Intel Drop Sunday January 14, 2018


The Senior Editor

I am keeping this short. I have taken apart the DC investigations and have interviewed some involved. I do not trust Mueller. This is written for DC people, not normal humans.

I looked at Trump. We have mutual associates, and by that I mean old line New York mafia. I simply asked the truth. These are guys who have seen him socially since forever, as Trump has always been a mob groupie.

They say he has always been a phony nutcase. On more than one occasion, were he not used for laundering cash and fronting mob scams, and this is what Trump’s real life has always been, they would have whacked him long ago.

The very real “word on the street” is that Trump is violent, a serial rapist and totally out of control. He has grabbed the wives and mistresses of mob bosses at NY parties right in front of their husbands, people I may not love but know enough not to piss off either.

Real truth: When Trump was invited to anything, special security was hired to keep him away from women he had his “eye” on. I interviewed one of these, someone I have known for some time. Security people would surround Trump and herd him away from people so he wouldn’t pull his pencil dick out in public and start chasing women around, and this is at cocktail parties with the mayor or governor, not just casual affairs where pre-teen runaways were raped and murdered, which was alluded to but not to be put on the record.

Trump has no politics. He has an extremely serious impulse control problem, and I have this directly from HIS real bosses.

As for other crap.  About a third of what Trump says is reasonable and he gets it all from reading emails we all get on the internet.  I am NOT sure he actually reads, I think he uses an app for that.  Not kidding.  He has some type of learning disability where he can’t properly recognize letters.

At this point, he is NOT competent to manage his own personal affairs and demonstrates that daily.

Of what he says, none of which comes from his own mind, some is quite correct.  He is attracted to “fringe” ideas, many of which are right.  Yes, NAFTA is a scam, by the Bush family and Carlos Salinas.  NAFTA is NOT Clinton.

That’s why the Bush family hates him, because he is interfering with their deals in Mexico and South America.  They bank for the cartels and control endless billions along with Bain Capital and the Romney family and a bunch of banks, the Walton family, so many others.

Trump knows this and is not involved.  If he weren’t nuts, he might well bring them down.

He has surrounded himself with scum.  Bannon, who is “unusual,” is at least intelligent to a point.  Glad to debate Steve at any time to demonstrate exactly where his limitations end.  He needs that.  He really believes he is god’s gift.

I know I am a “dumb-fuck” which by standards, makes me brilliant.

Trump needs to continue destroying the tax code and gutting regulatory agencies.  In the long run, they need to be taken out of the hands of special interests.  Trump is fucking up so badly that the rebound will be somewhat helpful.

Trump is also right about overseas slave labor and, to a lesser degree, about immigration.  We need to select people who bring skills to the US.  He brought in a Slovenian model and slave workers for his hotels.  He is NOT an example.

Without immigration from “shithole” countries, the US would be in trouble.  Problem is, we attract the best and brightest from around the world and leave Africa and Asia in ruins as part of the deal.  I can explain the process and the economic implications to Trump sometime if he wants.  There is a problem, he has some of it right, and his insanity, in the face of massive institutionalized corruption, isn’t entirely a bad thing.

I enjoy it sometimes.

Some other stuff.  We live in a “global” world.  Those of us forced to travel, and airline travel, with the exception of Lufthansa First Class paid for by others, is living hell.  I have lived in South Vietnam in the 1960s, and in more than a few “shitholes.”

It has been a privilege.  My friends in Nigeria and Ghana, in Pakistan or Somalia are among the best people I know.  They are, to a one, the people you would always want for neighbors.

When Trump talked about Paris being a “no go zone’ he totally pulled that out of his ass.  Paris is alive and well, not full of refugees, who are not sleeping on the streets and I walked the entire city looking for where those photos were taken and it sure as hell wasn’t Paris.  I have a terabyte of photos and video, no tent cities.

There are problems in Europe with immigration and it was engineered by Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the founders of ISIS along with the CIA and friends, to divide the EU and punish the people of Europe.  Oh, there is hate out there, we just don’t pay attention as to where it is coming from.

Americans need to stand with “our” people, the Syrian Arab Army and those Shiite Militias and even, to an extent, and let me be clear, Hezbollah.

We need to honor those who fight terrorism and dishonor those, even those of the American military who should know better, who trained and rearmed ISIS at the camps in Hasakah, Syria.  We then released all the ISIS “prisoners” who were supposedly killed in Raqqah and sent them out to murder even more Syrians, and this is on Trump’s watch.  If he weren’t totally nuts, he might actually stop this.

Why do you think the Russians are back to hating us again?

As balance, what I have written of Trump is accurate and confirmed.  What I have left out is that his personal weaknesses, and he has many, are much less than all of those around him and most serving in government already.

As you read every day, the press and Trump are playing out a “drama for profit,” where he looks like a fool and they, our fake press, in their own criminal way, are using his insanity to cover their utter and unforgivable evil.

Pay the fuck attention from now on please.


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  1. As much as I despise Trump,
    I do thank my lucky stars he was SELECTED.
    Trump saved us from regularly hearing Hillary Cackle.
    Her voice would drive anyone to suicide.
    And most importantly,
    Trump saved us from a full-blown integration of tranny bathrooms
    and forced sex change surgeries on our children. LOL

    There’s so many things I HATE about Trump,
    but there so many more things I HATE about Hillary.

  2. Khalid, wolves do not fight other wolves, only sheep. As for the article (and another good one from Gordo, keep em coming!) Trumpo started with Raygun, whose whole presidency was one big act, and made a real Frankenstein monster. Nixon, for all his flaws, was too much his own man for his (supposed) handlers, and they had to get rid of him to get someone more compliant. There was one comedian who figured out R early on. I love his quip “Has anyone else noticed, Ronnie never speaks when Nancy’s drinking water?)

  3. The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore become pawns in our game…

  4. Phil
    Am no stranger to Crete and have stories best not repeated. Do hate the ferries from Patrus, snotty crew, overpriced. Love Crete. Wonderful place. Miss the Rhodos Cafe down off the south coast.

  5. I thankfully have been able to avoid flying on commercial airlines for quite a long time now (going back to the 20th Century), even if it means when I have to go to somewhere 600 miles away by the next day I do it sitting on a BMW in heated gear through half the night in pouring cold rain. Will consider flying again when the TSA is disbanded (if I live to see it, which seems doubtful).

  6. Lufthansa takes me directly to the plane in a limo. You don’t want to imagine the private first class only lounge in Frankfurt. Still no showers on the planes. You do get a full bed on the 747 and 380. I am currently using my Lufthansa lounge wear as painting attire. Emirates can be nice as well but I am usually stuck in Business Class there.

    On my own dime, cattle car back of the plane….EEEK. VT does NOT pay. Maybe I should demand the Russians pay us off like Oxford Univ says they do. Thus far I am still waiting.

  7. Well, Aegean has the friendliest and most beautiful flight attendants. And the destinations tend to be friendlier than most airlines fly to. 🙂 As for Russian payoffs @Gordon, they invited me to Moscow a few times but Aeroflot wanted MY CASH for a seat in one of their TUNA CANS.

  8. Institutional Lobbyism (encouraged and university taught) is what makes US great and endangered at all times. Primarily by its own officials and only then by anyone else. Too many chairs some people are sitting on, too many passports available for a single person, too many tax evasion havens standing by on never heard coconut islands. Every once in a while US lobbyism does a reality check up when they try to muscle and stir up the “international” institutions. Corruption is believed to be progressive businesswise thinking in America like in the mobster films. Which is why people should attempt to evade voting for the prism of Republican or Democrat.

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