New World Order agent John Bolton: Bomb North Korea

The Neocons and their marionettes are dangerous to the United States and much of the World. The world will be much better if people of reason remove these ethnic cleansers from political influence. If America is to survive, then decent people need to ask that the Neocons be removed from any influential position once and for all. Should we ask for the return of sicut judaeis non?


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi has recently written that the Neocons are back. He noted that “Neocon watchers will undoubtedly note that big names like Brill Kristol, the Kagans, Michael Chertoff and Max Boot will not be showing up in government. True, but that is because they will instead be working through their foundations…”

In other words, the Neocons will be working behind the scene and pushing the remote control. They will almost certainly move their marionettes to get things done. And one of the political whores who would love to do exactly what the Neocon masters say is none other than John Bolton, the man who can’t put two coherent thoughts together.

Back in 2015 Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from August 2005 until December 2006, wrote in the New York Times that in order “to stop Iran’s bomb,” the United States needed to “bomb Iran.”[1]

To Bolton’s chagrin, Obama didn’t bomb Iran. In fact, Obama made a fairly reasonable deal which completely shocked the Neocons and the Israeli regime.[2] But the Neocons and other New World Order agents weren’t about to give up easily. Bolton is now moving to a different territory. He is now saying that America needs to bomb…North Korea!

Bolton, who is now a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a Neocon think tank, always frames his diabolical theory in moral terms, and that is the deception. He said:

“You have to make the choice at some point whether the risks are greater in preventing North Korea from getting the capability of blackmailing or actually attacking the United States against the dangers of, the consequences of, a preemptive strike.

“I will just say this: The president of the United States’ first duty … is to protect Americans.”[3]

Bolton continued to say that “It’s a myth to think that a regime as irrational in our terms as North Korea or as extreme ideologically as Iran are going to be deterred” through peaceful resolution. Therefore, the only option is to bomb.

“I just think as citizens we’ve all got a responsibility to think about this, because if we don’t stop (nuclear proliferation) here, we’re not going to stop it anywhere.”[4]

Yes, we do have a responsibility to think about this issue historically. And if we look back just a little over a decade ago, we can see that Bolton and his Neocon masters produced a completely chaotic world in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now in Syria.

One needn’t be an intellectual or historian to realize that perpetual wars breed perpetual hatred, and the Neocons have been producing exactly that for the better part of thirty years.[5]

These people don’t give a damn about destruction, death, and perpetual bloodshed in the Middle East. In fact, they want to kill, steal, and destroy. If you doubt this, then ask Bill Kristol and Daniel Pipes. Scholar Michael MacDonald has documented:

“As [the Neocons] were mocking Clinton in the late 1990s as cowardly for his caution in the face of Saddam’s brutality, central Africa was engulfed in war and chaos. Around 5,400,000 people, mostly in Congo, perished in the convulsions and the starvation and disease they caused from 1998 to 2003.

“Yet the Weekly Standard, a reliable guide to neoconservative priorities, published just two stories on Congo during these years. In the same time span it published 279 articles on Iraq. Neoconservatives were bent on projecting power in the Middle East, not on engaging in humanitarian do-goodism.”[6]

The Neocons have never been really interested in “humanitarian do-goodism.” How else would people like Pipes propose a diabolical plan in Syria? Back in 2013, Pipes postulated:

“Western governments should respond by helping the rebels to prevent Assad from crushing them.”

If you think this was strange, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Pipes moved on to expand and expound on his essentially Talmudic thesis this way: “the West should prevent either side in the civil war from emerging victorious by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong their conflict.’”[7]

If you did not catch that wicked and, quite frankly, diabolical ideology, here is the translation: let Assad and the Syrian terrorists fight until they destroy each other. Let them fight until blood flows from all over Syria. Only then, according to Pipes, will we have peace in Syria.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how much it would cost America and the Middle East, the West should give his last drop of blood to support that hellish plan. Let mothers and decent civilians weep and mourn for their children and love ones and their cherished country. Pipes only cares about Israel. He perceived, “This policy recommendation of ‘helping whichever side is losing’ sounds odd, I admit, but it is strategic.”

Here Pipes’ conscience was telling him that the plan was diabolical and therefore wicked, but he seemed to have suppressed his moral and practical reasoning and replaced it with Talmudic mores. Pipes needs to thank goodness that he never met people like Kant and Hegel.

So, the logic is pretty clear here: The Neocons and their marionettes are dangerous to the United States and much of the World. The world will be much better if people of reason remove these ethnic cleansers from political influence. If America is to survive, then decent people need to ask that the Neocons be removed from any influential position once and for all. Should we ask for the return of sicut judaeis non?[8]

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