Is Trump Going to Take Our Guns, Hear Him Say It!



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  1. Clearly, in any case, for the US, I would consider public unity or grass roots movements to be a far superior weapon against tyranny than hand guns or rifles. And if we cannot do it now, then I do not see that improving under duress unless it was an outside force. I consider this to be painfully obvious and self evident.
    I see the biggest factor in the disunity of the American public is religious dogma and the fundamentalist type politicizing of civic issues.

  2. It’s a good comparison to examine modern Afghanistan, and Revolutionary early America, juxtaposed with modern America, where, early America and Afghanistan could be viewed as having more common cause among the people making it easier to coalesce. In modern America, divisiveness is much more apparent, whereas, now town meetings are held in separate churches and social groups, as opposed to early times when the whole town met on civic issues regardless of orientation. I only observe these things casually, and what I see is over and over, towns do not even have a seating capacity to allow all members to assemble, but the churches have combined seating capacity which exceeds the towns population. These groups have widely differing views on what government should look like, and at the moment, would not easily coalesce under a situation of duress. There is also a complete lack of unity in the history department, as the age of the history of a people certainly has an influence. Early America still had fresh wounds of religious and civic persecution they were escaping. Afghanistans best chance today is publicity and international pressure, which is why American media is ignoring it. So, international media is also a modern factor. What would that look like in the event of a breakdown of society in the US ?

  3. I’ve always had guns. I was hunting and trapping before puberty. I try to run the scenarios of our current armed populace using arms as an advantage over tyranny. The two scenarios I see are, complete power grid loss, like the “Walking Dead” (not very likely) and the rise of the populace united against tyranny seeking to reclaim the control of government by civilian led militias. They both end the same way. Negan wins.
    The government meanwhile, has apache helicopters, and all manner of advantage. The strategic advantage is theirs, and all they have to do is wait. And all those brutes would gather and form a target. I believe this will be the exploration that will be demonstrated if Walking Dead continues. The notion of equality of arms is no longer a thing. Excess of any thing negates it’s value.

    • The spirit that has been lost, is the one of “well formed” aspect of civilian militia, which arises out of strong community and togetherness of cause. This requires regular teaching, and civic education well beyond what our schools are offering. The boiling frog strategy applies here, and certainly we have to gauge effectiveness of arms, combined with the loss of civic knowledge. By all means, keep your arms, but do not fool yourself into any advantage by it, without many other qualities it takes to consider them useful in any way other than personal protection. Unless I’m missing a scenario ?

  4. The grey haired dude next to the women refers to an individual. I think they are discussing how to disarm an suspect individual not the whole nation. Trump however doesn’t seem to have any respect for due process
    or comprehend what a ” Right ” is.

  5. Under agenda 21 the desire is to have the US partitioned off in 9 easier to control regions. We are stronger together don’t go for secession. This is our common cause. GW stood on that molten concrete and granite and steel reduced to dust and said the people who did this will hear from you. Has GHW picked out the tree he mentioned. Protocols established by Mr. Halbig himself at the BCSD were completely ignored when some one pulled the fire alarm. Then recall every one for a code red. The morning the fire drill mentioned went off fine a code red drill also was mentioned as a possibility during the day. Any law suites filled yet. Building 12 remains locked down. Like that school 1800 miles to the N.East.

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