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Looking at the violence occurring with the white supremacists in the US and elsewhere, it is hard to believe how programmed these individuals are relating to the hate for other individuals. White supremacy is in all likelihood based on an alien, literally an off world race that has white bald heads. White supremacists with all of their violent fantasies are actually working against their own race, the human one. These off-worlders have been here for thousands of years  sponsoring war on this planet to quite possibly extract all of Earth’s raw materials, use the planet as a prison or for garbage and create an uninhabitable sphere for humans. Looking at the photo below, while the individual appears to be an off-worlder, does he not look like what a skin head aims to look like?

So why would off worlders use humans to attack humans? Could it be that they have wanted to perpetuate war on the planet as well as hate to divide and conquer humanity? It is also possible that there are aspects of other Beings From Other Star Systems (BFOSS), which I now call Individuals From Other Star Systems (IFOSS), acknowledging their sovereignty individually, which is hated by the white alien leader. These other factions include the Zetas which appear to look like those of Afro-American descent. The Zetas are very friendly, fun, honorable and love based. The Draconians also look like the individuals found in the Middle East, they are honorable and keep asking the question, why are we targeted? This off-word agenda is a probable explanation for things which do not make sense. It is interesting that the white supremacists and the far Right agenda may tie directly to the white alien above. There are commonalities with what I will call the White Negative. The focus is basically one of suffering for mineral extraction and destruction of the planet through war. There is a lack of caring about Nature and in fact they seem to be OK with polluting and destroying the world. God did not exist to them and there may be aspects within certain leadership in Israel/Turkey/Saudi Arabia/certain factions inside the USA that are part of their plan. Illegal wars are OK with them for their purpose of “eliteness” and colonialism, which are all controlled through their original Galactic plan that involves agreements set up at the Galactic level to perpetuate a false life-death-life cycle that involves a manufactured hell and soul erasure. That is the significance of this story found within the revoking agreements of Cameron Day, who discovered that these agreements exist.

The negative beings discourage humanity from standing up to the white alien and other factions, some which have been reintegrated naturally now, through the use of myth and legend which has been falsely created to destroy the planet and humans as well as other individuals that help the planet and humanity to be successful.

For many years, probably 70 or more, we have thought that we humans were not capable of being equal with off-worlders with advanced technology, so we have succumb to their plan which I suspect is based on a communist agenda, that may even fit in with the white alien faction. This agenda is an alternative, if the other beneficial off-worlders help us. That is what I call “Generations Ahead.” They have space craft that is highly advanced. Similar to what Corey Goode talks about. This group is communist based and also would like to see the United States of America brought down in favor of a more controlled Eastern strategy. This alien faction still did not have sovereignty or nor control our Galactic Core. Some are aware of a change in control of the Galactic Core and God returning to the planet. Some very wealthy party goers were given Fabergé eggs at a celebrity party in Russia, a while back. They should consider turning them in and trading them for American oxygen today, as well as discontinuing the use of negative EMF/AI and remote frequency/electricity technology on American soil. They seem to believe in the “Russian Federation more than you here.”

Sovereignty is what some within this faction would like to avoid. The idea of freedom and strength of an individual or individuals empowering others to be better, not forcing the individuals into some kind of collectivist state that is naturally foreign. America was born of Natural Inalienable Rights of Sovereignty. That is why the weakening of America has occurred, a Corporate Communist controlled state to be ruled by Russia and China has been the goal to provide for all while controlling basic freedoms and facilitating control by off world beings/entities making us alienable. Are we OK with that? Not that we need to launch more illegal wars with Russia or China to prevent this from happening, because believe me, they have a strong enough case to prevent that in an international criminal court to indict the US on the fraudulent wars based on 9/11 which were manufactured by the Right for profit. These wars also benefit the shift East which would be the verdict of the Court, to strip the USA of its diplomatic and leadership position globally.

I suspect 9/11 was designed to do just what it has done, make the USA very vulnerable from inside-out and outside in, with little real honest justice or investigation because everyone has been complicit in the intelligence agencies. Trillions of dollars looted, an ongoing scam that dates back to at least 1991 in the White House which controls the faction called the United States, a corporation, designed to bring America down. We are not citizens of that corporation. This is why they are able to manipulate elections, law enforcement, agencies and control all of us, fraudulently, including financially with the crash in 2008, and what I suspect may be coming, if we do not take action soon.

Veterans Serve USA
Open your passport, if you have one, are you a citizen of the United States Government or a citizen of the United States of America?

At some point humanity needs to stand up and demand and accept that full disclosure must happen. Those who work for the United States of America need to take down the Corporate government known as the United States Government. Our military and law enforcement need to secure the gold which has been looted from the Treasury of the United States of America. ” ‘Candles’ in the wind” may be needed to help with this because this individual, not to be identified here, had an awareness of those who were involved in 9/11, intending for war (some Americans were involved with the “We wanted war” strategy for profit) and the decimation of the American experiment. The individuals aboard the Jumbo jet in summer 2001, including the one that cannot land on the ground, who I suspect was the “overlord,” as well as those meeting underground were aimed at facilitating 9/11 and destroying American sovereignty and individual rights.

From my understanding the 9 or 12 families in the world connected with the Royal Crown setup both un-elected Presidents, George W. Bush (Supreme Court decided the votes would not be counted in 2000) and Trump (no investigation into Cross Check and minority voters purged by the hundred’s of thousands). What happened on Gilsane Maxwell’s boat when Trump was aboard it with many celebrities, was there a “scam” against America planned?

Today many in American Intelligence must feel like a deer in headlights. Watching what has been happening inside and outside our country, watching our financial and geopolitical demise, knowing the evidence against the “War on Terror” and complicity of American officials in the plan of silence against the citizenry who actually would demand enforcement of Justice on their behalf. Where has Justice gone? Perhaps we “can’t handle the Truth.” At some point we need to realize that “In God We Trust” matters. God loves our country and wants us to restore sovereignty.

Planetary Restoration in Progress

From the investigation I completed, we now know the path which connects the cosmos, space phenomenon with God, Infinite Source and All That Is. We know the significance of the Earth’s core- the Negative on the planet and we have a nice diagram that explains the true life-death-cycle which eliminates the “hell” that was created by negative races 18,241 years ago. Soul erasure has also been eliminated from my understanding.

Are we willing to take a step up? Or do we want to continue to perpetuate myth and legend through a Right wing fundamentalist agenda designed to imprison humanity.

Here is the chart I designed to help people understand what I understand to be our true life-death-life cycle that has now been restored.

God Proof

Why do we continue the lies today?

I wrote this on November 1, 2003 and just found this in my shed. It is ironic how little has changed and so many lives have been lost since then with the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, regime change in Egypt, Honduras, Ukraine, ongoing corruption in Turkey and now more war in Afghanistan. Could there be a reduced opium supply and are we sending troops their to increase production? If there had been a thorough investigation of 9/11 and no regime change wars would have occurred, America could be in a completely different position financially and globally. We could have World Peace today and be busy doing business with one another, rather than killing each other. Currently this aggression has made us weak and vulnerable

“The lies make the US weak and give Russia and China the upper hand because the outsiders know ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’ Those against the USA can use those lies on us at any time and weaken us forcing us to compromise in order to maintain status quo for the people.” This relates to a possible shift East I have been writing about for years now, since 1997 in an attempt to stop it.

“It seems clear but there must be something wrong with my theory or someone would do something. Maybe they think fessing up makes the US look weak, but there has to be a way out to bring America back in the world or the “War on Terrorism” may just bring America down. It seems obvious to me when you try to hide something that it can be used against you and appear you have fear of it being exposed.” This is similar to blackmail.

Has our entire intelligence apparatus been blackmailed? Both Left and Right may be dealing with this independently. Sex-blackmail from the Right in favor of an “apocalyptic future” which is also an engineered, un-evolved lie based on false biblical teachings which ignore the truth of the chart above and the freedom of the individual in an attempt to control humanity into some weird alien marriage “master plan.” This Master Plan is a lie. The idea that there are only one man and one woman for each other is a fraud. It is un-natural, of course you can choose this if you would like, but don’t force humanity into it. From my understanding individuals can have partners, any way they choose. Partnership is important because people work together to achieve goals, rather than being forced to be together.

Marriage is like forced servitude in some cases. This is not from God. You can choose it, and other individuals can choose differently. The Left’s concept of government laws controlling every aspect of human life also applies as a negative here, in that it relates with the Communistic aliens. This is also enforced servitude, colonialist not part of our nature, unless we are ants. It appears seemingly better by what it provides, a reasonable existence while still favoring state control. Sovereignty however encourages self-discipline, owning your life, owning what you do, doing good for others from an empowerment standpoint, standing up when things are wrong and need correcting. The goal is not to bring others into servitude or slavery for your benefit. We are all equal and sovereign.

How many people own their home outright with their water/power/food and even fuel outright? How many people are happy with what they have? We all have extra stuff in America and in developed countries of the world, does the stuff have meaning? Over the last few months, I have been clearing out and cleaning out my storage sheds and home to simplify my life. When you look at what you have, you really only need very little and can enjoy very few amounts of things you have that are useful to you or enjoyable. If we all had the basics and what we enjoy, there would be no need for either of these systems. Our freedom is the most important thing. Our human rights are the most important thing. Our gold and solid resources need to be returned to the Treasury of the United States of America to complete our transaction for our freedom and sovereignty. Please complete this today.

We know who has been directly working with the white alien leader and where the gold was transferred to after 9/11. I just found this out recently and hope I am correct. Perhaps this will complete the Russia investigation? The Russian people want sovereignty too, so hopefully we can all move peacefully forward into a positive, just future once the gold is returned to the USA. We all deserve Inalienable Sovereign Rights. With Trump’s recent threat directed at Pakistan, I wonder if some ISI members are threatening to come forward about 9/11/2001? How many know the real story and are waiting for America to fall? America will win. God wins. We need to rise to the occasion and restore the United States of America, real elections, real America with Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and a solvent Treasury of the United States of America.





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