Former CIA Director Michael Hayden on Vladimir Putin


…by Jonas E. Alexis

You just can’t make this stuff up. NWO agents are getting crazier virtually every single day. Former CIA director Michael Hayden seems to have realized that the CIA has presented no serious evidence showing that Russia did hack the 2017 US election. But Hayden has invented a new crazy theory: Putin manipulated Trump through his ego.

According to Zionist outlet Newsweek, Hayden believes that “Russian President Vladimir Putin has worked to influence his American counterpart Donald Trump, not through money or by holding potentially embarrassing material over his head but rather through ego.”[1] Hayden declared:

“We’ve got this little pneumonic that we use, MICE: Money, ideology, compromise and ego. And if I’m looking at those four approaches, if I’m the Russians looking at Donald Trump, I don’t know that I would instinctively go to compromise.”[2]

If you think Hayden was just pulling your leg, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. The former director of the National Security Agency moved on to say:

“It’s awfully hard to embarrass the president. He blew right through that Access Hollywood tape without blinking. If I was going to try to work to influence our president if I were a Russian, I think I’d go to ego. And we have seen, we have seen Putin go out of his way to praise President Trump.”[3]

Keep in mind that Hayden is not some ignorant guy out there who cannot tie his shoes. This man has a master’s degree in history and was a general in the United States Air Force. He knows what it means to present evidence for extraordinary claims. He knows that evidence is important from an academic standpoint. How else would he get a master’s degree in history?

But because he is living in a world where he is paid to say crazy and weird things, he has to conjure up things that don’t even exist or cannot prove in a court of law. After all, why would CNN hire him as an analyst?

People like Hayden don’t want to discuss anything serious at all. They usually find what the war machine, the Neocons and Israeli regime do not like and incessantly talk about it. That’s how they make their money; that’s how they are able to dupe thousands of Americans.

The central question that they will never answer is simply this: If Russian officials did hack the US election, what did they actually publish that the American people should not have known? Call CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and other Zionist outlets and ask them that burning question. The answer may surprise you.

The stunning thing again is that people like Hayden will never reflect on some of the burning issues that America is actually facing. Homelessness is ravaging a large section of the population,[4] and people in states like Washington cannot even get a living wage.[5]

But we always have enough money for the military. We always have enough cash to kill millions of people in the Middle East and elsewhere. The military has just received $1.3 trillion to spend on wonderful toys such as F-35s and Lakota helicopters.[6] But Hayden wants us all to know that Putin influenced Trump through his ego!

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  1. It’s absolutely amazing to see what losers and dysfunctional morons run the top agencies. What is even more insane is that they think they are so above anyone else in evolutionary intelligence. Today’s spontaneous populace mantra seems to be ” How do these people get these positions?”

  2. The man has a masters in history. Who’s history? “… he knows that evidence is important from an academic standpoint”. I hope your being sarcastic here.

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