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Michael Shrimpton commends the President's Tweeting Policy!

Jayda Fransen and friend - Jayda is on the right

My respectful congratulations to the President on his retweeting of the Jayda Fransen videos. He certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest, but he’s no more a racist than Oprah Winfrey and he’s generated support for Jayda at a time when she is facing political persecution in the UK.

Are the videos real?

The videos are not easily available online, if you don’t Tweet, and I’ve only viewed one. I don’t Tweet, BTW – I’ve never been very good at soundbites, not being a Democrat. The MSM initially banged on about the videos not being verified, as though the President had not taken any steps to verify them before retweeting.

In fact I suspect they had been verified. All of them are now accepted as genuine. The pro-German Dutch government complained that the violent attacker in the Dutch video was neither Moslem nor an immigrant, but they rather missed the point. He seems to have been a second-generation immigrant.

Anti-immigration parties like Britain First are perfectly entitled to point to crimes committed by second-generation immigrants as illustrating a failure to integrate. The answer, surely, is not for the left wing to rant on about Britain First or the President being “racist” but to encourage immigrants to integrate into their host societies. You do not integrate into Dutch society by violently assaulting disabled children.

No doubt the video makes unpleasant viewing, but the same could be said of any depiction of violent crime. I hold no brief for Britain First. I am not a member of the party and do not agree with all of its policies. They are perfectly entitled however to call for a reduction in violent crime and to point towards crimes committed by first and second generation immigrants.

The offensive destruction of the statue of the Virgin Mary actually happened, in Syria I believe. Since it actually happened, and illustrates a very real and pressing problem with Islamic extremism, both the President and Britain First were entitled to pass the video on. Neither broke any law in so doing.

Are Britain First or Jayda Fransen Racist?

There is a very real problem calling someone a racist if they state a fact, or pass on, unedited, factual material depicting people of other races or religions in a poor light. No one is immune from criticism. To the extent that the left seeks to place religious and ethnic minorities above criticism it is both doing them a disservice and being patronising.

No one is above the law, nor in a democracy should minorities be immune from criticism. The test in every case, surely, is whether or not the criticism is justified. Beating up disabled children is not justified, ever, nor is throwing people off roofs, unless that is they happen to be Secretaries of Defense and working for the Germans.

As I have repeatedly observed, I am not religious: I’m an Anglican. I don’t venerate the Virgin Mary in the same way that Catholics do, although I respect her as the mother of Our Lord. I am not offended in the same way that a Catholic might be by the trashing of statues of the Virgin Mary, but I vehemently oppose the trashing of statutes of her nonetheless.

It is both morally wrong and dangerous to go about smashing up the icons of other religions. I would not be happy about trashing mosques or burning copies of the Koran, either. It would be offensive and would be bound to lead to the loss of innocent life.

Criticising what should be criticised doesn’t make you a racist. For what it is worth, I don’t think that either Jayda Fransen or Britain First is racist. In researching this column I looked up Britain First’s policies. They are opposed to mass immigration, but are not opposed to immigration per se. They have been careful to limit their call for immigrants to be deported to illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. They are not calling for immigrants lawfully settled in the United Kingdom to be removed.

They have also opened up their party membership to non-white people, i.e. do not impose a color bar on membership. No doubt Britain First’s membership is mostly white working-class, but it’s not exclusively white. I am not aware of any case where a non-white person has been refused membership. It’s not the old National Party of South Africa by any means.

I think the MSM and the left ought to be a bit more careful who they are calling racist. Calling Jayda Fransen a racist would seem to me to be an actionable libel, e.g.

Are Britain First Far Right?

Britain First are right wing, certainly, but I wouldn’t call them Far Right, let alone fascist. They believe in democracy, have sensible views on the EU and accept that Britain is and should remain a multi-racial country. We have in fact been a multi-racial country for at least two millennia – I seem to recall reading some research that some 3% of the British population in the 18th century came from the ethnic minorities. The first Africans in this country arrived with the Romans.

There are some very settled ethnic minority populations in the UK. The Somali community in the Tiger Bay area of Cardiff, e.g., went back several generations. They were hard-working, well-integrated and popular.

The accusations and epithets being hurled at Britain First seem to me to verge on the hysterical. I repeat that I am neither a member nor a supporter of Britain First. I am a Tory, even if Theresa May doesn’t want to know me. I am a great believer in civil discourse however. The public square is open for all who are committed to democracy. I would far rather dismantle my opponents’ arguments than hurl insults at them.

The Persecution of Jayda Fransen

The President is rather better informed than his left-wing critics will give him credit for. Not long before he retweeted the Fransen videos she was arrested and hauled off to Belfast on trumped-up political charges. She had already been vexed with a silly prosecution in England, which was clearly politically motivated.

Unlike Britain First the Cabinet Office does not believe in democracy. It’s committed to EU membership and seeks to control national life by bullying, blackmail, outright bribery and coercion. It controls all major project contracts, giving it huge powers of patronage, which it abuses like a medieval pope.

In particular it controls the police. Every force except Wiltshire effectively reports to the Cabinet Office, including the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), the silly new name for the Royal Ulster Constabulary. The Cabinet Office also controls the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the dysfunctional state prosecuting authority set up in 1984 and modeled along Soviet lines. The Attorney-General is only its nominal figurehead.

I wouldn’t advise anyone outside the UK to take Jayda Fransen’s existing conviction too seriously. Like my own malicious prosecutions, it’a only a CPS conviction. The PSNI arrest was clearly political.

Prosecuting people you don’t agree with for statements they have made in political speeches is dangerous. It risks bringing the law into disrepute, or in the case of PSNI and the CPS, further disrepute.

When I joined the Bar in 1983 it was a magnificent profession, with very fine advocates like Richard Du Cann QC and Gilbert Gray QC. I was privileged to know both and I am sure they would share my discomfort at the arrest of Jayda Fransen. It was a grotesque abuse of state power. If the courts go along with a prosecution they risk dragging themselves down to the level of the police and the CPS.

Of course with the international spotlight now on Britain First and Jayda Fransen, her political persecution may now stop. Well done Mr President! I don’t think he’s just done Jayda Fransen a favor. I think he’s done Free Speech and the Rule of Law a favor.

Defending the right to Free Speech of those with whom you may agree is easy. It’s defending the rights of people in other parties, or with whose views you may not agree, which is the acid test. A principle is of general application or it is not a principle at all.

Ben Stokes in Action

The Ashes Crisis

England’s crisis Down Under continues to deepen. We were hammered in the Second Test at Adelaide by 120 runs. A brave innings by England captain Joe Root had raised English hopes at close of play on the fourth day, but they were swiftly dashed on the fifth morning. Yes – a ball game really can go five days!

Why should it matter to my mostly American readership? Because it matters to England, that’s why, and because Germany rigged the First and Second Tests by arranging the wrongful arrest of England’s key player, all-rounder Ben Stokes, in Bristol in September.

Avon and Somerset Police (ASP) dragged their farcical ‘investigation’ out in order to make sure that the England selectors did not play Ben. ASP have now sent the file to the CPS, which reports to the Cabinet Office. That almost certainly means that poor Ben will be charged, which would be a hugely controversial move. He’s bound to be acquitted, unless the trial is moved to Southwark Crown Court or another court where there are jury-tampering arrangements.

Key figures in English cricket are now aware that Ben Stokes was set up and arrested illegally, that the German operation in London, GO2, was involved and that corrupt payments have been made by a GO2 asset inside ASP to potential prosecution witnesses. They are also aware that the purpose of the arrest was to give the Ashes to Australia as punishment for Britain leaving Germany’s orbit, i.e. the EU.

Ben flew to New Zealand last week, with his cricket kit. He is effectively on standby to join the England party for the Third Test, which starts in Perth on December 14th. The battle to have him play is effectively a trial of strength between British and German intelligence. England have almost no hope of winning the crucial Third Test without him.

The Australian Government has been briefed in. It was thought that the Aussie selectors responded by weakening their team for the series in order to deflect suspicion away from ASIS – the involvement of Australian intelligence in the selection of England’s cricket team would be explosive and would almost certainly lead to a breach of diplomatic relations between the UK and Australia. However the surprise selectees have performed well, which suggests that the selectors knew what they were doing, unlike England’s, no offense intended. Canberra has been assured that Germany is behind the rigging and that we know that ASIS were not, repeat not, involved.

There has nothing like it since the notorious Bodyline Tour of 1932/3, where the Abwehr tried to drive Australia out of the British Empire by having a couple of Aussie cricketers killed on the pitch. Had that happened Aussies and Filipinos would probably still be speaking Japanese! Happily British Intelligence spotted that the England tour manager, Pelham Warner, was working for the Abwehr and warned Canberra. A great England player and a gentleman, Gubby Allen, was asked to calm things down, which he did, admirably, refusing to bowl dangerous deliveries. Sir Gubby, as he became, was later made President of MCC and rightly so. He was a man of sound opinions and the greatest Test selector England has ever produced.

Germany’s interference in the 1932/3 Ashes Tour was misread at the time. It signaled her intention to go to war with Great Britain and also presaged the Axis Pact. Britain should have responded with an emergency naval building program and an air expansion scheme – sadly both were delayed until it was too late for the Royal Navy and RAF to avoid heavy losses in World War II. The delays also stopped us playing a major role in the Pacific War.

We must not repeat the mistakes of 1932/3. Germany is intent on war and we will need to be ready. The wrongful arrest of Ben Stokes was a major incident, with ramifications far beyond the world of cricket. The US government and the Pentagon should be preparing for the possibility of a conventional European war within the next ten years.

American investors need to realise that the European continent is once again unstable, for the same reasons as in the 1860s, the Edwardian Era and the 1930s: unbridled German ambition. Great Britain must commence an emergency naval building program, without delay. European countries bordering Germany should start taking appropriate steps to protect their civilian populations, including the construction of deep air-raid shelters.

In trying to give the Ashes to Australia Germany has signaled to Britain that she is the enemy. The hand of friendship we offered Germany after World War II has been spurned. Jerry does not want peace in Europe. So be it.

The next war started by Germany really needs to be the last. We must not let the Germans off as lightly as we did in World Wars 1 & II (at the end of World War II whole suburbs were left standing in some German cities, which was ridiculous). After victory is assured we must do what we so miserably failed to do in 1918 and 1945 and dismantle German intelligence. Germany herself must be broken up into her constituent parts, such as Bavaria and Prussia. Schleswig-Holstein must be returned to Denmark and the Saarland given to France. We can have peace in Europe, or we can have Germany. We cannot have both.

The Anglo/European Negotiations

These are going well, i.e. badly. The EU would only ever agree a deal which was damaging to Britain. Never forget that the EU is an emanation of the Third Reich and was planned in 1939/41 by a team of officials reporting to Reichsminister Funk. The European Commission can never forgive us for our gallant role in winning World War II. Their every action is dictated by the need to punish us.

Happily the Commission is not only part of the Nazi masterplan for post-war Europe, they behave like it. The goose-stepping bastards, no offense intended, tried to take over Northern Ireland, without telling those nice people the DUP, who are propping up Theresa May. In the last five weeks Foreign Office and Commission officials secretly planned handing Northern Ireland over to the Republic of Ireland and the EU in all but name, using the quisling phrase “regulatory alignment”, i.e. shifting the border to the Irish Sea.

The Foreign Office of course was acting in its traditional role as the London branch of the German Foreign Ministry, rather like the State Department acts as the Washington branch. The words of surrender were carefully held back from circulated drafts in order to deceive Parliament and the DUP.

Thankfully, an idiot Belgian MEP, who had no idea what he was doing (he was an MEP – how could he?), leaked the draft and the DUP found out. The DUP leader, that nice lady Arlene Foster, promptly rang Theresa May in Brussels, interrupting her lunch with Jean-Claude ‘von’ Juncker, Reichskommissar, sorry President, of the Commission. Northern Ireland was not so much on the agenda as on the menu.

The talks were halted immediately. They have resumed, but they’re headed for collapse. That outcome is being assisted from Dublin, where the Irish Government is overplaying its hand in a way it hasn’t since the Abwehr’s Éamon de Valera invited the Kriegsmarine to base U-Boats on the Irish west coast in order to attack Allied convoys, making the Irish Free State a covert belligerent in World War II on the side of the Axis.

BTW a well-informed Irishman recently asked me whether I objected to Irish publicans having served pints of Guinness to the U-Boat crews. Of course I don’t, provided of course that it wasn’t served in liter glasses – attacking convoys is thirsty work, and the survivors were entitled to a pint when they got back to port. It was the pro-Axis policy of the Irish government to which I take exception. Judging from last week’s events, not much has changed. Dublin still sees itself as a client of Berlin.

Theresa May will now have to go. The next Prime Minister is likely to be that nice man Boris Johnson, who has come up with a brilliant answer to the rule of thumb whereby nobody with an IQ higher than 25% above the mean can get elected in a democracy, by pretending to be dumb. The cynical and disgraceful Foreign Office plan to have the Iranians execute poor Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and lay the blame on the Foreign Secretary has backfired.

Since the DUP are still committed to a confidence and supply arrangement there would be no need for a general election, as I assured a worried electoral registration official last week. Theresa May would stay on as a caretaker Prime Minister until her successor was chosen, as David Cameron did after he lost the great EU referendum.

The Maidan Snipers

Italian and American readers have been kind enough to forward ground-breaking new Italian research suggesting that the notorious Maidan snipers in 2014 were in fact anti-government rebels shooting their own side in order to blame the government. It’s a standard German tactic, a variant of which was used on Bloody Sunday (snipers provoking return gunfire from British troops). It’s a topic I’d like to return to in greater detail, when (if?) we get a quiet week.

Jim Nabors (1930 – 2017) and Johnny Hallyday (1943 – 2017)

Two fine talents have left us since my last column. I can’t pretend to have been a fan of Gomer Pyle USMC and never went to one of Johnny’s concerts, but that doesn’t stop me recognising the passing of these two fine and very gifted human beings.

Johnny Hallyday, despite the name, was French, of course – he borrowed the name from an American relative. He deserved greater recognition outside of France and was maybe a more complex person than his critics allowed. The world is a poorer and duller place without Jim and Johnny.

The great French singer


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