John Kerry and Prince Charles kill the Israeli project

John Kerry: “Here is a fundamental reality. If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Former US secretary John Kerry used to challenge Benjamin Netanyahu whenever he had the occasion, and that’s a very big distinction between Kerry and other US officials like George W. Bush, who actually was a thorough pawn of the Israeli regime.

Kerry literally humiliated the mad man in Tel Aviv in 2015 when Netanyahu was running around like a wild cowboy on a bucking bull saying crazy things like the United States needed to stop Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons. Kerry said then:

“The prime minister, as you will recall, was profoundly forward-leaning and outspoken about the importance of invading Iraq under George W. Bush, and we all know what happened with that decision.”[1]

Kerry was right on target here. It was Netanyahu himself who posited right before the Iraq invasion that “If you take out Saddam, Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region. And I think that people sitting right next door in Iran, young people, and many others, will say the time of such regimes, of such despots is gone.”[2]

Has the West seen “positive reverberations” in the region since the Iraq invasion? Hasn’t Netanyahu been wrong time and again?

Well, you have to give Kerry some credit here. He knew that Netanyahu is a pathological liar. He knew that Netanyahu always wants to drink the blood of the Palestinians, therefore he had to expose the mad man once and for all.

Before he left office in 2016, Kerry produced another devastating attack on the Israeli regime, saying things like Netanyahu doesn’t have the slightest intention of making peace with the Palestinians. By advancing the Israeli settlements, said Kerry, Israel was advancing an implausible activity which would eventually lead to Israel being an apartheid state.

Here is a fundamental reality,” Kerry said. “If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.” Kerry set an interesting political equation here. If Israel decides to be “Jewish,” says Kerry, then it cannot be democratic.

In other words, to be “Jewish” means to violate the very principle upon which Western democracy is based. Does the equation make sense? Well, look through history and see what the Israeli regime has been doing.

Netanyahu’s response to Kerry’s fundamental point was quite shocking. He said: “Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders.” Isn’t lovely? If the mad man is right here, then why has he been lecturing foreign leaders about Iran, Syria, and other places in the Middle East? He doesn’t want to be lectured, but he wants to dictate US foreign policy? Once again, we are facing a fundamental issue here: Benjamin Netanyahu does not want to abide by practical reason at all.

Kerry has recently produced another devastating attack on the Israeli regime when he said:

“The Palestinians have done an extraordinary job of remaining committed to nonviolence. And in fact when the [knife] intifada took place they delivered non-violence in the West Bank. This is overlooked by the general [Israeli] population because it is not a topic of discussion. Why? Because the majority of the cabinet currently in the current Israeli government has publicly declared they are not ever for a Palestinian state.”[3]

Kerry was just warming up. He moved to cut the Israeli leadership to pieces by saying:

“That is not leadership. If you don’t have leaders who don’t want to make peace, if the equation doesn’t change, I’ll be amazed if within the next 10 years if we don’t see some young [Palestinian] leader come along who says we have tried non-violence for the last 30 years and look, it hasn’t gotten us anything. You gotta have a willingness to make peace. If there is a willingness to make peace.”[4]

It’s just that simple. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the Israeli regime has never wanted peace with the Palestinians, though they have made lip service about working with the Palestinians.

“I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally and it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause great problems. “

Prince Charles said almost the same thing in 1989. He declared that “the influx of foreign Jews” would be detrimental to peace in the Middle East. Prince Charles was so serious that he hoped a US president would eventually stand up to “the Jewish lobby.”[5] He said:

“I now begin to understand better their [Arabs’] point of view about Israel. Never realised they see it as a US colony.

“I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally and it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause great problems. I know there are so many complex issues, but how can there ever be an end to terrorism unless the causes are eliminated? Surely some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in US? I must be naive, I suppose!”[6]

Everyone knows that Israel is a problem child. People cannot say these things in public because they are afraid to lose their career and sometimes their lives. But they all know that something needs to be done with the Israeli regime.

What if the West resolutely refuses to listen to the regime? What if politicians say no more to Netanyahu’s perpetual wars and perpetual wars? Wouldn’t that force the Israeli regime to abide by the moral and political order? Where are the brave men of the West?

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