US pretends it does not own the Gold Medal in election interferring


Now That the Trust is Gone: New Poll Shows Russians Certain of US Meddling

…from  Sputnik News, Moscow

Yeltsin at his happiest

[ Editor’s Note: It will come as no surprise to VT readers that the Russian meddling in the US election is really a Fake News story. I do not mean that in its obvious context, but the one that corporate media will not utter a word about.

This is what we call “lying by omission”. The real story that is being dodged is which country is most aggressive in interfering in elections and has the longest history of doing so?

The answer of course is the US, because not only US Intel orgs and the State Department, but our military all claim election-rigging as being on their “to do” lists. Why?

It’s simply because once we deemed it a “national security interest” to have an “elected government” subservient to what our top officials commonly refer to as “our interests”, then we can do anything to make that happen. It becomes a lot of government employees’ jobs to see to it that this is done, and continually.

For many years the terminology used was “Our national SECURITY interests”, but when it became more and more obvious that this could not really be sustained by any credible military threats, it was morphed into business-economic threats.

I am not saying that business competition is an improper field of competition. That would be naive. But when a country deems that using its intelligence and military assets to “facilitate successful economic competition”, then we have to take a close look as to where that authority originates.

It certainly does not exist in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. It was something imposed by those powers seeking to benefit from policy, pretending that it was a “publicly shared” goal, when finding anyone to believe that you would have to go to a halfwit convention.

The man REALLY liked to drink

The US raped and pillaged Russia after the Cold War. It partnered with Jewish oligarchs around the drunken Yeltsin and robbed the country blind.

After helping the oligarchs get control of the media, (as was done here later), they were going to finish Russia off by putting one of the top media oligarchs in as president and the Russian puppet caper would be finalized.

Putin ruined all of that, and that is why he is hated by the US Deep State and political whores here, and why he is pulling 80% approval ratings in Russia to the intense embarrassment of all allegedly Democratic western country leaders.

When Putin closed down the Western NGOs interfering in Russian politics, the opposition shrank from 35% to 15%, and quickly…as protesters were no longer paid. That, folks, is what our country did and stands for, and yet tells us that Russia is the threat, when it is really intense criminal corruption here at home… Jim W. Dean ]

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Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of the government we now have, and what it does

– First published … February 08, 2018

The allegations of Russian meddling in the US internal affairs have become a somewhat repetitive mantra of US politicians. New data shows, the majority of Russians believe it is the US government trying to influence Russian politics, not the other way around.

When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you, the saying goes.

According to recently revealed data, in 2016 almost eighty percent of Russians think the United States meddled “a great deal” or “a fair amount” in Russian politics. The figures compare to 69 percent of Americans who said the same about Russian interference in Washington.

In 2016 eighty-one percent of the Russian public believed US was trying to undermine Russia’s international influence and power, while 68 percent said their country should attempt to limit US influence, according the Russian pollster Levada Center and its US partner the Chicago Council of Global Affairs

Fewer Russians feel this way now but the public is still very much divided, with a narrow majority saying Moscow should try to limit US power (52%) rather than undertake friendly cooperation with the United States.

Following the 2016 US election that saw Donald Trump become the 45th US president, an investigation into alleged Russian interference has been launched and is conducted by the FBI, Senate committees and the House of Representatives.

Trump and his key assistants repeatedly rejected allegations of any unlawful contacts with Russian officials during the election campaign. The Russian Foreign Ministry has refuted the allegations, pointing out there was no evidence to substantiate the claims.

The latest in the series of allegations is the comment by the former US president George W. Bush who said Thursday there is “pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled” in the 2016 presidential election.”

“Pretty clear” is not exactly a remark that instills confidence in the argument but could very much be one of the examples the Russian public distrusts the judgment and intentions of politicians in Washington.



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  1. Jim, that editors note is pure gold. Thank you.

    G.W. Bush says “there is pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled” in the 2016 presidential election.”

    Like anyone would trust what that POS says. Shouldn’t he be stretching a rope for his war crimes that ruined millions of lives in Iraq and across the Middle East? Everyone who has spent more than 10 minutes looking into 9/11 knows that cocaine snorting skull and bones Bush allowed 9/11 to happen on his watch, at the very least. Many people know about Israel’s role in 9/11 and Bush helped them cover it up. Then he went on to illegally invade Iraq and destroy the whole country, all based on proven lies. Hang the war criminal.

    • Under the international rules of war, say an air attack launched upon you from a particular base, rather than just let the planes fly back, arm and refuel to launch a follow up attack, you are allowed to destroy the base if you can, hopefully while the planes are refueling. It is not considered an aggressive attack. The derivative of that (an unwritten one) is that if I interfere in your elections, I am giving you permission to interfere in mine. To keep this delicate topic from being publicly discussed you see how cooperative that our media had to be to never print a word about our offensive electoral operations, which are even run on allies when deemed necessary. As Gordon does so love to say, “Welcome to how the world really works.”

    • Thanks for the clarification, Jim. Much appreciated. I have no patience for MSM lies and hypocrisy. MSM exists to serve as a cloak for the criminals and facilitate their wars.

    • This is also why it makes future wars hair trigger ones. One the US struck Iran for example, all US bases in the Gulf area would be fair game. Iran would have to choose between watching its retaliation capability being destroyed piecemeal, or fire it all off what it was able to. This is huge trip wire danger that the general public does not understand. And then hypersonic weapons are deployed, its going to be more of a hair trigger situation, and then the potential pysops of making an attack look like it came from somewhere else so the target retaliates on the wrong party, who then retaliates on them.

  2. We had little Georgie boy in the UAE with his palzy walzy Milikin . He was rambling on how Russian “interference in our election was just as bad as it gets. Things got nuttier from there, he called Putin a zero sum who is upset because he want’s the return of the Soviet Union. He really should have learned to fly while he was draft dodging instead of using daddy’s private reserve calling the non existent pilots bad when all agree with all parameters considered they would be super human. Can you hear us now Georgie Boy.

  3. Yes, sir, Eltzin was our shame…. But who could think that he will put Putin as President. Who could know that Putin will try hard and save the country… We still wonder, how close was our country to the abyss, and why USA couldn’t take us all, though there was almost one step to it.

    • I’m actually in that bizarre camp of crazies, that thinks Putin pulled back on the reins a little bit when he saw the success of RT in America to avoid this very thing. That the fence he rode was the fine line between freedom of the press and foreign influence. He knew printing truth would help and hurt simultaneously.
      9/11 is a ball and chain to the US and will continue to be for the world also until other countries take a stand. I think Putin knowingly took a hit, to promote free press. All he did is let them speak here. Something our news was not doing.

  4. I see this whole thing as push back, because outlets like RT were getting a lot of views showing Jesse Ventura and Abby Martin and other shows like Cross talk, spilling the beans about 9/11 and apartheid in Israel.
    We are at the point where “Truth” interferes with our electoral process. The founders would have more than a few rounded up and jailed, and send many others scurrying like rats.
    When fear discourages honest discourse, and town meetings are not attended in town halls but churches, the problems we have are only going to increase. Trump and Ron Hubbard followed similar paths by taking advantage of already laid acceptable systems of power and monetary accumulation of influence fed by dogmas and made up tales of history. Humility must be dispensed with a bowl, not a cup or spoon, in times such as these.

    • Even today, Pence will attend the Olympic opening ceremony with Warmbiers father in a gross political manure full of lies. Otto Warmbier is written about everywhere as a university student visiting NK as a ‘tourist” ….
      But he just happened to be an evangelical encouraged by church members to gain intelligence while there.
      And it’s a complete coincidence that NK defectors overwhelmingly join evangelical churches.
      And everyone knows, North Korea is the tourist destination of choice for college students and there is no such thing as spies moving around disguised as bible salesman. I hear crickets from the Universities on this.

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