Our Gold Backed Cash System vs. cashless

War is designed to advance and continue colonialism. The ongoing break down of Sovereignty is a tactic used by colonialists to condition its subjects and slaves. Terrorism is a tool of the colonialists who have setup their walled base camp in the Middle East in a land which betrays their alleged religion. - Ann

Gold Backed Cash System
Gold Backed Cash System needs to come out of hiding.

Cashless is creeping in, and the reason we should be concerned is because then the billionaires/trillionaires and those who just make money out of the air, adding currency via high tech means to the financial system can basically create a slave reality for Americans.

“Turkey heard that.” Secularism and freedom are important in Turkey for its people. I stand by that as any American politician and journalist should.

If erdogan did hear what I said above, and does not want America to be strong and solid in regards to world politics and foreign policy, the “turks” involved in framing me have messed with the wrong woman here. I will stand up for my country and even your people every day of the week. And yes, I stand up against radical islamists and terrorism.

I work for peace, balance, equality and freedom.

Some do not wish for America to be strong to compete in the global financial world from a solid position. There is a faction wanting America to cower to global powers pushing us towards a shift east because of fraudulent wars that have been fought and a desire to force Americans to be tried over seas for these wars. They want to bankrupt us first and enforce a police state. We are working, God willing, towards addressing our problems internally regarding these wars. Some have fought very hard against these wars and have been on the side of Justice and honor. We have even prevented wars and escalation.

I have brought up many issues and many investigations that could solve these problems. We had them nearly solved at one point, to where America would have their gold restored from Russia through the UK and then something happened, nothing was publicized. There is an “individual”  or group of “individuals” holding America back.

We are not going to allow the colonialists, the globalists who do not stand for Sovereignty to take away our freedoms. We are done with “colonialism” in America. “she” and “they” do not belong here.

I am re-posting my article on War, Terrorism, Subjugation and Colonialism vs. Peace, Security, Freedom and Sovereignty

When considering security, we need to use our intelligence abilities for justice. That makes us secure. This has been my argument for many years. How many terrorists have I outed? Incidents have been stopped, and it is important that we actually work to stop terrorism. One cannot continue the status quo, when the world is ready to advance and move forward, without penalty. I try hard for American interests, and you actually have to study foreign policy to understand our relationship in the world.

When you look at the idea of assisting in democracy and real western ideals as well as integrity – meaning honesty and honor, my positions are firm and not bought. I am anti-cashless and will do all that it takes to insure American financial stability and never take a payoff from “individuals” who could be seen as corrupt and against the very core of American values, Our Constitution. The original 13th Amendment was there for a reason, please read more below. Russia saved us during the Civil War and you can also read more about the value in that relationship in the article below.

… by Ann Diener for VT

Colonialism – the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers and/or choosing its leadership, and exploiting it economically.

War is designed to advance and continue colonialism. The ongoing break down of sovereignty is a tactic used by colonialists to condition its subjects and slaves. Terrorism is potentially a tool of the colonialists who have setup their walled base camp in the Middle East in a land which betrays their alleged religion. In reality according to Jewish law, the homeland built before the Messiah comes is against God who will call the people home, not man.

So why is Israel the focus of so many Neocons? With its ardent militant stance against its neighbors as well as infiltration into other countries around the globe, it has become the perfect place to operate for colonialists.

It is also the perfect place to test high tech weapons and repressive technologies that are sub-human such as machine gun drone equipped vehicles which can kill like a video game, operated by a technician miles away with the use of a computer and a joystick. https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20160902-israel-to-deploy-machine-gun-equipped-autonomous-vehicles-along-gaza-border/#.V9F2JcHlA0s.facebook

Colonialists Try to Subjugate Others and Create Dependence.

They burn homes and destroy villages to force previously self-sufficient people into submission, just as what was done to the native peoples all over the planet for hundreds if not thousands of years.

In a recent Democracy Now! Interview, Standing Rock Sioux tribal historian LaDonna Brave Bull Allard spoke about an attack against her tribe more than 150 years ago. The tribe was later attacked repeatedly until their self-sufficiency was destroyed, and now have been placed into low income housing. http://www.democracynow.org/2016/9/8/standing_rock_sioux_historian_dakota_access

This is a perfect example of what colonialism does. It destroys a people until they are no longer self-sufficient and forces them into servitude. Tactics such as these are being used presently in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other surrounding countries where terrorism destroys infrastructure, and the war machine enters, which then further demolishes infrastructure, and makes the people living there dependent on and subservient to outside assistance.

I have wondered for a long time, why after thousands of years, do we as humans not own our homes outright and meet our basic needs with the resources within the community we live in? It is potentially because the colonialists will attack both using covert means such as the Trans Pacific Partnership and debt slavery or wars for colonialist goals that reverberate back to remove sovereignty. Every time we get close, it gets stripped away.

Some say this is outlandish, however when you look at the mounting evidence against military and clandestine adventures in support of the colonialists, it is not too far fetched to think that there may be some ramifications for us in the near future, and that even American sovereignty will be lost at behest of working for the colonialists, as this may be part of their long term plan.

Colonialists Penetrate America Despite Revolutionary War

There is a tremendous amount of history tied into colonialism, both internationally and in the USA. They have long sought to destroy America, since America won its War of Independence. It was rumored that in 1783, King George III said, “We may have lost the colony, but we will get her back.” Plans were immediately made then to do just that. The presence of colonialists trying to take back America was then seen in the British divide and conquer strategy within both the North and South during the Civil War.

Prevention of the subterfuge was also found in the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution which stated, “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.” To see actual copies of it in print click here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/7/10/356123/-

“After the Civil War, this Amendment was basically dropped down the memory hole, finding the 13th Amendment we know, and love, in its place. That was declared ratified on December 18, 1865, which would explain why Colorado and Kansas have our current day 13th Amendment as the 14th Amendment,” said the article, entitled, “The Missing 13th Amendment, an odd Constitution Story.”

This change of the 13th Amendment occurred just a few short months after President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, April 15, 1865. It is odd that tax day now falls on his assassination day. Some say that the reason for his assassination was that he angered the bankers through the printing of gold-backed greenbacks used as currency during the Civil War, however this was not the case.

Greenbacks were un-backed currency used to as currency during the war. This is the reasoning for the words, “In God We Trust,” being imprinted on our currency today. It was through faith that Lincoln managed to overcome the colonialists, who had been funding the South.

There were other signs too that Lincoln was aware of the ruthless spirit of colonialism that resided in Washington.

Lincoln said, in his speech on the National Bank, in the hall of the House of Representatives of the State of Illinois, December 20, 1839, (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2653/2653-h/2653-h.htm#link2H_4_0031)

“I know that the great volcano at Washington, aroused and directed by the evil spirit that reigns there, is belching forth the lava of political corruption in a current broad and deep, which is sweeping with frightful velocity over the whole length and breadth of the land, bidding fair to leave unscathed no green spot or living thing; while on its bosom are riding, like demons on the waves of hell, the imps of that evil spirit, and fiendishly taunting all those who dare resist its destroying course with the hopelessness of their effort; and, knowing this, I cannot deny that all may be swept away,” he said.

“Broken by it I, too, may be; bow to it I never will. The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just; it shall not deter me. If ever I feel the soul within me elevate and expand to those dimensions not wholly unworthy of its almighty Architect, it is when I contemplate the cause of my country deserted by all the world beside, and I standing up boldly and alone, and hurling defiance at her victorious oppressors.

Here, without contemplating consequences, before high heaven and in the face of the world, I swear eternal fidelity to the just cause, as I deem it, of the land of my life, my liberty, and my love. And who that thinks with me will not fearlessly adopt the oath that I take? Let none falter who thinks he is right, and we may succeed.

But if, after all, we shall fail, be it so. We still shall have the proud consolation of saying to our consciences, and to the departed shade of our country’s freedom, that the cause approved of our judgment, and adored of our hearts, in disaster, in chains, in torture, in death, we never faltered in defending.”

People knew of the corruption that had intertwined itself with America regarding banking and the young country that had freed itself from colonial rule.

Thinking about why America is important. America was founded on strength of the individual and a concept called rugged individualism. This is very threatening in the eyes of a colonialist, who has sought to control every one and every resource in order to profit and make the people subject to them and their wishes.

In fact, the British subverted clandestinely the US so much that Abraham Lincoln had to call on the Czar of Russia to prevent encroachment into the harbors of New York and San Francisco by both the British and the French during the Civil War.

According to Webster Tarpley in an essay entitled, U.S. Civil War: The US-Russian Alliance that Saved the Union, http://www.voltairenet.org/article169488.html “The big issue was always a British-French attack on the United States to preserve the Confederate States of America. This is certainly how Union and Confederate leaders viewed the matter, and how some important people in London, St. Petersburg, Paris, and Berlin did as well.”

“In 1865, the United States was friendly to Russia and Prussia, and resentful and suspicious in regard to Britain and France, whose governments had sympathized with and supported the Confederacy.

“The most dramatic gestures of cooperation between the Russian Empire and the United States came in the autumn of 1863, as the Laird rams crisis hung in the balance. On September 24, the Russian Baltic fleet began to arrive in New York harbor. On October 12, the Russian Far East fleet began to arrive in San Francisco. The Russians, judging that they were on the verge of war with Britain and France over the British-fomented Polish insurrection of 1863, had taken this measure to prevent their ships from being bottled up in their home ports by the superior British fleet. These ships were also the tokens of the vast Russian land armies that could be thrown in the scales on a number of fronts, including the northwest frontier of India; the British had long been worried about such an eventuality.

“The Russian admirals had also been told that, if the US and Russia were to find themselves at war with Britain and France, the Russian ships should place themselves under Lincoln’s command and operate in synergy with the US Navy against the common enemies.”

The Union was saved by Russia against the colonialists, and the British later continued to attack from within the financial system.

Negative Sentiment towards Russia ushers in Bolshevik Revolution and In-Flow of Foreign Investments

According to Tarpley negative sentiment against Russia did not start until 1915, “with the work of Professor Frank A. Golder, who emphasized that the Russians were only following their own national interests. “ Golder was also in Russia in 1917 during the revolution conducting research.

The Bolshevik Revolution was being funded by both Wall Street bankers and the German

government, according to the book, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.

“During World War I Germany raised considerable funds in New York for espionage and covert operations in North America and South America. It is important to record the flow of these funds because it runs from the same firms — Guaranty Trust and American International Corporation — that were involved in the Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath. Not to mention the fact (outlined in chapter three) that the German government also financed Lenin’s revolutionary activities,” said the book.

Guaranty Trust was founded with the help of a person who was known as one of the first floaters of shares of American companies in the City of London in the late 19th  century,  British promoter H. Osborne O’Hagan.

According to The History of Foreign Investment in the United States to 1914 By Mira Wilkins,

“In 1897 W.D. Guthrie, whose New York firm (Seward, Guthrie and Steele) had been handling the business of a number of European investors in the United States, asked himself, “Why … should the Seward firm be turning all the mortgage trustee, stock transfer agent and register business – not to mention business in connection with funds sent by foreign clients for investments in the United States over to unrelated Trust Companies? Why should not the Seward partners have a trust company of their own.”

“Thus in January 1897 Guthrie organized the Standard Finance & Trust Company (capital $100,000) with the control held by the partners. He believed ‘there is large field here for investment of foreign capital secured by mortgages upon city property,’ in New York and Chicago. The new firm proved successful and in 1898 Guthrie organized Standard Trust Company of New York with a capital of $500,000. Guthrie’s law firm did substantial business with British promoter H. Osborne O’Hagan and because O’Hagan would be directing business to the new company, he was offered $50,000 of shares (or a 10% interest) and he was made a director of Standard Trust Company. The venture was a great success; in 1912 Standard Trust Company was merged into Guaranty Trust Company.”

The co-mingling begins with investments on all sides and a distinct advantage given to the British bankers.

British Bankers Assist in Push-Pull Setup of Foundation in the Middle East as a Base

In marketing, the push is “Taking the product to the customer,” basically creating the product and the pull is “getting the customer to come to you.”

Fast forward to Nazi Germany. Newly revealed documents show as seen in an article by the Telegraph, Never mind the Czech gold the Nazis stole.., “the Bank of England willingly handed over £5.6 million worth of gold to Hitler – and it belonged to another country (Czechoslovakia).” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/bank-of-england/10213988/Never-mind-the-Czech-gold-the-Nazis-stole….html

“The official history of the bank, written in 1950 but posted online for the first time on Tuesday, reveals how we betrayed Czechoslovakia – not just with the infamous Munich agreement of September 1938, which allowed the Nazis to annex the Sudetenland, but also in London, where Montagu Norman, the eccentric but ruthless governor of the Bank of England agreed to surrender gold owned by the National Bank of Czechoslovakia.” This is the pull portion of the story, funding Hitler to drive people to the product, the homeland, Israel. Later assisted through the creation of the Haavara pact.

The push had been started earlier with the British Mandate that had been carving up the Middle East to establish new colonial entities after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. “The British defeated Ottoman Turkish forces in 1917 and occupied Ottoman Syria, which would later be divided to British Palestine and Trans-Jordan and French Syria and Lebanon. The land remained under British military administration for the remainder of the war, and beyond,” according to Wikipedia.

“Trans-Jordan had been a no man’s land following the July 1920 Battle of Maysalun. During this period, the British chose to avoid any definite connection with Palestine until a March 1921 conference at which it was agreed that Abdullah bin Hussein would administer the territory under the auspices of the Palestine Mandate. The Trans-Jordan Memorandum annulled the articles regarding the Jewish National Home in the territory east of the Jordan. It also established a separate “Administration of Trans-Jordan” for the application of the Mandate, under the general supervision of Great Britain. Trans-Jordan became largely autonomous under British tutelage according to an agreement of February 20, 1928.”

Then on August 25, 1933, the Nazis signed the Haavara Pact or Transfer agreement with the Zionist German Jews which provided for an inflow of Jews to the newly created homeland. “The agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany. It was a major factor in making possible the immigration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in the years 1933–1939,” according to Wikipedia.

The Push Pull Strategy Works and America Goes Against Russia in the Cold War because of the Fears Wall Street Created with the Communist Bolsheviks

Both Hitler and Israel were financed by the British and American colonialist bankers. The Bolsheviks also derived funding from the British backed American banks.

The interesting part is that today on the surface, we do not see the face of colonialism in the Middle East as the very thing we fought against in the Revolutionary War.

One could argue too that the Bolshevik Revolution and then the Cold War were created to isolate American interests away from sovereignty, towards the colonialist ideology, as well as sponsor its foster child, the State of Israel. Over time, those Cold War strategists have become the same side who is seen as supporting Israel’s control and manipulation of the Middle East, as well as using terrorism to justify wars based on fraudulent evidence as was sited most recently in the Chilcot Report. When you connect the straight line through the wars including Syria, you see the presence of the colonialist with the goal of controlling resources away from the people and forcing servitude.

Communism’s Karl Marx, Possible Covert Colonialist Connections

Even communism, i.e. Wall Street sponsored Bolshevism and Chinese Marxist Communism has its roots in colonialism. Communism, as was written about by Karl Marx, was used as a tool to penetrate Russia and China. Curiously, “Writing in the Rhineland News in 1842 in his very first piece after taking over as editor, Marx launched a sharp polemic against Germany’s leading newspaper, the Augsburg General News, for publishing articles advocating communism,” said John Gray in a review of the book, Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life, by Jonathan Sperber.

“He did not base his assault on any arguments about communism’s impracticality: it was the very idea that he attacked. Lamenting that ‘our once blossoming commercial cities are no longer flourishing,’ he declared that the spread of Communist ideas would ‘ defeat our intelligence, conquer our sentiments,’ an insidious process with no obvious remedy. In contrast, any attempt to realize communism could easily be cut short by force of arms: ‘practical attempts [to introduce communism], even attempts en masse, can be answered with cannons.’ As Sperber writes, ‘The man who would write the Communist Manifesto just five years later was advocating the use of the army to suppress a communist workers’ uprising!’ ”

There was something invidious about Marx who many suspected co-opted the original less harsh communists for the colonialists. As it turns out genealogically Marx was third cousin to Lionel Nathan Rothschild, “Baron” and Member of Parliament for the City of London – http://henrymakow.com/2015/04/Karl-Marx-Was-Rothschilds-Third-Cousin%20.html#sthash.vfeKWvyr.dpuf
In 1869, Mikhail Bakunin said in Profession de foi d’un démocrate socialiste russe précédé d’une étude sur les juifs allemands, “This world is now, at least for the most part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand, and of Rothschild on the other. This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralization of the state. And where there is centralization of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found.” http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx –
Communism as it was founded by the bankers shares many of the same traits as colonialism, surrendering rights and possessions of the individual as well as freedoms and equal justice to an entity. It could be considered state sponsored colonialism which attacked the countries Russia and China, then later such as countries like Vietnam and Laos who were seeking an alternative form of government following their rejection of colonial rule. Vietnam appealed to America first and received no support or rather was potentially driven to state sponsored colonialism which could then later be attacked for bankers’ profit.

Mutual aid and caring for the commons or common interests is considerably different than communism, as was wrtitten about by Marx, and colonialism as both do not force the individual to give up sovereignty in order to contribute to the larger entity formed by the individuals to serve the common interests of the people. In a purely capitalistic society, the rights of the individual would also be honored.

Identifying Colonialism

You can look at any news story and identify the colonialist side, here are examples. Think about colonialism with each news story you read to see the pattern.

Brazil – the far right leadership that just recently impeached Dilma Rousseff for doing the same financial things her predecessors did that were not seen as corrupt until she forced the elite to elevate the standard of living for the people in Brazil. Now the new government is seeking to privatize airports and previously government enterprises. Who will get control of these previously public institutions?

India – According to the recent VT article, US Behind Indo-Israeli Secret Nexus, https://veteranstoday.com/2016/09/14/us-behind-indo-israeli-secret-nexus/ “It is of particular attention that on July 19, 2013, the Indian former home ministry’s official and ex investigating officer Satish Verma disclosed that terror attacks in Mumbai in November 26, 2008 and assault on Indian Parliament in January 12, 2001 were carried out by the Indian government to strengthen anti-terrorism laws.

“However, Indo-Israeli secret nexus is not confined to the statements of Anders Breivik and LT. Col Purohit, as it has official links. This could be assessed from the interview of the then Israel’s ambassador to India, Mark Sofer, published in the Indian weekly Outlook on February 18, 2008. Regarding India’s defense arrangements with Tel Aviv, Sofer had surprisingly disclosed, ‘We do have a defense relationship with India, and ‘with all due respect, the secret part will remain a secret.’ ”

There are many more examples of this as the colonialists have been expanding their power and control globally and now have the benefit of technology to control and manipulate people.

Take Time to Think About Colonialism, Those Involved in Foreign Policy and Spot False Flags

The purpose of a false flag to achieve a desired goal against the population’s wishes, this has been employed for hundreds of years to gain justification from the public for wars fought at behest of the rulers. In fact there are at least 42 admitted to and documented false flag attacks: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/41-admitted-false-flag-attacks.html

False flags, wars, colonialist leadership with goals and allegiances to foreign powers are so prevalent, well what can be done?

We need to take our power back as a people and wake people up to the idea of colonialism in existence today. We need to label colonialist activities where people are being manipulated by what have now become not only foreign governments, but also globalists corporations using trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)  and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) to further remove sovereignty.

We can stand up and speak out against these two trade agreements.

Also, there is a bill that has been passed by Congress and which is moving to President Barack Obama’s desk regarding the 9/11 families right to sue a sovereign country in regards to 9/11. We need to support this bill because it, like the original 13th amendment, disallows foreign interventionism to harm America.

This has been key in holding American citizens hostage in a colonialist environment. If the President vetoes the bill, we should call our Congressional representative and ask him/her to work to override the veto. Think about it, if the original 13th Amendment was still in effect, there would be no allegiances to Israel, Saudi Arabia and any other country by our elected officials or any citizen of the USA, permissible by US law.

Here is the old 13th Amendment again:

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

Allegiance to the American government would be the only choice for our public officials and citizens, if this Amendment was still in in effect.

At least with the elimination of Sovereign Immunity, we stop the possibility of those outside forces penetrating the US to commit criminal acts. Perhaps we can’t bring back the old 13thAmendment, but we can disallow foreign powers from committing crimes on American soil, and this may be the first step to eliminate colonialism and reaffirm American sovereignty.




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