Brexit Is Still Happening!

Michael Shrimpton analyzes the Anglo-European Phase One Agreement


Brexit is still on course! At 6 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time on Friday March 29th 2019 the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. This will be the key to great public rejoicing. There will be a lot of parties that weekend! There should also be a National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral, led by the Queen, and a Review of the Fleet at Spithead. 

The MSM have been seriously confused by Wednesday’s vote in the House of Commons. A fanatical pro-European MP, Dominic Grieve, the Attorney-General who refused to intervene in my case, successfully moved a rather silly amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. The Grieve amendment removed the ability of the government to force through a deal with the EU without express Parliamentary approval.

What the amendment does not do is reverse Brexit. Parliament has already authorised by statute the service of a notice of denunciation of the Treaty on European Union under Article 50. In accordance with international norms that denunciation cannot be withdrawn without the agreement of each of the state parties to the Treaty on European Union.

By forcing the government to bring forward primary legislation to bring any withdrawal agreement with the EU into law, the pro-EU rebels have shot themselves in the foot. Pro-Brexit MPs and peers will be able to derail the bill by waging Parliamentary warfare against it.

If there is no agreement with the hated European enemy, or there is an agreement but the government cannot get it through Parliament, then the UK leaves without an agreement. It’s as simple as that. We would trade with the EU27 under WTO rules, with mutual tariffs at the EU’s Common External Tariff rate. This would be wonderful news for British industry.

The Trade Gap With Europe

The UK has a huge, yawning trade deficit in goods with the EU27. The total shortfall for 2017 will probably approach £100 billion, about $130 billion. The deficit is so large that the Cabinet Office, which in practice controls official statistics, has had to manipulate the figures.

Every container going to say China or Australia via the huge European container ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam is counted as an export to Belgium or the Netherlands, as the case may be. This fraud has been going on for decades. The Remain camp made frequent use of fraudulently compiled trade statistics in last year’s referendum campaign in a desperate effort to exaggerate the importance to the British economy of exports to the EU.

Another trick used by the Civil Service to shore up flagging political support for EU membership is to calculate exports to the EU using Value Added Tax returns. These give a distorted picture, again giving a false high value. Although those sleazebags at the Treasury, no offense intended, argue that the stats are compiled this way to comply with EU rules the real reason is political. The Treasury supports EU membership and lacking integrity is prepared to use fake statistics in order to boost support for the EU. It was the Treasury which predicted last year that the British economy would collapse if we voted to leave. That report was clearly compiled in bad faith.

The Civil Service has a history of bad faith when it comes to the EU. In 1975 the Cabinet Office used central and regional counting to reverse the result of the 1975 referendum. That’s right. We voted in 1975 to leave the EEC, as it then was, and the Cabinet Office rigged the count. Conservative confidence in the Home Civil Service is collapsing as fast as the Trump Administration’s in America’s equally sleazy federal bureaucracy.

The reality is that Johnny European simply doesn’t buy our goods. Services are not subject to tariffs anyway. Agreements on services with the European in practice are worthless. The European Commission is deeply hostile to Britain, to the point where a senior official was implicated in the kidnap and murder of Madeleine McCann. They would never help a British company sell services in the EU.

Membership of the single market entails huge costs for the UK economy, between roughly £200 and £250 billion year. Congestion costs alone probably cost us £25 billion a year. EU imports mostly come by road and EU rules force us to have 44 tonne juggernauts on our roads. European trucks are not weighed on arrival and many are overweight, smashing up our roads, which were never designed for monster, 100,000 lb trucks.

Most of the cocaine and heroin imported into the UK comes in from Europe. We check barely one truck in ten. The two GO2-controlled narcotics distribution cartels in the UK have had a field day thanks to EU membership. Tens of thousands of young lives have been lost as a result.

The European Commission is essentially a criminal organisation. Largely an adjunct of the DVD it is heavily implicated in the disgusting trade of children for sex – they’re even worse than the Democrats. Making life easier for drug traffickers has long been a Commission priority. Theresa May and David Davis are causing outrage by dealing with these filth.

The Brussels Agreement

The Traitor Returns From Munich

This is fairly being compared to Munich. I thought last week that the DUP had scuppered it, but they were hauled into the Cabinet Office last Thursday and forced to cave in. Theresa May in the end got an agreement to move to Phase Two of the Anglo-European talks.

However, like her predecessor Neville Chamberlain in 1938, she was forced to cave in to almost every demand made by the enemy. She has agreed to hand over £39 billion smackers for the privilege of talks about a free trade deal – not an actual deal, mind you, just talks about a deal – with a closed customs union which doesn’t buy our goods.

She also agreed in principle to a two-year transitional period during which there will be uncontroled labor dumping from Europe and to permitting Europeans already here to stay. She’s even planning on giving them the vote! The idea behind that, very obviously, is allow the pro-European side to win a future referendum. It’s insane, and bound to lead to loss of life, but that’s the plan.

She’s also agreed to ‘regulatory alignment’ with the EU – code for staying in the single market. It would effectively be single market minus after 2021, with the UK subject to the full crushing burden of EU membership, save for slightly reduced immigration. May and David Davis are planning on relaxing immigration controls for community aliens, who will get special treatment after 2021.

The woman is desperate. She is now known as ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ and rightly so. A national embarrassment, no offense intended, she’s got to go. Anger is building in the constituencies and she should be forced to resign early in the New Year, although she will stay on as caretaker whilst her successor is elected. The DUP leader, Arlene Foster, has also been out-maneuvered and made to look weak. I think Arlene can hang on, but it’s touch and go.

Sadly Theresa May has inflicted long-term damage on the reputation of women in politics – from now on very few Tory associations will be willing to trust women candidates. They will be seen, unfairly in many cases, as weak and unstable. The fact that key rebels, like Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan, are also women isn’t helping. I heard Soubry screeching down the phone at Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 last week – no offense intended, but she came across as a shrew. Morgan turned in a sick-making performance on BBC 1’s flagship current affairs show Question Time on Thursday. Her hypocrisy was on display for all to see. I have called upon her local party to deselect her.

Speaking of Neville Chamberlain, one of the arguments used by supporters of the Munich Agreement – that’s right, there are still supporters of the Munich Agreement in Parliament – is that the year’s delay allowed us to rebuild the RAF. It’s rubbish. The only military aircraft built in Britain between Munich and the outbreak of World War II were death-traps.

Lacking armor protection, self-sealing fuel tanks and metal constant-speed props, although the technology was available, they were unsuitable for combat. Chamberlain’s air minister was a fellow German spy and was only willing to order aircraft which the Luftwaffe could easily shoot down. The aircraft which won the Battle of Britain were almost all made after our community partner Adolf Hitler started the war. On the few occasions when unarmored 1938/39 built aircraft went into combat the RAF suffered terrible casualties, approaching 100% in some cases.

I do not wish to be misunderstood. Neville Chamberlain was such a bastard, no offense intended, that he ordered his air minister to co-ordinate British aircraft procurement with the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) in order to get British aircrew killed. There was an element of rough justice in Chamberlain dying of cancer in 1941. He deserved to die in agony and did. A very nasty piece of work, he should have been executed long before.

The Russia Thing

Robert ‘von’ Mueller

Bob Mueller’s farcical enquiry is running into real trouble. The only convictions have been for auxiliary offenses, such as lying to the FBI. Given that the FBI lack integrity and lied and lied again about Barack Obama’s birthplace that prosecution was a bit of a cheek! There is nothing terribly attractive about bare-faced liars accusing others of lying to them. It’s a bit like Pontius Pilate complaining about the treatment of suspects in custody!

It turns out that Mueller’s team seized thousands of private emails from the Trump transition team without a court order, which sounds rather dubious to me. Given the leniency shown Hillary Clinton over her private servers this is going to cause outrage in the Republican Party.

Members of Mueller’s team have also been caught out plotting how to stop Donald Trump from being elected. They’re Democrat attack dogs, pure and simple. Their investigation has been highly partisan. It has destroyed the reputation of the Department of Justice and made Mueller himself look sleazy, no offense intended. He’s not a special prosecutor, just a disloyal federal employee on a mission. The President should sack him, and Obama holdover Rod Rosenstein, who is implicated in the birthplace scandal, as well. There can be no place for partisan rubbish like Mueller and Rosenstein in the bureaucracy of a democracy.

My Reading This Week

The British Traitor Richard Beeching

This has included Last Trains: Dr Beeching and the Death of Rural England by Charles Loft (Biteback Publishing, 2014). Outrageously, this book seeks to defend Whitehall and Dr Richard Beeching in particular over the wholesale rail closure program in Britain in the 1960s.

As exposed in Spyhunter, Beeching was a German agent. The inspiration for the Fat Controller in the Thomas The Tank Engine books he even looked like a German spy – fat, gloating and evil. He was a sort of British version of our community partner Hermann Goering, for whom he worked in World War II. Beeching’s main areas of treasonable activity in the war included handing over high-octane fuel, plastic explosives and high-temperature alloys technology. He was second only to the notorious Professor Lindemann as the Abwehr’s most important scientific intelligence asset in Britain. The nickel alloy technology, e.g., was intended for use in jet engines and the Hun’s atomic weapons program.

It was a terrible tragedy for Britain, and rural Britain in particular, that Beeching was not hanged for High Treason in World War II. Fat as he was, I am sure that the public hangman would have found a strong enough rope!

With Beeching the DVD introduced a new method of paying its agents in Britain – giving them an inflated salary and getting the taxpayer to foot the bill. His notorious reports were junk. There was no economic or social case for smashing up the railways. It was simply done to make our economy less efficient and upset people. Both aims were achieved .

Loft’s book has some value however. Although it misses the intelligence angle altogether and argues, absurdly, that Beeching and the Ministry of Transport were acting in good faith, it identifies many of the officials involved in the outrage. It also puts the Beeching Report in the context of a long-term Whitehall plan to break up our wonderful railway network.

Many of the criticisms of the railways were deeply unfair. They were badly hampered by official controls during the war, imposed by the German-controled Cabinet Office in order to damage the British war effort. Before the war they were made subject to unfair competition from road transport, which benefited from the deliberate sale of Army trucks at an undervalue after 1918.

Loft covers the post-Beeching era and in particular the great battle to save the Settle-to-Carlisle Railway. I was involved in that, acting as a barrister pro bono for objectors at the closure hearing. It was an eye-opener. I never realised how sleazy an organisation the Treasury was until I saw first-hand how official books of account were manipulated. One of the accounting tricks used was to load the line with the maintenance costs of a locomotive even if it had only done one trip over the line. It wasn’t just fiddling the books – it was outright fraud. If British Railways had been a private company its directors would have gone to jail.

The book is worth reading despite its pro-Whitehall stance. It’s informative even the author is both intelligence and economically illiterate, no offense intended. It’s not an objective account, but is nonetheless illuminating about a dark chapter in Britain’s history.

The lines which Beeching shut should be re-opened. Beeching thankfully died in 1985, although sadly not in agony. It is a source of moral outrage and a stain upon the reputation of the Church of England that his mortal remains should remain in consecrated ground. His cadaver should be disintered and burnt, preferably in the firebox of a large steam engine – Tornado would do nicely! He was an evil and terrible man, no offense intended, and should never have been accorded a Christian burial.


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