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At this point so much work has been done to out the election thieves and robert mercer just came to mind. Wonder what that means?

Robert Mueller has been struggling because it is difficult to have “Means and Mechanism” in the United States of America, because of the way “corrupt individuals” set our country up.

Who has the ability to take our country back to prior to 2000?

I just sent a lot of evidence into the Special Counsel’s Office, and I am not sure who is actually enforcing Justice. I confronted some justice department officials at work regarding #CrossCheck, a few months ago at Springhill Suites, and they were sweating, physically. America looses every day that there is no enforcement against the bush/nixon administration which backed trump and all of his corruption. “they” snuck in because of a defrauded electorate.

I have risked everything to save this Country and I did it all with my own money which I made in vacation ownership and with my small businesses.

People get upset that I confronted erdogan directly, but that should have been our position all the time. How much terrorism should we allow a nato member to produce? How much theft from Syria? How many illegal weapons were transferred over the border directly to the terrorists? Look at the story of Serena Shim. Anyone who questions this, needs to revise and re-write their own news stories. I have been investigating terrorism since 2001 and the shift East since 1997 in an effort to save America.

I have background that dates all the way back to the Base Realignment Commission, when we knew there was no war in the future and people were sitting around wondering what to do with our military personnel. At that time, I was publishing the Military Beat Magazine, an Independent publication. I struggled financially to serve military personnel both active duty and retired in the Puget Sound Region. It was days of lazy Sundays back then. My company went under and I got “targeted”. I suspected back then I was discriminated against because I was a female publisher and operated a non-contracted base publication. I also did nothing strange to get on the bases either. I applied through Public Affairs and started my company with my own pizza delivery money, less than $1,000 at the time.

People accused me of doing something wrong or secretive when I lost everything because of a “quest” I remembered about towards the end of my desperate attempt to stay in business, and then wanted to have that money to put into my magazine.

I was even interrogated in my home and asked, “What does a quest mean to you?”  I did not know what the quest was about, I just thought I would get paid $48 million. Then I really got targeted in my house. I was badly implanted back the and managed to leave my house after being drugged. Then weeks later, I managed to escape from a very hostile environment in Seattle in 2001. On 9/11/2001, I went into the welfare office to attempt to get an EBT card and that’s when I saw the terrible incident happen. At that point, I was scared and brainwashed, “behavioral modification programming,” I made the mistake of calling the Secret Service Agency and the Department of Defense answered the phone. It was a very scary time. I suspected fascism was coming to America even back then.

This year I wanted to find out who did this to me to get the matter cleared up. I suspect, people within the government tried to put me together with the same people who were involved back then. I wanted to obtain justice, not money.  The big culprit I found out through my research was bill gates more than Paul Allen who was the alleged “Quest” keeper back then.

What caused the war on terrorism to start? Financial interests? Isn’t that the same thing we are facing today? Are we going to loose or win? Are Americans going to be sent to concentration camps? What was their plan with the “Quest”?

Because of my quest and God’s Quest with me, I became interested in foreign policy.

With the Iraq war, I knew it was wrong from the moment Colin Powell made the wrong decision. I followed everything about the war and even turned in terrorism suspects.

My positions on foreign policy have always been to protect the United States of America and support Western leaning leadership, such as Hariri in Lebanon.  I work to save People overseas who are valuable assets to the United States of America all the time.

I would assume that the government would want to save itself. However when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.

After reading a powerful speech from Abraham Lincoln, I set out to exorcise the demons in Washington D.C., the problem is that recently because of my Quest, “they” took over my house, and I included that in my complaint. I can show you a disgusting photo collection of disgusting dark magic they did to me at my home.

The nice part is that I asked God to reverse their magic and double it forwards, so we will see what happens. I am optimistic.

What do these evil doers have over OUR Country?

Locally in Vista, CA, there has been a team of negative individuals operating vans and associated ai technology.

Trump tried to buy the golf course here, known as Shadowridge, and that fact is publicly known. I found out about that at City Hall when I was at the Planning Department. My main concern is that people in the background may be getting harmed in the background, and I know I am being harassed at home. People in town are being bothered and I am going back to my day job, as well as my business. Please see my ad below my column.

Some people are “addicted to trump” had no idea about felix sater and the kosher Nostra as well as the many other connections he had to the war on terror, there was also something about “pulling a scam on the government” and “festival seating” back in 2001. They see the personality and the TV Guide version. Unfortunately, it is not that way and the republicans, the republicans, the republicans, people are so afraid of what’s going to happen to the Republican party that they are forgetting to save our country.

As of today, no public arrests have been seen by me personally. People back in 2001 wondered what my “quest” was about, it was about God and no men were the focus, except for one who was terrible and disgusting this time. He actually tried to kill me this time.

It is so funny, I wish Kim Buike would remember back to the time when I drove my Hyundai around Everett with that big American flag on the back window and he and the other commanding officer from Naval Station Everett followed me home.

We would have a lot to talk about.

Am I being “too honest” for the Government? We’re going to continue to hold onto the Constitution and fight on.

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