TRUTH JIHAD: Brendon O’Connell celebrates release from political prison, recounts ordeal


Political asylum seeker Brendon O’Connell was recently released from a New Zealand immigration prison, where he had been languishing in atrocious conditions since October. He is now a free man in Malaysia, and for the first time ever, on this episode of Truth Jihad Radio, recounts the horrific details of his ordeal.

Brendon was freed shortly after I did a radio show on his plight and posted an appeal to write to the New Zealand authorities.

Below is a transcript of my radio show of Friday, December 8th, discussing Brendon’s case with Daniel Walker and Maisoon Rice. A huge thank you to Charley S. for transcription help!

Truth Jihad Radio  12/8/2017, first hour

Kevin Barrett:  OK, Welcome to the live version of Truth Jihad Radio.  I’m Kevin Barrett doing this live show here every Friday Night on Revolution Radio, the best listener sponsored network.  Please go to Revolution.Radio and kick in what you can to Support the effort to get Free Speech spread far and wide across the internet airwaves.

We have a great show coming up tonight.  First hour here we’re going to be talking about Brendon O’Connell.  Brendon is the political prisoner who spent years in prison in Australia for the crime of speaking harshly to a Zionist who had actually physically assaulted him.  It’s a very strange story and now it’s gotten worse for Brendon.  He’s in New Zealand, locked up.  He was there seeking political asylum and they stuck him in a hell hole of a prison.  A pretty sad story, really.  So we’re going to talk about that here in the first hour and see if we can figure out a way to try to help him, and then in the second hour we’re going to bring on Robert David Steele.  He’s a former CIA Officer and he’s got a new article out, arguing that this move to privatize covert operations that used to be carried out by CIA and so on is going to make things even worse.  It’s hard to imagine they could get that much worse than they already are but he says they would, and that this is a terrible proposal.

We’re going to start with Maisoon RiceMaisoon Rice is a friend of Brenden O’Connell’s.  Maisoon is a friend of mine as well and she’s going to be staying up very late to be on this show.  She’s over in the UK where in an ungodly hour right now.  Maybe I should say, an un Allah-ly hour since we’re both Muslims.  It’s pretty much the same thing anyway you know, God is God in all traditions.  I think I hear Maisoon.  Maisoon, is that you?  Hello Maisoon.  Is that you?  Hello Maisoon.

Maisoon Rice:  Hello, Kevin.

Kevin Barrett:  Hey, how you doing?  as-Salamu Alaikum, sister, how you doing?

Maisoon Rice:    Hello Kevin.  Hello Alaikum as-Salam.  How are you?

Kevin Barrett:  I am well.  Thank you for staying up til this ludicrous hour to be on this show.

Maisoon Rice: I’m here with some friends.  It’s worth it.

Kevin Barrett:  Thank you.  It’s much appreciated.  Yea Brendon he’s in a tough situation right now.  Man!  After this odyssey, in which he’s been trying to avoid more legal trouble with the Australian system and they have imprisoned him for a couple of years under atrocious conditions for basically just speaking his mind to a Zionist who had verbally and physically assaulted him.  Really tells you there’s a sort of double standard going on about who you can talk to and how you can talk to them.

Maisoon Rice:    Well, it was hurting the feelings of this Stanley Keiser.  However way you want to come out but he hurt his feelings.

Kevin Barrett:  Right.  Yea, yea.  So hurting the feelings of a zionist is now a crime but, of course, that encounter was actually staged or was initiated by the Zionist.  Not by Brendon.  He wasn’t out looking for people to harass so it seems to me;  The whole thing was just a blatant injustice.

Maisoon Rice:    Exactly.  Look.  Kevin, these two guys, they were agent provocateurs who were sent there and they were sent there to stir up trouble.  I mean, all Brendon and his friends were doing were giving out leaflets and they noticed these two guys filming them and Brendon went up to their car and said what are you doing videoing us.  If you’re from the other side, why don’t you join us and give us your side of the story if what we’re saying is incorrect.  Then go ahead and give us your side of the story.  And this Kyser guy got very aggressive and he went and hit Brendon with his camera and Brendon defended himself and of course and he went for this shtick hyperbole and that’s what pissed them off and to do with hurting the feelings of this Jewish Zionist.  Well I would like to add; how many times have these Jewish Zionists hurt the feelings of everybody else?  We don’t see them being taken to court.  I mean, the number of times I’ve had my feelings hurt, you know racial comments and so on.  I haven’t taken anybody to court.  It’s absolutely ludicrous.  And stealing away 3 years of this poor man’s life for hurting the feelings of a Zionist jew.  It’s just hard to believe, really.

Kevin Barrett:  It is.  Yes, well we have a couple more guests to join us and talk about this.  We have Daniel Walker from Australia and remind me of the name of his website.

Maisoon Rice:    It’s Activist News.

Kevin Barrett:  Yes, that’s right.  Activist News.  And he’s done some good reporting on Brendon and some other issues.  So let’s bring on Daniel and then we’re going to also move on and we’re going to bring on Dr. Di Cadwell.  But we’ll start with Daniel Walker and see if we can bring him up; so here we go.  I think it’s going to work.

Maisoon Rice:  Fingers crossed.

Kevin Barrett:  They set up a whole new skype interface today and inflicted it on me.  Didn’t ask me whether  I wanted it.  It’s 100% new and different from what it used to be and much uglier and difficult to use as far as I can tell.

Maisoon Rice:    That’s the trouble with these updates.  I don’t like updates either.

Kevin Barrett:   Yea.  So we’re trying to get Daniel on but it’s, uh.  Let’s see.  Why isn’t it working?  Add to group; OK.  Let’s see what happens there.  We’re going to try to bring him up.  We’ll see what happens.  And then we’re also going to also bring up Dr. Di Chadwell.  And I think that we can hopefully work that out and see if that works any better.  I certainly hope so.  Let’s see.  If anybody joins us hopefully we’ll hear some more noise and we’ll know that they’re on here with us.  But a, oh man, I don’t know about this a.  This new skype interface, though.  It’s totally crazy, totally different from how it used to be and I’m concerned that I don’t.  I don’t know if I try to correctly try to do the call thingy it’s going to knock us off the air, is the problem.  Maybe they’ll tell me what to do here.  But it’s…

Maisoon Rice:    Sorry I can’t help.  I still have the old system actually.

Kevin Barrett:  How did you manage that?

Maisoon Rice:    I refused their new update.

Kevin Barrett:  Oh Man.  Well I did too but I guess they didn’t listen.

Maisoon Rice:    Yea, that happened to me with windows 10.  I didn’t ask for it.  And it took me the entire day to download the wretched new version.  Which I hate.  I didn’t like it at all.

Kevin Barrett:  Well, these guys.  Supposedly they’re in our group conversation.  We can’t hear them.  They’re not on the call.  So I have no idea what would put them in the call.  But anyway, we might just have to do this alone, Maisoon, which would be unfortunate.

Maisoon Rice:    Yes, because it would have been nice of you to talk to Daniel, especially.  He’s got more info than I have.

Kevin Barrett:  Yes, well his in the  I’ll send him a text….


Kevin Barrett:  Daniel, is that you?

Daniel Walker:  Ahah, thanks for having me.  Finally got on.

Kevin Barrett:  It’s a mystery.  I don’t know how that worked but here you are.  Glad to have you; welcome.

Daniel Walker  I really appreciate the opportunity to come in and talk about the situation with Brandon.  And yea, for some time.  It has its confused bits and pieces.  Not very convenient.

Maisoon Rice:    Hello?

Kevin Barrett:  We’ll have to get this skype thing working or this radio or we’ll have to move to a better system.  Skype is really going downhill.  So anyway, so, Daniel you have been covering Brendon’s case.  Tell us a little bit about how you got into Alternative Media and picked up on Brendon’s case.

Daniel Walker:  Ah.  That’s a good question actually, ah.  Believe it or not Brendon was actually one of the inspirations I had to actually, start speaking out.  I was always more of an observer.  I’ve always been involved in activism at a sort of protesting level but in regards to actually speaking out and starting my own channel I very much got the inspiration from Brendon O’Connell.  This was probably about 4 years ago.  Almost 5 years ago now and that was just around the time when Brendon was running into trouble the second time around.  Not the first time back when he had issues with this Elliot Kazar back when he was merely just a protestor himself before the ordeal.  Yea, back in 2014 when he was actually prevented from using a carriage device or any kind of technology at all.  This is actually one of the reasons that he actually he left Australia because he wanted to get the word out.  And I was sort of, I felt really disenfranchised because I was always under the false impression that we had freedom of speech in Australia but when I looked I found out that we have something called Freedom Of Expression which is a little bit different.  Um.

Kevin Barrett:  Well, yea, it’s kind of the opposite.

Daniel Walker:   Yea, well, it certainly is now with all of these racial vilification legislations that they’re bringing in.  And the reason why it’s so bad in my opinion is because the way the actual legislation is worded it’s “conduct likely to offend”, you know, likely to offend so it doesn’t matter.

Kevin Barrett:  Well, that should rule out pretty much everything the zionists say and do.

Daniel Walker:   Exactly, and just as it’s being used to protect we have a lot of nationalism taking place in Australia, at the moment.  And let me tell you there’s a lot of anti-Muslim rhetoric getting around and you don’t really see a lot of people getting in trouble for it.  But if you do say too much about the, you know, the Zionist power structure, you tend to get in a lot of trouble.  And I think Brendon finds himself in trouble with that at the moment.  It’s quite unfortunate but I’m trying to be very careful with what I say here because we don’t actually have a lot of freedom of speech here.  I do try to be careful the way I word things but ultimately with all of this censorship it seems like we’re going to be shut down anyway.

Kevin Barrett:  Yea it seems like they’re coming at us from all directions nowBrendon’s case was kind of extreme when it happened but now it seems that we don’t really know what the limits will be or how far they will go to shut down any kind of forthright criticism.  You know it’s weird that this is happening at the same moment that Zionism is really going out of control. You know putting Trump, a child rapist and mafia asset.  His whole career has been fronting for the New York Mafia.  Recruited and turned into a made man by Roy Cohn.  Roy Cohn ran New York for the Lansky mob and Cohn actually took orders from J. Edgar Hoover.  Remember Hoover said “there’s no such thing as organized crime in America”.  That was because Myron Lansky had pictures of Hoover doing very, very disgusting things with his boyfriend, Clyde ColesonOrganized Crime owned J Edgar Hoover and Myron Lansky was the head of all organized crime, ethnically jewish and a supporter of israel, of course.  So Roy Cohn recruited Donald Trump and made him who he is and even taught him his brash style and Trump has been essentially a mafia money launderer ever since.  That’s what the gambling industry is; it’s nothing but money laundering and hotels are up there too for money laundering.  So Bibi Netanyahu who was unhappy about Obama being too reasonable regarding Iran, who he wants to have a war withBibi helped get Trump in office.  You know that Netanyahu wing of the hard line extreme Neo-Con Zionist fringe that helped do 911.  They put Trump in office and now Trump has handed Jerusalem to the Zionists on a silver platter as he was put in office to do.  The Zionists are completely out of control and yet they don’t want us to call them on it and they don’t want us to say anything that might offend them.  It’s really beyond belief.

Daniel Walker:   I think it’s very interesting that you brought that up.  A lot of people don’t realize that this Ray Cohen fella that you’re talking about, which basically, he was Trump’s handler.  These people actually have just as big connections to Jeffrey Epstein as the Clinton’s do.  A lot of people don’t realize this.

Kevin Barrett:  Yea, maybe Bibi’s connected too.  Yea.  Well both Trump and Clinton have considered Epstein a friend and apparently been on his planeClinton has definitely been on his plane.  And the story that Trump is being sued; I think he’s still being sued, last I saw by a woman who was under age at the time who was recruited by Epstein and then raped by Trump, she says and she’s suing Trump for raping her and somehow this news and Trump brags about being a friend of Epstein, kind of nudges and winks and says, yea he likes em young ha, ha.  Yet the media gave Trump exactly the kind of quote unquote; “bad publicity” that put Trump in office and they didn’t put any of this stuff up.  It really makes you kind of wonder.

Daniel Walker:   Yea, and I think we’re saying on a smaller scale, very similar things happening here in Australia.  Our Prime Minister at the moment, Malcom TurnbullHe’s a Rhodes Scholar.  His Mother’s actually Jewish which by Talmudic law makes him Jewish but he claims to be Presbyterian.  He’s an X Goldman Sax head banker for Australia.  A lot of people don’t realize this but there’s a big web and if people want to call it the Zionist web that’s fine for a lack of better words, really.  But ultimately you know these people are a criminal mafia and I don’t think there’s any way around it.  That’s really the way I see it.  It’s a criminal mafia.

Kevin Barrett:  What do you think Maisoon.  Because, Zionism; you can define it in a couple of different ways.  Essentially anybody who wants to put a Jewish state in Palestine is by definition a Zionist and obviously, not all of those people are criminals.  Lots of them just have bought into this ideology, and they’ve been brainwashed or what have you.  Scofield Bible of course has helped to brainwash generations of Christians.  That’s who it’s written for by a 2 bit con-man; Cyrus B Scofield, who could barely scratch his name in mud with a stick and yet he got an annotated Bible published by, I think it was, Oxford University Press, sponsored by the Rothschild’s and so Christians today in the United States by the tens of millions are totally gung-ho about Zionism.  So lots of these people, so of course they support Zionism and support a jewish state in Palestine, are not criminals and in ways are perfectly nice people and on the other hand there’s another way to look at Zionism, to say that, at the top a lot of this operates like the criminal mafia and the Zionist project is putting that ethnically cleansed superiority state in Palestine as a crime against Humanity.  So there’s a sense in which Zionism is a criminal operation.  What’s your take Maisoon?

Maisoon Rice:  Well, I think I’ve spoken to you about this many a time and you always like to correct me but um.

Kevin Barrett:  Sorry about that.

Maisoon Rice:  That’s all right.  I mean, you have your views and I have my strong views.  As far as I’m concerned this is all one beast that has 2 arms.  One is the Talmudic, Religious arm and then you have the political arm, which is Zionism; which you can also equate with communism because they’re all part and parcel of the same thing.

Kevin Barrett:   Well it’s interesting because Zionists and Communists or Corporatists and Leftists have fought each other.  They’ve intersected and overlapped but they’ve also fought against each other.  Both Zionism and Communism were offshoots.  They’re both Jewish Millennial cults that see this kind of road for a perfect jew society whether it’s by going back to the Holy Land and having their Messiah come back and take over the world for them and make everything perfect; that’s Zionism and then the other version is to have the workers take over and seize state power and inflict a communist utopia on the world.  And that’s another way to a perfect utopian world;  another millennial cult.  So there’s kind of different Millennial Cults, really.  To my mind Communism has something going for it.  It’s not entirely wrong in its analysis of things but it’s largely wrongBut they’re not exactly the same are they?

Maisoon Rice:    Well, I think they are.  You know the first thing is the neo cons.  They are an offshoot of Communism.   The neo-conservative, Wolfowitz the tepetowitzki group.  For me, Communism is Zionism and I actually kept a quote.  I haven’t got it at hand but I kept from a jew who actually said that Communism, and Zionism and Talmudism are all part and parcel of the same thing which as far as I’m concerned they are and I’m not going to apologize for saying such a thing.  Maybe the concept of everybody seems to think that Communism is Socialism but I’m afraid it isn’t.  If you go into the history of the Russian Revolution; the Bolshevik Revolution.  The vast majority of the Bolshevik’s were Jewish and these people slaughtered nearly 60 million Christian RussiansYou can’t say this is true socialism or the Bolshevik revolution was a true revolutionYou can’t say that when a holocaust of 60 million Russian Gentiles were butchered and the entire Russian Family was also slaughtered.  And apparently this was a revenge by the jews of the time in the 1880’s that sought to take revenge against the Tsar and they finally succeeded in 1917.  So for me they’re all part and parcel of the same thing.  Just as like I said at the beginning, this is one beast with two arms that used their Talmudic, Judaic arm to justify their political corruptions and they used their political arm, which is Zionism to impose their political policies, again, inflicting it on the middle east.  You know, they have stolen my countryThis is what Brendon O’Connell, bless his cotton socks, was saying.  This is what he was standing up for.  I mean it landed him in jail.  I mean what kind of lunacy is this?  I’m sick and tired of people talking to me about anti-semitism.  I want everybody to know that today’s jews are not semites.  In fact it is today’s Jews who are the real anti-semites and again I will not apologize for stating this.

Kevin Barrett:  Of course todays Palestinians are the descendants of the Biblical Hebrews of Palestine.  They’re descendants changed religions along the way and became Muslim or Christian, so it is a big farce and a kind of an evil hoax.  And I agree with you Maisoon, Communism and  Zionism and are both Millenarian offshoots of Judaism.  I would call them heresies from Judaism just like the Justadize cult of the false messiah from a couple centuries back was another of these Millenarian and heretical offshoots from Judaism so there definitely is a family resemblance there.  And of course just talking about this is practically illegal in various countries.

Maisoon Rice:    It’s taboo.  You can’t talk about anything.  I’ll tell you that if you and I and Daniel spoke about such a thing in France we would be automatically arrested.

Kevin Barrett:  Well, yea, I don’t know if it’s quite that bad.  I know that when Tony Hall and I flew to France to do the False Flag, Islamophobia Conference we were able to enter the country and survive but maybe it’s gotten worse the past couple of years.  So Daniel, let’s get back to specifics of what’s happening to Brendon O’Connell.  He was in Qualia Lumpur Malaysia.  He’s been out of Australia; where he fears further persecution and that fear was well founded and so apparently someone convinced him he could get political asylum in New Zealand, which is why he flew there and he’s been imprisoned under atrocious conditions ever since.  This strikes me as bazar.  How could anyone think that if you’re persecuted in Australia, that New Zealand; of all places on earth is going to give you protection and asylum?  That makes no senseAustralia and New Zealand are two peas in a pod.  So anyway, maybe Daniel you can help us understand better what happened to Brendon.

Daniel Walker:   Peas in a pod.  And just to elaborate on this point in New Zealand we should really take note of is because of immigration law and something called the backing of warrant scan, which is potentially what they’re going to try to get Brendon withNew Zealand is essentially the 7th state of Australia.  And the reason for this is if you’re in New Zealand you can be jailed or detained, put in jail and charged for something that is not even a crime in New Zealand, because it’s a crime in Australia and they can send you to Australia to do your jail time or you can do it over there.  So this is something a lot of people don’t realize.  Now Brendon; as far as we know; and as far as his acting solicitors know, there are still no known charges and usually in this situation, according to New Zealand Law on their website you can only hold them for 92 hours before you either have to release them or to lay charges.  Now what they’ve actually done is they hold him on something called “Character Grounds”, which seems quite vague but based on my little research on this it seems to be only be used in times when people in biker gangs or suspected terrorists have tried to flee the countryThey’re able to detain them for basically as long as they want and this is exactly what they’re doing to Brandon at the momentHe’s not going for the asylum seeking process anymore.  Now it’s going to be a matter of whether he’s extradited back to Australia to face charges or whether he’s able to go back to Malaysia.  I do believe that the Malaysia government will be put under a little bit of duress and they probably will be pressured into not let Brendon go back.  However, when you’re inside of an airport in a political situation, because he was granted political asylum.  People need to understand that.  When you’re inside of an airport not entered by immigration they’re not supposed to detain you.  They should let you go unless they’re going to hold you for the 92 hours or then lay charges.

Kevin Barrett:  Wait a minute Daniel.  Let me understand this.  So he was actually granted political asylum by Malaysia, officially?

Daniel Walker:   No, no.  In Iran.

Kevin Barrett:  Oh in Iran.

Daniel Walker:   He was basically, just extending Visa stays, to the best of my knowledge in Qualia Lumpur.  However they could grant the opportunity to go back, based on my understanding to give me the opportunity to have direct communication with him.  Because I’ve just been stonewalled every time I try to contact immigration they tell me to contact corrections, every time I contact corrections they tell me to contact immigration.  So it’s just ridiculous, really.  It’s just getting increasingly harder and harder and harder to just find out what’s really going on.  Brendon in his hand written letter has expressed things that suggest he could be being tortured.  One of the things that I did hear recently is that they’re actually backsliding him.  They’re telling him that he was never in Iran; that he’s making it all up and that he must be delusional and they’re using this as grounds to actually force medicate him, which to my opinion is definitely a form of torture.  Now there’s plenty of views in Iran.  He’s got photos of the ticket that he purchased and I’m sure his passport with Iranian stamps I imagine.  It doesn’t just stop with them back sliding him and just basically telling him that he’s delusional.

Kevin Barrett:  That’s so bazar.  I kind of wish he’d stayed in Iran.  I know he had kind of a bad experience there with one or two individuals he had issues with over there, but frankly.  I don’t know where else he’s going have any better luck.  So the best outcome here would be for him to be sent back to Malaysia and the problem is whether the Malaysian government will accept him?

Daniel Walker:   If he wants to go back to Malaysia; which I think he does.  But I’m not too sure because I haven’t had direct communication.  All the communication that I’ve had has been indirect, through the lawyers.

Kevin Barrett:  Has anyone had any direct communication with him?  I don’t think so because you’ve tried, Maisoon, you’ve tried and Dr. Dye Chadwell; we’re going to try to get her on.  We’ve been trying.  She also tried and I don’t know.

Maisoon Rice: In the letter he actually, or when he was talking to his Lawyer and on the videos on You Tube he actually mentioned that they can send him back to Malaysia but he has to get permission from the Malaysian consulate.  That’s the only way that they will accept him back.  And if he does go to Qualia Lumpur and he has to enter Malaysia without a visa.  That was the reason why they turned down his asylum application in Malaysia because he came into the country with a visa and turned up as a political asylum seeker and then fight for political asylum which didn’t happen.

Kevin Barrett:  It doesn’t sound like the political asylum procedures are working very well.  I hope I don’t ever have to apply for it.

Maisoon Rice:  I wish he’d never left MalaysiaI told him not to leave Malaysia but unfortunately he was duped by an individual who I think was actually what I would call an agent.  He was lured under false pretenses to go to New Zealand giving him false hope that he would be granted asylum and unfortunately the man ended up stabbing him in the back.

Kevin Barrett:  I just can’t imagine how he would be convinced that he was going to get some kind of asylum in New Zealand.  His problem is with Australia.  How could you think that New Zealand is going to solve your problems?

Maisoon Rice:    And I also said to him, I had long conversations with him and I said to him; you think it’s wise to go to New Zealand?  You know I’m sure New Zealand has extradition treaties with Australia.  I mean I didn’t know all this stuff that Daniel was talking about.  That’s an eye opener to me but I did say to Brendon, well, look, New Zealand probably has an extradition treaty and if your application is refused they will send you to Australia and of course he said, if they do that to him he’s going to go on hunger strike and the last I heard from certain people like Daniel and Di Chadwell, is that Brendon has been on hunger strike and he’s been forcibly sedated for the reasons that Daniel just mentioned to you.  This is tantamount to torture and New Zealand is violating international law with regard to political asylum.  They are violating the law because New Zealand is a signatory to this charter and they are breaking international law.

Kevin Barrett:  So, at what point should we consider publishing the hand written letter he said; don’t publish it unless things get really extreme.  How do we know when things are extreme enough that we should publish that?

Maisoon Rice:    Well I don’t know.  Daniel, what do you think?  You know you’ll have to talk to Daniel and Di Chadwell who’s trying to write to the detention centers.  You know all I’ve been doing is trying to publicize his papers to Kevin and a couple of other people and I have written at least 8 emails to his lawyers.  I got a reply from 2 of them but the last 2 emails that I have written to them and look.  I have not gotten responses from either of them and it really annoys me.  I’m very, very concerned for Brendon’s wellbeing safety and his security.  I really am extremely worried.  It looks like New Zealand is carrying out the jewish, zionist, lobbyist mandate.  I don’t know what group it was the New Zealand version of  I’m not sure.  I can bet you anything they are involved.  In his incarceration in New Zealand and what they’re doing to him now, which is torture.

Kevin Barrett:  So the question is what do we do?  His lawyer is not very communicative, which is somewhat worrisome.

Daniel Walker:  This seems to be the million dollar question.  I’ve actually written to Amnesty.  I’ve written them an emailI managed to get a # from the urgent, emergency department or something like that.  I can’t remember the exact name of the department but I was talking to a lady for a good half an hour and I laid out the story pretty much as I know it and she actually knows Brendon’s lawyer apparently and she said that she would get back to me and she did actually and she said basically that she’s taking it up with the lawyer and all correspondence has to go through her from now on, which seems a little bit suspicious but I don’t know really what to make of it I think the best thing we can do is really highlight Brendon’s case.  But unless we can actually make personal communication with him we’re basically putting all our faith in the words of what people are telling us.

Kevin Barrett:  It doesn’t really make sense that we wouldn’t be able to communicate with him.  Normally when people are being held, if they want to communicate with people, they are allowed to, even if it’s only once every 3 days, through a window; you know, mail here, what have you.  And here it seems that Brendon has clearly said he wants to communicate with us.  He named me, he named you, Maisoon, I think.  Right, so he’s on record saying he wants to be able to communicate with us but they’re not letting that happen and that is very disconcerting.

Maisoon Rice:    And I mean, his Aussie lawyers appointed this New Zealand lawyer, and according to this video, again, that I watched between him and his legal counsel or maybe it was on one of Daniel’s videos, I can’t remember now.  She didn’t even turn up for his first hearing.  This woman that was appointed by his first lawyers.  She didn’t turn up and Brendon was complaining to his legal counsel and the guy that he was talking to, you know, was swearing a bit, which is unacceptable and she’s more than happy to take the legal fee that she’s been  paid but she’s not representing her client.

Daniel Walker:   Exactly right.  It seems to me the biggest problem.  She’s accepted, I think it’s about $8,500.00 and initially she took up to a month just to file some type of application that should have been done on day 1.  So to the best of my knowledge, without slandering her.  Because I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to her and I doubt she’ll give me that opportunity.  But it really does seem like she’s dragging her feet.  Now when I looked this woman up online she does specialize in these matters in immigration so it does seem a little unusual to me that she would be acting in ways that seem incompetent.

Maisoon Rice:  Yes.  It’s fundamental to Brendon’s case and his wellbeing.  There’s something seriously wrong here.  I don’t know what to do but there’s something wrong.  I don’t know what we can do.  I’m at the end of my tether and I don’t know what we can do.  It’s time to get help to BrendonI’ve sent letters to the detention centerI sent him a Christmas Card but Di Chadwell said that she was told it would take up to 21 days for any letter to get to him through the process.  I don’t know what else we can do.

Kevin Barrett:  Do you think putting up addresses to write to?  email addresses and phone #’s.  Of course we have some of those.

Maisoon Rice:  I sent them to you, Kevin.  I sent you 2 addresses:  The government offices and there is the actual detention center where Brendon is being held.  2 different addresses.

Kevin Barrett:  Should we make those public and ask people to write and contact and call some of those places?

Maisoon Rice:   What do you think Daniel?  I think we should bombard this detention center.  I think we should get hundreds of people bombarding them with letters and demanding Brendon’s release and let us know he’s still alive.

Daniel Walker:   I think that’s a good idea, personally.  I’ll tell you, I’ve sent no less than 100 emails to different human rights organizations, politicians, individuals, journalists.  All sorts of people and the only people who got back to me were Amnesty, who did take the matter very seriously but later, disregarded it after talking to New Zealand’s solicitor.  So I feel like my hands are being tied and the only thing I can do personally is take up opportunities like this to talk about it to different audiences.  So, I mean, that’s why I really do appreciate the opportunity to come on with you and be able to reach a different group of people.  I think that’s just key at the moment because the fact of the matter is; immigration is stone walling people.  DEFAT which is the Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade; which is run by Julie Fisher, who is the Australian Foreign Minister.

Maisoon Rice:  Who doesn’t like Brendon.

Daniel Walker:   Well, yea, certainly.  Yea, well Brendon had a lot of information on her in the past that kind of makes her look not suitable for the job; and that might be putting it very lightly.  I mean this woman essentially is a criminal.  This is the very same woman who says there is no genocide occurring in W Papua after her last visit down there, I think it was last June.  So Brendon’s case if it was ever to go the High Court would have a devastating effect on Australia.  It would embarrass the Australian government, especially Julie Bishop who heads up DEVAC, the Department Of Foreign Affairs and Trade, who are one group of people who are actually stonewalling people from getting information.  Without putting on my tinfoil hat, it really does seem that there were a lot of people who were making things purposely tough.  I mean, I’ve never really had to communicate with people in prison before but it shouldn’t be this difficult, surely.

Kevin Barrett:  Especially immigration detainees.  You know they’re not criminals.  It’s just an immigration issue.  Should this be an issue for an asylum seeker?  That’s crazy.

Maisoon Rice:   As you know Kevin, I was contacted by a reporter of New Zealand and I have no idea how she knew about me or that I knew you, in fact

Kevin Barrett:  This was a random main stream journalist who somehow had found out I had a couple of radio interviews with Brendon.  So she had somehow gotten wind that you were a friend and supporter of Brendon’s and she just wanted to interview you or something.  But I thought that any publicity would be good publicity here.

Maisoon Rice:   Yea well I actually consulted with Brendon’s Lawyers.  I didn’t want to prejudice this case so I actually consulted his lawyers and they advised me not to talk to her.  I wanted to but I was advised by legal counsel not to talk to her.

Kevin Barrett:  Interesting.  Well what was the.  That’s often what lawyers do, they tend to be very, very cautious in the way they advise you to deal with publicity.  I’ve read a lot of stories and cases where it seems that if you play the media well and you know what you’re doing with the media and the media isn’t out to get you then it’s actually adventitious to play the media.  And some lawyers and probably even Roy Coen plays up his position was through being able to play the media so with a lot of legal cases getting publicity of the kind that you want is key to winning your case stacking the odds in your favor but in this case the real problem here is that Brendon is taking on this zionist ideology that dominates the mainstream; including the media.  So the chances of the media giving him a fair shake are of course very low.

Maisoon Rice:  Yea but Brendon; he wasn’t just…  he’s got so many causes now.  It wasn’t just to do with Zionism; exposing Israel’s cointel program and all that stuff, but he was also exposing the corruption within the Australian Prison System to do with drugs and so on in the system and in New Zealand as well and he’s taken up the cause of these asylum seekers where conditions are absolutely dire.  He said that he had no shoes for 9 days.  They had no cups to drink from.  They had to use paper cartons to drink and he actually said himself in this letter in which you, me and Tony Hall were mentioned.  He was telling his solicitor that he wanted his case publicized.  He wanted us to be kept informed about his predicament.  And his lawyers have not done this and I want to know why.

Kevin Barrett:  The benign explanation would be that maybe they think; oh well Brendon, he’s in hot water because of his association with these radical, Pro Palestine, anti-zionist types, which are negatively portrayed in the media, so it’s really better to have less of that type of publicity as possible.  That would be the benign explanation.  But the nefarious explanation would be that he’s going to get railroaded and we don’t want people to interfere with him being railroaded.

Maisoon Rice:  This isn’t a normal case.  I talked to his legal counsel.  I said to him “look, this isn’t a normal case.  You know, you don’t have a normal client and legal counsel privilege here because Brendon O’Connell wants his friends involved in what is happening to him.”  That’s the crux of it all.  You know he’s asked for our help, he wants us involved and he wants his legal counsel to accommodate itThey’re not representing him with due care and diligence.  I mean, that’s my personal opinion.  I’m really so upset about all this.  I just wish I knew what I could do for the poor man.  Other than talking to you, Kevin and trying to get more and more people to listen to his cause and take up his cause.  And please write to the detention center and demand to know whether Brendon D. O’Connell is still alive and what the hell they’re doing to him.

Kevin Barrett:  So we need to put up that address.  I’ll put that up in my radio schedule blog and people can find that by way of my main website which is You go there and you might scroll down a little bit and you’ll see the radio show link and go to the radio link and that will take you to the radio page and you’ll see the list for this particular show and there I will be putting up, and by the time you hear this, assuming you’re not listening live, it should already be there.  You’ll see some addresses to write to and ask them what’s happened to Brendon O’ConnellWhy can’t his friends contact him?  He’s expressly asked for his friends to contact him.  Nobody’s letting them.  What’s going on here.  We’re trying to free this guy.  He’s a political prisoner suffering for Free Speech activitiesIf we have any freedom left in the West, in the World.  People like Brendon should be allowed to express their views.  It’s been a great show.  Thank you Daniel Walker, thank you, of course Maisoon Rice.  It’s great to have you guys.  We’ll be back the next hour with Robert David Steele.  Everybody stick around.





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  1. Glad to hear Brendon’s voice and wish him well. I’m sure there are a few English publications in Malaysia that may open a door to him. For the foreseeable future I’d steer clear of OZ and N.Z. and the other down-under bottom-feeders – the dreaded Z’s, the Zionists. Set up contacts for all eventualities to keep us on the qui vive should anything occur. And be safe. Daniel O’Connell your Irish namesake was a great politician and outstanding orator and nice to know you have a spark of his fiery angst to level against wrong- and evil-doers. If your Irish connection is close enough you may well be entitled to an Irish passport. So check out your forebears. Why not? Afterall, the Irish allowed Otto Skorzeny and his wife Ilse to live in Kildare and helped run the ODESSA from Martinstown House for a not inconsiderable number of years. Skorzeny was welcomed in 1959 conveying two suitcases of gold bullion and methinks it was the bold and since dead Charles Haughey who collected. Haughey spoke out for him in the Irish Dail. (It was considerably more than the price of a pink racing car Otto gave to an office worker in Madrid who rescued him from the inconvenience of a car breakdown in traffic.) The Israelis followed him there but missed their man – one benefit for a man with the golden touch. While Otto Skorzeny was forced out by the Irish government Ilse did get to stay until the 1990’s when she returned to Germany in the company of her Irish maidservant.

  2. Has Brendan thought about maybe trying Ireland for asylum? With a name like his he must have Irish ancestry. And the people there are fiercely anti-Zionist. Though their rulers are 100% British lackeys. He has to forget about Australia for good. “Australia Is Washington’s Basement Gimp.” – Caitlin Johnstone.

    He’s definitely wrong on one thing though. Malaysia lost one plane, not two. And the Malaysian authorities know it. “Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be believable.” – Mark Twain(?).

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