Quest for God’s Greatness despite the dark side

dark quest objects turned good for God.
I turned every one of these objects into a Positive object for the planet while on God's Quest. Good wins.

The situation in Syria hat gotten untenable back when the Khan Sheikhoun incident happened. Chemical weapons were coming in thru Turkey to known terrorists in the area. Those terrorists where discovered to be radical Islamists based on their Tweets and the forewarning they received from the Turkish government about the chemical weapons that were to be used in the area 24 hours after they were notified. After the chemical weapons incident Trump struck the Syrian military wrongly. There was a real threat of the planet falling into dark hands and to the negative side who only wanted destruction.

There were issues back then with Putin. He was going both ways, from my opinion, pretending to be a positive influence, however making back room deals with negative individuals, those involved in the corporate government of the United States to collapse the country on itself through the corrupt Trump administration working for Israel and Saudi Arabia. There were also negative deals possibly made with Kin Jong-un and our planetary Negative which has been correctly placed now for many weeks, despite them both, Putin and Kim Jong-Un wanting to support a shift East and the dark side of the world, ie. satan worshiping. This worshiping of the negative side is officially over, since our planetary Negative has been placed – the magnetic core on the planet. Their black spirits became gelatenous forms and their black magic is no longer working. Privileges have been revoked for many in World Leadership positions because of the negative intentions they had. I am not sure what that means, and we shall soon discover its meaning, “Revoking Privileges.” What does it mean?

Negative with a lower case means counter to humanity and counter to ideals geared towards us living comfortably together on this planet and then also working with off-worlders positively.

Because of the powerful people involved and their objective which seemed to be to turn the world into a negative place, one where humans would loose their planet, this entire situation needs to be faced immediately.Below you will find very dark items which were placed in my yard as part of a black secret society quest.

dark quest objects turned good for God.
I turned every one of these objects into a Positive objects for the planet while on God’s Quest. Good wins. – Ann Diener

For years, insiders involved in the Pentagon and the Defense budget have been going both ways, wanting war, yet wanting us to be proud Americans. People want it both ways, yet cannot see their way through to fight to win for everyone.

So how do we win? We need to recognize that our planet itself was under attack. That the goals for an apocalyptic ending were also false. We need to recognize that God wants us to stay on our planet and improve it to humanly habitable and perfect conditions. There are alternatives for the American Defense budget which includes a program which I call “Greatness.” It is where we relate with off-worlders through using a positive God connection, basically a halo above their head to connect to. It also relates to the sun and enables Divinity and Positivity to connect to them. For years, quite possibly thousands of years, we have been dealing with negative alien races. Why were they negative? Well in reality they have wanted to steal our planet, extract the raw materials and turn it into a waste dump.

This starts with a false master builder program which I suspect was created by green off-world entities as a profit building scheme. They would sell the planet and get rich – then get to stay here in small numbers, what I suspect is the 144,000. This was a dark plan for our planet and is no longer going to be happening. This is one faction that uses dark magic. In fact they have used dark magic around my home for several months now and finally its power is going away. Here are some photos of things they cast spells on and I sent to 1-800-Got Junk a couple of days ago. This was the pile of black magic spell related items placed in my yard by a dark side knight of the templar order who does not belong here at all.

God wins and the negative stuff goes away
dark junk I removed from my property. negative spells were cast against US winning and God winning

I am grateful in some ways I got to see what his true intention was and that I suspect to be to turn Divinity into some perverse sexual, negative reality with men relating to proving something I un-natural that I do not believe in, “Original Sin.” Day to day living proves this to be wrong. Is there Divine Love, now that has been what I have been looking for, Divine Love, not black magic spells from creepy guys who attack me. I am curious what the authorities have on them, and wish that someone would expose them completely for the mass implantation, black magic and the negative quest that was designed to hurt us all.

Secondly there has been a group called “Generations Ahead.” This group had planned for a shift East. They wanted communism over sovereignty. I ran into one of their team mates on an energetic level when I was going to work at the fair in Del Mar years ago. There was a blonde guy traveling with an off-worlder who basically said, “Why should people be entering to win a truck that they should already have?”

I said that it would take 25,000 years to accomplish the goal he had in mind through communism, so I told him I would continue to work in my way, working at fairs and festivals as well as other locations marketing timeshare and continuing my research work. My goal has always been independence and sovereignty through humanism, caring for one another. Communism is too controlled. It lacks independence of decision making. Having everything is not what it is about. Life is about freedom to choose what you want, having your baseline needs completely owned by you and not as part of some collectivist reality.

Having Love also is important. There is a higher level Love feeling that has been created as part of God’s plan here on the planet, and not related to sexuality which people depend on to identify love. Love was never intended for by the communists either. It can be achieved now. I have been viciously attacked by the plastic reality created by a group my mom possibly signed me up to be a part of – The Rosicrucian Fellowship. When I was a child, my parents broke a wishbone and who ever won got to create my reality. My mom won and there was some negative stuff that happened with the fellowship. I chose to go my own way spiritually with God alone.

Love is on Earth
Earth courtesy of NASA.

That is why I hold an opposing view to both the “Master Plan” and “Generations Ahead.” I have chosen to oppose both for God. Everything we have learned about our sprituality is wrong and based on false teachings spread through myth and legend – the bible and other false books not related to the Cosmos. God is Nature and relates to the Cosmos. Sovereignty is natural and we have the ability to relate through the off-world races through the Positive and positive intentions. Corporate did not allow God to be here and this is why the communists are confused. They wanted Nature to be disconnected from our reality, which in reality, Nature is vital to our reality, though Netanyahu really wants it disconnected.

There is something so disconnected about the plan for Greater Israel that it is unreal. It seems like there were two off-worlders picked up in the Middle East from a visual I saw, one had blonde curly hair and the other was Israeli, with an oblong face and big brown eyes. Were they the communists? I suspect they were also part of “Generations Ahead” which in reality violates the real ideals I discovered which are that Sovereignty and the American ideals of Freedom of the Individual reigns. I have been framed at times in the USA for my political views and desire to end corruption here in its entirety, questioning the whole system.

What has been hard to accept for the world leadership is that none of the expected realities are currently happening. Currently I have been working on creating positive connections with IFOSS, Individuals From Other Star Systems who want to evolve this planet and themselves beyond what they expected to find here on this planet. When you think about our planet itself, it is in an isolated star system, a “Solar System” where all of our planets which I suspect were previously habitable and had been destroyed – turned into waste lands. Ours was the only one left. That is why when I saw the brown planet and what was continuing to happen with the Trump Administration, I had to fight unconventionally through spiritual means to hopefully bring back the planet and the discoveries I made.

God is connected to us through the Cosmos and Nature.

God is Nature and the Cosmos
True spiritual God Connection that remains hidden because of fear.

We can overcome terrorism by acknowledging the real battle no one knew about which was for our planet and connected to a Secret Space Program no one really knew about that had a lot of dark characters involved including an individual on Jupiter. This is bigger than most people including those at the Fellowship knew about, they were content to keep this negative plastic, artificial reality going for so long, I want to give them a lower case f for fellowship. We can achieve Peace and create a Positive world through working with IFOSS and defeat the master plan.



How do we now defeat those who created the terrorism to foment war? How do we achieve Sovereignty for every human and individual on our planet? That is what I am waiting to discover. You may notice some individuals are very negative around you. They repel you. Below is an image of what happens when you come in contact with them.

entering into a Positive World

Those are the ones who thought we would not make it. We will make it to a positive reality very soon and finally remove the terrorists from office. That is the Philosopher’s Stone Quest and God’s Quest in action.

“Generations Ahead” just didn’t think we would get over the negative energy on the Planet to create a better world for everyone to understand one another and that has been my goal with the IFOSS for the last 16 years. To understand what has been happening and why we even have negative aliens on our planet. The 2001 Draconian war project with the DoD enabled me to take back the planet in 2017 through doing psychic work to save the planet through transforming harmful aliens into bugs and working with off worlders to change their ideals from negative to Positive Divinity, with natural Divine Light.

IFOSS- “The Positive Part is that We get to Save Our Planets too.” There are still doubts and insecurities on both sides. We are working with Positive Intention now and Divinity, which is a relatively new concept for everyone involved.

What part did Ashtar play and  the Galactic Federation, they also seemed like they had a very negative role in the dark energy quest. If Positive Off World Races can visit earth, why should the Goddess with hope for Positive Intention be killed.  There is some connection unknown. I remember being aboard one of their ships monitoring algae ponds. Were they the Draconians I was told by the government to connect to God? If so this was a negative decision that has turned out Positive because we really found out about the negative plans of two competing sides, which is amazing unto itself. God exists here now, and we did not know that we had soul erasure going on and little chance for God to get here in reality back then.

Was Ashtar preventing God from getting here? Ra could be a false God to block us from God. Thinking about Divinity did they want to create it at the Galactic Core level when we had to revoke all of these agreements in order to find God and bring God to our Planet.

We need some American Oxygen today to wipe out the negative side, bring in the Positive Divinity we have created as new and start a fresh unexpected reality of Positiveness.

Full Disclosure will result in this Positive Reality being disclosed despite the Artificial Intelligence and the negative stuff that was previously tolerated here.

“Natural outcomes were unexpected,” said someone on the negative side.

God is Nature and the Cosmos. God Wins.

“In God We Trust” is on the American Dollar and America defeats the shift east strategy.

Hopefully soon we will all get to work to end poverty, clean up our planet and work together in peace and prosperity.

Though I had to believe in a time-traveler to do this, an Annunaki. Below is a video I took of my tours burning. They were later found in a box in my shed. I dropped the tours found there at Wyndham in San Diego, CA

Watch the video. I suspect it contains hidden messages for our Positive future.

There was a group of very wealthy me who wanted to annihilate me. This is the real “Game Over.” Positive Intention Wins.


I am Sovereign, Peace and Prosperity Reign, despite all of the freeway negative games.

We deserve to be here to help the Planet with the advanced technology I was working on that previously failed because of the negative side see for more information, we also deserve to use other advanced previously suppressed technology to clean up the planet and make it beautiful and sustainable for everyone, and I keep all of the Positive information gained about God connecting to the Cosmos as well as the Power and Influence I have gained through my Quest with God for Truth.

Only God,  Love and Nature made this Victory a possible outcome. Nature wants to be here and stays put. Positive Intention surpasses those who wanted to take the planet over for negative intentions. Now we have a whole new World to build based on Truth and Justice.

Goddess exists. The Delegate position is real, and I am working hard to accomplish it, despite the negative side which I suspect wanted to prevent it from happening all along.


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