Korea: American Citizen’s Faulty Assumptions, Financial Stability and World Peace

The US could defuse this situation whenever it wants to, but it doesn't

I woke up early this morning and ran into a person who I perceive must be a Republican at 7-Eleven when I stopped and bought coffee. The interesting thing is that he said that he was former military, and commented about North Korea and the missiles were fired, seemingly anxious to get into a conflict. He also brought up the “Bible” and “Revelations.”

Individuals like him are so focused on the sound bites of the mainstream news that create a negative input into the subconscious based on an uneducated view point, this provokes a desire for unnecessary conflict within something called the “Collective Unconscious”, rather than advancing towards Peace and Opportunity. as well as Sovereignty based on Freedom and Rights of the Individual. Most people in America do not analyze countries by reading various news sources, including global resources, meaning news sites from outside the United States of America, to determine what opportunities may be present and available to advance freedom and civil rights, globally.

He had absolutely no awareness of Moon Jae-In and the leadership positions involved in creating a balanced relationship with North Korea and China. His main comment was about the missiles, which were provocative by design, I suspect. However understanding what North Korea has gone through both with the famine that happened in 1991 and with the original writings of the North Korean leadership which were penned in a journal geared towards Democracy, many misconceptions, and what I call “Faulty Assumptions” exist in the American main stream population. Those perceptions do not help peace.

There is positive news this morning that is moving the North Korea away from missiles and towards peace and participation.

The sad part is how much the mainstream media ratchets up for war with just their basic tweets, lower educational level statements which form American public opinion in a negative way. Americans don’t read and study foreign policy, that’s what makes America so vulnerable.

Looking at the current situation inside America, we are really struggling financially. The first tweet I saw was about cuts to Social Security.

Little known to the American Public is that as of August 2017, we had received our Treasury Direct Accounts from my understanding based on emails and videos which were available online. This means our Gold Backed Cash System was restored and never disclosed to the public. Why?

The Department of the Navy in the United States of America had actually accomplished this and then certain “individuals” wanted to prevent it from happening.

They may want to create a cashless society which leaves American vulnerable to extreme poverty rather than evolving to a positive, financially secure country.

Do we deserve it? Yes. “да” (Aware individuals will know exactly who said the word before in quotes). American creativity and freedoms enable positive outcomes. We just should not believe the elementary school soundbites determined to ratchet up tensions which in reality create financial instability for the American public.

The key is participation.


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