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Our nation has reached a critical point in serving and supporting our returning Soldiers and Veterans.


Editor’s Note: Steve Robertson is a living example of where the rubber meets the road. Veterans are not without support in the country. Actually it is huge. This year I have 20 times the email traffic for article submissions for Veterans Day, not from authors themselves, but from professional public relations firms.

What is the best way to take a bridge?

I can think of nothing else that attracts such widespread support, despite the claims of many. The sums spent on veteran support are the eye of envy for many causes. But throwing money at a problem is not always a solution. You can look at education in this country as an example.

There are two issues I would like to lay out here. Spending money on fire fighting does not really accomplish much if you also are spending money to support groups setting fires. And when it comes to veterans, the money spent has to be timely done when it counts the most, and have some success accountability demands put on it.

VT’s approach is like the scene from A Bridge too Far, where Robert Redford the infantry captain is getting the order to take the Nijmegen Bridge in Holland, and when asked “What’s the best way to take a bridge’, answers correctly, “Both ends at once.” His men were sent on a quickly planned operation with no paddles for their boats, having to use their poorly performing rifle butts to get across while under fire.

VT’s analogy to this our dedication to “No More Fake Wars”, which inflict huge and unnecessary damage on society, including the human kind, both immediately with death, and the lifetime of torture kind with warped service people being dumped back into our society at the end of their contracts.

Steve Robertson

Yes they have earned benefits, but accessing those and their value varies widely. That is where Steve comes in with his thoughts on creating a new paradigm not just for dealing with post war veterans, but also their families, a holistic immersion option that has never been done before.

He caught my attention right away with his idea right off the bat of using some of the closed military bases all over the country to construct of veteran small towns needing full spectrum assistance for the entire family to reintegrate into society.

I would not have listened for a minute about this from someone with no record of having pulled something like if off before. The Veterans community has a million people with ideas on how to fix things, who don’t have anything in their resumes showing their ability to carry the ball.

But Steve Robertson does. He has done it before with his proven organizational skills and ability to pull celebrities into projects to keep marketing costs feasible and effective. Steve is an example of the caliber of people that VT is going to be looking to associate with in the future, people with solid resumes and proven track records on getting things done… Jim W. Dean

The impossible river crossing scene in A Bridge too Far, where rifles were used for oars

– First published  …  November 11, 2017

I live in the Los Angeles area where we have one of California’s largest Veterans Medical Centers and Military Cemeteries.  These facilities are sandwiched between some of the most affluent real estate areas in the world, Westwood/UCLA and Brentwood.  

Years ago, while in Brentwood, a short walking distance from the Va Hospital, I was sitting outside and having a cup of coffee.   On this cool and beautifully sunny day I watched a young man who appeared to be clean-cut veteran stop by the garbage can in front of the coffee shop and fish through it for food or some half consumed beverage.   Before I could get up and offer support he was quickly gone and out of site.

I sat back down, felt sick at my stomach and fought back tears at the thought of this young man who had once bravely served our country and who now returned back to live homeless and feed himself out of a garbage can.  I vowed at this thought, NOT ON MY SHIFT.   So, I formed the organization SupportVeteransNow.org to begin to make a difference.   Here below is a little about what we do and the larger plans we have.  We would welcome your support and can provide a detailed proposal upon request.

Our nation has reached a critical point in serving and supporting our returning Soldiers and Veterans. SupportVeteransNow.org believes it is imperative to address and support our returning brave young men and women in a comprehensive, thoughtful and holistic manner.

As U.S. military personnel are increasingly withdrawn from various theaters of war and leave active duty, tens of thousands of our citizens will begin to face the challenges of re-integrating into the civilian society in a matter that effectively empowers them heal themselves, reconnect safely with their families and communities, and transition into meaningful employment. Many of our Veterans will have been deployed on multiple tours of duty.  As they finally return home and they deserve the very best of our support.

The experience of war in distant countries always affects participants. Some will return with suffering from injuries, physical or psychological. All will have been separated from family and community for extensive periods. They may also have left former civilian employment behind while serving in the military reserve. Returning to civilian life and being able to successfully integrate into civilian social, family and economic life presents many challenges.

Today’s employers are the first generation to generally have not had any military experience and who are ignorant of what that entails. Sadly, the evidence is growing that a significant number of the homeless in our major cities are former Veterans. It is imperative to do a better and approach the realities of Veteran’s PTSD issues with deeply spiritual, compassionate and transformational techniques.

“In war, chaos overwhelms compassion, violence replaces cooperation, instinct replaces rationality, gut dominates mind.  When drenched in these conditions, the soul is DISFIGURED and can become lost for life.  What is called soul loss is an extreme psychospiritual condition beyond what psychologist commonly called dislocation.   It is fare more that psychic numbing or separation of mind from body.

It is a removal of the center of experience from the living body without completely snapping the connection.  In the presence of overwhelming life-threatening violence, the soul – the true self – flees.   The center of experience shifts; the body takes the impact of the trauma but does not register it as deeply as before.  With body and soul separated, a person is trapped in a limbo where past and present intermingle without differentiation or continuity. Nothings feels right until body and soul rejoin.” …

…”While the purpose of warfare today is primarily destructive, it still repeats the archetypal blueprint for initiation; it is still a rite of passage that takes participants from an immature to new self, ushering them through a kind of death and rebirth.  It may not provide us with a society of mature warriors, but it does leave us with a huge population of partially transformed survivors.

Post-taumatic stress disorder is a constellation of fixated experience, delayed growth, devastated character, interrupted initiation, and unsupported recovery. Many veterans who cannot get on with life are boy-men stuck in the psychic war zone, lost in an incomplete and horrific rite of passage.  They remain in a state of shock because of what they have seen and are terrified for their lives.   They struggle virtually alone, without a community to support their passage, without a mythic content into which to fit their personal story.

Though they may seek guidance and solace from their religions, they generally lack the benefits of divine visitation or ritual support afforded warriors in traditional societies. Many of their symptoms – lack of impulse control, confused sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, intimacy and employment problems, emotional explosiveness, mistrust of authority, alienation – characterize adolescence  in our culture.

Many veterans with PTSD are, psychically, shell-shocked teenagers unable to enter adulthood with its demands and rules.  They have not figured out who they have become.  They cannot shape their new self into an identity that can give them inner order, strength, and meaning and help them find a place in society and the cosmos.” from the book “War and the Soul” by Edward Tick, Ph.D., founder of A Soldiers Heart and a SupportVeteransNow.org board member.

SupportVeteransNow’s  specific initiative and program strategy looks at how to most comprehensively, thoroughly and holistically address the multitude of issues facing both Veterans and their families as they return home to heal and reintegrate back into society as productive and caring human beings.

PHASE I:  Establish online and downloadable inspirational and empowerment resources for Veterans and their families.  SupportVeteransNow.org 

PHASE II :  Decommissioned Military Bases (self-contained cities) are converted into support and empowerment centers for returning Veterans.  (a comprehensive description of this plan is available upon request) Status: Planning and Funding Phase.

The conversion of military bases into retreat and empowerment centers serves the primary purpose of creating a fully integrated support facility that assists Veterans with the short and long-term services required to re-establish themselves. In certain circumstances these same facilities may prove beneficial to, what appears to be, a growing homeless Veteran population.  Specifically, these base conversions are not intended to provide long-term homeless shelter or residence.

At the same time we understand that the homeless status of a veteran is in part a result of an inadequate support system for them to successfully reintegrate into the civilian job market and society.  Our proposed program will have the flexibility to adapt from short term (e.g., weeks) to longer term (e.g., several months) support as it is so best determined to assist a specific Veteran to successfully integrate into civilian life.  NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND.  We will support all Veterans.

Samples of Current Support Resources for Veterans:

Free Life Empowerment Book:


New book cover art by Greg Spalenka


The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose

Healing Music for Veterans:

Letters from Veterans to Ray LynchRay Lynch is a multi-platinum selling composer and producer who is also considered one of the early iconic pioneers of inspirational instrumental music. He has won 3 Billboard Awards, written five albums (which included the renown “The Sky of Mind”, “No Blue Thing”, Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening” and “Deep Breakfast”), and sold over 2 million albums without the benefit of live performances or videos.

Music to Sleep in Peace: 

Tony Selvage, virtuoso viola and violinist and former Vietnam Veteran who has generously donates his whole album “Harmonic DreamTime” to assist all Veterans with finding deeper peace and restful sleep. For more beautiful music by Tony please visit his website: http://www.tonyselvage.com/


Overcoming Adversity

David Bailey, six-time national motocross champion, paralyzed in racing crash, later wins the Iron Man Triathlon in a wheelchair, becomes legendary ESPN commentator, is interviewed by Emmy Winning Actress, Lindsay Wagner.

Healing Substance Abuse

PEACE AS A VERB: Healing Substance Abuse and Self Awakening:  Eric Nies, MTV’s first reality TV show host of Real World, describes his fall from fame into substance abuse and his journey back towards self-discovery and life mastery.



First, find a quiet place to sit. Sit on a chair or on the floor, however you feel most comfortable. If sitting on a chair sit up straight with your spine erect and your feet flat on the floor. If you are sitting on the floor, sit cross-legged as best as you can. Place your hands comfortably to the top on your knees. Bring your index fingers to your thumbs on both hands and face the palms of your hands upward. Close your eyes and begin to concentrate your inner gaze at the point that is near the center of your forehead. This point, just above and between your two eyes, is commonly referred to as your third-eye.

Become mindful of your breath. Take five minutes to breathe in slowly and with concentration, in through your nose and then out through your mouth. Begin to observe any and all thoughts that cross your mind. Consciously see each of these thoughts dissolving and not important in this moment. Your goal is to be present to the NOW. Continue your inner gaze through your third-eye and watch for the image of your reflection pool to still. This stillness will occur as your thoughts dissolve into nothingness and the present moment of your breath.

With each breath become aware of any tension in your body. Feel the power of your breath to bring release and peace to this area of self-created tension. Continue your inner gaze and conscious breathing. Allow the peace of your breath and stillness of your mind to connect you to your true-self, that of only love. With this new inner stillness you will likely see a rich blue or violet color in your third-eye. Stay in this space of awareness as long as you can or choose.


“Breath-of-Fire, Humming and Ho’ponopono Chakra healing. (This process utilizes hyperventilated breathing, which Yogi’s call “Breath of Fire.” If you have any medical condition – it is recommended that you consult with your physician first before attempting this mediation and/or simply breath slowly as described in the Beginning Still Meditation.)

Overview Understanding of the Advanced Three Step Meditation process:

1) The Breath-of-Fire is designed to help further clear your mind of distracting thoughts while bringing higher concentrations of oxygen into your brain.

2) The “Ho’oponopono,” according to Wikipedia, is an ancient Hawaiian process of reconciliation and forgiveness.” At its’ mystical core are the elements of mental cleansing, putting things right and rectifying errors. Attending with this awareness activation, is the recognition that we are always

100 percent at cause and responsible for any problem. Similarly it is defined that we are also 100 percent capable of rectifying any and all errors. Four short phrases activate the process of this healing process and release us from the groove of suffering: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Through the melody of these words we transmute and transcend the error of our thoughts, become free of attachments and now co-create from new and loving possibilities.

3) The Body’s Chakra System Overview
The 1st Chakra energy center (know as the Mulandhara or Root Chakra) is located at the base of your spine near the tailbone. The Root Chakra is symbolized by lotus flower of four pedals and is associated with the color red. The 1st Chakra deals with base survival energies of the self; fight or flight instincts, security, mental stability, sensuality and sexuality.

Working upwardly, the next energy center, the 2nd Chakra (known as Swadhisthana), is located just slightly above the Root Chakra, in the area of the sacrum near a man’s testes or a woman’s ovaries. This Chakra is symbolized by the crescent moon of the lotus flower and is associated with the color orange. Its’ energies deal with relationships, emotional stability and pleasure, violence and addictions.

The 3rd Chakra, known as Manipura, is located in the stomach area and is symbolized by the downward pointing triangle of the lotus’s ten petals. Its’ associated color is yellow. This Chakra’s energies deal with translations and transformation of emotions fear, stress and anxiety into personal powers of spiritual growth and mental expansiveness.

Working upwardly, the next energy center, the 4th Chakra (known as the Anahata) is symbolized by a twelve petal green circular flower. It is located in the chest and heart area of the body and is associated with the color green or pink. The 4th Chakra deals with energies of unconditional love, emotional balance, compassion, tenderness, how we handle rejection and our sense of inner well-being.

The 5th Chakra, located in our throat, is known as Vishuddha. It is symbolized by a silver crescent with sixteen pale blue or turquoise petals. This energy center deals with and governs our communication, our ability to articulate our thoughts and speak authentically, our spiritual expression.

The 6th Chakra, known as Ajna (our third-eye), is linked to the pineal gland and is located in the center of the forehead, at the point just above and between your two eyes. It is associated with the colors indigo, violet or deep blue and is symbolized by a two-petal lotus. The 6th Chakra is associated with our intuition and the abilities to envision, bring balance to our higher and lower self and our ability to be spiritually discerning.

The 7th and final Chakra, called Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, is located at the top of our head and is associated with the pure consciousness of the color white. The Crown Chakra is symbolized by the thousand petal lotus and deals with the energies of releasing karma (negative energies created by non-loving thoughts and actions), meditation and connection with God Consciousness, unity, the integration love as the singular truth and the realization of Dharma (lovingly living in alignment with our life purpose).

Beginning The Three Step Meditation:

“After completing the beginning stillness meditation now bring your hands to your hips. Keep your eyes closed and concentrated on your third-eye. Begin the Breath-of-Fire by breathing rapidly in through your nose and out through your nose 65 times. (You can also breath slowly if you have a concern over some medical condition).

Next, with your eyes still closed, bring you your hands comfortably to the top your knees. Again, bring your index fingers to your thumbs on both hands and face the palms of your hands upward. Now begin to HUM intensely. This humming sound causes your right and left hemispheres of your brain to synchronize and work simultaneously. The humming further eradicates any thought bubbles from occurring. HUM intensely for 65 times.

Next, with your eyes still closed and hands on knees, you will focus your breathing and the Ho’ponopono clearing to restore and align the body’s seven Charka energy centers. This meditation brings healing and balancing energies to all of our Chakras.

Repeat the slow Beginning Meditation Breath and Ho’ponopono Process for Each Chakra:

Begin at the Root Chakra and then work upwardly through each energy center until reaching the Crown Chakra.

Breath in deeply and slowly in through your nose and then out through your mouth. With each breath inwardly imagine white light flooding the Chakra. You can imagine dark light being expelled. You will be breathing into each Chakra 12 total times, four breaths and three rounds.

Round one / modified Ho’ponopono: As you breath in your first breath, simultaneously inwardly speak the words “I AM”, then exhale. As you breath in your second breath, simultaneously inwardly speak the words “I Accept Your Grace”, then exhale. With your third breath in, now inwardly speak the words “Thank You”, then exhale. And with your forth breath inwardly say “I Love You”, then exhale. Repeat the breath and inwardly spoken modified Ho’ponopono words again to complete round two, and again to complete round three. In essence, with each accompanying breath, you will have said the complete Ho’ponopono a total of three times through each and every Chakra.

Once the Advanced Three Step Meditation is complete it is recommended that you be still in the moment and give thanks to the Creator Awareness for all that you are, have and desire to be. Pray for others, yourself, peace on earth and for the reverent safe keeping of all nature and Mother Earth.

SupportVetsNow will take a very holistically comprehensive approach in addressing the reintegration of Veterans back into society.  Specifically we will be addressing issues of PTSD,  personal development/empowerment/self-esteem, family relationships and budgetary planning, job training and career planning, resume preparation, interview training skills and the actual engagement of the Veteran back into successful civilian employment.

Ultimately I/we pray that war becomes obsolete thought in the collective mind and that each of us realize the insightful wisdom of the Buddhist poet Thich Nhat Hanh who states, “The healing of ourselves is the healing of the whole nation.”  From such an awareness each of us are more empowered to bring our greater love to our planet as expressed the realization of A Course in Miracles teachings, “The Salvation of the world depends on you.”

When each of our souls drink from the holy words of this chalice of truth…Only then, as John Lennon reminds us in “Imagine,” Will We Live As One.  Amen.  It is So.

SupportVeteransNow.org is a ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org initiative.



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