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Phony narrative, religious hucksterism, and Hollywood have not only changed the reality of war, but have defined modern military service. During the 20s and 30s, Marines operated all over Latin and central America as corporate enforcers working for banks, oil companies, and big agriculture. 

They were the equivalent of the Pinkerton thugs and murders depicted in the new televisions series, Damnation, according to Smedley Butler. General/Commandant Butler of course is depicted by Marine drill instructors as the father of the modern Marine Corps.  Butler, a five-time medal of honor winner and onetime presidential candidate, had a strong bent for social activism and was a full-bore Socialist.

In 1934, Wall Street aided by the ultra-right wing and anti-American American Legion, a Veteran’s group whose origins brought them into partnership with the resurgent Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s, were tasked with decapitating the Roosevelt government.

You see the Legion, which regularly rented out as thugs and strike breakers during the depression, deeply admired Adolf Hitler and had picked up the mantle of the “nativist” or anti-immigrant movements so resurgent today.  It was Butler who stopped them.  He was asked to command but instead went to Roosevelt and Congress.

At one point, and this will tell you more about the real American than anything else, Butler as Commandant of the Marine Corps was put under house arrest.  He had apparently offended Washington’s, bankster serving elite, by telling a story at a dinner party about how Benito Mussolini ran over a child and drove away laughing.  This was all true, this is real history.  Not the history you read in books.  Not like today’s fake news.

But wait, it seems like I am stealing lines out of the Maltese Falcon.  America’s enemies have always been from within. Madison warned of it, Jefferson too, Lincoln, John Kennedy and more recently others. Those “others” today are fired from networks and newspapers, fired from universities, their web sites are blocked by Google, and they are always accused of “hating the Jews.”  If you find that one puzzling, particularly since the majority of truth tellers and dissidents are probably Jewish themselves, then you are beginning to understand.

We are going to start today with the story about how the Marine Corps has lost its way, and not for the first time.  There is a reason 19,000 Marines died in Vietnam.  I was there.  I will keep it simple.  Marines spent months on the line, or behind enemy lines if such things existed.  Wounded were seldom medevaced and bled to death where they lay and at critical times food, water, and ammunition were nonexistent.

The conditions described by Richard Tregaskis in his 1943 book, Guadalcanal Diary, conditions endured for a few short weeks, leaving Marines walking skeletons, were the norm for Vietnam.  Surviving combat Marines left Vietnam with chronic malnutrition, an endless bevy of Agent Orange diseases that would kill them off, many in the next few years, and the gift of post-traumatic stress.

You see the Marine Corp had read Tregaskis’ book as well and had decided that since few of those running the Marine Corp has ever seen any combat, they would build their war around a book that was quite frankly, largely fiction.  It was WWII fiction and yes, we mean John Wayne, that led the Corps to its history of recruit abuse and to the hopeless bayonet charges that became its common tactic in Vietnam.

Fiction in reality, fake everything, has led America’s military, certainly since Korea.  Calling America’s military, the military of today a shamble is a truth that has become our biggest security threat and one of our biggest secrets.  A military run on its NCO corps and endless deployments protecting the poppy fields of Afghanistan or playing one side against the other in Iraq on behalf of Israeli led foreign policy, made a career in the military untenable.

Adding to the problem of course was the disastrous officer corps, a collection of bumbling mama’s boys, not unlike the tens of thousands General George Marshall excised from the rolls in1940 and 1941.  Thirty thousand officers were cashiered.  When left on its own, the American military, led by the service academies, gravitates toward right wing extremism and corruption.  When you add today’s phony religion, the “end of times/apocalypse bible thumping”, that goes through the corps and the curriculum at all three service academies, becomes pure treason.

Obama, aided by Hagle and Dempsey cleaned out the worst of them, removing hundreds of incompetent and insane commanders and preventing a military coup that was going to involve a nuclear attack on Iran by crazies in the strategic air command who had side stepped any and all safe guards.  This is the same group Trump is bringing back in for his planned war on Korea.  The Bible thumping crazies who now answer to Steve Bannon.

We are going to move off of this and onto something else.  We have shaken enough illusions as it is.  It is time we accepted that America’s military is as fake as today’s news.  When Americans woke up and found themselves supporting al-Qaeda and ISIS, and no sane person doubts this, when they woke up and found Saudi Arabia and Israel has been friends for 60 years, not the enemies they pretended to be, then the world should have been clearly identified as being upside down.

This of course means the 1973 war was fake, that the oil embargo was fake, that the Marine bombing in Lebanon and 911, along with the lies that help to state the 2003 invasion of Iraq, all of it. 

All the while this is going on America is being systematically destroyed.  We have certainly outlined how the military was taken down.  Name a general today, or admiral, any commander who does not sound like a clown.  Name one, try to think of one, try hard.  Flawed as he was, Petraeus at least was not insane and you saw what they did to him.  They got McCrystal too.

Then they had the Rolling Stone reporter that took him out, Michael Hastings, erased. By the way, look at stories about the Hastings death and note who arrived first on the scene of the mysterious fiery crash.  Enough said.

It is Veterans Day again and at VT we are bombarded with stories, some from useful idiots, some from people trying to make a difference.  Everyone here gets lots of TV time simply because we are an organization with the name veteran in it and it is assumed that we are not as independent as we are.

Let’s face it, when Americans see the word Veteran, the word idiot comes to mind as well, blithering and cartoonish. Veterans are supposed to be racist totalitarians, mindless, institutionalized, and selfish.  This is not how most American people see them really, but this is how Congress sees veterans which explains why VT started so many years ago and why we continue to fight back.

Desert Storm is another fiasco.  This is that first invasion, not the one that is still going on.  The one that took 96 hours.  The men and women who fought this 96-hour war began dying in droves of a mysterious disease called Gulf War Syndrome.  Was it the experimental vaccines? Was it the use of depleted uranium by the US?  It certainly was not oil field fires.  Did the US use biological and chemical weapons on the Republican Guards?

Let’s take a second with this.  Biological and chemical warfare on behalf of anyone but America’s allies, in particular Israel, is a redline.  By redline we mean something that will bring about a retaliatory attack by the US on any nation, without proof to back up assertions mind you, and of course as long as that nation is not capable of defending itself.  The Syrian government never used gas on its own people.  Time and time again gas attacks in Syria were traced down to America’s covert allies.

  • The secret production facilities in Tblisi, Georgia
  • Private military contractors, including Google Idea Groups/Google Jigsaw
  • The Fascist Kiev regime and their allies and friends in Turkey and Israel
  • Troves of Saudi cash
  • George Clooney’s white helmets
  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
  • Reuters and Al Jazeera

This is a who’s who when it comes to the support of terrorist organizations that have now spread from the Moroccan coast to the Philippines.  The proxy armies of the security agencies, you know their names so well, starting with CIA and Mossad who do the dirty work that Smedley Butler described so aptly when he stated, “War is a Racket.”

This week, this Veterans Day, ISIS stands defeated.  The rest of the world learned that Saudi Arabia kidnapped Lebanon’s prime minister in an attempt to start a new war, after the last one failed.  If ISIS and al Qaeda are terrorist organizations, why then could tens of thousands, from Saudi princes to the think tanks along the Potomac, be credited with aiding their spread across the globe.

These are the hard questions.  Thus, we get back to the institutions.  Who is to protect the truth? Google and Facebook, closely tied to the global banksters, manipulate everything on the Internet.  Their rumored AI reads every search, every email, every posting, every chat, monitors every purchase and creates predictive algorithms to engineer a level of global control beyond Orwell’s imagination.

The institutions, the press, government, religion, our schools have all been systematically destroyed.  The move has been simple, war, poverty, pestilence, and death is the business of business and governments are little more than middle management serving a worldwide organized crime syndicate, one we stumble over continually whenever we peek behind the curtain.

Where the armies don’t serve, they are replaced by private military contractors. In the middle east today, including Afghanistan, 200,000 PMCs are on the ground.  Twenty thousand private contractors are fighting in Yemen, paid by Saudi Arabia, with half under the flag of ISIS and al-Qaeda.  Nearly 50,000 are in Afghanistan, a number even their own government has no idea of.

Let’s add another strange fact to this, by 2004 two key organizations had been privatized by the Bush administration. These groups threatened to take over key US and intelligence functions by Israeli controlled elements brought into the US government after the rigged 2000 election.  By the way, this is the same group who rigged the 2016 election.  These are organizations that were privatized and are the Central Intelligence Agency and the JSOC or Joint Special Operations Command.

Then we have this:

Marine drill instructor, Joseph Felix, was sentenced to ten years for abusing recruits, Muslim recruits. He was part of a gang, Christian Evangelista, who have taken it upon themselves to keep America’s military Jew, Muslim, and Catholic free. At Parris Island, torturing recruits has been a staple for decades.  There have been as many as a dozen recruit deaths since the 1960s and drill instructors, some of whom are combat vets with PTSD, have seen it their job to make the life of a recruit hell.  This was always the basis of Marine training.

Recruits have always been regularly beaten, humiliated, even sexually assaulted.  Marine drill instructors perform one of the hardest jobs in any military.  It was a joke on Saturday Night Live, that the Seals, Special forces, the endless array of new special operations, glamor boys, are nothing more than phony Marines.

And since this is Veterans Day let’s get in another cliché.  Are today’s Marines, Marines by the standard of the Marines who fought in Vietnam? While we are here we are going to go over some facts.  Marines in Vietnam were derided by their compatriots from WWII for being soft.  But as it turns out quite the opposite was true.  You see there was too much time between WWII and Vietnam.  The Korean War never affected America’s military training and was fought mainly with WWII retreads and draftees.

The Marine corps was huge during WWII, a million men strong and landings were typically reinforced by larger Army units and in most cases with the exception of Guadalcanal, Marines were out of combat within a few days.  Still the one-million-man Marine corps in WWII lost about 17,000 killed.  During WWII, Marine landing teams rotated to New Zealand, Hawaii, and California, sometimes parked for over a year before being selected for a new landing.

Thus, taken on average a Marine from WWII would see about one fourth the combat a Marine in Vietnam saw. The Vietnam War where 19,000 Marines died in combat, though only 20% as many served.  Casualty ratios for the 10% of the Marine Corp, the tip of the spear guys, were at insane levels with many units suffering 100% casualties and eventually running entirely on replacements.

What are we saying?  Private companies, almost all shills underwritten by black funds, laundered off shore cash, created a network of private contracting firms that analyze intelligence, filter all information the US government receives on threats, and with JSOC plan and executes special operations around the world.

For years America’s most capable left the services, military and clandestine, took the big pay checks, and began serving off shore masters unknown to them but known to us.  Protected by a web of new agencies, by law that classify all information and compartmentalize it to hide the truth. What we see in today’s world, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, entire continents faced decades of war.

The marriage is simple.  All media controlled, eventually by Google alone and the world’s intelligence services and governments falling into line like we saw in 1914 and since so many other times. What we have is what we had, just the scale is different.  The science, chaos theory, and psychological warfare form the 1980s onward, quickly learned that control was based on instilling a feeling of hopelessness.

Mass shootings and terror attacks, one after the other, and, worse still the conspiracy theories of the Google surrogates and their AI keep the public reeling, confused, overwhelmed, and looking for scapegoats.

The plan of action for today, get off the social media, remember what we wrote here today, share this with others, and resist.


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