US Supreme Court keeps DACA immigration program in place for now


… from Press TV, Tehran

Dreamers obviously want to stay. Others would prefer to take their place,

[ Editor’s Note: Well this was an interesting turn of events. In some circles it would have been thought that Trump’s Supreme Court nominee might have tipped the scales in his favor.

I am still confused as to how President Obama can create the DACA exemption, and then another president cannot end it, but it seems Congress will decide.

I view the issue simply. No illegal immigration allowed, period. Why? Because it makes chumps out of all those wanting to come here legally. Mexico does not have a DACA program for illegals going there from Central America.

When I lived in Barbados many years ago the authorities had a very simple method for dealing with illegals, mainly people who were working. The police just knocked on your door one evening around dinner time and told you to be ready to go to the airport in the morning where they would put on a plane with at ticket you had purchased.

There was no “catch and release”, no appeals, no free attorney. Whatever work they were doing was now an open slot for a Bajan to fill. There was no uproar for treating people horribly, just a little notice in the local paper.

This was my front yard, once upon a time. When the Concorde flew in every Saturday morning we would drink mimosas and pretend we were rich.

The only scary time I had there was waking up one morning to find the police out in front of the house on the beach where a small drug boat had beached. Such a thing is not considered a great way to start your day there. It turned out to have broken down and washed ashore.

But those were dreamy days, living on the beach in a 3/2 house for only $500 a month split three ways. I will never be able to do that again, and glad I seized the moment.

Frankly I would be happy to see some of the DACA kids gone and their places taken by orphaned Syrian refugee kids of parents who had been murdered in the US sponsored terror war. But they never listen to me, which is why I am at VT 🙂 … Jim W. Dean ]

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US Supreme Court

– First published … February 26, 2018

The US Supreme Court has refused to allow the Trump administration to end the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, leaving their ultimate fate in the hands of Congress via legal procedures.

The highest court of the country refused to hear the Trump administration’s challenge to a lower court ruling temporarily blocking it from winding down the DACA program that protects young immigrants from deportation.

The Supreme Court basically upheld an earlier decision by a federal judge to force a temporary nationwide halt on the move by President Donald Trump’s administration. The judge had issued the ruling to allow courts to consider legal challenges to the measure against the dreamers.

The decision was made just a week before a March 5 deadline set by Trump for Congress to enact legislation to replace the program established by former President Barrack Obama. It allows immigrants who entered the country illegally as children to work and go to school in the United States.

A White House spokesman said in a statement after the court’s decision that the “clearly unlawful” DACA program benefits “illegal immigrants en masse.”

The Supreme Court’s order and the previous judicial rulings keep the Trump administration from ending the program on March 5, but around 100 DACA recipients have been losing their work permits and deportation deferrals every day, the Time reported.

The dispute over DACA dates back to 2012, when Obama founded the program without congressional action. The goal was to protect from deportation undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children, but many Republicans called it executive overreach and have remained opposed to the program.

Trump vowed to end the program on the campaign trail, but seemed to change his mind after winning election. He went back and forth over the future of DACA during his first months in office, but made his decision in September, when he announced that the program would end, but not until March 5, giving Congress six months to find a solution.

Today’s ruling basically throws the fate of the DACA program back into Congress’ hands.

What is DACA?

DACA is an executive action taken by Obama that allowed undocumented immigrants who came to the US under the age of 16 to apply for protection from deportation. After a background check, those individuals were able to get renewable two-year permits to work and study in the US, as well.

Since it went into effect in 2012, roughly 800,000 people were protected by the program, and roughly 700,000 had active DACA protections in September, when the Trump administration announced its end.

To be eligible, applicants had to have arrived in the US before age 16 and have lived there since June 15, 2007. They could not have been older than 30 when the Department of Homeland Security enacted the policy in 2012.


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  1. michalslahor, you are the REASON the world is what it is today. To answer your question, “what I am getting out of illegal immigration?”, very simple:
    1. Food on the table; they pick all the crops
    2. A thriving economy; they work in construction, tourism, and all the jobs that “legal Americans” despises; the jobs that move the economy.
    Go ahead, deport all 9 million of “illegal aliens” and watch America self-destructs. Wanna bet?

    • Johnny America? Please, educate yourself. Free health care? Where? In the US?

      Economics 101: Consumers pay taxes. Household goods, clothing, cars, gas, etc. are taxed. “Illegal aliens” are CONSUMERS. Go ahead, be my guest and make my day, deport the 30 million you are talking about.

      Imperialism 101: Read Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man, by John Perkins.

      I rest my case.

  2. Mr. Dean,
    I was your fan for many years, until today. Your words about “illegal immigrants” just painted a true, clear picture of a person that for some time pretended to the “person” that it is not. What a huge disappointment and an eye-opening!
    People, soon or later, show their true colors.
    The worst part of this brouhaha is that, now, I suspect of the rest of the “Editors” at VT.
    America, as we know it was made of “illegal aliens”. Think for a second: does the pilgrims in the Mayflower settled here legally? What about the many waves of immigrants from Europe that followed them? And what about your ancestors…?
    It is surprising that a “well informed” person like you, conveniently, forgot that the “illegal aliens” arriving from central and South America are the victims of the horrible imperialistic policies of wars, drug trafficking, and exploitation carried out by the USA in those counties. Ask the CIA.
    Besides, who is going to do the work the illegal aliens are doing? You? Your grand kids? The week. lazy, brain-dead American kids?

    • They know they enter the country illegally, beating out those going through the application process, which I pointed out. My father’s parents was not illegal. They came in like most of America’s immigrants came in. Just because the illegal immigrant community got a PR campaign going to wash off the term, it is what it is, and has nothing to do with me. They all knew what they were doing. Only in America can you find this attitude from illegal immigrants. Political corruption is a key part of it. The Dems want them to guaranteed control of the big cities. The Repubs, with Reagan opening the flood gates for the California Growers Assoc., wanted them in as the business community did. We have this thing called a refugee process, one that has been in place a long time. Who appointed you to decide who gets waived through? You can sponsor someone, or support reform in their own country, or whatever. But forget the guilt tripping. We have references out the wahzoo on helping people. I am working on a UN address now on the child victims of terrorism.

  3. When I grew up near Pasadena, California in the 1940’s all kids from about age 10 had jobs. We did it all, weeding and watering yards, washing dishes in restaurants, paper routes, gas station attendants, mechanics in garages, grocery store packers, etc. My first job was operating a commercial dishwasher in the school cafeteria in about the 5th grade. Every kid today should have to join the harvest of shame and pic crops to see what real work is. But kids today are nowhere to be seen. Try to find one to help in your yard. Evidently they are playing video games or watching porn. This is why our country is going down the tubes quickly now. We are going the way of Rome in so many ways. Borrowing and printing money will end it soon as history proves. I started out at 25 cents an hour. As a teenager I worked 80 hours per week at a gas station for $1.00 per hour and could save about $1,000 in a summer, enough to get me through the year at UC Berkeley with a little help from my parents. Kids today a lazy worthless good for nothings. So are their parents.

    • Amen, I was a caddy at ten, and at 13 in the summer I was doing that and working nights as a dishwasher in a 3 Star New England Inn, replacing my brother as pot washer in the kitchen after a year. I broke every child labor law in Massachusetts, one of my parents having to get up a 12:30 to 1am to drive the several miles to pick me up. All this to save money for college. I quit boy scouts as I could never make meetings or the summer Jamboree, or do sports, clubs or any of that, the Inn having dibs on not only my summer but ALL holidays. The payoff came when my mother got me into a high end prep school, top ten, my Junior HS year, and they gave me a full scholarship the last year. And despite six days of school I still had to work Fri, Sat and Sun night at the Inn, while doing three sports. If I had never done all that, I could never be doing all this. There were times I felt like a slave, as no kid in town was doing this, but I was lucky. When Americans work overseas, they have to go through a process.

  4. Maybe I’m biased because two illegals saved my life after being buried alive in west Texas, but I also met parents looking for stolen children and nasty people with big money who encourage the influx. Even here in NY there are companies who are caught with 30 workers on a Walmart roof all illegal. This isn’t about a bunch of foreigners trying to find a handout, it is about big American companies who have posts all up and down the Texas border who daily encourage and promote and sell , cheap labor. Then there is the American drug trade who stir up trouble to drive the immigrants northward. It is a circus, and we should take note that it is a unique problem on our southern border. I worked on the crew and I dug the ditches. Americans are doing this. It is supply and demand. If a company gets 60$ per hour from the state and pays 5 it makes big money. Did that to, and it is all blamed on the workers. la de da ho de doh, all the way to the bank. Anybody else who has breathed the dust and lived on beans will tell you the same thing.

  5. Immigrate legally without a government breaking it’s own laws. Go back to your starting place and in fairness your application should get first refusal. The globalist tell us they do jobs we won’t. Guess we never did gardening ,landscaping,washed cars,or stocked shelves, or dug ditches ,roofing,construction or paved highways without illegal alien.

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