. The real character’s name is Source, if he is a cartoon character. The red, green and blue aliens have been re-assimilating into bugs and other species, which I have physically observed through another project I have been working on to protect the planet, as there were some “aliens against humans” being here. This work was also confirmed by someone I know.

You will notice improved weather conditions. In California, we have now been experiencing a mild summer like we used to have. In fact it has been cool at night and it is even overcast now, not like the 100 plus degrees we experienced last year around this time. It can be scientifically proven that our Negative is ours.

So now we need to work on Sovereignty for the world and all governments in the world. By sovereignty I mean human rights, such as those in the Bill of Rights of the United States of American and those found in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Beyond that complete financial independence for everyone. Everyone is sovereign, and this relates to the Individual Right, which I had tried to start before and it may be coming together now. The one law is not to harm anyone or anything maliciously, that is Justice, with a capital J.

The Individual Right is protected by Divine Integrity. Hopefully the United States of America starts using Divine Integrity and Justice happens finally. Satan worshiping is over completely. I always believed in God over Satan. And God wins everything.

When will war be over? When will we have water and energy independence. I have been working with these various technologies for many years including complete home systems, water recycling, waste recycling into raw materials, now including more natural building including cob, which would be perfect to rebuild the Middle East because it is easy to build with, people have all the materials and they can start building and have fun together with their families, rather than waiting for the materials to be shipped in. Here is a link to cob building. If you are interested in more information on other technologies, some which need capital to be market ready, please contact me from my bio page.

It was proven in a 2001 Department of Defense remote plan review program that war was unnecessary because of the construct comparing Outreach vs. Isolation. They knew peace was what should be real today, but a lot of hard work needed to be done to make Peace a reality. The Department of Defense knows that.

There are still a lot of negative situations ongoing that could be stopped. A possible dictatorship by an un-elected President. I recently met Mike Milburn, Chief of Staff of the Montana branch of the Department of Justice and asked him about Cross Check in the lobby at the Springhill Suites where I work in San Diego. I told him about Greg Palast’s research and how Cross Check worked. I finally got to talk to someone at the Department of Justice. I have called numerous times and asked readers to call. No one seems to want Americans to vote and for all citizens votes to be counted, and especially for the minority votes to count. Over one million votes were in all likelihood stolen in 2016 and Hillary Clinton did not care? I wonder why? Why is the positive world leadership held hostage? When I saw Milburn, I was also curious what he was working on. The Department of Defense hopefully will continue to research Peace and provide for the Common Defense against several Alien Agendas that they are aware of. We need to work on our planet first to stand side by side with what I call the Individuals from Other Star Systems (IFOSS).

Who doesn’t want to be “Destined for Greatness” over “Generations Ahead.” Who doesn’t want to hold their own power first – meaning clean the planet to the point of perfection to prove who we really are and then evolve with higher evolved space travel. Standing strong as humans is important to relating with the IFOSS. The human eating aliens deal has been revoked completely, others privileges have also been revoked and now we just have to deal with “Generations Ahead” to make them “Destined for Greatness” and show no weakness. Financial compensation should be made with the person who revoked those privileges immediately.

We now have a new chart that proves God is Real and scientific. That is important, even to the IFOSS. Myths and legends may need to be changed. One thing we now is God is real and we are all connected through nature and the natural information highway called Infinite Source. Infinite Source is where all information comes from and is stored. Information is free and available.

There really is a white alien who does not have higher level awareness, he is in our galaxy still and he needs to go home now to his positive, they need to stop fighting. The White Alien is the basis for white makes right and fascism. We have our right to our own Positive and Negative in our galaxy.

There is a Delegate to the Council of 13, and it is through the galaxy we go, once our planets are fixed up and galaxy is cleared. The objective is for everyone to be successful and live in an empowerment based society with Love as a focus – real Love is not romantic love alone, it comes directly from God.


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