New World Order Agents Lie About Syria—Again

New World Order agents continue to bark, but they seem to be like chihuahuas now. Hopefully this is not an insult on lovely chihuahuas out there.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Whenever you read the news and meditate on current events, make sure you do some reading on psychopaths and mass murderers. Gordon Duff rightly declared in 2015 that:

“If you kill more than dozen people as a sniper and you aren’t guilty of murdering innocent civilians, I would be very surprised.

“If you are insane enough to convince yourself, let’s say you are in Afghanistan or Iraq, countries where it is legal for any civilian to carry a weapon and no sane person would go outside without one, that shooting ‘armed Muslims’ makes you a hero, you are both a liar and a fool.  You are probably also a psychopath….”

A psychopath, generally speaking, is a person “who does not care about other people, and who is usually dangerous or violent.”

When such a person is unrestrained and is unleashed upon society as a whole, that person’s behavior has the potential to manifest itself in “aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.”

Robert D. Hare of the University of British Columbia declares that those people can be “charming” but “deadly.” “Their hallmark is a stunning lack of conscience,” he continues. “Their game is self-gratification at the other person’s expense. Many spend time in prison, many do not.”[1]

Hare adds, “The most obvious expressions of psychopath—but by no means the only ones—involve flagrant violation of society’s rules.”[2] Those psychopaths usually use “charm and chameleon-like abilities to cut a wide swath through society” and leave “a wake of ruined lives behind them.”[3] In that sense, psychopaths function “without the restraints of conscience.”[4]

In short, all psychopaths have “a deeply disturbing inability to care about the pain and suffering experienced by others…a complete lack of empathy, the prerequisite of love.”[5]

In the same vein, Kent A. Kiehl of the University of New Mexico argues that psychopaths are pathological liars; they lack empathy, guilt and even remorse. More importantly, they generally do not want to accept the consequences of their actions.[6]

Sadly, this characterizes the New World Order ideology in the Middle East, particularly in Syria. These people are obviously psychopaths who want to destroy the Middle East for Israel. And since they don’t have a vibrant strategy, since their diabolical ideology has been exposed time and again, they keep summoning the same old lies!

Get this: US officials have recently declared that Assad is probably developing chemical weapons.[7] We were also told that “it was ‘highly likely’ that Syria had stockpiled some of its weapons after the 2013 intervention, the Trump administration officials said in a briefing reported by Reuters.”[8]

The evidence? Well, it is “highly likely,” and that itself is the evidence. And since “highly likely” has progressively become a statement of fact, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson moved on to propound:

“Russia’s failure to resolve the chemical weapons issue in Syria calls into question its relevance to the resolution of the overall crisis. Russia ultimately bears responsibility for the victims in eastern Ghouta and countless other Syrians targeted with chemical weapons since Russia became involved in Syria.”[9]

People like Tillerson, as Gordon Duff would have put it, want perpetual wars, and “War is about thugs with guns working for banks and oil companies, for drug cartels and crooked politicians…” Those crooked politicians have their headquarters in Israel, under the guiding principle of Benjamin Netanyahu, a psychopath who never ceases to drink the blood of innocent lives in the Middle East, particularly in Syria at the moment.

Will people of reason pay attention to those psychopaths? Will they eventually forge another coup in Syria? The world, particularly Russia, is no longer asleep. New World Order agents continue to bark, but they seem to be like chihuahuas now. Hopefully this is not an insult on lovely chihuahuas out there.

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  1. Wjabbe, in response to your question about that general knowing about Smedley Butler and all the rest of it. I take it that was a rhetorical question. Of course he knows, if not then he is dangerously deluded. Like bible thumpers, it’s like talking to a (3 day old dead) parrot.

  2. Every office manager, straw boss, etc. is a wannabe psychopath. The entire managerial system is set up to reward psychopaths and punish anyone showing the least amount of integrity, honor, let alone creativity(As our service academies have shown). Our most successful corporate leaders are psychopaths, they are using a successful path that has been laid out for centuries. Our “Founding Fathers” tried to break away and set up a new system, but it didn’t last long.

  3. Tillerson suggests “Russia ultimately bears responsibility for the victims in eastern Ghouta and countless other Syrians targeted with chemical weapons since Russia became involved in Syria.”

    Has this moron not read the UN report that clearly places the blame for the Ghouta attack on the so called “rebels”? The same dirt bags the USG has been sponsoring since the beginning to overthrow the duly elected Syrian government. Russia is responsible for responding the request of the duly elected Syrian government, to help them get rid of ISIS and other terrorists on Syrian soil. Nobody has dealt ISIS a bigger blow than the Syrian government, with the help of their Russian and Iranian allies. The USG is responsible for illegally invading Syria and bombing at least 10’s of thousands of Syrian civilians to death. The USG is also responsible for providing billions of dollars in arms and training to terrorists in Syria, in their quest to overthrow the Syrian government. Common sense says that by fighting against the Syrian government, which is actually defeating terrorists, you are directly aiding terrorists.

    • The USG is responsible for the destruction of Syria, the same way they destroyed Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and most other countries all across the region. America’s fake war on terror is pathetic and only idiots believe in it. When are those like Tillerson going to stop breathing our air and let the world have a chance to live in peace? Oh wait, peace is a threat to America’s national security, because America’s death economy would never survive without war. Weapons of death is their primary export. Until these war criminals in the USG are tried and hung for their war crimes, nothing will change.

  4. re – We were also told that “it was ‘highly likely’ that Syria had stockpiled some of its weapons after the 2013 intervention

    We have been told that Assad uses Sarin Gas. Sarin gas has a shelf life of a few weeks to a few months if it is stored in ideal dry conditions. If stored in other than dry conditions, its shelf life is several hours. So how can the Syrian leadership stockpile this stuff for several years?

  5. Isn’t this excellent article by Jonas totally relevant to the commotion this week about the high school History teacher Gregory Salcido at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera, California for his candid criticisms of our military and General Kelley’s response that he, Gregory Salcido, “…should go to hell!” I am going to post a little background with links to articles and ask Jonas and the editors of VT if indeed this high school teacher isn’t saying exactly what they have been saying about our corrupt military every day on VT? People are now trying to get this high school teacher fired for telling the truth and protecting his young wards from the lies of our corrupt military recruiters and others. I urge the editors of VT to possibly invite this courageous teacher to write a piece to be published here or invite him for an interview or do a piece supporting his efforts. He appears to not have served in any military but he obviously knows a scam when he sees one! Here are some links and brief quotes:

      Quotes about and by Gregory Salcido, age 50, graduate and teacher at El Rancho High School in the city of Pico Rivera, California. Salcido received his bachelor’s degree in history from Whittier College.” Whittier College is a good school.S
      “Salcido was born in East Los Angeles, California in 1968 to first-generation Mexican-Americans. His grandparents emigrated from Torreón, Coahuila in northeast Mexico.[2][3] His father was a steelworker.[3] Salcido graduated from El Rancho High School, where he would later become a teacher, in 1986.[2] Salcido received his bachelor’s degree in history from Whittier College.[2] Salcido started teaching in 1998 a few months after graduating from college.[4] A year later, Salcido ran for and won a position on the Pico Rivera City Council.
      “In January 2018, a student recorded a video in his classroom of Salcido lecturing about the U.S. military after Salcido noticed a student wearing a Marine Corps shirt.”
      “In the video, Salcido questioned the military’s ability to succeed in its ongoing operations in the Middle East, saying, “We all have night-vision goggles, all that kind of stuff, and we can’t freakin’ control these dudes wearing freakin’ robes and chanclas [flip-flops] because we have a bunch of dumbshits over there.” Salcido also referred to military actions during the Vietnam War as fighting a “bunch of people this freakin’ big throwing rice at us.” He questioned why the school

    • ” He questioned why the school would allow the military to recruit students, saying, “I don’t understand why we let the freakin’ military guys come over here and recruit you at school. We don’t have pimps come into school. Anyone interested in being a ho [whore]?”[12] According to the student who made the video, Salcido has a history of making anti-military statements.[13]
      “A Pico Rivera, California, teacher and councilman who was under investigation by the school board for belittling the military has now come under the radar of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly who said Gregory Salcido should “go to hell” for his remarks on the military.
      During an interview with Fox News Radio, Kelly, who is a retired military general himself, told Brian Kilmeade, “Well, I think the guy ought to go to hell. I just hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyle that we have fought for.””

    • Has four star general Kelly read “War is a Racket” by two time medal of honor former U.S. Marine two star general Smedley Butler? Is General Kelly aware of Captain Chaplain Angelo Charlie Liteky, U.S. Army Medal of Honor recipient who is credited with saving about 23 soldiers while wounded himself, but who later returned the medal after discovering how our corrupt government was murdering and torturing in civilians in South America? Liteky became a peace activist and spent two stints in federal prison for illegally demonstrating at the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Georgia and paid about $2,000 in fines and renounced his additional salary. Has General Kelley listened to the video of former U.S. Marine Ken O’Keefe talk about his mistreatment by the outlaw TSA and how our corrupt military was given a waiver of consent to use experimental drugs force on duped military recruits without their knowledge? Is the ignorant four star general Kelly even aware that Israel did 9/11 while the corrupt four star generals didn’t lift a finger to defend the country that day? Is not General Kelly exactly the ignorant expletive deleted military fool that high school history teacher Gregory Salcido is talking about and the editors and writers of VT talk about and criticize every day on VT?

    • By the way the only reason General Smedley Butler was not a four star Marine General is because only 2 stars was authorized at the time. In those days money was scarce because our government then did not print and borrow money like they do today. General Butler should have been appointed Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps but due to politics he was rejected. So he left and gave public speeches in hundreds of cities throughout the country about how war is a racket. They had much higher standards for the General Officer Staff in those days than today. General Butler was a genius level intelligence yet I would bet General Kelly has not only not read War is a Racket, he may be so ignorant he has never even heard of General Butler! All of our institutions, schools, military, governments, etc. have gone down over the years and this especially applies to the four star generals of our totally outlaw corrupt military which is, as we speak, in Syria totally illegally with zero permission of the Syrian Government. Russia is there legally with permission. Our country has been illegally hi jacked by the unindicted war criminal Israel; General Kelly may be so ignorant he does not even realize that fact either! General Kelly should do us all favor and resign to his lavish pension like the traitors who sold out and didn’t lift a finger to defend the country on 9/11/01. It is too ban General Patton was murdered by order of General Donovan of the OSS or he could deal these traitors.

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