Call it Hurricane Donald

Corpus Christi takes a big hit from Uncle Donald

Speer-Williams –

Corpus Christi takes a big hit from Uncle Donald

After a record-breaking string of seven tropical cyclones generated by President Donald Trump, he has finally succeeded in creating a major hurricane to devastate East Texas – Hurricane Harvey (Donald).

Obviously Donald Trump is a bigot.

In collusion with significant players in NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Donald Trump planned for a geo-engineered hurricane to destroy parts of Texas so he would have a reasonable sounding excuse to not build the promised wall between the Texas border and Mexico.

Trump’s hurricane has forced key oil and gas facilities on the Gulf Coast to close, along with schools and stores. Thousands, if not millions, are without power. And of the over 7,000 dams in Texas, over 1,000 were in need of immediate care.

Obviously Donald Trump is a racist.

Trump drowns, Houston, our nation’s 4th largest city with epic flooding
A NOAA ship in one of their created hurricanes
Trump lying as usual

Soon many Americans will hear for themselves the following lies

“It saddens me … very much … very much … to have to tell you that the recent hurricane in Texas has caused so much damage … lots of damage … lots of damage … that the money I was counting on to build the Texas wall will have to go to rebuilding … yes … rebuilding … Texas.”

Obviously Donald Trump is a xenophobe.

Apparently, Mr. Trump, the little man’s champion, cares not a whit about the little man. Does he not know of the deaths, injuries, or losses his hurricane will bring?

Certainly, President Trump should be impeached by Congress. And those of the Senate and House who do not vote for his impeachment are our enemies.

Moreover, Trump has brought to light a long held national security secret – just how advanced our US geo-engineering technology has become since 1955.

Obviously Donald Trump is a White Supremacist.

The Vietnam War, which was also a war on Cambodia and Laos, actually began in 1955 and did not end until 1975.

DARPA’s projects would creep you out

During those Vietnam War years, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) developed the ability to bring rain anywhere on earth. It has always been DARPA’s function to develop emerging war technology, known only to those with the highest security clearances.

The torrential rains DARPA brought on the North Vietnamese Army held their advances in check and made them easy targets for US Air Force bombings.

With over half a century of DARPA research, the creation or prevention of hurricanes has become routine for this James Bond organization.

Since the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico and Mr. Obama ignorantly (or psychopathically) allowed BP (British Petroleum) to poison the Gulf of Mexico with millions of barrels of the Agent Orange type of dispersant called Corexit (created by DARPA), the Gulf of Mexico has largely been off limits to hurricanes.

Deepwater Horizon rig exploding into flames

The toxicity of Corexit was another secret of a US government known for its secrets. As a result, all Gulf  storms and certainly hurricanes had to be held to a minimum. With thousands of people getting sick or even dying from the Corexit brought inland on hurricane winds, the lie of the safety of the dispersant would have quickly been exposed.

But now, Trump, with his natural stupidity, will expose Corexit, as hurricane winds exceeding 125 mph will hit East Texas. But the revelation will be limited to those affected, their families, and their friends, as the federal government’s MOP (Ministry of Propaganda) – the American mainstream media – will not cover the sickness Corexit will create. And President Trump? He will only talk about all the damage to personal property that occurred.

So, obviously Donald Trump is a misogynist.

In any case, President Trump is a loose cannon who should quickly be chained to the deck and spiked with impeachment. Do you agree?

Assuredly, people who easily buy into propaganda do, while the Trump supporters, in large part, are not fooled by such propaganda.

Hmm … maybe Donald Trump is not a homophobe or a chauvinist after all.

As is well known, propaganda best works when its lies are buttressed by truths … which … leads me to my confession …

All the negative remarks above concerning President Trump are part of my spoof.

But spoof or not, my foregoing fairy tale concerning Trump follows the same format used repeatedly by the major media in their attacks on our president and his asserted collusion with Russia and its President Putin.

Everything else that I’ve written is the truth as well as I know it.

The Left’s war on American culture and common sense know no decent bounds. So we can expect some big lies concerning President Trump’s culpabilities in regard to Hurricane Harvey.

I hope you will forgive me for shamelessly stringing you along, as I simply wanted to demonstrate how the corporate, mainstream media can make up any lie it wants to and have millions of people believing it.

But finding out that one has been duped can be painful, and often mixed with self-loathing, which is a self-defeating emotion the media is often trying to generate within us. We were once even labeled as the deplorables by a female presidential candidate.

Catching a close friend in a lie about yourself can sting, but discovering lies from trusted authorities, such as the government or major media can threaten one’s existence. And that, at least, partially explains why you may have trouble revealing to others the crimes of government or the lies of a propagandizing media, even when you are furnishing proof positive.

People naturally want to avoid the upset of what George Orwell called Doublethink – which is holding true two mutually contradictory beliefs simultaneously. Today such an upsetting situation is most often referred as cognitive dissonance.

If you find yourself in such a state, ride out the storm by confronting one or more of its consequences: anguish, anxiety, and anger.

The severe mental pain of one’s anguish can render them helpless, at least for a time.

But as you recover, your anguish will yield to anxiety and progress is being made toward anger. It is at the point of anger you will most likely be willing to fight back – in either a positive or negative way.

When you discover that a loved one, a friend, associate, your television set, radio, Internet, or government has lied to you, take heart and then discover more of their lies, as you are acquiring knowledge and such knowledge will protect you, while ignorance will endanger you.

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Ephesians 5:11

Making decisions without knowing the facts of a situation and taking actions based on those decisions reinforces ignorance and adds to an expandinging stupidity.

The road of truth toward a growing knowledge base is seldom easy, but it is a survival path.

Good luck to you.


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