NEO – World Chaos Diagnosis, Acute Zionist Infestation


by Phil Butler, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s note: Phil Butler has the year end angries, and that is good for us, as he has a wonderful sounding off piece, a new perspective on a very old issue.

And that is the money we are whizzing away on the Israelis who run vast offensive intelligence operations in the US that could be put to better use. I wish I had thought of it, but sometimes simple things slip by.

He has taken the $38 billion US ten year gift to the Israeli Defense force which enables the country to say “up yours” not only to the UN, but to the American people and posed a much better use for it.

For an issue close to our heart, Phil has divided that $38 billion by the 435,000 unemployed veterans we have and it would come out to $30,000 seed money for them all to jump start a small business, and “bang”, no more unemployed Vets.

We could have great fun adding caveats to their even applying for that American aid, like have an independent certification that the Israeli Intel is not stealing anything it can get its hands on, either to use or sell to the highest bidder. And yes, they have a long history of doing this, and it is known in our own Intel community but has been kept from the public.

Bibi working the trained seals brigade

To really have some fun, I would add to that another independent certification that…drum roll…Israel is not interfering in American elections. What a hoot that would be.

I know what you are thinking, “Jim, that’s just not practical, they are too powerful, too entrenched, and politically it could never be done.” And to that I would say, “So what, why not do it for the fun of it, because if it is all we can do, we can get a double bang out of it.”

First, it would drive the Zionists nuts, and it would drive crazy our own sellouts whom the Zios have compromised even more, because the sellouts would worry that just maybe, despite all the political power of the Zionist Lobby, there could be a spark one day that starts the fire that brings the whole shameful operation down. That alone would put a smile on my face when going to the boneyard, if I do not live to see it… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … November 26, 2017

“Average Joe”, who’s an American veteran down on his luck, could have begun his own landscaping or mechanic business when hard times came — only Uncle Sam was too broken to gift good old Joe $30,000 or so to get things rolling. It’s too bad, because Joe got a bronze star and lost a leg over there in Iraq.

Banksters do exist

If Joe’s family only knew how Zionist, pig bankers had cost millions of Americans an alternative future, then maybe we’d all stand a better chance of life and liberty. But, they don’t know yet.

For a couple of years now I’ve laid awake nights trying to figure out how to convey to my countrymen the catastrophic abuse of power leveraged by Israel’s Washington-based henchmen.

At first, I was like most people, worried friends and enemies alike might call me an “anti-Semite” for the insinuation of Zionist lobby skullduggery.

Then, a murdered and sodomized Libyan leader made fun of by a presidential candidate, and a few tens of thousands of dead kids over there in Syria, Yemen, and in Gaza, and some more in Yemen, caused me not to give a damn what people label me as.

But wait, what about my Jewish friends? What would they think if I jumped feet first into Bibi Netanyahu and his AIPAC vampires? Alas, my Jewish pals mostly got fed up too, at envisioning the bitter end of an abusive Israeli regime. None of them want a Hitler “final solution” on a global scale. And that’s where Tel Aviv is headed in my opinion.

Seeing Netanyahu dangle US President Donald Trump like a wooden puppet in front of a live audience – well, the jig is up for most sane people, I think. Realizing just how dastardly these Israeli (Zion Israel that is) interests are, that’s what spurred me to find the “Average Joe” quotient! The slap across the face that hopefully wakes some Americans the hell up.

The All-American Hobo

Let’s profile our All-American Joe here. He just like most of the rest of us, you know? Joe loves his country, his neighbors, and he adores all the legends of freedom and liberty, and especially the red-white-and-blue dream, remember he’s a vet too.

Even though his future got shattered and stagnated a bit while serving in the US Army, Joe lives in the same information bubble as the rest of us. He’s wrapped up tight by CNN, Hollywood, the New York Times, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Once a week Joe goes to the unemployment office, just like he’s told. Unable to get an even break, he does the house chores while his wife works at Burger King flipping Whoppers with cheese.

Good old Joe sometimes has to go to the pawn shop to unload something of value, something worth less than a grocery store visit to buy Cheerios for his little kids. Yeah, you get the picture now.

Am I hammering like hell on your sense of brotherhood, community, and civic pride in war heroes? You bet I am. Because I know most of you fail to care anymore. I know most of you are contented in that little bubble of existence. But, suck it up and read on. This is the reality of your apathetic and lazy patriotism – Average Joe is your next-door neighbor.

And Average Joe should not be contemplating blowing his brains out – but you let Joe down – we let Joe down – Washington caused Joe to consider blowing his goddamned brains out, because we collectively turned a blind eye. We populated the halls of power in our country with liars, cheats, criminals, and the puppets of evil men, and of evil nations.

Now let me educate all the past, present, and future “American Joes” out there. Just so you know what has been happening while you slept.

While I’ve no space here to discuss properly what’s known as the “Movement for Greater Israel”, it’s important that the reader grasp the ultimate goal of new and old Zionists (see a moderate Zionism definition here).

What this group wants is nothing short of the reestablishment of King David’s Empire, which encompassed all of the so-called “Mandate Palestine, the British Mandate of Palestine and British Palestine” plus Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, as well as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Oman, Yemen, most of Turkey, and all the land east of the Nile river.

Granted, this is an ambitious plan that is hard for “Joe” to grasp, but any reader can watch the news and put two-plus-two together.

If Joe can accept my assertion here, then I am sure he will better understand why he is in such a fix. But let’s move on to examine the Zionist plan, stumbling blocks, and progress so far. Yes, of course, that is if this plan actually exists.

There are only two big problems with creating this great big land of “Greater Israel”. First, there are one hell of a lot of Arabs in the way.

Second, getting those Arabs the hell out of the way is costing Americans and the rest of the world an unbelievable price. On the first point the proxy militaries of Zion and America are rapidly subtracting Arabs from King David’s former territory.

Those that cannot be cluster bombed, beheaded, shot, blasted, or otherwise butchered are simply starved to death or die of disease. The rest will probably move to Europe if the lobbies there work hard enough, and if not, America has lots of free land left.

And this brings us to our main point – how AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and hundreds of other supporters of Netanyahu’s dreams of empire robbed poor heroic Joe of his future.

The Zionist Dream

Now, you’ll recall I said that all our hero Joe needed was a small grant to rev up his business. Most of you reading this probably have better math skills than me, so please try and divide and subtract or multiply some numbers here.

According to the most recent figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (which are always WAY conservative), there were 453,000 jobless veterans as of 2016. So, let’s focus on these “GI Joes and Janes” for a moment.

For an initial instance, let’s assume that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Arab Spring, and the Ukraine mess are not for the benefit of “Greater Israel”.

Let’s just do some math with the massive funding through tax breaks and donations for Israel’s defense industry, the IDF, and gigantic weapons loans from the US that never get paid back.

Serving their country

Let’s pretend Americans care more about “Joe” and less about genetically pure Israelis (more on this in a later post). For the moment, let’s forget the $9 billion dollar trade deficit the US has with Israel, and focus on the $38 billion US Senator Lindsey Graham and others approved for Israeli defense recently.

$38 billion dollars divided by 453,000 out of work vets, that’s $83,885.21 rounded to the nearest cent for each-and-every GI Joe or Jane out there. But I know it will take some IMPACT here for readers to share this with ALL their Average Joe friends out there.

Let me spell this out. No funds for the IDF to blast Palestinians to smithereens – 453,000 new businesses and zero unemployment for down and out vets. Yes, Utopia, I know. But let’s continue, because this is just the chump change the Zionists levy from us.

I won’t break down the private funding direct to the IDF. I will not harp about the star-studded galas and auctions Hollywood and high society hold to shower gifts of “BILLIONS” on Israel. Read this article and discover those.

Now, it’s time to return to the big picture, and to the role of Zionists in the wider world’s affairs. Let’s assume logically that the enemies of Israel, especially Arab nations, was the real cause for the so-called “war on terror” initiated after the 9/11 attacks by then US President George W. Bush.

Most of you reading understand I am not the first analyst or journalist to presume Israel and the Zionists have been behind recent wars. And I am not just talking about admitted anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan, who always called the Twin Towers attacks a false flag operation.

Forget wild-eyed conspiracy theories for the moment, and instead look at evidence inside books like “The Zionist War on Terror Creates More Terror”, by Christopher Bollyn. A short excerpt from Bollyn serves to set the stage for my last assertion here:

“As long as Western governments and societies allow themselves to be deceived about the true nature of terrorism, the “War on Terror” and the threat it is meant to eradicate will only get worse…

A recent book by Christopher Bollyn

For our political leaders and media to go along with false-flag deceptions and to flail away at phantoms is to ensure that the “War on Terror” will go on for a very long time. The only way to liberate ourselves and our nations from this madness is to expose the true source of terrorism.”

Without bombarding you with 9/11 theories and anti-Israel rhetoric, it’s completely fair to say hardliner Zionists in Israel, America, and across Europe have played a major role in brewing conflicts in the Middle East.

If we can admit that Greater Israel is part of this chaotic stew of destruction, then it is far easier to show “Average Joes” everywhere just what the cost of American and Israeli policies is. For the sake of this argument, here are some even more amazing “if” figures.

Since the so-called “War on Terror” was launched, experts claim that the United States has squandered between $3.2 and upwards of $5 trillion dollars. I think it’s fair to assume that it costs Americans more than $4 trillion since 2003, so let me run with this figure.

I Want My 80 Grand Back!

Yesterday I was on hold with the Social Security Administration for 47 minutes on an international call to solve my initial retirement payments. While I waited the robot in charge of held calls kept telling me, “We provide benefits to over 50 million Americans, so there are very busy times. We are sorry for your long wait”.

At that moment, this article was on my mind. I thought to myself over and over, “fifty million, fifty million into $4 trillion or so?” As I type this I am recalling over 40 years of hard work.

I’m thinking about my fellow 50 million countrymen, and all the hard work I saw those “Average Joes” doing over the decades. And I am thinking about the $900 bucks a month my early retirement (63 instead of 65) gets me.

I think I am “Average Joe” perhaps, and I am thinking $4,000,000,000,000.00 divided by 50 million. What is that figure? Wow, it comes out to $80,000 dollars! Now let me frame (or hammer) this in.

Without a war to destroy all of Israel’s neighbors and enemies (in my scenario) the people still alive who helped build and fuel the American dream could EACH have a lump sum payment of 80 grand! Eighty thousand dollars, what could the average retired person do – buy a small house – never pay rent again – get that eye surgery so desperately needed – live a little bit longer or more comfortably – survive instead of subsist!

I am now thinking about an aged couple I know back home in South Carolina, and about the cat food I once caught them eating a couple of days before their US Treasury checks arrived.

I’m thinking about my US veteran retired friend, who has to go to the VA to be treated like an animal. I am thinking about my own $900 dollars and how I will make do abroad, with no medical insurance except what my wife can pay for.

Peace and $80,000 for America’s retired “Average Joe or Joanne” – or perpetual war until Greater Israel is established. Until the Syrians are killed or run out of the coming “Northern Jerusalem Empire”… Take note folks, Americans got ZERO from these lost wars.

Soup kitchen

This is harsh, I know. It seems a bit conspiracy theoretical too, I understand. But after three or four years of research and analysis, and roughly twelve to fourteen hours a day hard at it, I’ve made my diagnosis. If killing and chaos, if the economical warfare and crookedness of our political processes are the illness, then rampant Zionism is the contagion.

From my perspective western societies have been literally infected by an insidious flesh-eating bug, a blood-sucking tick that spreads a bigoted and elitist disease that will eventually destroy us all. Like the small, seemingly harmless little tick, the animal driving American policy breeds more animals in the blood it extracts from its host.

And you think my seemly affront on Zionism dastardly or inappropriate? Then go and do your own pathology work. Look at the patient in his eyes, check his pulse, listen to that frail heartbeat, see his suffering, and try and cure humanity yourself. All I know is, “Average Joe” has not even been made aware of the parasite that has cost him everything.

How’s that for a wakeup call Joe?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”



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