Russia Is Not The Enemy

Michael Shrimpton looks at recent attacks on Russia and Germany's attempt to start a Second Cold War

That nice man President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation

Recent weeks have seen a concerted attack on Russia, on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s now being said that Russia intervened in the Brexit referendum as well as the US election. Russia’s elected government is repeatedly referred to as a “regime”.

These attacks are clearly being coordinated, with identical language being used on both sides of the Atlantic.

For the record, the Cold War is over. It ended in 1991. Russia is now a democracy. President Putin won the 2012 elections because he’s popular and is seen as a strong leader. I wish we had one in the UK! The attacks on Russia are becoming increasingly paranoid, to the point of being unhinged.

The Bolshevik Revolution

Understanding modern Russia without understanding that Germany bankrolled the Bolshevik Revolution a century ago is impossible. Without that basic understanding folk persuade themselves of all sorts of nonsense, such as the silly idea that Lenin was a communist.

There is some evidence that Lenin met our community partner Adolf Hitler in Vienna, along with Stalin, before World War 1. Since all three worked for the Imperial German Secret Service it’s not impossible. Essentially Lenin was no more a communist than my late Aunt Agnes. (She was a nurse and despised the Soviets for the brutal treatment handed out to returnees after the war, sent home against their will via Murmansk, some of whom she had nursed.)

In 1917 Germany was facing defeat. Despite the best efforts of their man Hankey to stop it, the Admiralty had introduced the convoy system, dooming the U-Boat campaign to failure in the process. In the skies above the Western Front the Hun’s ‘Tripehounds’ had been outclassed by the superb new British Sopwith Pup and Camel.

Fokker DR1 Triplane – the notorious Tripehound
The Tripehound’s Nemesis – the Sopwith F-1 Camel USAF Photo

Our community partner the Hun needed to launch a new offensive on the West. In order to do that he needed to transfer troops from the East. The Bolshevik Revolution was the key to this. Prince Kerensky had not sought an armistice, whereas Lenin, being a German agent, would. Hence the sealed train!

German Intelligence set up the Cheka and its successor agencies, including the NKVD, which was basically a branch of the Abwehr. The NKVD assassinated Trotsky, probably because they feared he was about to go public on the German/CPSU connection. Trotsky took a lot of intelligence with him to the grave.

The Cold War

The Cold War (1945-1991) was essentially a German concept. The DVD wanted to split up the wartime alliance. DVD assets in Washington and Moscow tended to be hardliners, setting West and East against each other.

The DVD still haven’t got over the failure of their cunning plan. The Cold War did a lot of damage and caused immense human suffering and loss of life, but Dachau’s ‘dream’ scenario of a nuclear war never happened. It would have been a nightmare for the rest of us, of course. Indeed, there is evidence that a powerful DVD faction, headed by an Austrian intelligence officer, became opposed to the nuclear exchange strategy, realising that Germany would become a key battleground. It was this faction which pushed the nuclear winter argument, the science of which was not without some basis in reality.

Since the end of the Cold War DVD assets in London, Paris, Washington and elsewhere have frantically pushed to start a Second Cold War. That’s what crazy man Mueller is up to in Washington, although he may simply be a useful idiot, to adopt Lenin’s helpful phrase. Mueller is a former FBI Director after all, so is unlikely to be very bright.

The Mueller Witch-hunt

The ‘von’ Mueller witch-hunt, which long ago parted company from reality, has to be seen in this context. Whether knowingly or not (and I repeat that since he’s a former FBI Director it may well be that Mueller has absolutely no idea what he’s doing) Mueller is assisting Germany’s geo-political aim of driving America and Russia apart.

The German strategic imperative behind the bogus charge that Russia interfered in the 2016 election explains why it has had such legs. It should have fallen under its own weight months ago. Mueller, the FBI and the CIA are still pushing the allegation that Russia hacked the DNC, even though we now know from date/time stamps that the data was downloaded in the US Eastern time zone and the timeframe rules out hacking. The data could only have been downloaded onto a portable hard drive.

The failure of the CIA and the FBI to amend their intelligence in the light of this fact-checking speaks volumes. Powerful forces have to be at work in order to force both agencies to take such reputational risks. Pedaling this junk has already shredded the FBI’s reputation for impartiality and integrity. The CIA’s reputation will soon be sliding gracefully down the pan after the Bureau’s.

Both the CIA and FBI Directors are house-trained idiots, no offense intended. They have no idea that they are working for Germany. They are as out of their depth in dealing with intelligence matters as Thames Valley Police.

There is no credible evidence that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. The Republicans had a great candidate in Donald Trump and policies which put America’s interests ahead of Germany’s and China’s. The Democrats chose a widely-hated and divisive candidate with a lot of baggage, emotional and otherwise. She also had a strong sense of entitlement, which put off many voters. Hillary deserved to lose and Donald deserved to win. It’s as simple as that.

Paranoid Russophobes are playing the same game in Britain. They are now alleging Russian interference in Brexit, mounting an attack on that nice man Arron Banks which verges on the hysterical. As in Washington the allegation is baseless.

Anna Politskovskaya

As part of their campaign against Vladimir Putin the DVD in 2006 ordered the assassination of American-born journalist Anna Politskovskaya. It is typical of the intellectual dishonesty of the MSM that not a single Western outlet has referred to my published analysis, in Spyhunter, that the DVD was involved.

President Putin had nothing to gain from ordering Politskovskaya’s death and everything to lose, since he was bound to be blamed by anti-Russian elements in the West. Politskovskaya’s reporting from Chechnya was undoubtedly courageous, although it lacked balance, with respect. There were no particularly egregious human rights violations by Russian security forces in the Second Chechen War. There were some, to be sure, but nothing you wouldn’t see in the average Thames Valley Police station on a Saturday night.

Lt-Col Litvinenko

Lt-Col Alexander Litvinenko

Another conspiracy theory pushed in the MSM and by the Foreign Office was that Vladimir Putin ordered the murder of former Russian intelligence officer Lt-Col Alexander Litvinenko. As with Anna Politskovskaya, no credible motive was ever suggested.

Litvinenko was no longer working for Russian intelligence when he died. He was on the payroll of Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, who was dependent upon German-controlled high-yield trading programs for his wealth. In fact Litvinenko wasn’t murdered at all – as I explain in Spyhunter he was killed by the antidote to Polonium, Prussian Blue. It’s one of those antidotes which can be worse than the original poison.

He’d agreed to take it, along with the Polonium, as part of a complicated plot to embarrass President Putin. The Po came from Iran, via an airfield in Hamburg, Germany. Since Berezovsky was working for the Krauts that made sense.

The official inquiry was the usual Janet and John nonsense, no offense intended. Neither the judge chairing it nor any of the barristers involved was aware of the DVD. Intelligence-illiterate, with respect, they were hopelessly out of their depth and easily fooled into believing that Lt-Col Litvinenko had been murdered.

The inquiry judge was not shown the original autopsy report, which confirmed the cause of death as peritonitis. The BBC Today program was the only media outlet which reported the facts, and then only for one morning. After that brief moment of lucidity the media went with fake news only.

That the Foreign Office should accuse a friendly government of being responsible for a murder on British soil, when the ‘victim’ had not in fact been murdered, was a diplomatic outrage. Berezovsky seems to have been deeply troubled by his role in Litvinenko’s death. At any rate he topped himself in 2013. He has not been missed.


This was another wild allegation against Russia, again without any credible motive being offered. Western governments and the MSM, ludicrously, accused the Russian Air Force of shooting down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in July 2014.

When this absurd and offensive allegation was fact-checked it turned out that the Ukrainian Air Force had actually shot the plane down, working hand in glove with the Chinese PLA Air Force. Defense-illiterate journalists repeatedly asserted that the Buk air defense system was only made in Russia, wholly ignoring the Chinese version, which was used to administer the coup de grâce to the 777.

As the flaws in the ‘Russia did it’ theory were cruelly exposed on this website and elsewhere references to MH17 in the MSM became fewer and farther between. The MSM couldn’t pluck up the courage to tell the truth, however. That was left to those nice people Russia Today.

It’s time Western governments faced up to the truth. The CIA and FBI never will, although after a recent informal conversation with MI6 I have some hope there.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

I understand that backchannel talks are underway. I hope so. I have learnt this week that the poor woman is close to going under. She’s very unwell, has lost a lot of weight and may try to commit suicide. It may be a question of days, rather than weeks. The Foreign Office needs to move fast.

The FCO should never have used this entirely innocent woman as a pawn in their battle to derail the Foreign Secretary’s political career. It’s perfectly clear that she was not working for MI6 and that the charges against her were fabricated for political motives. She should be released forthwith and returned, with her child, to Britain.

Robert Mugabe



Robert Mugabe’s resignation was long overdue. He should have gone years ago. Autocratic, cruel and greedy, had he been British he would have been made Cabinet Secretary.

It’s perfectly clear that last week’s coup was masterminded by China, who obviously saw Grace Mugabe as an unstable successor to her husband. Whilst the people have been dancing in the streets in Harare (Salisbury) they won’t be dancing for long. All that’s happening is that one Chinese-backed dictator is being swapped for another.

The main difference will be that Grace Mugabe will be doing less shopping, bad news for Gucci. There will be some changes of style, but the substance won’t change. Zimbabwe will remain a Chinese client-state and the Chinese will continue to exploit Zim’s mineral resources. They don’t exactly pay top dollar.

The ARA San Juan (S-42)

My commiserations to the Argentine Navy on the probable loss of their SSK, the San Juan. It would be nice to think her crew will be found alive and well, but sadly that’s very unlikely.

It’s not quite clear what happened. It looks like a single sub-smash, i.e. no other sub was involved. I’ve not heard anything about a missing British submarine. Her last journey seems to have been routine, i.e. did not involve an incursion into British waters off the Falklands, or doing something silly off Antarctica. The Royal Navy would have warned her off rather than sink her. We’re British, after all. Sneak attacks in peacetime are not our thing. We leave that sort of thing to the Germans.

I have been impressed by the US response. The US Navy really seems to have got its act together when it comes to undersea rescue. Significant US assets, including Boeing P-8s, have been assigned to the search. The P-8 is a nice bit of kit.

My best guess at this time is saltwater incursion into the battery compartment, leading to chlorine fumes. I think her batteries are of the old-fashioned lead-acid type, where chlorine is a known hazard. The Argentine Navy has not exactly been overdoing it when it comes to maintenance.

This is one occasion when I would like to be proved wrong. I’ll be keeping an eye on this story and will update you.

David Cassidy (1950-2017)

I was saddened to learn of David Cassidy’s death. I was hardly a fan, although he was something of a gay icon! He did however have considerable talent.

IMHO he was under-rated as both an actor and a singer. It’s a pity that he was typecast as Keith Partridge, even though the show brought him fame. It did not bring him riches, which was a disgrace.

Sadly it seems as though he drank himself to death. This was a great pity. I never met him, but he comes across as a sympathetic character, who was badly advised at times during his career. Fame is not easy to deal with – I suppose I am more notorious these days than famous, but I have had my moments in the public eye. I didn’t mind being recognised in the street, but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

I think there were other sources of strain. Teenage girls threw themselves at him, without asking themselves whether it was girls he really wanted. I think that studio bosses might have been a bit more sensitive.

It would nice to think that those in Hollywood who treated David Cassidy badly will pause to reflect now that he’s gone. Fair dealing is a good principle by which to live. Victories achieved by unfair dealing usually turn to dust in the victor’s mouth.

Sir William Herschel’s Symphony No 13 in D

Don’t worry – I don’t know enough about classical music to introduce a regular music review segment. I do not get to nearly enough concerts in any event, although I have been privileged enough to have listened to fine music in some of the world’s greatest concert halls, including the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall in London, the Brangywn Hall in Swansea, the Tchaikosvky Centre in Moscow and the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington New Zealand.

I freely confess that I never knew that Sir William Herschel was a composer as well as a great astronomer. I am always willing to learn, however! I was delighted to listen to Herschel’s Symphony No 13 in D on BBC Radio 3 on Sunday morning. Herschel was no Mozart, but this is a fine and uncomplicated piece of music, uplifting and wonderfully melodic.

Looking him up, I see that Herschel is rather looked down upon as a composer. I don’t know why. I would not put him in the first rank, but this is a great symphony, which should be played more often. Listen to it if you can, and tell me what you think. I do read your comments, when I have the time!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. My next column should appear in ten days’ time. Don’t spend too much on Black Friday!


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