The JFK Assassination 54 Years Later

Do the shuhada (martyrs) get to celebrate Thanksgiving in paradise?

Dr. Mujahid Kamran, a physics professor and Vice Chancellor of the University of Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan, has been targeted by the same forces that orchestrated politically-motivated witch hunts of Professor Anthony Hall, yours truly, and many others. He is one of the world’s leading experts on the New World Order, and author of 9/11 and the New World Order and the new The International Bankers, World Wars I, II, and Beyond. Here is his  brand-new essay, published here first on this 54th anniversary of the Dallas coup. I think it is one of the best available comprehensive short pieces on this issue. Please spread it around. –Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

The JFK Assassination 54 Years Later

Mujahid Kamran

 22 November, 2017

I speak of peace because of the new face of war. Total war makes no sense in an age when great powers can maintain large and relatively invulnerable nuclear forces and refuse to surrender without resort to those forces. It makes no sense in an age when a single nuclear weapon contains almost ten times the explosive force delivered by the allied air forces in the second World War. It makes no sense in an age when the deadly poisons produced by a nuclear exchange would be carried by wind and water and soil and seed to the far corners of the globe and to generations yet unborn.

John F. Kennedy, U.N. address, June 10, 1963


The assassination of the highly popular and visionary American president John F. Kennedy (JFK) on November 22, 1963, in Dallas Texas, was an event that instantly changed the trajectory of global politics in the wrong direction. At the time of his assassination he was seeking disengagement from Vietnam, was working for a rapprochement with the Soviet Union, was blocking the illegal and hidden Israeli nuclear program, was trying to get the Treasury to issue the dollar bills in place of the unconstitutional notes issued by the privately owned Federal Reserve, and wanted to share information on UFOs with the Soviet Union.  All these efforts essentially challenged the Satanic program of the Illuminati masonic international bankers who want to set up a global slave state after repeatedly bringing nations to war, destroying them, keeping them in debt bondage and bleeding and exhausting mankind while reducing global population violently.  Every major initiative for world peace and cooperation that JFK undertook, was undone after his assassination.


Disengagement from Vietnam meant that JFK was undoing a plan that had been put into motion by the Secret Elite, the High Cabal, in the closing phases of World War II. As narrated by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty in his book, it was on September 2, 1945, when Japan had formally surrendered to the U.S., that he found out about the shipment of massive equipment from Okinawa to Korea and to Indochina [1]. This equipment was ostensibly meant for a 500,000-man assault on mainland Japan from Okinawa island. The use of the atomic bomb made this assault unnecessary and the equipment became redundant. It is quite possible that the Secret Elite already knew that this equipment would not be needed and intended it for another hideous purpose. Half of that equipment went to Korea and was, a few years later, used in the Korean war. The other half was sent to Indochina where it was received by Ho Chi Minh and General Giap at Haiphong harbour. It was used to defeat the French at Dien Bein Phu with secret American help in 1954.

Mysteriously Vietnam was divided into two parts at Geneva in 1954, North and South with separate regimes. Allen Dulles, the CIA director who worked as a Wall Street lawyer and was an agent of the High Cabal, promoted conflict in Vietnam in collusion with his brother, the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, in complete defiance of the desire of President Eisenhower to keep out of Indochina. Both brothers were loyal and steadfast agents of the Elite and were loyal to the goals of the Elite, not the United States of America. The CIA (established 1947) promoted strife and bloodshed and confusion in Vietnam. Allen Dulles set up a Saigon Military Mission to help the French with Col. Edward Lansdale in it, the same Lansdale who was seen at the scene of JFKs murder in Dallas, Texas. But in reality it had a different mission. Col. Prouty writes [2]:

The Saigon Military Mission entered Vietnam clandestinely to assist the Vietnamese, rather than the French. . . As members of that team understood their orders, they were to wage paramilitary operations against the enemy and to carry out psychological warfare. . . They were a band of superterrorists . . . They saw their role as promoting sabotage, subversion, labour strikes, armed uprisings, and guerrilla warfare.”

CIA remained active in Vietnam leading to a civil war situation and the consequent involvement of U.S. military advisers. The military industry, owned by the High Cabal and its subservient allies, was looking forward to greater military involvement in Vietnam with its profit and Malthusian motives, when JFK ordered withdrawal of military advisers from Vietnam. This was a bolt out of the blue and was utterly unacceptable for the Illuminati masonic international bankers. After JFK’s elimination, the first order passed by his successor LBJ, was the reversal of the decision to withdraw military advisors from Vietnam. LBJ gave the international banking families the war in Indochina that had been planned in the dying days of WW II. They were able to massacre millions of people and hundreds of billions of dollars in profit as a result.


The anger of the High Cabal against JFK had been building ever since the Bay of Pig fiasco. The real reason for the failure of Bay of Pigs was simple: it could not succeed without complete destruction of the Cuban air force. The Cuban air force had a total of ten T-33 aircraft, 7 of which were destroyed, on April 15, 1961, two days before the planned “invasion”, by refugee pilots flying out of Nicaragua in CIA supplied B 26 bombers. On the morning of the raid (April 17) these 3 remaining aircraft were to be destroyed in an air attack by rebel pilots trained by the Americans, prior to landing by the ground force of the rebels.  Shortly before the aircraft were to take off (at 1.00 a.m.) from Nicaragua, the CIA Deputy Director Gen. Cabell mysteriously cancelled the raid despite the fact that it was allowed formally by JFK twelve hours earlier. No permission from the president was sought for this cancellation, nor was he informed [3].

Mysteriously Allen Dulles was out of country during these dates. He had gone abroad to address young entrepreneurs!  This was of course by design. He had, as Director CIA, planned the invasion well in advance, before JFK was even elected. When the Cuban air force was bombing the rebel forces the American military leadership put full pressure on JFK to allow them to get involved. The Cuban T-33s not only wrought havoc with the “invading” forces, they also brought down fifteen B-26’s! JFK, most courageously, refused this illegality. Thus the CIA operatives not only succeeded in dividing a wedge between JFK and the military, they also embarrassed JFK globally in addition to building anger against him among Cuban refugees in U.S. JFK had assumed power less than three months earlier, on January 20, 1961. Cabell was later involved in the JFK assassination.  His brother was the Mayor of Dallas when JFK was assassinated.

A 300 page CIA document released in 2005, confirms that CIA went ahead despite knowing that without the support of the U.S. armed forces the brigade of exiles would be doomed [4]. This assessment was concealed from JFK who was, in a sense, set up and trapped into a very difficult situation. Their calculation presumably was that once the situation for the exile brigade became grave, JFK would succumb to pressure from the military and the CIA. They had miscalculated, and had underestimated JFK’s strength. The meeting at the White House, during which JFK was pressured by the military leadership and the CIA to allow U.S. military involvement, lasted three hours! JFK told the meeting that he had told the Bissell, the CIA officer and Admiral Edmund Burke “over and over again” that he will not involve U.S. combat forces to save the operation.

James Douglass has provided evidence that Dulles et al did indeed wish to trap JFK into agreeing to direct U.S. military involvement in Bay of Pigs. He quotes from private papers of Allen Dulles, that were made available after his death. In his own handwriting Dulles wrote something which shows that he was aware that the mission would fail unless military involvement is permitted and hoped that it would be. He wrote [5]:

[We] did not want to raise these issues – in [an undecipherable word] discussion – which might harden the decision against the type of action we required. We felt when the chips were down – when the crisis arose in reality, any action required for success would be authorized rather than permit the enterprise to fail.”

JFK had been in office for a mere three months when this crisis was heaped upon him and he had stood his ground. A subsequent inquiry led JFK to eventually remove CIA Director Allen Dulles, Charles Bissell and Deputy Director General Cabell. Col. Prouty quotes JFK’s friend Justice Douglas [6]:

This episode seared him. He had experienced the extreme power these groups had, these various insidious influences of the CIA and the Pentagon, on civilian policy, and I think it raised in his mind the spectre: Can Jack Kennedy, President of the United States, ever be strong enough to really rule these two powerful agencies? I think it had profound effect . . . it shook him up!

No wonder JFK was so infuriated that he said that he will “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” Three months on into his presidency JFK had a face-off with the CIA and the Pentagon, at whose back stood their controllers, the cabal of Illuminati international bankers.


After the Bay of Pigs fiasco JFK faced another highly dangerous crisis in Cuba. This was the discovery of Russian short and medium range nuclear missiles on Cuban soil. The information was conveyed to JFK on October 16, 1962 by his adviser McGeorge Bundy. The information was based on analysis of photographic data provided by the famous U2 spy plane. This was a very grave situation and the U.S. military immediately went into attack mode. They were continually pressuring JFK to go to war.

Why were the Russian missiles installed in Cuba? Castro explained this to the French journalist Jean Daniel, who was also JFK’s secret envoy, in the following words in 1963 (in fact Castro and Daniel were conversing when the news of JFK’s assassination was telecast) [7]:

Six months before these missiles were installed in Cuba, we had received an accumulation of information warning us that a new invasion of the island was being prepared under the sponsorship of the Central Intelligence Agency, whose administrators were humiliated by the Bay of Pigs disaster and by the spectacle of being ridiculed in the eyes of the world and berated by the U.S. government circles.”

Castro was referring to Operation Mongoose which aimed at overthrowing his government and which had been prepared the C.I.A. and approved by JFK. He was saying that the missiles were installed in order to counter Operation Mongoose.

David Talbot, who was given access to White House records pertaining to this crisis, describes the exchange between the military leadership and JFK during a meeting at the White House held on October 19, 1962 [8]. The military leaders, particularly Air Force Chief Curtis LeMay, insulted JFK in an attempt to coerce him to allow them to attack Cuba. Unknown to JFK the generals had moved troops and ships to locations from where they could attack Cuba quickly. When the meeting ended and JFK left the room the military leaders used highly derogatory language against him. They did not know what they said was being recorded. After the meeting JFK told one of his aides that: “The brass have one advantage. If we listen to them, and do what they want us to do, none of us will be alive later to tell them that they were wrong.” JFK could stand his ground not only because of his superior intellect but also because he had fought very courageously during WW II, apart from losing his brother in the war.

The U.S. military and its allies were determined to attack Cuba. Tommy Power, right hand man of Air Chief General LeMay had, on his own, raised the DEFCON level to level 2 without the President’s permission and knowledge. There are 5 DEFCON levels; level 1 is red and stands for nuclear war, level 2 is orange and stands for a very high chance of nuclear war.  The US air force had made preparations for a nuclear attack. The raising of DEFCON level to level 2 must have been in the notice of the Russians, who were bound to take counter measures. Curtis LeMay wanted to “fry”  Cuba!  When JFK asked him what would the Russians do in response to an attack on Cuban soil leading o Russian casualties, LeMay replied that the Russians would do “nothing”.  JFK, who had a better comprehension of the global chessboard, pointed out that the Russians could respond to their casualties in Germany instead of Cuba.  JFK, well aware of the horrors of nuclear war, went for the “quarantine” option, blocking Russian ships from entering Cuba and checking every ship that was carrying cargo to Cuba. This was much to the dismay of the generals and the High Cabal.

On October 27 an American U2 plane was shot down over Cuba by the Soviets raising the American military temperatures to dangerously high levels since the pilot was killed. The generals demanded a quick retaliatory response. Based on his reading of the White House records, David Talbot points out that JFK’s advisers were worried about the stability of the regime and felt that the longer the crisis lingered the greater the chances of instability. At this point JFK asked his brother Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) to visit Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet ambassador.  RFK met Dobrynin on the same day, October 27th. David Talbot quotes from the report Dobrynin sent to Khrushchev [9]:

Robert Kennedy looked exhausted. One could see from his eyes that he had not slept for days. He himself said that he had not been home for six days and six nights. ‘The president is in a grave situation,’ Robert Kennedy said, ‘and he does not know how to get out of it. We are under very heavy stress. In fact, we are under pressure from our military to use force against Cuba. . . President Kennedy implores Chairman Khrushchev to accept his offer and to take into consideration the peculiarities of the American system. Even though the president himself is very much against starting a war over Cuba, an irreversible chain of events could occur against his will . . . If the situation continues much longer, the president is not sure that the military will not overthrow him and seize power. The American army could get out of control.”

Khrushchev also sensed that the military could stage a coup and destabilize America and precipitate war. He turned to Andrei Gromyko and said [10], “We have to let Kennedy know that we want to help him. Yes, help. We now have a common cause, to save the world from those pushing us toward war.”  Who was pushing the two powers to war? The Satanic international bankers, the Satanic High Cabal. Khrushchev therefore, very wisely, agreed to dismantle Soviet missiles in Cuba in return for a commitment from the U.S. never to attack Cuba. As a secret part of the deal JFK also agreed to remove U.S. Jupiter missiles from Turkey after a gap. They were removed six months later.  Thus JFK and Khrushchev averted a possible nuclear war, much to the chagrin of the Satanic High Cabal, the coterie of Illuminati masonic international bankers and their subservient allies.


After the close call during the Cuban missile crisis, JFK came to the conclusion that U.S. and the Soviet Union should move towards peaceful coexistence and create a world free from the danger of nuclear war.  He had been on this path from the start of his presidency. As Khrushchev was to write: “In a nuclear war those who survive will envy the dead.” The Cuban crisis had brought JFK and Khrushchev quite close. In fact, soon after becoming President, JFK took a decision that sent a positive signal to the Soviet leadership. On March 23, 1961, barely two months in office, JFK overruled his military and intelligence leadership to issue a statement in favour of a neutral Laos. He stated at a press conference that the U.S. supported the goal of a neutral Laos “strongly and unreservedly.”  He thus withdrew support for a military ruler, an “anti-communist”, in Laos who had been installed by the CIA and Pentagon. He also expressed the willingness of the U.S. to join an international conference in Laos.  On June 3-4, 1961 Kennedy and Khrushchev met at a summit meeting in Vienna and agreed to move towards an independent and neutral Laos. This was the only issue on which they agreed but it was a beginning.

Those working for a pre-planned war in Indochina must have been utterly dismayed by their young president when he refused to commit U.S. troops in Cuba in April 1961 during the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The High Cabal and its agents wanted a state of confrontation and tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union and were bent upon thwarting all moves towards a genuinely peaceful co-existence. Therefore, their loyal and steadfast agent Allen Dulles, a 33rd degree Freemason, the wily and crooked CIA Director, and his Pentagon brethren presented a plan for attacking the Soviet Union in “late 1963 after a period of heightened tensions.” This plan was presented at the National Security Council meeting of July 20, 1961, a mere month and a half after there had been agreement between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. for a neutral Laos [11]. It had come out of nowhere. What was the purpose of this senseless proposal? It was the destruction of any attempts at a peaceful co-existence. JFK was so infuriated by this heinous proposal that he walked out of the meeting remaking to Dean Rusk, his Secretary of State: “And we call ourselves the human race.”

Whether or not the Soviet leadership was aware of the proposal to attack them they resumed testing of atmospheric thermonuclear weapons the following month. On August 30, 1961 the Soviet Union exploded a 150 kiloton hydrogen bomb over Siberia.  In the following days the Soviet Union tested wo more bombs forcing JFK to announce, on September 5, 1961, the resumption of nuclear tests by the U.S. This was indeed a serious setback to JFK’s desire for disarmament. However, both Krushchev and JFK had to contend with their military establishments as they groped their way forward in an uncertain situation.

JFK addressed the U.N.  on September 25, 1961, on the subject of disarmament. He stated on this Illuminati international banker created world forum [12]:

The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us. . . It is therefore our intention to challenge the Soviet Union, not to an arms race, but to a peace race – to advance together step by step, stage by stage, until general and complete disarmament has been achieved.”

He also stated that “disarmaments negotiations resume promptly, and continue without interruption until an entire program for general and complete disarmament has not only been agreed but has actually been achieved.” He concluded his speech with the following remarks: “Together we shall save our planet, or together we shall perish in its flames. Save it we can and save it we must-and then we shall earn the eternal thanks of mankind.”  How dare he utter a genuine desire for genuine disarmament and peace on a forum created by those who wanted a one world slave state after repeated holocausts? Illuminati international bankers. The U.N. forum was not designed by those who created it but was meant for imposing the Satanic will of the High Cabal. The Illuminati masonic Zionist international banking cabal was certainly deeply disturbed and their disturbance would manifest itself in different ways at different stages throughout JFK’s years in office. The international banking cabal and the Illuminati philosophy stood for a war ravaged planet with tens of millions of dead and not for complete or partial disarmament. That is where we are headed now in 2017.

JFK’s U.N. speech provoked a response from Khrushchev who had by now sensed that JFK wanted genuine peace and that unlike his predecessors he was not an agent of those who stood for war. From the shores of Black Sea Khrushchev wrote a 26-page personal letter that was apparently kept secret from his own military and foreign office and was delivered by an intelligence agent to JFK’s press secretary Pierre Salinger. The letter had been wrapped in a newspaper and was dated September 29, 1961 i.e. it was written four days after JFK’s U.N. speech.  The most significant part of the letter was the one referring to their joint responsibility for peace. Khrushchev compared the globe with [13]:

Noah’s Ark where both the ‘clean’ and the ‘unclean’ found sanctuary. But regardless of who lists himself with the ‘clean’ and who is considered to be ‘unclean,’ they are all equally interested in one thing and that is that the Ark should successfully continue its cruise. And we have no other alternative: either we should live in peace and cooperation so that the Ark maintains its buoyancy, or else it sinks.”

JFK replied to Khrushchev’s letter on October 16, 1961 expressing his deep liking for the Noah’s Ark analogy.  He thanked Khrushchev for initiating the correspondence and agreed to keep quiet about it. He wrote further [14]: “Whatever our differences, our collaboration to keep the peace is as urgent – if not more urgent – than our collaboration to win the last war. They corresponded secretly for almost a year but their differences remained unresolved. Khrushchev was dismayed by the approval of Operation Mongoose (on November 30, 1961) by JFK, who in turn was disturbed to discover the presence of Russian missiles on Cuban soil. Eight days before approving Operation Mongoose JFK had, while refusing to commit troops in Vietnam, agreed to send military advisers and support units to the region. He had probably not yet realised that Vietnam was another trap, or he was, perhaps, adjusting to the pressure of his military leadership and the CIA.

Despite these developments back and forth the missile crisis brought JFK and Khruschev closer. Around the same time the American generals, the CIA, and its masters, the Satanic Illuminati bankers, realised that they could not deal with JFK except by getting rid of him. Some of generals must have regarded him a traitor, others a weakling. For example, the air chief General Curtis LeMay called JFK’s decision not to attack Cuba “the greatest defeat in our history.”  He also added [15], “We had a chance to throw the Communists out of Cuba. But the administration was scared to death [the Russians] might shoot a missile at us.” The perception that JFK should be eliminated grew more firm when the Elite realised that JFK had become very popular and would win the next election and was going to take the U.S. out of Vietnam. The loss of profits and the murder of millions they could not afford to let go.

The CIA leadership and sections of the Army had turned rogue while JFK was exploring accommodation with Russia and as part of his efforts for a peaceful world, with Cuba as well. They had set up various groups of Cuban revolutionaries such as Alpha 66 and DRE. These groups were being run by CIA officer David Attlee Phillips under the pseudonym Maurice Bishop. These groups began attacking Russians within Cuba as well as Soviet ships in Cuban seas or open waters leading to loss of Soviet life. This was a very grave matter. Peter Dale Scott writes [16]:

Alpha 66 was violently anti-Kennedy in 1963. With the active support of Henry Luce and Time-Life, which is said to have spent a quarter of a million dollars, Alpha 66 made it a point of attacking Russian targets in Cuba in an attempt to shatter the growing convergence of U.S. and Soviet policies in the Caribbean after the nuclear scare of the 1962 missile crisis. When the President appealed separately to Luce and the exiles to cease their attacks both rebuffed him. Alpha 66 team leader Tony Veciana ‘publicly snubbed the President and said that Alpha 66 would continue. If anything the activities of Alpha 66 were stepped up.’”

To snub the president of the United States publicly was no small matter. The involvement of Luce indicated that the secret society leadership, i.e. the satanic international bankers were encouraging and supporting this. And at least some section or sections of the Army had turned rogue too.  When the Soviets protested JFK decided to put an end to these activities. On March 31, 1963, the Justice Department, headed by his brother RFK, imposed restrictions on the movements of rebel leaders involved and confiscated boats used in these raids.  JFK also wrote to Khrushchev on April 11, 1963 [17]:

The efforts of this government to reduce tensions have, as you know, aroused much criticism from certain quarters in this country. But neither such criticism nor the opposition of any sector of our society will be allowed to determine the policies of this Government. In particular I have neither the intention nor the desire to invade Cuba. . .”

The rogue elements still persisted. Peter Dale Scott writes further [18]:

Through 1963 there were reports that the nuisance raids of Alpha 66, despite Kennedy’s disapproval, were being tolerated (against orders) by middle-level ranks of the U.S. Navy. Indeed it seems likely that at the same time Alpha 66 was being used operationally by the U.S. Army.”

JFK’s action to stop activities of the Cuban rebels generated intense resentment among them. CIA was able to exploit this resentment in the JFK assassination plot. Ironically Tony Veciana, considered JFK a traitor in 1963. But he was subsequently able to see through the CIA plot and revised his opinion about JFK. He told the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1977 that he had seen David Attlee Phillips talking to Lee Harvey Oswald, the patsy blamed for the assassination of JFK. In 1979 Veciana survived an assassination attempt – he was shot in the head. Thereafter he stayed silent for a long time. But in 2013 he stated [19]:

In reality what happened that day [November 22, 1963] was a coup de ’etat. President Kennedy’s death was the result of a conspiracy planned by CIA operatives supported by a handful of high-ranking military officers and members of the mafia. They believed that President Kennedy was a traitor who had jeopardised national security by establishing a foreign policy of dialogue and conciliation with traditional enemies of the United States.”

Veciana also stated that it was only later that he realised that “JFK was a great man and a great President who had great vision for this country and the world.” In 2013 Veciana was 86 and said that he could not leave the world without paying this tribute to JFK!


The Satanic international bankers had come to realise that JFK was all out for the masses, wanted to eliminate poverty, respected smaller nations, and did not view the bankers favourably. He had demonstrated his courage, speed and absolute commitment to the masses when he ferociously countered an increase in steel prices by the steel industry during April 1962. The steel industry had, quite arrogantly, raised steel prices in violation of an agreement with JFK and the workers unions, not to raise prices. Within days JFK had brought the international-banker connected steel industry on its knees. The steel industry abjectly withdrew the price increase

The bigger steel companies were owned by the international bankers. For instance, the biggest of them all, the United States Steel Company, involved top level men from Morgan Guaranty Trust, First National City Bank of New York, Prudential Insurance Company, etc. The displeasure of the Illuminati international bankers was evident when JFK went to address the American Business Council. The American Business Council involved men who were a few tiers below the international bankers and were employed by them. JFK told his adviser Ted Soresnsen that the American Business Council was the only gathering that he had addressed that “did not rise to its feet upon the entrance of the President of the United States.” The international bankers were sending a signal to JFK that they did not respect him. As James Douglass writes [20]: “The steel crisis defined John and Robert Kennedy as Wall Street enemies. . . U.S. News and the World gave prominence in its April 30, 1962, issue to an anti-Kennedy article on ‘Planned Economy’ that suggested that the president was acting like a Soviet commissar.”  The writer and the editors seemed to have forgotten that the Bolshevik Revolution was funded and instigated and brought about the very same Satanic dialectical international banking families for whose sake they were attacking JFK.

In fact, the international bankers were trying to bring down JFK by defaming him in the media.  Time, Life, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and other media outlets continually criticized JFK. Henry Luce, the owner of Time, Life and Fortune magazines was a member of the Order of Skull and Bones, a known Illuminati secret society at Yale. Six out of fourteen directors of Time were members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Walter S. Beebe, Chairman of Newsweek and Washington Post, was a CFR member and a close friend of the loyal and steadfast Elite agent John Foster Dulles who had been sacked by JFK. At the time Dulles was the senior most CFR director. Donald Gibson points out that during JFK’s time, in just three and a half years, the GDP rose from $500 billion to $600 billion, industrial production increased by 22% and personal income by 15% [21]. Yet the Elite controlled media gave the impression that JFK was “anti-business”. The media was not speaking for the business community; it was speaking for those who wanted a complete monopoly in business instead of fair competition.  As Donald Gibson wrote [22]:

The Lucepress, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek hammered at President Kennedy’s policies, condemning specific policies as well as Kennedy’s use of presidential powers to shape the economy. In doing so, they spoke not for the country nor for business in general, but for highly concentrated economic power organised around America’s leading financial institutions. They were not defending competition and freeplay of entrepreneurship, but were rather engaging in a conflict with Kennedy over whether it would be private or public power that moulded the future.  The interests of old money, of status and privilege, came into confrontation with the most direct expression of a democratic republic – an elected and popular president a ting on behalf of the nation’s interest. Actually, these publications were more than just mouthpieces for financial groups and oligopolistic oil companies, they were part of network of families and institutions that are at the very top of what is generally called the Establishment.

The very top of the Establishment comprises of none other than the Satanic international banking families, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, and so on.  The Illuminati international banking families were feeling the heat of JFK’s pro-people, pro-peace policies and hence David Rockefeller wrote a few letters to JFK criticising his policies. JFK replied to most of the criticisms and ignored some. However, Rockefeller leaked the letters he had written o JFK and these appeared in the July 1962 issue of Life magazine. This leakage showed the extent of heat that the Elite was feeling – one of its most conspicuous members had come out in the open to attack JFK.


The United States of America is run by agents of Illuminati international bankers who are all Zionists. The very mention of a possible Israeli involvement in the JFK assassination is to invite the charge of anti-Semitism without being anti-Semitic! The excessive and insincere use of the club of anti-Semitism has lost its appeal on a worldwide basis – it has become counterproductive. But one must look at what was going on between the Israeli government and JFK prior to his assassination and what happened to U.S. policy once JFK had been eliminated.  Congressman Paul Findley wrote in March 1992 in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs [23]: “It is interesting but not surprising that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel’s intelligence agency the Mossad has never been mentioned.

Now everyone who studies these matters knows that Israel is a Rothschild fiefdom. What was so special about the Rothschilds that Lord Balfour addressed the letter known as Balfour Declaration to a Rothschild? The Rothschilds and their Illuminati international banking brethren had a very direct role in the creation and control of Israel and in bringing about the Communist revolution in Russia, the so-called Bolshevik Revolution. Those who took over Palestine by force, through ruthless murder, received arms from the East European communist states.   As Douglass Reed wrote: “Conspiracy bred Communism and Zionism and these took the future of the West in a pincer-like clutch.” One of the reasons the Illuminati international bankers waged the two world wars was to create Israel.

JFK had a simple problem with Israel: his administration had found out that Israel was building a secret nuclear facility at Dimona and he wanted to ensure that it was to be used for peaceful purposes. He wanted thorough inspections of the secret Israeli nuclear facility. The Israelis were developing nuclear weapons and wanted to ensure that JFK would not stop them. The world now knows that Israel has nuclear weapons that were first developed at Dimona. So JFK was absolutely justified in his insistence that the Israeli nuclear program remain peaceful. None other than the Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld has stated [24]:

We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them on targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force . . .. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.

It was several decades after JFK’s assassination in the early 1990s, that some of the correspondence between the Israeli government and JFK on the Dimona issue became public. What was so secret about this correspondence and why was it suppressed for so long? There was only one reason: had it been known at that time that JFK was trying to seriously stop Israel from going nuclear Mossad would have immediately been added to the list of suspects in the public mind. That had to be avoided at all costs. No wonder the first and only book that seemed to establish Israel as the “missing link” in the JFK assassination intrigue appeared within a couple of years of the opening up of the JFK-Ben Gurion correspondence on the Dimona issue. It was Michael Collin Piper’s book Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy that researched the Mossad role in the JFK assassination.  Piper paid with his life eventually for this book and for delving too deeply into Illuminati practices – he was found dead in a hotel room in May 2015.

The, thus far, revealed correspondence between Israeli government and JFK clearly shows that JFK had told Ben Gurion in very clear terms that if Israel did not come clean on the nuclear program the U.S. would withhold aid to Israel.  JFK wanted to stop nuclear proliferation at any cost. Nuclear weapons were his nightmare and he was determined to stop Israel from going nuclear.   Avner Cohen and William Burr posted an important article on April 21, 2016 in which they stated [25]:

President John F. Kennedy worried that Israel’s nuclear program was a potentially serious proliferation risk and insisted that Israel permit periodic inspections to mitigate the danger, according to declassified documents published today by the National Security Archive, Nuclear Proliferation International History Project, and the James Martin Centre for Non-Proliferation Studies.  Kennedy pressured the government of Ben Gurion to prevent a military nuclear program, particularly after stage managed tours of the Dimona facility for U.S. government scientists in 1961 and 1962 raised suspicions within U.S. intelligence that Israel might be concealing its underlying nuclear aims. Kennedy’s longtime objectives, documents show, was to broaden and institutionalize inspections of Dimona by International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Ben Gurion lied persistently about Israel’s nuclear intentions. So much so that JFK privately told Charles Bartlett: “The sons of bitches lie to me constantly about their nuclear capability.” This was an angry statement and a serious statement and the Israelis knew that as long as JFK was there they could not have their nuclear weapon. So Ben Gurion resigned on June 16, 1963. His resignation is attributed to his having approved JFK’s assassination. The resignation would absolve him of responsibility of Mossad action as he would no longer be in power.

District Attorney Jim Garrison had zeroed in on Clay Shaw as a possible suspect. In 1963 Shaw had served on the Board of a Rome based company named Permindex. It turned out that Permindex was a Mossad front company. Further the Geneva based Banque de Credit Internationale (BCI) was one of the owners of Permindex. This bank is known to have laundered money for the Jewish mob leader Meyer Lansky whose name also turned up in connection with the JFK assassination. BCI had been established by Tibor Rosenbaum known to be involved in financing Mossad and procuring arms for the agency. According to an Israeli biographer of Lansky, the mob leader, 90% of Israel’s arms purchases of the newly created state of Israel were carried out through BCI.  In fact, he has been mentioned as former Director of Finances and Supply for Mossad.

The major ownership of Permindex was with a company CMC (Centro Mondiale Commerciale)  of Rome which was owned by a Romanian Jew named George Mandel (he had changed his name to Giorgio Mantello)  who was known to have deep links with Mossad.  Piper quotes a Canadian researcher Michael Phillips who described Mandel as a “33rd degree Mason with closest connection to the highest diplomatic circles.”  So we have Mossad links all around Permindex and two names believed to be connected to the JFK assassination.  But a deeper surprise was brought by the Canadian researcher Maurice Phillipps. The CEO of Permindex was a man named Louis Bloomfeld. Writing on AFP, Michael Collins Piper stated in 2013 [26]:

Documents unearthed by the Canadian author Maurice Phillipps demonstrate beyond question that Shaw’s associate on the board of Permindex (its chief executive officer and primary shareholder) Louis Bloomfled of Montreal, was longtime attorney for the Rothschild dynasty, particularly for Baron Edmond de Rothschild of London, going as far back as World War II.”

Based on the research of Phillips, Piper adds that [27]:

Documents indicate Bloomfeld was so close to Rothschild that he (Bloomfeld) incorporated (in Canada) – and was a shareholder of –  Tri Continental Pipeline Ltd. (described by Phillipps as a ‘major Rothschild company’) to which Israel granted a 49-year exclusive right on the use of a 16-inch pipeline between Red Sea and Haifa in Israel.”

Piper has also pointed out that Bloomfeld and Montreal liquor baron Sam Bronfman, for a long time the head of the World Jewish Congress, “were among a clique of money kings who, in the 1950s, bankrolled Israel’s secret nuclear arms program.” So the suspect Clay Shaw, through Bloomfeld, CEO of Permindex, leads us to the heart of the Zionist Elite – the Rothschilds and the Bronfmans.

What is true of Clay Shaw is equally true of the mafia actors involved in the assassination. Jim Garrison had also held the Jewish mafia don Meyer Lansky complicit in the JFK assassination.  Piper writes [28]:

Robert Lacey points out in his biography of Lansky that Israeli agents were introduced to Lansky in the summer of 1948, the year that Israel became a state. Lansky permitted the Hagganah (Jewish terrorist underground) fund-raiser, Joseph Baum, to hold a $10,000 benefit (at Lansky’s gambling house), the Colonial Inn.  He gave a donation himself. Lansky told them: ‘I am at your service.’”

Lansky also provided other services to Israel. For instance, arm shipments for Palestinians were either thrown overboard by his men and also sometimes diverted to Israel. Lansky’s old ties with Israeli operatives are there beyond any doubt.  And Lansky went and settled in Israel once the JFK assassination had occurred and he became a suspect. Jack Rubinstein (Jack Ruby) who killed Oswald on November 24, 1963, two days after the JFK assassination was a Lansky man. Oswald was killed to prevent him from telling the truth about the JFK assassination. Is all of this a coincidence?

Piper has also mentioned that Menachim Begin, who eventually became a prime minister of Israel, was “overheard conspiring with Lansky’s California henchman, Mickey Cohen, in a conversation that suggested hostile intentions by Israel against the American President.” Begin, it may be recalled, was a commander of the Zionist terrorist organisation Irgun. Piper also points out that Yitzhak Shamir “headed the Mossad’s assassination squad at the time of JFK’s assassination.  A former French intelligence officer has charged that Shamir himself arranged the hiring of JFK’s actual assassins through a close ally in French intelligence.”   The senior CIA officer E. Howard Hunt did tell his son on his deathbed that there was a French assassin among JFK’s killers. Yitzhak Shamir had himself been a terrorist and was involved in the assassination of Lord Moyne who disagreed with the Zionists on Palestine. He was a part of the Irgun-Stern gang that murdered the U.N. mediator Count Folke Bernadotte. He was also involved in the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel in which 91 people were killed, was arrested and interned but escaped later. Frank Sturgis, who confessed to CIA asset Marita Lorenz that he was involved in the JFK assassination plot, was also a Mossad asset as pointed out by Piper.  Piper has further stated [29]:

Three top ‘Mafia’ figures – Sam Giancana and Johnny Rosselli of Chicago and Sante Trafficante Jr. of Tampa – were key figures in the CIA-Mob plots against Fidel Castro and often lined to the JFK assassination. Although the tree Italian-American gangsters were major mob players, evidence shows that they also were – like Carlos Marcello – subordinates of Meyer Lansky. Amazing new evidence demonstrates Giancana (and Rosselli) were actively collaborating with the Mossad, essentially mere ‘front men’ for Meyer Lansky’s little-known Chicago partner-in-crime, Mossad connected Hyman Larner, the ‘real boss’ of the mob in the Windy City.”

Andrew Cockburn and Leslie Cockburn, both Jewish, have authored a book Dangerous Liaisons., dealing with the Mossad and CIA. In reply to a question regarding the rationale of the book during a TV interview, Andrew Cockburn stated [30]:

What we say, what we explain is that there has been since almost the earliest days of the Israeli state and the earliest days of the CIA a secret bond, basically by which Israeli intelligence did jobs for the CIA and the rest of the American intelligence. You can’t understand what’s been going on with American covert operations and the Israeli covert operations unless you understand this.”

Both the CIA and the state of Israel were created by the Illuminati-Satanic-Zionist international bankers, and work, above all for their interests. That is the deepest bond between them and it helps us understand the JFK assassination better.

One of the key men in the JFK assassination plot, apparently working for the CIA, was the mysterious Head of the counter-intelligence division, James Jesus Angleton. In an interview given to Project Camelot, John Lear the highly decorated pilot, an insider and the son of the inventor of the Lear jet, one of the most informed men about clandestine affairs, made the following statement about the role of Mossad in the JFK assassination [31]:

. . . when Israel became a state James Angleton was the chief of CIA in Rome; they got Angleton to Tel Aviv along with some guys from MI 6 to form Mossad. And somehow for some reason James Angleton got allied with Mossad like this (John Lear crosses his index finger with the middle finger placing it atop the middle finger). Forever he was the mole.  If you remember he was the head CIA Director of foreign Intelligence.  For he was the guy always looking for the mole. He was the Russian mole. He was so friends with Mossad he would tell Mossad stuff that they would pass on to Russia.

So when David Ben Gurion, in the summer of 1963, said: You know We will have to kill Kennedy, we have to. I am tired of him of threatening us with Dimona. It’s none of his friggin business. I don’t want to hear any more from Kennedy. You kill him. He gave that order to Mossad and then resigned so that he could not be held responsible for it. Mossad then went to Angleton. The Kennedy assassination was not a CIA job but it was greased by the CIA only because Angleton was there with his buddies from Mossad. And he was the one that greased everything from the skids for everything that happened in Dealey Plaza and the escape and everything. There were Corsican sharp shooters there, hired by Mossad. They pulled off the whole thing and everybody says: Oh, they think the mob killed Kennedy, or maybe Johnson did, or you know, Castro. It wasn’t. It was Israel. And the reason they did it because David Ben Gurion didn’t want any more inspections of Dimona. And that’s all.

Mordecai Vanunu, who first revealed the existence of the Israeli nuclear weapons program at Dimona, also revealed that Ben Gurion ordered the assassination of JFK because JFK opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons and that there was a link between the JFK assassination and the 1967 Arab-Israeli war [32].

 What happened to U.S.-Israel relations once JFK had been eliminated?  This has been described in an article posted on on November 22, 2014. It states [33]:

If you are still not convinced how about some numbers? In Kennedy’s last fiscal year budget of 1964, Israeli aid was $40 million. In LBJ’s first budget of 1965, it soared to $71 million and in 1966 more than tripled from two years earlier to $130 million! Plus during Kennedy’s administration, almost none of our aid to Israel was military in nature. Instead, it was split equally between development loans and food assistance under PL 480 Program. Yet  in 1965 under the Johnson administration, 20% of our aid to Israel was military, while in 1966 71% was used for war related materials.

Can you see what’s happening here? Within two years of JFK’s assassination, Israel went from being a weak, outmatched member of a volatile Middle Eastern community that was not allowed to develop nuclear weapons to one that was well on its way to becoming an undeniable military force on the world stage. John Kenned adamantly put his foot down and refused to allow Israel to develop a nuclear program, while LBJ bent over backward to facilitate and bolster them. Or as Seymour Hersh wrote in the Samson Option, ‘By 1968, the president had no intention of doing anything to stop the bomb.’”

The article points out that in 1963 JFK sold only 5 Hawk missiles to Israel but as soon as JFK was assassinated the situation changed drastically.  In 1965-66 the LBJ administration gave 48 Skyhawk attack aircraft and 250 tanks in addition to guns and artillery, altering the balance of power drastically in favour of Israel.  This is what led to the Arb-Israeli war of 1967 in which Israel was the aggressor.


Researchers have since long shown that UFOs exist and that the U.S. government has been reverse engineering UFO’s while denying their existence and carrying out a campaign of disinformation. The advent of the internet has established the UFO existence beyond doubt and many personnel involved secretly with UFO’s have recorded their testimony about UFO’s either on their death bed or otherwise.

About three decades ago the existence of the highly secret MJ 12 group was revealed. This group was set up as an independent entity empowered by the President of the United States to counter, and if required, eliminate any threats to UFO secrecy. Interestingly the UFO matters do not lie in the jurisdiction of the air force or the military. MJ 12 (Majestic 12) a 12-member super-secret group. In an interview given to Project Camelot, John Lear has also confirmed the existence of MJ 12, mentioning that he had information from three inside sources [34]. He cites Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, a highly respected American aviation pioneer, as one of his sources. As he puts it, “General Jimmy Doolittle was involved up to his ears in MJ 12; he was not a part of MJ 12.” According to John Lear his mother was very close to Gen. Doolittle, and in 1985, 1986, when John got interested in matters related to UFOs and Majestic 12, he asked his mother to enquire about it from Gen. Doolittle. The general confirmed the existence of MJ 12 but also said that he could not talk about it.

In his persuasive book [35] on the subject of JFK assassination and UFOs, Michael E. Salla Ph.D. has presented evidence that JFK was aware about UFOs from his interaction with James S. Forrestal, who was killed (in what was made to look like a suicide) because he threatened to reveal the truth about UFOs (and also I believe the Elite planned Korean war). In chapter 2 of his book Salla establishes that, as a young Congressman, JFK was able to get classified information on the famous 1947 UFO crash at Roswell. An army CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps) report to the effect is reproduced in the chapter on p 45. Therefore, JFK was aware of the extra-terrestrial origin of UFOs at a very young age.

When JFK became President he was aware that his predecessor Eisenhower had sought a report on the Roswell crash in his capacity as U.S. Army Chief of Staff, a report that had, it appears, been seen by JFK as a young Congressman at that time. At one stage when Eisenhower, as President of the U.S., sought information about Area 51, the now well known site where UFOs were kept, the CIA resisted. He had it conveyed to the CIA that if they did not provide the information he will simply order the Army to take over area 51.

JFK must have been aware of all this. On 28 June 1961, JFK sought a summary from the CIA director Allen Dulles on MJ 12. The one sentence letter (“I would like a brief summary from you at your earliest convenience”) had a subject title was longer than the sentence itself! The subject was: Review of MJ 12 Intelligence Operations as they relate to Cold War Psychological Warfare Plans. The image of this classified but leaked letter is reproduced by Salla on p 111 of his book. Thus letter has a date that coincides with the dates three other letters that were issued by JFK and sent to the Joint Chief of Staffs – these are the well known NSAMs 55-57 which placed the Cold War operations entirely in the hands of the Joint Chief of Staffs. Thus JFK took these operations away from the CIA and the CIA knew the exact import of all this. This was after the Bay of Pigs failure.

At the time these memoranda were written JFK had decided to get rid of Dulles et al and they knew it. By virtue of his position as Director CIA Dulles was still the head of MJ 12. According to author Mark Reibling’s book Wedge, cited by Salla, Angleton’s successors burnt 99% of his counter intelligence files. However, a CI officer, a colleague of Angleton’s rescued a highly important file from the fire and sent it to William Cooper on June 23, 1999 stating that the “document did not exist officially and has never been disclosed by the agency.” He also stated that the sensitive files “connect MJ 12 to JFK’s murder.” The file contained several letters/memoranda issued by Dulles. The cover page of the document has the date burnt out. Salla quotes (p 119):

As you must know Lancer (Kennedy’s Secret Service codename) has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow. Please submit your views not later than October. Your action to this matter I critical to the continuance of the group.”

The document clearly reveals that JFK had put the very existence of MJ 12 in serious danger and that he cannot be allowed to gain information about the activities of MJ 12! The letter was certainly written after June 28, 1961 and since the opinion was sought not later than October 1961 the letter could have been written sometime during the three intervening months of July, August and September. On November 5, 1961, when the month of October had just ended, and the majority had agreed to eliminate JFK, Dulles responded to JFK’s letter of June 28, 1961. It had taken him over three months to reply and the reply did not reveal anything of importance. The letter of Nov 5, 1961 is reproduced by Salla on p114. Please note Dulles was to retire (forcibly) on November 29, 1961.

The partially burnt document appears to contain a series of MJ 12 drafts by Dulles. One of the most cryptic and sinister drafts reads as follows (Salla p 120):

Draft: Directive Regarding Project Enivronment – When conditions become non-conducive for growth in our environment and Washington cannot be influenced any further, the weather is lacking any precipitation – it should be wet.

The phrase it should be wet is interpreted as a directive to kill someone. Angleton would know the meaning of such a cryptic letter. It appears that Dulles was seeking the approval from six colleagues (including him would make it 7, giving a majority for a decision – the other 5 then need not be consulted). In Salla’s estimate, the seven likely members who agreed to the decision probably were Allen Dulles, Dr. Edward Teller, Gen. Marshall Carter, Gen. Curtis LeMay, Gen. Gordon Blake, Dr. Detlev Bronk and Dr. Jerome Hunsaker.

On September 20, 1963, JFK addressed the U.N. General Assembly. In his speech he stated (Salla p 196):

Finally, in a field where the United States and the Soviet Union have a special capacity – in regulation and exploration of space. I include among these possibilities a joint expedition to the moon.”

Khrushchev’s son was to reveal later that JFK had secretly proposed joint space and lunar missions to the Soviet premier.  In September 1963 JFK instructed CIA to release classified UFO files to NASA so that joint space programs with the Soviets could be carried out. How could this be allowed in view of the MJ 12 decision of October 1961 – it should be wet. So there was another reason to get rid of JFK.

It is important to remember that the independence of the MJ 12 from the President resulted from the recommendations of a Commission headed by Nelson Rockefeller. He headed the Advisory Committee on Government Organization set up by President Eisenhower by an Executive Order (10432) on January 24, 1953. At the time the loyal Rockefeller agent Allen Dulles was Director CIA. Rockefeller was responsible for giving MJ 12 independence from Presidential oversight. Eisenhower accepted the recommendations, much to his later regret. This is what provided the cover for the assassination of his successor JFK.

Treasury Dollar Bills

The Federal Reserve was set up in December 1913, several months before the planned World War I broke out. The U.S. constitution empowers none else other than the U.S. Treasury to issue its currency. The Federal Reserve Act handed over this power, in violation of the constitution, to the Satanic owners of the Federal Reserve can bring about inflation and deflation at will, bring about depressions and homelessness when they so desire, and manipulate and pressure U.S. administrations into fighting wars. The Federal Reserve is the curse that has blighted the Fate and fortune of America, and with it of the rest of the world over the past 100 years. JFK knew of the evil effects of this system, and in his time U.S. Treasury bills were printed, the only time this has been done in the 104 years since the Federal Reserve was set up. By printing U.S. Treasury notes JFK was attempting to take away the power of the international banking families to create fiat money and shackle his nation and the rest of the world. He, it appears, had planned to replace the Federal Reserve notes by U.S. Treasury bills rendering the international banking families powerless. The usurers assassinated Julius Caesar, Napoleon and JFK for the very same reason – they attempted to eliminate usury. This has been described and explained in a remarkable book by Stephen Mitford Goodson, a former director of the South African central bank [36].


The Illuminati international banking families own the U.S. Federal Reserve, and by controlling the money line of the U.S., control its Congress, its judiciary, its media, its educational system, its executive and its agencies. Money control and mind control are the two keys to their strategy of bloodshed to obtain the end goal. Dean Henderson has established that members of these families are among the top ten stockholders in each of the top 500 corporations of the world [37].

“The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch. According to company 10K filings to the SEC, the Four Horsemen of Banking are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.”

These 500 corporations include the defence industry including the aerospace industry. These families have monopolised UFO research through their control of the CIA as well as ownership of the aerospace industry. They have created Israel as the epicentre of world “revolution” i.e. the centre from where wars for setting up the global slave state, with Jerusalem as its capital, will emanate. They control Israel. For a long time, the top secret Skunkworks division of Lockheed Martin was headed by Ben Rich.  John Lear has stated that Ben Rich was a Mossad agent who received the most classified information and then passed it onto Mossad, which passed it on to the Soviets [38]. These families and their subservient allies are behind every major upheaval and bloodshed, from the French Revolution to the Bolshevik Revolution, the two World Wars and the perpetual strife and terrorism in all continents today. They are relentless in the pursuit of their bloody goal and do not allow mankind a moment of respite. Through war they profit and enhance their control over mankind. A one world slave state with a reduced global population is their goal. Satanic practices and absolute dictatorship will prevail in this New World Order and all traditional religions –  the religions of Abraham and Moses, Christianity and Islam – will cease to exist. The international banking families will be the princes and rulers to whose whims, whatever is left of mankind, will bow. JFK constituted the most potent challenge ever to the evil program of these Satanic Illuminati international banking families and had to be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

Kevin Barrett Ph.D., author and editor of VT wrote on David Rockefeller’s death [39]:

David Rockefeller was such an important figure that he had to “give the nod” to the JFK assassination. On the night of November 21, 1963, Rockefeller’s right hand man and emissary John J. McCloy, along with J. Edgar Hoover and his “wife” Clyde Tolson, ultra-corrupt Vice President Lyndon Johnson, mafia hit man Jack Ruby, future president Richard M. Nixon, George Brown (of Brown and Root), and other Deep State kingpins gathered at mafia lynchpin Clint Murchison’s house in Dallas. Johnson emerged from the meeting to tell his mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown that “after tomorrow, those goddamn Kennedies will never embarrass me again.”

The JFK agenda was as follows:

What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children – not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women – not merely peace in all time but peace for all time.”

This is what scared the Illuminati Satanic brotherhood. And JFK almost succeeded. Today the world needs JFK more than ever.


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