Nunes Report – Trump at his Faking Best


Trump and Nunes attempt to lynch the FBI and DoJ, but crash and burn instead

…by Jim W. Dean, and Gordon Duff, VT editors

Editor’s Note: I had to get some derivation of a Fake News concept into the lead, but because that term has been so overused, this was too important a story to take the risk leading with it. It needed something new and you see what you got. Maybe I can keep my volunteer job for another day.

First off, here is the link for the report :

Who will be going down from NunesGate remains to be seen

I would suggest printing it out, and use a yellow highlighter as I did to start. But before you start reading, remember that this “report” was written by a staunch Trump ally and we see no mention of this bias at the end of the report, one which accuses everyone else of it. That was not cute.

This will not be an exhaustive report as this cage fight is going to go on for some time. First up is the over focus on the Steele report because that was easy pickings.

Nunes got in over his head on this

Nunes and the Trump crowd knew the public was most familiar with that part because so much has been published already. Steele was the low hanging fruit.

From the outset the report is a three dollar bill. It takes you off on a hayride to see only what they want you to, leaving out EVERYTHING that substantiated the FISA warrant, not only initially, but over and over.

And of course there is not even a sentence about the legal requirements. I predict that Nunes will be branded by this crass attempt to hoodwink the public. He did his president no great service here.

What they are banking on is repetition, repetition to drive the message home, like Trump using the same adjectives over and over when hyping something, like a carnival barker, paying no attention to how over selling something can boomerang on your credibility.

The Steele dossier gets center stage, but there is no way to know at this point whether it played any role in the the FISA court decision. But it gets worse, the FBI cannot release classified information so it cannot respond with what its priority evidence was.

The report then goes down into the weeds, about the various political leanings of some of the government actors, not only for Steele, but the FBI agents and even the DoJ people. In reality none of this matters legally for getting a FISA warrant.

Gordon is well versed on FISA, and there is no requirement that sources for an investigation have to be boy or girl scouts. They often are just the opposite, criminal insiders, dope dealers selling out their importer, mobsters, someone’s accountant, or even a relative or inlaw that might hate the person.

Bias in not an automatic dismissal. It is the totality of what is presented to convince a FISA judge that a threshold has been crossed to allow for an official investigation. In a way it is like a grand jury indictment where the person is charged, but that is not a determination of guilt, unless you are a Palestinian in an Israeli court.

Next, and this is a biggey…the renewals every 90 days require that the government show that it has uncovered evidence to justify continuing the surveillance. I doubt that the Judge would ask, “Who are you thinking of voting for in the election?” at any time in the process.

The Feds went back over and over and the court renewed each time. None of this is mentioned by Nunes, Trump’s lawyer, of Trump himself, surprise and surprise. And Nunes also left out that Carter page coped a plea. He has not claimed he was an innocent man and will prove it in court. Neither did General Flynn and his son. Trump is sweating bullets over Flynn’s plea deal.

In Trump world none of this matters. I am still trying to figure out why there were no bias charges coming from the Trump camp on the FISA judges, but not a peep. Now you know why. Like a magician doing a trick, you want the audience’s attention distracted while you slip the trick by them. Trump is no magician, unfortunately for him.

This mess is going to get worse before it gets better. The Republican party is going to get splattered by it, too. They are walking a tightrope now as to how not to seem too close to Trump where the vacuum will take them down when he goes.

The Democrats are jumping for joy. Trump has done another self-inflicted wound which should see his ratings drop even lower. But this makes him more dangerous, as getting a war going is the last refuge for a scoundrel leader.

Just today, we had Secretary of Defense Mattis talking out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand he confesses that he has seen no evidence that Assad has used Sarin gas on his own people. I hope Obama is reading this.

But then he drops the bomb that if Assad were to use some he could expect a military response from the US. This was a shallow political perversion on steroids.

Dear General, after this country has shamed itself, those in government responsible for running a terror proxy war on Syria, responsible for untold dead, wounded and destroyed live…to continue to threaten them over the next false flag puts you at the bottom of the barrel.

As for you Mr. President, People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and I would suggest using the word “fake” as little as possible.

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  1. US-First: We will look forward to their prosecution for these crimes. There areinvestigations going on in the FBI and DoJ of their people’s actions, which will generate public reports in time. We look forward to them. It is going to be a long year.

  2. US, This Nunes report is not part of the DoJ investigation. We have no problem waiting until it is over. Our current articles on this were focused on Nunes trying to pitch a partial partisan report as the last word. It ain’t. It is now in the pot with everything else. This is going to get a lot messier. There is a bipartisan effort in Congress to pass legislation blocking the president from firing the special prosecutor. The Repubs involved feel it would cost them the Senate and the House with the blow back. Trump does not have problems with VT. He is already losing his base with his low numbers, and Congress is shoring itself up to not go down with him, if that happens. The investigation may end with nothing done with him. Nobody knows now.

  3. Veterans News Now is another website that the webmaster runs. It has nothing to do with VT. As for coherence, take a deep breath. The is a moving target story with too many people wanting to fight it out in the press, Trump being one of them. He goes after and says any damn thing that comes into his head about anything or anybody. He gives us permission to respond, especially on our website.

  4. Amen, I predict that as Flynn screwed up bringing his kid in, so will Trump. One of the top investigators Mueller pulled into his team is the top Justice Department prosecutor with a record of getting big targets to roll over to save having their family be charged with heavy felonies with prison time. Any of these dummies that bring their family members into their “activities” are putting a knife to their own throats. But what happens is they get up so high where the air is thin and they get light headed and loose their pragmatism.

  5. Ian. This story has been going on for year and it may be another year to go. The news coverage on this is all over the place, with the usual people from both sides wanting it to go where they want it to. Both the FBI and Justice Dept have very good internal affairs departments. It will not take then long to do their reviews and they will be public…like in a press conference or official statement, not a tweet. As for 9-11, we are not in a contest for some kind of prize on that, but we are blocked by Google now, many of our major old articles do not come up in searches anymore, and we caught the Army Cyber Warfare command hacking us. And we published excerpts from the Sandi National Labs report, and had a total black out on that. We are not here to cater to an audience and reinforce what they want to hear to give them a warm fuzzy feeling. BTW, you can’t post blind links without describing to the readers what they are. It’s called spamming the website. Nobody tries to do this here very much any more.

  6. Here is Trump totally unglued again: “On Friday, he approved the public release of a memo written by House Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes that alleges the FBI abused its surveillance authority.” Dear Donald, The FBI cannot abuse its surveillance authority. That can only come from the FISA court, and has to be renewed by them every 90 days to prove the evidence is being accumulated. It has been renewed 5 or 6 times. No one, so far, has accused the FISA court of abusing its authority. Trump may be stupid, but his attorney is not, nor are the lawyers in Congress. This making it look like the FBI gives itself surveillance authority. The memo just cherry picks a few items submitted. But there is no a word about what the judge relied on in his decision, which is all that counts. All the Repub spinmeisters know this, but are pretending they don’t.

    • Everyone in security, law enforcement, the military and all the top government officials are in that boat with him. We did not pick Mueller, BTW. No one asked for our input. But that is old news. We have America on the war path now threatening just about everybody to make a deal or we might need to resort to a military solution to “defend America”.

  7. Look at the staff and bio page my friend, the 30 and 40 year CVs. But do feel free to ignore whatever you want. This is the internet after all, where anonymous commenters are the final judgement on all things. 🙂 This is going to be a long running investigation, and this is just one scene in the movie. Trump’s supporters are leaving him. That gives us permission to be critical if we choose, and we do. He provides endless material for us to work with as he wants constant attention.

  8. This is a hoot. Trump has a Republican written release “vindicate him”. Is this a new kind of tweet, where you can stop an investigation by arranging a report from a politically controlled committee. The guy is playing Mr. Reality TV where he thinks he can fire a “legal process”. The more he does this the more he looks scared to death of the investigation. Have the Israelis, who seem able to get everything, already told him he is in tough doo doo, so there is no reason to hold back trying to derail the investigation?

    • It kinda feels like he may have got that phone call. They have enough problems and insulation is always part of that scheme. Wynn has his own, Flynn, , it’s a Wynn Flynn situation.

  9. It is worth noting, the stock market steadily rose as gamblers had confidence in trumps policies to benefit investors through deregulation,… and the same week as the memo, it fell over 650 points. They always say confidence is the driver…. I’m going to guess about two weeks from now, fireworks, complete with ooohs and aaahhs

  10. I had to pop over to fox, and see if things have gotten better since Ailes and others left, and it has not. It is worse. It is an insult to journalism, and the hypocrisy is off the charts for them to call out one agency for responsibility to the people, while they are making a farce of journalism, which is supposed to be the front line of defense for the people outside the government. They use a lot of piety and false righteousness to promote their agenda and it makes me sick. They transparently promote racism and dogmatic idiocy. Demagoguery.
    I’m not a party guy (at least not political) and I have never seen VT as political. I think people who do are in recovery from twisted dogmatic programming. I’m not a big compliment guy, but I truly appreciate what you guys are doing here. Just so you know.

    In the wake of the public release of the GOP memo that criticizes the FBI, President Trump posted a tweet on Saturday.
    “This memo totally vindicates ‘Trump’ in probe. But the Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on. [There] was no Collusion and there was no Obstruction (the word now used because, after one year of looking endlessly and finding NOTHING, collusion is dead). This is an American disgrace!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

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